Saturday, 30 March 2019

… I was so cross that … by Tom A

Yesterday, I thought that I could leave my dumb little brother (who is 7 years old) alone for 5 minutes while I go to get milk but, when I got home, there was toilet paper all over the house! It was such a mess! I was so cross that I locked him in the dog cage for 5 minutes. I know that that sounds mean, but he deserved it, he always does! When my parents got home, I told them, and they grounded him for a month. Take that Timmy! I hope he doesn't find out what I've written about him.

… I was so cross that … by Aaliyah

We were batting - I hit the ball and it was an amazing shot so I ran as fast as I could all the way to second base but unfortunately the third base was stumped, “Why is rounders so hard?” I thought. Sam hit the ball - I ran, but fourth base was stumped. Sam just kept running and running and he ran me out. I was so cross that I chucked my bat across the pitch.
“I scored 5.5 rounder just to be ran out." I screamed.
Sam was busy focusing whilst the other team were whispering, “Ha, this is easy."

… I was so cross that … by Murphy

My friend (Billy) and I went to a new skatepark to see if it was any good. We arrived at the skatepark - it was huge! When we got inside, we were amazed and excited. Then some kid asked Billy if he wanted to play with him and he did. I was left on my own. I was so cross that I went to the kid-bar at the side of the skatepark.
After 20 minutes, Billy asked me if I wanted to play with him and his new friend. I told him yes and we all played for the rest of the day.

… I was so cross that … by Harley

Today I was so cross that I smacked my older brother in the face and told nobody about it.
Walking up towards my older brother, I asked him, “Do you want to play a match of pool/snooker with me?”
He replied with, “No, you are really annoying!”
I was really cross at that point, so I decided to get my fist out and smacked him right in the face. I was now in shock because that was only the second time I had ever beat my brother up and on the other hand I only used one move with my fist.

… I was so cross that … by Anissa

As I entered the horrible house, I saw my sister looking like she was hiding. “What are you doing here? Leave me alone - just go away!” I shouted at my sister. She looked at me in a weird way and I was so cross that she had followed me all the way to here. I felt so angry at that moment that I froze in anger. In my head I counted to ten and forgot about that and just carried on walking into the house. When I walked inside, I saw designs on the walls and mirrors all over.

… I was so cross that … by Jessica

It was Monday morning, the worst day of the week, because I have PE with Mr Run - I HATE him-. As I was getting ready for the dreaded day ahead, I couldn’t find my school shirt. I looked under my bed, in my draws and even my swimming bag. Of course it wasn’t there so I had to go down stairs and ask mum. “Mum where’s my...”
I paused for a second and there was my school shirt, not white but PINK! I was so cross that I screamed, “WHY IS MY SHIRT PINK!”
What were we going to do?

… I was so cross that … by Mason

So today was one of my worst because a kid ate my sandwich, I was so cross that I whacked him around the face with a spoon. Later that day, the kid's friends came with spoons and tried hitting me with them, but I got out of it and ran away. The kids tried so hard to find me, but they didn’t. After school, I went back to mine and hid because the boys followed me home. I got a spoon and a fork and went outside. I poked one and he ran off. Then the others ran off...

… I was so cross that … by Lilly-Ella

It was only a few days ago when my best friend and I had fallen out with each other, she pushed me I was so cross that I did it back. After that, I felt so bad I apologized straight away. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to make up – my Mum thought that I should say sorry by taking her out for tea but I didn’t think that was a great idea. For hours and hours, I was sat thinking about what to do when I had the perfect idea, I invited her to a sleepover because she had always loved them.

… I was so cross that … by Kaitlin

My little brother (Oliver) is so annoying that some days I wish I could kill him and today might just be the day. He has been following me around, messing up my room after I had just cleaned it. Worst of all he goes off crying to mum saying I have injured him; he does not know what is coming his way.
It was the second day and he is still making me mad. By the end of the second day I was so cross that I threw him in the fish pond. And he never annoyed me from that day!

… I was so cross that … by Fatima

Dear diary
I was so cross that I almost lost my mind, that rotten little sister of mine was recording our journey to Japan. That was ok if she didn’t break my beautiful camera after!
Anyway, I had to forgive her, I just wish I could get a new one. Maybe if I ask, they will let me? Tomorrow, that’s when I will ask, and we will see. Hopefully, they would get it for my birthday for it is not that far away. I will write straight into this diary when I know if I will be getting it.

… I was so cross that … by Madi

My grading was here, going for brown belt! I knew it was going to be extremely hard but the only thing I can do is my best.
Nervously, I walked in with my sister, [who was going for purple belt black stripe] and warmed up cautiously, making sure I didn’t hurt anything - or anyone!

Then, it was our turn. We started to do exercises and punches which were all going great. But then, something went wrong. Unfortunately, we got up to combinations - on the pads - and I did it wrong. I was so cross that I nearly walked out.

… I was so cross that … by Michael

The other night, I got really mad. I got cross. I was so cross that I angrily threw my bedsheets off my bed because my mum had taken away my PS4 Controllers because we were going somewhere, I didn’t want to go to, but I had to anyway. All I did to try and get me back to my own self was find the PS4 Controllers. In my mind it seemed to be the only way. I searched curiously through my mum’s things where all the electronics were hidden and in the end, I found them bringing me back to happiness.

… I was so cross that … by Faith P

    It was Friday, now I was ready for the weekend, I had so much planned I couldn’t think straight. My mum opened my bag and took out my homework book!
“Oh no!” I said.
Then she took out a sheet of maths homework, “Oh no!” I said again.
“You will also have the 100-word challenge,” my mum said.
I go to school all week and have to do more work at home, I was so cross that I had work to do!
Mum made a hot chocolate; I started and soon finished my homework. The weekend had now started.

… I was so cross that … by Roxanne

I was reading one of my favourite books, when my little-brother (who is very annoying) shouted me. I went to his room to ask him what he wanted when he just started giggling and said: “What do you mean? I never called you.”
I trotted back to my room and carried on reading. I again, heard my brother shout my name. I didn’t listen to him – because I knew he was playing a prank – when he repeatedly screamed my name (just to make me mad!) I was so cross that I just put my earphones in and ignored him.

… I was so cross that … by Joshua D

When I was taking a stroll through the beautiful streets of Skegness, I spotted a massive sheet of ghost-white paper. The paper was covered in Chinese writing (I didn’t understand all of it). Luckily, at the wonderful school that I go to, they teach me how to read Chinese words. The writing seemed to be familiar, it was like the letter I had been sent be my friend, Chow. All of a sudden, the powerful wind swept the sheet out of my ice-cold hands. I was so cross that I chucked my majestic glasses with such force they snapped in half.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

The Secret Door by Zuzanna

As I walked in the room, I felt a strange feeling in my stomach. I felt like I was being hypnotised or something. My heart pounded as if it was about to fall out of me. I looked around carefully until I saw a strange opening in a bookshelf it looked like the bookshelf had a secret door. I walked towards it very slowly like I was a very secretive spy. As I touched it with my sweaty palm full of nerves, a random door came out of nowhere. I looked inside the room and the room was unbelievable what I...

The Theatre by Kaitlin

It was in the 1900’s and a new, amazing theatre had just been built. It had everything a theatre needs; brilliant shows, chocolate, sweets\candy. It was so good! They had shows for children and adults all year.
Hopelessly, a gorgeous glass candelilla stared down at the people passing beneath. To the right of the entrance there was an awesome candy bar. It had every candy you could think of; lollypops, chocolate, hokey pokeys (ice cream) and lots more goodies. Detailed stairs led up towards the unbelievable room were the magic happens! Who knows what magic will happen in there next?

The Mansion by Roxanne

“Hello?” echoed a young-boy’s squeaky voice throughout the abandoned walls of the mansion. “Is anybody in here?” he asked again.
He received no answer and decided to look around for his missing ball (that had smashed through the house’s misty windows). He found a candy stall – but was disappointed when he found out it was empty...
The chequered floor was like an illusion to him, as if each pattern got bigger... and bigger...
Finally, he had found his ball! He dashed out of the mansion and was thankful for leaving the creepy, torn state that it was in.

The Museum by Madi

Museums are normal, right? They had: cool objects, pictures, information, normal things. Well, this was no ordinary museum... It seemed to be haunted!

This is my story:

Whistling birds were out, the sun was shining and myself, and my friend [Jackie] were on our mountain bikes, zooming through the forest. It was at that very moment - that still creeps us out to this day - that a shock made Jackie nearly faint. [She looked terrified!] I don’t really want to describe it to you but one thing, don’t go inside it; you may just shock yourself and pass out!

What is this place? by Lilly-Ella

“What is this place?" Ally said as she curiously walked around the huge room with a blank expression on her face.
“Maybe it was a cinema because of the sweet bar,” Janita questioned - looking around the weird place, “Cinemas always have one of them," she added.
“Perhaps it was dance studio because of the style of the place?” Oliver said, “Or, maybe it is where someone lived?”
“Yes!” Ally and Janita both shouted at exactly the same time.
“That explains all of the light that are on," Janita said happily.
“It explains the noises as well,” Ally stated.