Saturday, 11 November 2017

Ghosts by Jack

It was a spooky Halloween night and every boy and girl were out trick or treating, but then a reporter photographed the dead rising from the ground, they were scared and frightened of them but it wasn’t as it seemed. The not so scary spirits were out shopping and just walked around the gloomy town. Everybody wanted to see the spirits in person, but they couldn’t see them as they could only be seen on photographs. So, everybody took out their phones and cameras and started taking pictures. Finally, somebody saw a ghost in a picture on their phone; which proved to the world that ghosts really do exist. 

Ghosts by Estera

In a shopping mall on the 10 of November 2017 there has been serious incident. A normal man wanted to take a photo of the crisp view of the shops and has noticed that there where ghost on the photo. 

He has reported this to us and we would also need to inform you that on the same day a lady started to see ghosts. She thought that it was a result of taking strong cold tablets but now she is terrified too. If any of you see, hear or notice something white then report it to us straight away. 

Ghosts by Olivia D

I see people having fun and few people are faint and ghostly. A woman looked at the camera with a scary face look, maybe she was laughing at the man, or something. The tall buildings cover other houses behind, I wonder if the other people see these faintly ghost people. I think the humans go there to have a fun time and spend time with their friends, brothers or sisters. I do not think the ghost people are having fun because they do not look that happy; it looks like they miss when they were alive with their kids. 

Ghosts by Daisy

Izzy was just about to settle down to watch her favourite TV program called, ‘A Ghost In My Town’ when her mum shouted, “Can you go to the shops please we’ve ran out of milk.” Izzy got up not wanting to go and headed out. It was strange, the town seemed empty and cold. But when she half closed her eyes she could see people faintly appearing. Her head started to hurt and as she closed her eyes, she could hear her mum, “Izzy , wake up!” As she came round her TV program was on. Was it real what just happened? Izzy wasn’t sure.  

Ghosts by Maddie

In the run up to Christmas some strange things were happening in Newcastle. There were people rushing around but there were also ghosts! You might think that ghosts aren't real, but think again. These strange ghouls keep popping up everywhere, it is believed that they appear from a basement on Nithdale Close. Do not worry; they are not dangerous, except for one who is Maggie Balder. If you see Maggie she looks like this: she has a red jacket and a black shirt on, she also has black ripped jeans and red high tops. Remember you can't see her properly!  

Ghosts by Maya

People have been wondering why ghosts have been appearing around the city of Paris in France. Not many people have been aware of this, but there has been an anonymous legend going through a very unusual family. This legend tells us that one day a prisoner will escape from prison and dig up his father from his grave. This grave is no ordinary grave. It is really powerful. If it opens, it makes all the dead people come out of their coffins and become ghosts 
Today the grave has been opened and ghosts are haunting the shopping streets of Paris. 

Ghosts by Lexi

Ghosts are everywhere. In your town, at your school and even in your house. So, don’t get tricked because for all you know a ghost can be watching you right now and you wouldn’t even know it. But not all ghosts are good, some have the ability to change time to change you! Never wish to see a ghost or you might just become one. However, if it's your absolute dream, there is one way to see a ghost. At midnight, on the day of a blue moon every twenty-five years, ghosts become visible - but only if you are smart enough to see them... 

Ghosts (News Report) by Alexander

This week, a photographer has taken a photo of some shoppers and what seems like some rather strange ghosts joining them. It was last night at 8:00pm. The photographer and the shoppers claim that they did not see the ghosts walking / floating around everyone, only the camera caught them. When the photographer looked over the photo, he was so astonished, he fainted. Police were called in and they looked over the photo on his camera and investigated it. They have not found an answer yet but think it's just a glitch in the camera's database.

Ghosts by Clara

The faceless figures strolled through the shopping centre like shadows. A little girl asked her mum, “Why can I see the ground through my feet?” The girl was wearing a nightdress, no shoes or socks, and had a flowery duvet wrapped around her tiny, weak body. Her mother replied, “Do you remember when you were very ill, and you stayed in your bed for a week?” The girl nodded. “You got so cold, your heart stopped. That’s why your feet are transparent. And I was sick from the same thing. We died an hour apart from one another.” They hugged. 

Saturday, 4 November 2017

flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow by Grace E

Tomorrow is the anniversary of when it happened. When we celebrated my little sister's 7th birthday, at a swimming pool in Boston. I don’t remember that much about the incident. I remember that I was wearing a plain white costume, and that my flame red, ginger hair was tied up in a ponytail. Mum had told me what happened. That the pool's slide had a loose bolt that had come untightened, and that I was just unlucky that I was the child who's leg it stuck into. But I will always have a souvenir of the incident. Only one leg. 

flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow by Lexi

We all crowed round the outdoor swimming pool which had the best view of the clear blue sky. Burst of colourful fire shot up into the air before exploding with a loud bang. We celebrated. Just then a single firework came descending down onto the pool floor. Instead of fizzing out it came shooting up bouncing around the swimming pool bursting it into flames. What was once a shiny, white family outdoor pool was now a heap of ashes. The world went silent apart from the soft sound of tears. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow by Maddie

Tomorrow the sky will be filled with huge orange, white, red and blue flames; that’s because it's going to be Bonfire Night. It is celebrated because Guy Fawkes and others planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament by placing lots of gun powder under the great building. To get the gun powder barrels without being discovered probably involved swimming in the Thames and the smelly sewers... Luckily their plan failed and they were caught. He joined the team on 20th May 1604; he was captured 5th November 1605. Guy Fawkes penalty was to be hung, drawn and quartered. Ouch!!

flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow by Daisy

The countdown to my swimming competition was here, tomorrow was the big day. I had been chosen to carry the baton, it wasn’t like it was the Olympic flame or anything, but it was special to me. I got there, and no one was allowed in because the pool had turned white! They managed to clean it out and finally everyone was allowed in so they all celebrated with joy but then all of a sudden, a man came in and said, “This swimming pool is not allowed for competitions.” The pool all went quiet and the celebrating was over.

flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow by Clara

flame sprang up in front of me. The snowy, white grass crunched as we walked across. Fireworks were swimming amongst the stars in the dark sky. Families cheered and celebrated, Guy Fawkes never blew up the Houses of Parliament. I was standing in the middle of my garden, the bonfire in front, and the fireworks behind. A burger in my hand, a smile on everyone’s face, you would think I was happy. However, I knew that tomorrow, all that would be left was a pile of ash and some used matches. I had unearthed a new train of thought.