Monday, 27 February 2017

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Tyler S

People don’believe in my stories. They don’t really think they’ve happened. When there is one space on the bus (and that’s next to me) they usually say “I’ll take the next bus.” And look away from me, gingerly. 
But you are always listening. You have always liked my stories and believed in them. So this tale starts off with a yellow skyscraper. It was the day when someone discovered that you can fall off of a skyscraper without hurting yourself. So I did. However, there was a lot of commotion and someone had already called 999. It was remarkable. 

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Kirsten

Gingerly moving round the dark caverns, I turned on my headlight to see into the darkness. I looked around to see nothing but darkness and rocks. However, what I thought was a rock was something very far from it...
I moved on forward; hoping to get out of the mess I had gotten myself into. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a glinting yellow light. I turned around and followed it. I finally got to the beginning of the light to find a remarkable discovery. I had discovered a yellow backed lizard. I was so happy that I had found something!

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Paris

I was jumping around on my trampoline, when I discovered something remarkable. I found this strange barking sound coming from my neighbours back garden. I gingerly hopped off of my trampoline and looked over the fence. This barking sound didn’t sound or look like a dog, it had a very strange tune. However it was very loud. My mum called me and she had bought me a yellow pair of wellies that shined so bright it almost blinded me. I used them wellies to squelch through the mud outside my back door. I was so annoyed about my wellies getting muddy from the mud.

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Ava

I closed my eyes for a minute hoping that I wouldn’t get woken up when suddenly I felt a slimy liquid drop onto my shoulder, I quickly opened my eyes to see a hole in my ceiling however a few moments later I started to hear footsteps slowly getting closer to me. I gingerly walked up stairs not only to see a yellow slimy creature but to see my mum pulling a very weird face at me. I discovered that this remarkable creature had been living in the attic for years. Well that’s the day my life changed forever…

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Cloud

We had only just arrived in Egypt and my teammate was already complaining about the heat; it was only 25°c. We were on an archaeological expedition to look for King Tutankhamen's ancient tomb, however in order to do so we needed to find a place to stay. We had no idea how to speak the foreign language so I was forced to ask for directions since we were hopelessly lost. I gingerly approached an elderly woman that was so suntanned that she looked yellow but she couldn’t understand what I was saying. Suddenly a remarkable thing happened… we had discovered King Tutankhamen's long lost tomb!

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable, Sophie

I was walking home from school when I saw a bright yellow shard of glass. As I gingerly stepped over it a lady looked at me weirdly and I didn’t know why. When I saw my mum I turned round to show her the glass, however It was gone! I told my mum but she just laughed at me but when we discovered another piece which looked like the other one that I saw mum started to believe me. As we got to our house I turned the TV on and the news was on and they said it was remarkable that the glass was being seen everywhere.

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Frankie

On Saturday I was playing on my Xbox but my controller broke so I and mum went out shopping for a new one. I saw a really good one in Game, it was yellow and had golden buttons however it was £50 so my mum couldn’t get me it. But then a remarkable thing happened it was cut down to half price. My mum got it and gingerly I lifted the controller up and it looked amazing. When we got home we discovered that my old controller worked so I now had two so my friends could play with me.

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Isabelle

Ella is 11 years old. Ella always felt like she was invisible she was actually the most noticeable person in the school. The girl is very clumsy and would gingerly walk down the stairs every time she went for lunch. One day her Mum bought Ella a bright yellow dress to wear for the end of school party however Ella refused because she feared that the other kids would laugh. When Ella arrived, she saw the kids dancing. Ella then discovered something remarkable. The kids stopped and stared in amazement as Ella came through the door. Her dress was so bright it was blinding. 

The girl by Mia

I was strolling through the forest, when I saw up the path in front of me a girl who discovered a remarkable yellow flower; however she started walking to me very gingerly. I stepped a few steps back. Then suddenly I heard a voice calling her, her name was Clary. She ran hastily down the into a small iron gate. I sneakily went up to the gate, I looked over there in front of me the little girl lay on the floor crying her eyes out her mum was an addicted person to lots of bad things. Then the girl looked…. 

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Lisa

I was in the woods searching for new creature when suddenly I heard a rustling in the bushes. I jumped then turned around hoping it was nothing deadly when all of a sudden I realised I had discovered a remarkable animal. It hopped out of the grass, however there was something unusual about it. I had never seen or heard of one before so I gingerly walked closer to it. It had yellow eyes and an injured leg so I carried it home with me and gave it care for several weeks until it was better when I took it back.

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Tia A

One morning it was time for me to go to school however I have not even got my shoes on yet. When I finished getting ready I walked to school. Gingerly I discovered a yellow and white spotty frog, it must be very poisonous I thought to myself. It looked very remarkable. As I carried on walking to school I met my friends: Molly, Zia, Anesha and Aimee. We were chatting about what we might be doing today in lessons. When we arrived at school behind the gates I saw the same yellow and white spotty frog jumping around it was like it followed me.

Clockwise by Olivia

As everyone shouted happy new when the clock struck twelve on new years eve cannons fired out yellow and gold confetti. Everybody jumped for joy however one person stud and grinned as the massive clock tower gingerly ticked every person you could see had a smile on their face.                     
2 days later/the 29 of December. 
The days went on and people discovered that the clocks were going backwards and the days were too. Some people had to climb up to the top of the clock tower to try and make the clock go clockwise again. It was remarkable that they got it going again. 

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Jack S

There I was, climbing up one of the biggest mountains in the world. (Not Mt. Everest) It was getting damp, the air was musty and plants were growing everywhere. Nearly all of my food was gone however I stayed strong, it would only be a few more minutes before I was up. I peered into the gaping cavern below I gingerly walked along the edge, but then I came hurtling down the mountain! Although the drop was about 12ft down wards I was cushioned by some overgrown yellow flowers. It was remarkable although all around them were just old already discovered pieces of junk.

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by William

Last night I was search for something on the beach with my metal detector when I was searching I discovered a tiny yellow car under the sand I gingerly held it. When I found it I was happy because it was my car that I lost when I was 5 now I am 7. However I am not into baby cars now I like playing with other stuff now. I might give it to someone or just put it back to the beach. It was remarkable seeing my toy car again. Actually I might keep the toy car.

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Finley

On the 49th day of the year a remarkable discovery was made! Scientists discovered a strange dinosaur tail in amber. They have also been searching in the area for other dinosaur remains and maybe dino DNA. However they have found the rare remain they are still focusing on space and other mysterious objects. Gingerly they have removed it from the transparent yellow amber and have placed it in very protected jar. Personally I hope that they will find more discoveries and put them in museums so people can go and study their features. I also hope that scientists will take some time to study them.

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Emily

This afternoon (well late this afternoon) I discovered a remarkable fossil. However it was in my neighbour's back garden and it was too over grown. I always climbed of the fence to sit under the yellow holly tree that’s where I got my best thoughts. So one morning, before anyone was awake I climbed out of my window. I gingerly climbed through the fence. I carefully made my way to the back of the garden it was beautiful it was like a secret garden but there was a chair and someone was lying on that chair and the fossil had gone…

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable, by Jessica

Jumping up and down is absolutely remarkable; however you can’t jump up and down for long. I discovered that last week on my 9th birthday. I was up at bang on 4:31. My parents were asleep snoring so loud you could hear them from outside the house. I jumped up and down hoping that they would wake up after hearing the intense noise. I jumped and jumped thinking I could go on and on forever. I soon was down on the yellow carpet panting. My brother sat down on the ancient armchair gingerly. He probably thought I was absolutely crazy.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Laughter by Kirsten

Laughter? It's something I've never quite understood. People do it when they hear a funny joke, see a cringey picture of themselves or even when they get embarrassed in some people's cases! I've only ever done it once or twice, some people even say I'm weird! I just think I'm special that's all, special in a unique way.

The only time I can remember laughing is when I saw a picture of myself when I was a baby. I had spaghetti Bolognese round my mouth and all over me. I've tried everything to make me laugh. It just doesn't work...!

Laughter by Frankie

Things that make me laugh are stuff like jokes, my Mum and Dad when they do silly things and also some TV programmes like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. I sometimes laugh at sarcasm and when people ask obvious questions. My Dad’s jokes can make me really laugh. 
One of the best jokes is probably… Why did the chicken cross the road roll over the mud and cross the road again? Because he was a dirty double crosser!
That is no doubt the best joke in the world by far. 
Mum makes me laugh by pulling her angry face at me! In general other people laughing makes me laugh too.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

…suddenly all the lights went out…by Sophie

Yesterday was horrible for me and my family. Our plane had just landed in America and we were about to get out of our seats when suddenly all the lights went out. Everyone started to scream and panic.
"Everyone, calm down! It's going to be fine," one of the crew shouted. 
The cabin crew handed torches to people who couldn't find their phones or didn't have them with them. Suddenly there was a loud BANG! Then the lights came back on.
 "Hooray!" passengers exclaimed. 
I was extremely happy to get off the plane.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

...the noise was SO loud... by Kirsten

The noise was SO loud! It was so loud that I couldn't get to sleep, and that's something! I slept through a 6.8 magnitude earthquake and I slept through the music at a Glastonbury festival. That's just some of them! That's how much of a heavy sleeper I am. The only thing was, I couldn't work out what the noise was. It was definitely coming from next door. I decided to get dressed and go and see what was going on. The funny thing is they are not home. I wonder where that noise came from and what it was!

...the noise was SO loud... by Sophie

As I went to bed I heard a banging noise, I knew that the neighbours were moving but they shouldn't be that loud. I tried to get to sleep but the noise was SO loud that I couldn't. I went downstairs to tell my mum that I couldn't get to sleep because the neighbours were banging. When I got downstairs mum wasn't there and I got really worried but then she came through the front door. "Where was you mum?" I questioned.
"I just went next door to ask them to quiet down and they said they would," mum answered.

..the noise was SO loud.. by Frankie

As I was eating my breakfast, it struck me, the deafening sound of dad's rock music coming from upstairs. The volume was up to its highest or at least that's how it sounded and I couldn't stand it so I ran upstairs and shouted at my dad to turn it off but he didn't hear me obviously! He needed to turn the volume down because I was scared it would upset our neighbours so it definitely needed to be a few decibels quieter. I went off to get mum but I forgot that she went out shopping so I couldn't use her as any help towards the situation. I thought to myself what to do? But then again I couldn't think because of the music, the noise was SO loud that the dog started howling! In the end I marched upstairs and took the plug out of the socket in the wall, I don't think my dad was too happy!

Saturday, 4 February 2017


This story is about how the world has evolved over the years. At first the spheroid earth was just lush water and boats sailed around like nobody's business. Then the land came and ships had to be careful about where they went so they weren't shipwrecked. Then a big flood came from God to get rid of all the bad. The ships ruled once again and took over. Over time the land took over again and all the ships slowly got shipwrecked and were abandoned. That's why all the forests, towns and cities you visit are full of shipwrecked boats!