Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Teacher Alligator Mauve Climbed Tricky by Kaitlin B

There lived an alligator called Bob and he was a teacher, he worked at The Richmond School. He had a class of 30 and everyone in his class had mauve coats. The next day they took their coats off and sat down quietly, Bob gave them a maths test. They finished it but it was very tricky. After the test it was play time and a girl called Lucy climbed up the steep climbing wall. Suddenly, she fell off it so Bob came and helped her up and took her to first aid and all she did was hurt her leg. 

Teacher Alligator Mauve Climbed Tricky by Roxanne

My teacher gave me this homework, I wondered what to write about... maybe an odd one out alligator with mauve purple skin? Or a brave, but kindhearted man who climbed a gigantic mountain!

These ideas filled my head, like a flood of amazing stories! This is quite a challenge...! Yet I realise, that year 6 will be a challenge... after all I do need to think about how hard high school will be.
Yet this is getting trickier than tricky as I still don’t know what to put next, but I hope you enjoyed my preview text!

Teacher Alligator Mauve Climbed Tricky by Taylor C

One day at an ordinary school there was a teacher with super powers. She is mauve. Everyone knows that she is an alien because of her colour. The next day, there was an alligator and he was gigantic. The children had to go home and some of the children fainted. The teacher, who is called Rook, lured the alligator to a mountain and she climbed to the top. Ragnarok the alligator followed and then they had a battle it took ages for the battle to end, day by day they faught it was very tricky it, was awesome.

Teacher Alligator Mauve Climbed Tricky by Faith P

As we arrived on a guided mountain hike waiting in line to get our tickets I saw my teacher, she came across and started talking to my parents.

A few minutes later it was our turn to begin the hike. As we climbed we started to make stories up about the interesting shaped rocks along the way, some were tricky to climb over.

Looking on ahead you could see the many shades of coloured rock, some looked mauve. Then I saw a huge shaped boulder which looked like an alligator biting someone’s head off! This adventure was so much fun.

Teacher Alligator Mauve Climbed Tricky by Ellie

One day, lived an alligator, his name was Matt. He was bored one day and decided to go for a walk, to The Richmond School, Skegness. He noticed that they needed a new year 6 teacher, he thought he would be just the person. So, he went inside and asked. The office said, "YES!" The office was surprised because he was mauve. Mrs Wellsted showed him round.  He got bored after a few days, so he decided to leave. He climbed the walls up to the window at the top off the roof - I would have found that tricky.

Teacher Alligator Mauve Climbed Tricky by Lewis

One day Lewis and Daisie went on a school trip with the class to a place called Alligator Land, it took two hours to get there.  Once we arrived the teacher asked us to make sure we had everything we needed off the bus before we went to explore. Whilst there we saw a nice mauve and green alligator which climbed up the sides where it was kept. It was a bit tricky as the alligator kept climbing back down. There were a lot of alligators and we had a really great day but it was time to go back to the coach and head back to school ready for our parents waiting for us.

Teacher Alligator Mauve Climbed Tricky, by Madi

One ordinary, sunny afternoon my wonderful teacher let us all out to break as we had just finished a really hard test. Minutes later, after I had started running around with freedom, all of a sudden, I caught sight of a mauve alligator that had just climbed a really rough, brown wall and it had got stuck! I knew it would be tricky for the slightly puzzled alligator to get out of what seemed a terrible situation but I thought that it would bite me if I went and helped it. So off I went to find my amazing teacher...

Sunday, 16 September 2018

The Mystery Hands by Keiran

The gigantic hands could belong to Keirdini, who was trapped underground millions of years ago, never to be seen again.  Then out of nowhere the great Keirdini shot out of the ground to destroy mankind forever. 
The hands are holding Thor’s hammer, which he won in an ultimate battle against the gods. The battle of the gods occurred millions of years ago it was the bloodiest battle ever seen by the human race. The ultimate god was Keirdini, to this day Thor still tries to retrieve his hammer from the from the all-powerful hands of Keirdini but has failed.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

The Giant by Bradley

This story is about a very badly treated creature (a giant) who happens to have powers to either zap themselves up into the clouds or down into the ground and if you are a giant not powerful enough you could get stuck in the ground or sky! The next morning, the giant came across the Royal Air Force trying to bomb him and possibly capture him... What he then decided to do was grab a huge nail - that giants happen to have and accidentally zaps himself into the ground but unfortunately for him he was not as powerful as the others...

Hands by Elizabeth M

A hundred years ago a giant fell out of the sky but no one knew why. He landed underground and got stuck. People have always wondered where he was. Yesterday he tried to get out. After hours of trying to get out he started to make progress. He started to see the sunlight, he knew he was getting somewhere. The giant then got one hand out and then his other hand out and was able to grab a massive rope. As soon as he grabbed the rope the giant and the rope instantly turned to stone for ever.

Hands by Roxanne

This unknown figure could be ANYTHING! A giant’s hand reaching out of the ground, or a statue buried in the ground... no one knows and they might not ever do... it contains a mystery for now...
The silk smooth hands look to be carved and sculptured with its twisted knot in its stick – whoever made this is truly talented, but then again someone may not have made it. It might have just appeared or maybe it has been there since the founding of the place where it lies. People stare as the questions take place.
“What is it?”

Hands by Harley

One day a giant fell from the sky and got stuck into the ground. As he was trying to exit the ground he started to struggle breathing for a moment and then he froze into the ground. His hands were poking out of the ground with a colossal nail that was helping him dig out of the ground. He felt himself shake up every single day because of all the people climbing on him and stamping their feet next to him. Every day the giant got more annoyed and then one day he started to turn into stone.

Hands by Tom A

Let me take you back 1 million years ago, when Rock Giants roamed the earth. They were extremely dumb creatures. Not even creatures! More like, things... Rock Giants were very fond of rope. They would chew it, put it up their nose and even rub it all over their body! But what they liked to do best was turn it into stone. That was what this Rock Giant did before a great earthquake occurred, making a huge fissure. He dropped his rock rope in, jumped down after it and held it above his head as the fissure closed, sealed forever...

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Hands by Eva

As the sun was rising over the town, people were rushing along and making their way to work but they came across a very large mysterious sculpture of two giant metal hands in the middle of the street. What are they doing there, people asked? Everyone in the town was extremely confused but carried on to where they needed to go. What is it in between the hands? It looked like maybe a stick or a rope. I wonder what it could be? I might have to go back later and have another look to investigate these two magnificent hands.  

Hands by Madi

Dark grey hands twisted together in a colossal town filled with lots of people, distracting them from their glorious day but fascinating them with the enormous scene.  Its hands look so real that the wrinkles on the palms were created! I don’t know whose they are but I'm guessing they might be a giant’s! I think they are holding on to a very twisty huge rope which looks as thick as a dark brown tree trunk. You can see the joints of the huge hand but the skin is incredibly rough just like a dark coloured painted room. It's amazing! 

Hands by Fatima

This hand is just stone. Nobody owns it. People have their own hands so they probably don’t want a pair of stone hands. It’s underground because it’s just made like that so it looks cooler and amazing so the people who see it will take pictures and it might get more popular. The realistic pair of stone hands are holding a short type of rope that has a dark shade of grey covering it the two ends are not drooping so it’s very unusual perhaps it’s just part of how it’s made I don’t really know but it is still nice.

Hands by Faith P

After looking for ages at the sculpture in front of me I was intrigued to find out more about its meaning and history, so I went home and decided to begin my research straight away.

I found out it is a sculpture of a pair of giant hands which are over 10 feet tall known as ‘All Hands’ They were created by Brian Fell made out of welded steel in 2001. The hands represent the canal workers from Cardiff docks pulling their boats along with heavy ropes and are located above an old underground canal in central Cardiff, South Wales.

Saturday, 8 September 2018

...but what colour should it be? Fatima

I am getting a new pencil case but what colour should it be? Some of my friends like blue and red and I like both so I can’t really decide so to solve this problem I won’t choose any of those colours I'll choose....... yellow this is the right colour I am sure my friends won’t mind anyway it’s just a pencil case, I’m sure nobody would care what colour it is. I can't wait to show my friends. I hope my teacher still lets us bring pencil cases or I just wasted 20 minutes over a pencil case.

...but what colour should it be? by Eleanor

It was a Friday, and I was looking forward to my first spy mission, so after the sun had gone down I set off to headquarters.  I was on the way to the case. I had to be fast as it was a serious crime. A bomb had been planted and we needed to defuse it before it exploded!  I worked at the bomb while everyone escaped. TIC, TIC, TIC. I needed to be quick. TIC, TIC, TIC. All I needed to do was cut the wire but what colour should it be?  I cut blue... BOOM! Oops, wrong wire!  

...but what colour should it be? by Emerson W

At midnight on September 5th a strange animal appeared out of nowhere. It had a zebra shaped head on top of a scaly rigid body. I couldn't quite make out what colour it was but what colour should it be?  It was pitch black, so I couldn't see all of its body but wherever it was it didn't give itself away. I ran for my life and it began to chase me. By the time I got to the end of the creepy football pitch daylight was beginning to shine. Through the daylight I could make out that it had fragile curved horns. Why was it out in the wild?