Sunday, 10 December 2017

the tiger was blocking our escape by Lexi

My name is Ben Creature, I am stranded on a jungle island in Asia. I'm hungry, dehydrated and lonely. However, at first I wasn’t alone. I'm an orphan. Me and my friend Oliver were travelling to our new home before the accident happened. I can picture it in my mind. The tortured screams still ring in my ears. Moments after the plane crash, we ran seeking shelter but the tiger was blocking our escape. Suddenly he pounced, missing me but not Oliver. That was the last time I saw him and possibly the last time I'll see civilisation ever again.

the tiger was blocking our escape by Scarlett

At the zoo, my little sister Zoe begged us to go to the tiger enclosure. I disliked tigers, so I didn't want to go. She cried until I agreed. The door was open, and a zoo keeper was inside. Zoe ran ahead and tapped on the glass. The zoo keeper waved at us, and beckoned us over. "Hello, I need two helpers to help me feed the tiger," He said. 
"Yeah!" Shouted Zoe, dragging me into the enclosure and through the door. I cautiously did the job, then we turned around, and the tiger was blocking our escape!

Saturday, 9 December 2017

…the tiger was blocking our escape…by Maya

Last night I went to a Halloween Party. Lots of people were dressed as animals yet one costume really stood out. This person was dressed as a fearless tiger. Nobody knew who he was. He acted really suspicious like he was up to something bad. There was something frightening in his glare that gave us all goosebumps. He stood in the doorway watching everyone dance. Nobody dared to speak to him. He held a cigar which eventually filled the room with nose-blocking smoke. Then suddenly the curtains caught fire! Everyone panicked and ran but the tiger was blocking our escape...

…the tiger was blocking our escape… by Olivia W

Yesterday, me and my friend Sophie went to the zoo and we saw a lot of animals for example, tigers, llamas, giraffes, elephants, pandas and lions, but the most common spot we were at was the tiger enclosure because we had to do a news report about tigers and their lives and where they live. After a couple of minutes, we didn't realise that the zoo had closed down, so me and Sophie were walking around and we saw the fire door open so we ran towards it and there we found the tiger was blocking our escape.... 

The Eye of the Tiger by Clara

We were trapped. The tiger was blocking our escape. Harvey was trying to distract it, but there was no point. I sank to the floor, wishing we had never gone looking for the mystical treasure of Zirifion. It turned out that the treasure was the tiger. Apparently, every day, the tiger would lie down and create a diamond, life-sized version of it. Suddenly, I felt a surge of power. I cried, "Harvey, get away!" Charging towards the tiger, I shoved it to the side, grabbed Harvey's hand, and knocked open the door. The sunlight had never felt so amazingly rejuvenating.

…the tiger was blocking our escape…by Jessica

One sunny Saturday morning, as a family we decided  to go on a family trip so we went to Woburn Safari Park. You go around in your car but if you want you can get out to look closer. We went round and we looked at loads of different animals like lions, elephants, zebras, giraffe and monkeys. Finally, we got round to the tigers and we got out of the car to get a close look and then we wanted to go and look at a different creature so we got back in the car but the the tiger was blocking our escape.

…the tiger was blocking our escape…by Courtney

Today we are going to the zoo. I am very excitedMy favourite animais the tiger because they have pretty colours on their fur it looks so fluffy.  
We are at the zoo now there was really bad traffic. I wanted to go see the tigers but we walked around the rest of the zoo first. Every one ran of screaming saying, 
We ran to escape........... we were the last ones to go to the exit but the tiger was blocking our escape..... 

…the tiger was blocking our escape…by Madeleine

Freddie and I went on a trip to the zoo. We went everywhere: to the different cafes and gift shops and to see all the animals such as monkeys, fish, pigs, gorillas, orangutans, giraffes, elephants, tigers and lions. When we got to the penguins we noticed that the zoo was closed so we were all alone. All of a sudden, the animals managed to escape and ran everywhere chasing us, we were very scared so we started to run to the entrance. As we were running, a tiger came and jumped in our path, the tiger was blocking our escape!

…the tiger was blocking our escape…by Grace E

The tiger was blocking our escape. I looked at Rory's face. He looked as terrified as me. If we don’t make it out of this cave I am blaming him. He was the one who insisted on going into the cave, now we are very close to getting eaten by a tiger. It had orange, fiery eyes. Like fire. It's back was arched and it's neck was raised. High and proud. It was thinking. Thinking dangerous thoughts and planning cunning plans on how to kill them or torture them. They dare not move. Their feet were glued to the spot.

…the tiger was blocking our escape…by Ella


My name is John. You may know my father, Howard. He's a famous journalist that travels the globe looking for new species like the underwater tiger from Pakistan. Soon after he came home from his last trip, he disappeared. I found his journal from the year 2003. I gathered the family to read the journal and I read the first few lines aloud.
 'I'm staying in Pakistan with the expedition. The underwater tiger is an amazing creature. We accidentally slipped into his pool of murky green water. We looked up and the fearsome tiger was blocking our escape.'

…the tiger was blocking our escape…by Grace B

Today, I am going to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, which is near Skegness, with my family. 
Once we got there I was jumping for joy as I saw a baby tiger, I could not wait to go inside. When we got inside I said to my mum, “Can I go and look at the baby tigers with Abigail?” 
Mum replied, “Yes as long as you are careful.” 

So, we ran as fast as we could to the tiger cage. When we got there, we were told to stay where we were because the tiger was blocking our escape.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

energetic hurried sandwich white battery by Lexi,

A battery, a battery? Really Dad! 10 years and you still can't pull yourself together enough to pack my lunch. All I need is: 1 Sandwich (preferably white bread) and maybe a chocolate bar. Not an energetic battery! As you could imagine, not the best impression for the first day in a new school. I hurried down the corridor before anyone could see me. This made me think. Had I eaten a battery before? Had people seen me eat a battery or worse? This is all Dad's fault. If he hadn't broken up with mum, we wouldn’t be here now.

energetic hurried sandwich white battery by Jack

I'm doing a school project and it's all about how energetic men can power a battery nobody knows if it’s even possible yet, and that’s why our class is on the case. We hurried and tried to figure out if it’s possible but then the bell rang, and It was time for lunch. I had a sandwich while my friend Jake had a packet of crisps. After that we went home and by the time I got home our house was painted white which really didn’t suit it. So, what do you think? Can energetic people power batteries?

energetic hurried sandwich white battery by Clara

The energetic white rabbit hurried out of sight, clutching his sandwich. "That's peculiar," thought Alice, weaving a chain of daisies absent-mindedly, "Maybe I should follow him." The rabbit ran to a mound of earth with a doormat saying, 'There's No Place Like Home', muttering "I hope the battery isn't flat!" Alice slid through the hole, very uncomfortably. She found the smallest door she had ever seen. Contorting so her body was bent in half, she finally managed to push her way through. The white rabbit was crouched in front of a minute television screen, intently staring at a nature programme.

energetic hurried sandwich white battery by Daisy

It was one of those days where everything goes wrong. The battery had just died on my phone and as I bit into my sandwich “yuck” white bread! I only like brown. I decided to go the park and get an ice cream I hurried because it was going to shut in 10 minutes. When I got there, it had already shut. I was going to go to the other ice cream shop down the road, but I wasn’t feeling very energetic. The day just couldn’t get any worse. When I finally got my ice cream it dropped on the floor.

energetic hurried sandwich white battery by Maya

Emily lives in London with her mum, dad and her energetic and annoying sister. She loves her laptop and when someone touches it she screams as though they have just broken it. One day, after school she went to chat to her friends on social media. Then the most terrible thing happened (according to her). The battery died. She hurried downstairs to get the charger. Her sister grabbed a sandwich, and pushed it into the cd player in the white laptop and jammed it. When Emily came back with her charger she saw the burnt sandwich she screamed.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

The Statue by Maddie

One stormy night, a monk was sat on a bench outside the town. He was all alone that night wondering if he would actually find true love. All of a sudden, a cackle sound came behind him, he quickly jumped off the bench and looked behind and saw nothing. He was intrigued to know what it was, so he followed the sound into the heart of the woods. There he was all alone in the woods and could see nothing. An evil witch suddenly popped up behind him and turned him into stone. The statue has been there ever since.

The statue by Daisy

Jake walked to his Nan's. She lived at the back of a large forest but every time Jake walked past this tree it felt very cold and he always thought he saw a dark hooded man. When he arrived at his Nan's, he asked her why it was so cold in the woods. She told him there was a story that there was an old man’s dog who had died next to a tree there. Only he was to visit his grave, so he sent a cloaked man over there to guard the grave. “But I don’t think it is true!” she said.   

Hooded figure by Lexi

Legend says he wanders the streets at night searching for victims that he can turn to stone. Dare you look into his eyes; you too will turn to stone forever. That was the story, however I was told too late. As I patrolled down the street, I came across a handsome statue I had never seen before. Its face was shielded by a brown velvet cloth. Unlike the rest of the statue, I could pull it down. I looked into mysterious grey eyes. This was no statue ...this was the Demon of Sheffield! Petrified, I turned to run, but my legs wouldn’t move. No! I was turning to stone... 

The Demon by Ella

Out in the wood the stone figure of a Demon still remains. Children tell tales when they hear the word Demon. One of the rumours had spread around the school in just one day. The rumour had it, he used to be a man who had stolen two sheep to feed his starving family, so the Lord of the land made him a Demon and turned him to stone. Many children are scared, and they should be as the curse was set for one thousand years, but no one knows when it was done and when it will undo and he will come back to life and seek his revenge....