Sunday, 27 September 2015

The ruined holiday by Kirsten

It was a long time ago.I can't remember all the story, but I'll tell you what I know and find the rest of the story later. We were driving to the docks to go on a cruise around the Mediterranean for our holiday. We were nearly there when there was a stand still. Something hit the car and I banged my head. I was bleeding.As  the flashing lights came towards me I fainted. Instead of being on a big cruise ship the next morning I was in a tatty, old, country hospital bed. I was horrified...

Captured by Rhianna

Ella was on her way to school, when a big black spaceship came to the island. It was called the Earth Explorer. She wondered why it had such a funny name. "Maybe it is a little odd." she thought. As the flashing lights came towards her, she felt a hint of curiosity come her way. Ella ventured forth, into the ship, when she discovered a bit more than she would have liked to have known.

Inside there was a monstrosity of aliens, all of which had the same freaky green faces. Some aliens had two eyes, while some had three.

The Plane by Kirsten

I was up in the air when the seatbelt sign came on. The captain said to brace, so I did. I didn't know what was happening. The planes speed was increasing and I was scared to death! There was a loud crash and we were in darkness. The windows were cracked so we felt what was outside. It was mud. Wet mud. I thought it would be horrible but under the earth was actually quite nice. We made houses out of mud and the plane until the search party came. Except for a few worms it was quite pleasant!!

Monday, 21 September 2015

The strange potato by Rhianna

My school were doing a project called 'Let's Farm!' 
and we had to grow a vegetable. I chose a potato, because it was, and still is, my favourite vegetable. The only problem was that I didn't know how to grow potatoes. I guessed we just used a potato and planted it underground. So I did just that.

Months went by, and I watered it every single day. Then came the big day of pulling it up. We arrived at school, and dug it up, but under the earth wasn't a potato, it was a shiny golden coin!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

The leg eating plant By Kirsten

“Help!” somebody screamed,
There it was again. A piecing scream came over , North of the small island. It was being taken over by a man eating monster. It was puzzling. You walked past and stop to look at the pretty looking plant, when it opens up and grabs you. You can tell it had loads of victims as when it opened up were are thousands of legs dangling out of it. It was all the holidaymakers that got eaten. The left-over islanders got used to it. I’ll tell you how we got rid of it some time…

The mysterious cup By Kaycee

I was having a nice walk in the park with Bill and Dave when Bill saw a very strange sight.”Ahh it’s a leg eating monster! “Bill was terrified. Me and Dave had a look at the information panel of the strange objects. The panel said, This is the one and only Cappuccino leg special from Italy [it was made in 1942] as you can see, it has blue and red stripes on it well, that comes from the magical coffee beans. Witch also made the whole thing grow. It was transferred from Italy to Middleton and was a big hit.

The crazy legs in a pot by Lisa

I was walking in the park one day and saw a statue that looked very strange. I walked up to it and had a closer look at it, it looked a bit weird,it was brown with some patterns on it that looked kind of pretty, it also had eyes!even a mouth! The eyes followed you as you walked in different directions. The weirdest bit was that there were legs sticking out the top of it they were pink with red and blue stripes on. Around it there was some empty chairs too, that was the weirdest day ever.

Creepy Statue by Molly

I was walking through the park. And I saw a weird sight in front of me it was like this was all a funny dream it was a huge massive statue which has a scary face on it with all bushy, green trees. There was pink skinned legs hanging up the people must of sank sometime it’s a very imaginative person who designed this I would never ever thought of this amazing,creepy idea. There was little metal chairs in the background i took a few photos of it and sent it to my friends because it was cool.

Leg Head by William

I was walking through the park. Then I saw a big enormous thing that was really weird. It had legs at the top. All read, blue, green, pink and spotty. I’m thinking why it is in here in France. The eyes are really scary it looks like they are watching you and the mouth looks like a wired face and the patterns are amazing. Why is it on that and the chairs right next to it? The flowers brilnet. The statue is wired it is in background in the trees but the bush is pretty good isn't it?

The weird cup by Isabelle

I was walking to the cafeteria when I saw a huge cup with a face and what looked like legs poking out with coloured lines coming from them. I was very suspicious about it there was no information about it only a warning sign. The face looked frightened and angry at the same time. I decided to leave it but then I noticed the eyes followed me. I was really scared and confused perhaps it was a religious god or something who knew but what really scared me was the moment one of the legs started to move. Chomp yummy…

The Man-eating coffee cup by Rhianna

When my friend Ebony and I went to London, we found an alleyway. It was close to dusk, but it was just past lunchtime. We went in, fascinated, and the alleyway widened every few metres. Suddenly the world came to an end. We were very puzzled, because we knew the world was spherical. We came closer, every step of the way, until finally, we fell.
I knew where we were. It was Creep-Ville. Ebony once told me about here and their man-eating statues. They say that nobody comes out. Especially when the man eating coffee cup is there.

Pot of Legs by Zia

One day I went to the shop. On my way I saw this massive cup with legs sticking from it. When I saw, it I took about 100 photos of it. It was amazing.I had never seen anything like it in my life.The colour of the legs was red white and blue they were like union jack legs. The cup was orange,black,red,Yellow and white. It stood on a black stand and it was taller than the trees. When I stood next to it the black stand it was taller than me.It was so cool.

The terrifying legs in a pot! By Cloud

I was strolling through the park with my two friends Lisa and Charlie. When suddenly we saw a gigantic pot with a creepy face on it. With terrifying eyes and 7 bloody legs sticking out of it. “What is that disgusting creature with illumanous eyes!” I shouted to Charlie.
“ Don't worry Cloud,” said Lisa it is only a statue.
After Charlie and Lisa finally finished examining the statue we decided to walk away and go to a cafe nearby. We all ordered a hot chocolate until i looked out the window and the pot moved it`s eyes aaaaaaah!

The statue By Anesha

I was walking through the park when I saw this amazing thing. It looked like a giant plant pot with legs sticking out of it. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life. The legs had all blood and it looked like veins were popping out it looks horrible. The cup looked weird because it looked like the cup was eating the legs. The eyes on the cup feel like there following you . There are empty chairs next to the statue because Its very FREAKY!. I wouldn’t like to sit next to it .

The funny pot by Nicole

I was walking through the park and I saw a very strange thing in front of my eyes. I saw a massive pot with legs in. I thought they were real legs at first. But then I realised that the pot had a face and all the legs were colourful. I didn’t know why there were legs in a pot. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life! It was very interesting. I want to know why it is there. I took a picture of it to show my mum and dad terrific fun exciting wow.

The freaky picture by Harry

One morning I went to Lincoln to go shopping then me and my family came across this amazing peace of art I thought this was it was kind of freaky but I got over it. The reason I thought it was freaky because it looked like a cup with knifes in it then lodes of legs sticking out of it. My dad said it outstanding so after that my mum and dad made me have a hundred pictures but I didn’t get that close because I thought it might eat me !!. I never wanted to go there again!!!

The mysterious bin! by Emily

I was walking in the park on my way to school and I stopped and saw a weird thing right in fount of me.
This women stopped as well and said “How bizarre this wasn’t here yesterday ?” It looked like the bin was eating loads of legs and looked like it was coming to eat me. But it wasn’t because it was a statue. The legs kept on moving! It looked like an Ancient bin. I walked around it and then it started talking the lady stood and stared. Then the lady and me went then the thing stopped.

The Creepy Pot by Dalton

One day I was slowly walking through the park and I saw a massive giant cup with an ugly face and with legs coming out of it but it is very freaky so I went home to get my family and when we got back it was gone but my family didn’t Believe me so I called my friends to help me find the freaky monster cup and the we saw loads of legs sticking up in the forest then we all ran into the forest and he was gone forever and now no one has found It since.

The Pot by Jessica

I was walking through the park when I realised that there was an enormous statue of a funny looking pot that had long legs sticking out of it. The pot had a strange looking face it had huge yellow eyes and an angry mouth. It looked like the pot was swallowing the legs. I wondered why no one was sitting in the empty seats and why it was so quiet. It was strange that there were so many trees behind it. I thought that it looked very scary. I liked the lovely, beautiful patterns on the extremely,lovely wide pot.

The pot of legs - Tyler S

A long time ago they lived a pot, a very strange, talking pot with eyes, that couldn’t live without legs in it. But it didn’t want any ordinary legs he wanted legs with multi-coloured paint on and the paint really soothed it. “I want my legs!” yelled the pot. So there was a quest to go and find at least 7 legs and multi-coloured paint. After 62 days and 62 nights Bob and Larry brought back 7 legs “At last. LEGS!” exclaimed the pot “But where’s my paint?” A few days later two other men came with multi-coloured paint “YES!”

Tyler W

Week 1100 Word Challenge One night I heard some strange screams coming from the cafe but when I got there my torch ran out of battery. I stopped it felt like I wasn’t alone when I heard another terrifying scream I could see a dark sallowest in the distance. 

Slowly I walked to words it when there was a big blinding light where I could see a cup full of what seemed to be legs sticking out the top. When there was a big bang but the park was completely empty. Then I fell the next day I woke up in hospital in bed.

Cool but creepy mask by Charlie

I was walking through the park and I thought I saw the mask off Crash bandicoot in cup form and people jumped into it head first. Paint that doesn’t mix in it and splashed up their legs. It makes me shiver at the site of it because it is kind of creepy in a way. Well it is to me because that kind of smile is creepy to me. But to me it is still very cool and awesome. I feel sorry for those people but they're not really people are they. I hope their not because that would be weird.


I was walking minding my own business when suddenly straight ahead of me. There was a giant statue. The area I found it in was in an abandon park.There were Empty chairs and lots of beautiful plants and trees. But the statue, it had a black base with a red head with black lines on the red head. There were white tubes coming out of the head there were thin red lines on the white tubes. The base was cube shaped and there were two stickers one red one white. Both of the stickers had writing on them wow.