Saturday, 10 November 2018

Jessica - …I wondered what was behind the door…

On the night of Friday the thirteenth, weird things started to happen. As the day came to an end, I started to get ready for bed. At half eight, I crawled into bed and fell asleep. The hand on the old clock struck three - the witching hour - I shot up in bed as I heard a loud, “BANG!” I thought it was just my bedroom door but it wasn’t. I cautiously got out of bed, it sounded like it was coming from the attic. I wondered what was behind the door. I slowly opened the door and screamed, “HELP ME!”

Tom A - …I wondered what was behind the door…

I stumbled through the gloomy corridor, hoping to lose my pursuers. I tried knocking down desks and lamps to stop them, but still they came. I turned a sharp corner, what a mistake! I was going to die, there was nowhere to run. Then, all of a sudden, a door came into view. I turned to see my pursuers still following. I flung open the door then barricaded it shut. Taking deep breaths, I saw another door at the far end of the room. I approached with caution. I wondered what was behind the door as I turned the knob...

Samuel - …I wondered what was behind the door…

I moved into a new house and there was a blocked off door. At first, I thought it wasn’t important but I was wrong. At night I heard weird noises coming from it so I checked it out. As I went closer to it, I wondered what was behind the door... The door was on the right of the hallway to the stairs and I had a terrible feeling about it. When I broke the door down, I opened it cautiously... it was not a pleasant sight. It was a dead body with a saw in the dead body!

Julia -…I wondered what was behind the door…

Whilst the wind whistled fiercely, I grabbed my torch, hoping nothing would attack me. I turned around, acting like a coward, but nothing was there. Only my wardrobe. Could the creaking noise be from there? It couldn’t be. I looked out of the window, my torch reflecting off it, and saw trees dancing insanely like mad men in an asylum. 
The door had opened a few inches. I fell to the ground, looked at the door and jumped into my bed. Footsteps were heard from outside my door. I listened carefully and looked once more. I wondered what was behind the door. It crawled inside...

Kaitlin - …I wondered what was behind the door…

I was all alone; mum and dad had nipped out for five minutes. Then I heard someone knock on the door, I thought it was mum and dad. I opened the door and... no one was there! So where was the noise coming from? Someone must be in the house with me! I started to get scared I wondered to myself, who is in the house with me? I went around looking in every room and behind every door. Every time I opened a door, I wondered what was behind the door but nothing was there. Was it my imagination?

Lilly-Ella - …I wondered what was behind the door…

One random day, just the same as any other I was walking happily to the park when suddenly a beautiful door appeared it had gold lines with lots of pink dots. I wondered what was behind the door? Why was it there and where did it come from? I was about turn the door handle when I suddenly thought maybe this isn’t a good idea. Maybe something bad will happen. When I got home, I could not get the door off my mind. So, I went back the very next day, but the door had disappeared...

Ellie - …I wondered what was behind the door…

One day, I was eating my tea and doing my homework. There was a fly in the kitchen, really annoyingly it kept buzzing around me. I managed to catch with a big tub and some paper and took it outside. I let it fly away, but as I entered the kitchen it all seemed different, there was a multicoloured door there instead of the white door. I wondered what was behind the door as I nervously I entered the kitchen. It had changed completely. “WOW,” I said. The walls had changed to a pale blue colour, the kitchen cupboards changed to a pale pink and everything else changed to a pale green. My Nan knocked......

Friday, 9 November 2018

Eleanor -…I wondered what was behind the door…

I walked down the overgrown path, tripping over a loose stone in the darkness. The old house was grey with broken bricks and ugly stone gargoyles. As I pushed open the heavy stone door I heard a deep voice say, "When the clock strikes 12...beware!". Something slithered down my spine and I froze. The clock turned 12.

I ran on but kept finding my way back to the same door, the wind was whistling outside. I wondered what was behind the door. Suddenly it opened and I was dragged inside, It had caught me. 

I never saw daylight again...

Roxanne - …I wondered what was behind the door…

Dear Diary, 
A while after I heard the voice, I was transported to this room. 
I have no Idea where I am – all I can see is a pitch black surrounding myself. 
As I get up, I begin to walk forwards – although still no idea where... 

I’ve made progress in my mission to find a way out of this room, 
A little while ago I found this door – it was sealed tight with no way inside.... 
Knowing that I’ve found a door, leads me to progress further to get my way out. 
(...But I wondered what was behind the door...)

Faith P - …I wondered what was behind the door…

I was trying to sleep when I heard a noise downstairs like a door shutting, at this point I woke up fully, I didn’t know what to do. I went into my parents room to see if anything had fallen but it hadn’t. I heard the noise again so I decided to be brave and went to investigate, it was coming from downstairs. I crept down and walked quietly towards the kitchen, I wondered what was behind the door? The next thing my bedside alarm clock was ringing and I realised it was morning, it was all a bad dream!

Fatima - I wondered what was behind the door.

There it was. I can’t believe it. The last place until my journey was completed. Well this journey; who know how many exciting adventures  I will do in the future. This place is where the map has led me to, it’s a ….............. door? I thought it would be a portal or something but no just a boring old door. I wondered what was behind the door. Let’s find out! 
 I have just stepped in to a whole new world. I have never seen anything like this, only I can experience this once in a lifetime opportunity I cannot wait! 

Joshua - …I wondered what was behind the door…

One freezing afternoon, I went to explore the haunted house down the bottom of a colossal hill. The house was haunted by a spirit from a German soldier who died in 1917 in WW1. When I approached the house, in my head I wondered what was behind the door. When I got to the door, I felt petrified to open it in case the evil spirit was waiting for me. The German soldier had died in Flanders Fields and his spirit returned to the house he grew up in. I hope the spirit is not angry with me for visiting.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Oliver F - My garage

In my back garden you will find my garage. It is ancient with a big white door with the paint decaying. I wondered what was behind the door - I haven't been in there for what feels like a decade. It is hard to turn the key because the lock is so rusty.  I'm feeling apprehensive about going in this place filled with treasure and trash - my mum thinks there are rats in there.
As I open the creaky door, my stomach tightens and my hands are shaking, I hear a noise and drop the keys. It all gets too much for me and I turn and run as fast as I can back home.   

Madi - I wondered what was behind the door

The witching hour struckit was scary and extremely dark. The light was appearing from the moon but nowhere else. I was panicking as I couldn’t get to sleep and it was very spooky. Seconds passed, I heard a noise it was coming from behind my bedroom door. I wondered what was behind the door. I wandered reluctantly towards the strange noises coming from behind my scratched, brown door; In a flash of light, I quickly peered behind it, and... BOO! My dog was crying behind the door, I put her in bed... 
 Then I tried to get to sleep... Hard!

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Harley - because I said so

Today was the day my mum said no, I woke up this morning expecting I would be able to buy everything (like usual) so I approached my mum asking for expensive items that I wanted and my mum looked at me and screamed, “NO!” My mum went on to say, “I have had enough, you’ve bought too much, you can’t buy anything ever!”
I felt like nothing could be done anymore and I asked, “What did I do?”
She responded with, “You have done nothing, but you just can’t be spending that type of money.”
I mumbled quietly, “I’m sorry.”

Bradley- Because I said so

My name is Joe, and I live in a lovely little flat next to the beach. Yesterday I was feeling quite good until my mum (the only person I live with) calmly mentioned to me, “You do know that you need to get a job eventually, right?”
“No, why?” I asked.
“Because I said so!” she replied. At that moment I stormed out onto the beach to admire the nature, calm down and have some thinking time on where I could possibly get a job. Upon the horizon there it sat (the RNLI boat) now that is an idea... Perfect!

Tom A - because I said so

"Why should I go in first?" moaned Derick, looking through the window of the dark, murky house they had found.
"Because I said so, now GO!" whispered Billy, frustrated, "And besides, it's the only shelter for miles around."
Derick sighed and opened the door. It slowly creaked open to reveal a gloomy room with a staircase that led to a grey door. They began to search for supplies but all they found were canned sweetcorn and a half empty beer can. Derick tried lighting a fire but had no success. They knew it was going to be a rough night...

Aaliyah - because I said so

“I'm going first!” said Amy with a determined look on her face.
"Why?” asked Chantelle, as an innocent look filled her face.
"Because I said so and I'm oldest!" replied Amy as she glared rudely.
‘Boom!’ as Amy entered the old strange caverns, a man who was covered in smoke ran out screaming, “It's all collapsing!” All his workmates ran coughing and choking with all the dust. The two girls grabbed their bags and fled from the area and never went near a cave again. That night when they fell asleep they had nightmares of them falling to their death in the caves.

Taylor - because I said so

Georgina is very bossy. She makes people do mean things like punching everyone. When she tells people what to do, people try to stand up to her and say, “Do we have to do that?”  
She says, “You do because I said so. 
 Yesterday she shouted at the teacher but she didn’t get in trouble because everyone is scared of her. Her friends, Jasmine and Michel, always hang around with her because they are scared of her to. She has a gang called, The Comics and all the people in that are scared of her and, she still does it to this day.

Madison - because I said so

“Why?” asked Rebecca. She was always asking the same question over and over again and again, “Because I said so,” replied Mum. That was always the answer to every single question asked by Rebecca towards her bossy, lazy Mum.  
“I never get a day off!” exclaimed the tired girl, she was always doing everything and never got to rest until 10.00. (That’s when she had got to go to bed!) It was enough; Rebecca decided to go and get a career as she wouldn't want to do this all her life so that's what she did, she was finally free...