Saturday, 30 January 2016

but later that day... by Jack S

One morning I woke up and I had a sore throat so I didn't feel like going anywhere. I made myself a milkshake and got all snuggled up in my blanket and watched some films. I was going to make an appointment for the doctors but later that day I was watching the news and I saw that there were five whales washed up (Yes five!) on the beach. So the next day I grabbed my shoes and walked over to the beach to see them even though I still felt sick. What made them swim so close to the beach?

but later that day... by Kirsten

I was just coming out of the A&E doors from having an x-ray on my hand. I was just getting it looked at to check in wasn’t broken. It turns out it wasn’t, it was only sprained. It all started with a rough game including my brother, Dad and I. We were playing invasions of the evil warriors. A rubbish game to tell the truth. Dad jumped on my back and I collapsed. But Later that day it happened again, my dad jumped in exactly the same place but I hopped out of the way and he face planted the floor! Oooops!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Red Hard Mountain Floated Umbrella, by Rhianna

It was exam day today, on mountains. I hadn't studied, so I was getting really worried. We only had two questions to answer, so it just floated about in my mind, and it didn't matter if I studied for it or not, instead of being heavy, needing to be tamed. I sat down at my desk, and read the questions on the test paper:

1). What would you use when it's raining on the mountains?
2). What is the tallest mountain called?

The last one was easy; Mt. Everest. I wrote down my second 'answer':

1). A red umbrella?

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Red Hard Mountain Floated Umbrella, by Mrs Cunningham's group

"What on earth!" I whispered to myself.
 I was standing at the top of a mountain, admiring the view, when suddenly I stood in a puddle of blood red liquid.
I knelt on the hard rock for a closer look. Suddenly, I heard footsteps on the gravel behind me. I spun around, to see who was approaching, losing my balance in the process. My head crashed into a rock and I floated off into unconsciousness.

I awoke a few minutes later to find a fellow walker standing over me pointing an umbrella at my chest. I noticed the hand holding the umbrella was stained red....

Red Hard Mountain Floated Umbrella, by Jack S

I was walking along when I saw two rocky mountains with a stream in the middle of them. I was going to climb up but it looked too hard so I floated on the stream using my red umbrella. I was still floating when suddenly I heard water flowing rapidly. I looked and saw a massive waterfall!, so I paddled for my life but then I saw the bank was right next to me. With relief I dragged myself onto the bank with my trusty umbrella and whispered a silent thanks to my sister, who gave it me for Christmas.

Red Hard Mountain Floated Umbrella, by Kirsten

Jamie and his sister were going on a school trip. There topic was mountains. As they were in year 7 they were going to hike up a mountain. The mountains nearest their school were red. These mountains had been used for a science experiment last year. These mountains were very hard and solid. The clouds floated a few km above them. On the day of the school trip, the mountains were empty except for an old, neglected umbrella. Everyone thought that was very odd! The reason for this is a volcano was found there... What do you think happens next?...

Red, Hard, Mountain, Floated, Umbrella by Kaci-Shaye

It was my birthday and I got a red coat an umbrella and a hard 5 centimetre gemstone. When we were at the park we saw my friend and she said she floated on the water at the Embassy swimming pool. Then she reminded me we had to do our Mountain project so I put it on my to do list. So I went home and went to have a roast dinner and my mum made us a special dessert. Then my mum got a DVD it was called "Puss in boots." Then I went to bed and cuddled my teddy.

Saturday, 16 January 2016 I joined the queue..., by Tyler W

Dear Diary
“Stop!” shouted the traffic warden “you will have to come back,”

We was on our way to Disneyland the queue was so big it was nearly outside my house well when I say that I mean about 3 miles from Disneyland I live in England so it wasn’t that long to pass on time we went to McDonald for a burger it was delicious. As I joined the queue for the second time Mickey Mouse came to me and gave me his autograph now I need to go to explore Disneyland was I joined the queue write to you tomorrow.

The never-ending queue by Kiefer

“Mum can I play on the Wii?” said Jake.
“No.” Mum said. Why don’t you get some fresh air?
“Please, please, please” Jake pleaded.

“After you get some fresh air,” Mum said. Jake stormed out the front door and slammed it as hard as he could behind him. Stomping down the pavement Jake sees a long line of people. Joining the queue, he was thinking about what this queue was for. It must be something good if the queue went on for this long he thought. Jake was sick of waiting so he looked a little further and he found out this queue was never ending...

Shopping by Kirsten

As I joined the queue I turned on my Iphone so I could text my Mum that I would be a little longer than expected as the queue was giant! Although I was 3rd, I had a lot in the trolley and the people in front had quite a lot in trolley as well. Five minutes later I had a reply back that read, Skip the shopping at Tesco then. Go to Lidl. I was so angry by this! In the end I skipped the shopping, and did online shopping. I now do online shopping all the time! It’s so easy! I joined the queue... by Jessica

Today is Friday. I woke up in a dark but warm room and did not want to get up as I was nice and cosy. My mother yelled “Get up Jessica! Or you will be late for school!” I painstakingly dragged myself out of bed. Had my breakfast and made my own packed lunch. I stepped outside and nearly froze to death as it was like minus one hundred degrees! I got to school and felt like ice as I joined the queue to get into the school. Luckily it was not a long queue and I was able to get my reading book out.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Spring Week 1 by Rhianna

I used to love two things, cake and my apple tree. Now I hate two things, cake and my apple tree. Most of you readers out there will be thinking “Why don’t you like your apple tree and cake?” Some readers won’t care. I was climbing the apple tree, when a cake fell from the tree. I was confused, for it was absurd, the idea of a cake falling from a tree, I was just about to eat it, when I saw little EDIBLE men on there! What I didn’t realize though, was the ‘sweet’ little men were killing me…

Fix by Kirsten

These men are working,
Working very hard.
The cake needs fixing,
The icing tweaking,
The flake being put up,
And the chocolate topping retopping,
The hammers keep banging,
And the screwdrivers keep turning,
Trying to get the job done in time.
This time of year is quite special,
It’s the month of spring.
It is a new start for all,
Just like the cake,
It’s being fixed,
Just like we do each year.
We fix our gaps in what we can’t do,
And make our resolutions that make us better.
This cake is like an example of,
Who we are.

Spring Week 1 by Isabelle

These little tiny men are climbing on what looks like a very delicious cupcake. I think the little men are holding forks and are trying to eat the cupcake because they are so hungry. The cake is massive to them and quite small to us. The cupcake has lots of icing and marshmallows and a small flake on top with co co powder as well, which looks very tasty to me. The cupcake case is ruby red with bits of icing on the edges from where it has been covered. The men were very lucky to eat that cake.

Spring Week 1 by Lisa

I was walking in the forest once and saw some men. They looked cold, I thought that they were collecting wood from the top because there was a big log at the top with them. They were stood on a big mountain with lots of snow. The whole mountain was slippery with ice but there were some bits that were warm and were melting. It looked like the men knew there was a hot bit but they were confused and could not find it. Then suddenly the mountain started to crack. Then as a big surprise to them. CRASH!