Saturday, 16 February 2019

… it was completely out of tune…, Bradley

The guitar of black and green, sat inside the abandoned cave waiting to be played (once again after its rightful owner unfortunately passed away). This was no ordinary guitar. This guitar could make any regular person an inspiring musician for everyone to see.
“Mum! I'm going out to climb again - on the mountains with Callum,” Jake yelled with a brave tone of voice. “Okay sweetie, stay safe and don't stay out too late,” yelled his overprotective mum from another room of his house.
Eventually, he made it to where the guitar lay but shockingly it was completely out of tune!

… it was completely out of tune…, Roxanne

Forcefully, his rough fingers thudded on the cut through strings of his poorly looked after guitar. 
In his mind, he was a famous musician, who was the best at playing his fretted musical instrument. 
“Can you keep that horrible noise down, Simon?” shouted Esra – his sister - who was much more of a brass person. 
“It’s called a symphony!” he barked, sharply. 
‘’You call that a symphony?” asked his sister, in sarcasm “It was completely out of tune!” 
Simon kept his head down and carried on playing his instrument (not knowing how bad it was) “You’ll regret this,” he mumbled.

… it was completely out of tune…, Kaitlin

Today is the best day ever because I have been invited to a concert in Boston. To play my spectacular guitar, in front of over 1000 people. I have to; find my favourite purple dress, curl my hair, clean my guitar and lots more.
Two hours later, I got there. I was getting ready while the act before me was finishing. It was my turn. Anxiously, I walked on and was about to perform. I was playing for a while and then I noticed it was completely out of tune. I was so embarrassed. What would I do now?

… it was completely out of tune…, Faith

As we sat watching the entertainment in the park, there was a man with a guitar sat on a stool on the stage. I thought to myself he looks the sort who would be pretty good - like Ed Sheeran.
The judges asked how old he was, he was twenty-three from Grimsby, they said you may begin. He pulled the microphone towards him and started to play his guitar. My younger brother was asleep in the pushchair. As he started to sing my brother woke up startled and put his hands on his ears, it was completely out of tune.

… it was completely out of tune…, Fatima

Dear Diary,
At school today, we had music class and it was a complete disaster. I was chosen to be one of the practice judges so, I didn’t have to perform the rehearsal because I wasn’t as good as the people on stage, but I can play a few instruments. As soon as they started playing, it was terrible! It was just completely out of tune. I don’t know what happened because they are really good at playing these instruments but this time it didn’t go well. They will be doing their final rehearsal tomorrow so I wish them luck.

… it was completely out of tune…, Madi S

In my closet was a box. It had a sign... BROKEN INSTRUMENT! Written in bold, black letters. I was incredibly curious about it and so I grabbed it out cautiously. I realised that if I got my tool box out and used some of them it would be all fixed. It took a bit of work - but I did it. Once I packed my tools away, I tried it out. For some odd reason it was completely out of tune. I told my mother about everything and she said she could do nothing. It just sat in my room; lonely.

… it was completely out of tune…, Lilly-Ella

Not so long ago, there was a kind and beautiful girl named Gracie. She loved to play the guitar; she played it whenever she had a chance to. It was Christmas Day and Gracie woke up and ran downstairs so that she could open her main gift. “It’s a brand-new guitar!” she shouted happily as she opened the gift and ran back upstairs. She grabbed her guitar tuner and tuned it up, but it was not working. She tried again it was completely out of tune. No matter how much she tuned it, it never played properly.

… it was completely out of tune…, Harley

Today was the day when it was completely out of tune.
Walking along the streets with my guitar in my hand, I decided to make a stand so I could stand there and play the guitar in front of all the nearby people. Playing the guitar to everyone nearby, something surprising happened. My guitar started to become completely out of tune, and everyone was laughing at me. I kept on trying and trying to play the guitar at my best but every sound that I tried to do turned out to be rubbish. Within a few seconds I had fainted...

… it was completely out of tune… by Aaliyah

Clap, clap, clap, the big night lights shining brightly in his face this was it, it was a win or lose situation. Jacob sat on his chair, got on his guitar and Tom got on the drums leaving Jake to get on the microphone. They began, "Do da deer you hurt meehee," Jake's voice cracked, "what did I do to hurt youhooo?" Jake's voice cracked again.
Judge Sarah pressed her buzzer as did judge Scarlet and judge Simon and judge Mack. It was terrible it was completely out of tune then the security came and took them off stage.

… it was completely out of tune…by Tom A

One month ago, I decided to practice on my big brother's guitar. I had played before, but not recently. I grabbed the instrument and gave the metallic strings a strum. My forehead creased as I realised it was completely out of tune. I twisted the knobs on the end of the guitar until it sounded perfect. I gave it another strum and found myself floating away into an alternate universe. As I played, the beautifully colourful world around me came to life. While focusing on this amazing universe, I dropped the magic guitar and got stuck in the world forever...

Saturday, 9 February 2019


One sunny afternoon, while my mum cooked eggs and my dad washed his floppy fringe, I went to visit my creepy friend. As I pulled up on his driveway, I noticed everything about his house was grey; like a haunted house! I looked through the clouded window to see the pale face of my friend, Cole. I waved, but he just stood there, staring. I knocked on the door then entered the building. "Welcome, Fred," Cole said shrilly. The light began flickering and his black hair stood on end. "To your doom!" he exclaimed as I got knocked out cold....


I stood still at the sink while I washed the plates from the eggs I had for breakfast. Then I went upstairs to comb my fringe. While I was there, I noticed that the hallway light was flickering so I got mum to fix it.
Later that day, I went up town on my black mountain bike to get some coke for myself. I went to Tesco to get some and I bought a couple of chocolate bars for later. So, from then, I went to my friend’s house to play Fortnite with him it was really, really good.


My alarm woke me up – very early – this morning, but after 10-15 minutes I carefully remembered why. “I need to go to the hair dressers!” I shouted loudly.
My classmates had been trying this new trend with their hair at school, you would dye your hair black and add a classy fringe to it! I also wanted to try it out.
I dashed downstairs and put on my freshly washed clothes, then I started my day with some fried eggs and toast – what else would I have?

Later on, I replaced my flickering hallway lights and made my way down-town.


When I was in my humongous, beautiful house, I woke up and pounced out of my pitch- black covers as quick as a flash. I swiftly sprinted over to my ancient light switch and I reached out with my pale arm (which looked like it would never end) and turned my cloudy-white light switch on and it suddenly started flickering. After that, I ran over to my filthy sink and washed my hazelnut-brown fringe. Suddenly I heard a strong bang crashing on my window, so I looked out and people were strongly smashing eggs on my ancient windows.


Whilst on my way home from my friend’s house, I spotted some mysterious, washed up, pebbles adjacent to a flickering light. I approached them. They weren’t pebbles, they were some sort of black eggs. I wondered what they were. I scratched my head and placed the palm of my hand on my fringe. Suddenly, the eggs all cracked. Emerald coloured dragons came out and firmly grabbed on to me. They started licking me, which meant they liked me. The tiny creatures swiftly flew away and as quick as Usain Bolt, they vanished. I casually continued on my voyage back home.


After mum and I had washed our black car, we had to go to the shops to buy some eggs. On the way back from the shops, mum mentioned we need to make a hair appointment to get a haircut as my fringe is getting too long.
Once back home we started to make a chocolate cake, once the cake was in the oven we sat down to relax. Mum lit a scented candle. We sat together on the sofa and watched the candle as it was flickering as if it was dancing. We could not wait for the cake.


Flickering like an abandoned light in a haunted house, Kevin’s phone repeatedly flashed on and off after smashing onto the concrete due an unfortunate car crash...

Kevin’s black and blue car had just been washed and looked as shiny as a gold medal, until an unqualified driver came flying around the corner at a rapid pace hitting the car’s left wheel!
Back at Kevin’s house, his husband (Jonny) was frying some eggs, like there was nothing else in the world. Little did Jonny know, he wouldn’t have anybody to share those eggs with! Just him and his awfully long fringe...


He washed his black fringe in the ice cool water of the lake. Then he scavenged for something to eat like eggs. The thick woods had little light, so it was hard to see, and the little that did exist came flickering through the branches.
The boy was called Alex Rider he had just escaped from the almost certain jaws of death once again. All he had was an exploding pen, exploding putty and diamond edged Lego which of course were the craftsmanship of Smithers - MI6’s personal engineer, he was a very talented man.


I had just finished getting washed one freezing winter morning, “Are you ready to collect the eggs for breakfast?” my aunt said.
As I peered out of the window it was still pitch black. I fastened my coat, swept back my fringe and put on my hat.
Stepping outside with only the flickering candle light we made our way across to the hen house. When we arrived, I was really cold and hoped they had laid, my aunt reached in.
“Hooray we are in luck this morning,” she said.
I couldn’t wait to get back for a hot breakfast.


In the Victorian times, there was a young girl who had jet black hair with a fringe. In the evening, all she had in her house for light was a flickering candle - no one could even see her good looks. The girl was naughty, the worst thing she had ever done was when she threw some eggs at a window and back then it could not be washed off.
One day, in the middle of town she was pulling a prank - not realizing that everyone was watching, and people found out about her real, horrible and mean personality.