Sunday, 22 October 2017

My Day by Clara

My rage fizzled over. “Fine!” I yelled, storming out of the room. The door almost came off its hinges as it rocketed shut. But as the door slammed, I knew I was being a brat. I burst into tears, my mum was crying… I had made her cry! “Shhh,” I whispered to her, stroking her hair softly. “I didn’t mean to upset you.” I cried even more, my face soaked with tears. Together we cried enough tears to fill the Atlantic Ocean. “I’m so sorry!” I gurgled between sobs. I nestled my face against Mum’s neck, and all was forgotten.

Friday, 20 October 2017

The body in the river by Daisy

Earlier today, reports came in that a body had been seen in a nearby river. Anxious locals raced to the scene to see what had happened. They were all asking; “What happened?” and “Who would do such a thing?”  and “when was it done?”
 Then a local farmer came over to have a look at what had happened. “My scarecrow has gone missing from my field,” he said. The description of it was he was wearing dark green size 12 wellies! He heard laughter all around him, I think the mystery had been solved after all that.

Local boy found dead in Roundabout pond! by Grace E

At 1:35 in the afternoon a 14-year-old boy was found upside down in a pond by a woman walking her dog. 
Ambulances and police arrived at the scene immediately. Devastatingly, his life could not be saved and passed away at 2:02 am. His name was Billy Hardy and the police are determined to find his killer, as it was obvious that he was murdered before he was placed exactly in the pond. His family have asked to grieve in peace. The town are questioning how seriously the police are taking this  incident as all investigations are private. 

Teaching the children a lesson by Maya

Children love to play outside yet this group of children live near a really dangerous swamp. This particular swamp is surrounded by some of the most vicious creatures. There are crocodiles, black mamba snakes and worse. These children sneakily come out of their houses and play outside. None of the parents were ever convinced that it was safe to play so one day they decided to teach their children a lesson. They got a mannequin and stuck on some jeans and wellies and plonked it in the swamp. When the children saw that they never played near the swamp again.


At somewhere around 4:00 yesterday afternoon an eight-year-old boy was found stuck in a hole in a field. His mum and dad found out he was nowhere in the house and called the police, regardless of the fact that they had not thought of anywhere else like his friend's house. The police started a search and found him stuck in a hole in a field unconscious at 4:00 pm. When the police returned him they were so happy they gave him a hug SO tight, it would crush a potato.

The Daily Times by Clara

Shadow Strikes Again
On Wednesday evening, The Shadow claimed its next victim. The sleepy town of Windham mourns Helen Scott, a 35-year-old mother who was ruthlessly murdered by Britain’s evilest killer. Her body was discovered on Thursday by her husband, Lawrence Scott, while a search party of six were looking for her. A post-mortem confirmed she died from drowning, and she was knocked unconscious by a blow to the head. Candle-lit vigils are being held all over Britain, with charities raising money for Helen’s two young children. Police have told members of the public to tell them about any information about The Shadow.

The Missing Boy by Lexi

At 6am this morning a report had been placed about a missing boy. The boy's parents described him as a small 9-year-old wearing a bright yellow coat, blue jeans and a pair of brown wellies. Since the case has been online photos have been flooding in about a pair of upside down wellies stuck in a pond only a few miles away from the house of our boy. Six Fire Brigade parties have been down to this location but none have been successful with pulling the boy out. All we can do now is sit, wait and hope for the best.

A Scientific Experiment! by Ella

Here in the local village of Sunnydown, our resident Scientist, Professor Flitwick has come up with a new invention- a potion that can make you breathe under water! In thirty days this product will be released into our local supermarket, 'Superstuff'. Manager Bob Hale told us "You can pre-order one bottle per family now, before the rush begins!" 
Our top notch photographer caught our crazy Professor in action testing his potion out in his new green wellies at the Parks pond. These incredible pictures are available to download on our Newsdesk website for a bargain price of £6.99.

The Missing Farmer by Scarlett

Earlier today, at 10:35am a local farmer was reported missing by his wife. She states she that he was out looking for the neighbouring farm's dog. After a thorough search of his land, police discovered his body upside down, in marsh land. After heavy frost overnight, his body has been frozen into the ground, making it impossible to be removed. Police are now questioning anybody within 2 miles from the scene who may know anything about his strange death. They are urging anybody who possibly saw anything suspicious to report immediately. Reward given to any information leading to an arrest.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Treasured Possession by Darcie

My valuable treasure (I think) does not live with me but I see her every weekend and I ride her. She is really nice and she would never hurt you, but she would if you pulled on her reins too tight. She is mostly white with brown and black patches, sometimes when I see her she is all tacked up waiting for me. She eats hay and also loves Polos. When I met her I watched her walk out of a transporter, and I look forward to seeing her next as she cheers me up at the weekends. She is 14 hands which is taller than me!!

Treasured possession by Maya

He roams around the house looking for food or a place to sleep. He sits near the front door and cries to be let outside. His favourite drink is milk and loves fluffy pillows to sleep on. He can be vicious in some ways and in other he can be really cute. I will love him even when he is not here. He has been with us since December 2015. We got him from a lovely family but they had too many. He balances on the banister and shows off his skills yet outside he is always ready to pounce.

Treasured possession by Samuel

My guardian angel and my most precious possession although it isn't worth much it can warm a lot of hearts. It watches over me in my sleep so nothing will hurt me, there are also more of him and they are amazing too. We have known each over since I was born and we have loved and played from as far back as I can remember. Also, he will always have a place in my heart. Although people may laugh at me for having him I am very grateful that life has gifted me an amazing friend that I love.

Treasured Item by Courtney

It is very fluffy and warm.Its quite tall it can not move. It was £3.99. It has a yellow beak. It was a gift. You can fall asleep with it. Its colours are black, white, yellow and orange. It can get ripped and ruined and broken. You can sew it back together but it depends how broken. It is filled with wool and sometimes beads. 

Special possession by Grace E

It sits on my bedside table. Pinging when someone texts me. It's protected by a password that nobody else knows. I hold it by its patterned pop-socket and I watch all of my notifications pop up on its screen. I feel a wave of disappointment and sadness as it runs out of charge. I run up to its charger and plug it in immediately! I take it to school and leave it in the office, and when I've finished all of my important education, I run to collect it. My special possession truly is amazing and I love it.

Treasured Item by Matty

This is a special piece of metal that was given to me for being good at what I did. It is quite big, has a mitre ball and it is silver. It has ESF2017 written on it. A celebrity called Stuart Pearce gave it to me. I have it on a shelf above my bed. I sometime pick it up and really look at it, it makes me feel very proud and happy to be given this. I hope I can get more of these this season. Hopefully, I might even get to have an even bigger one this season.

Purple fur by Clara

I clamber into bed hugging and cradling him. His purple fur has long since hardened but the childhood spirit inside his owner will make him live forever. He was “born” when I was 1 ½ and I have spent all my nights with him since. My brother spotted him in Great Yarmouth because I was obsessed with that character. The character has a purple, soft body and a big yellow patch in the middle of his stomach. He has green toes and a long tail. The character is a dinosaur. If I don’t have him, I can’t get to sleep.

Treasured Item by Natasha

My most treasured item ivery special to me because it reminds me of happy times.  It is not very valuable but it is to me. This item is something that I love very much. This item is not very big but to me it is, as it means the world to me. This is not very colourful but it has a lot of amazing features. This contains something I don’t like but it also contains something I love. To most people it would be rubbish but to me it means everything. To the eye it may look like nothing but in the mind, it brings a lot of wonderful memories.  

Treasure Item by Daisy

When I am sad she is the first place I go to, she is the best! In my head she will always be with me for ever and ever. If I am lonely I go and talk to her and she makes me feel happy and safe. She is there for me all of the time. I feel extremely lucky to have her in my life. She is always by my side. Apart from when I am at school. But when I come out of school I give her a big hug then I am really happy!

Treasured Possession by Estera

It lays on my bed since I found him under my Christmas tree in 2011.  
He stays there still and never moves unless he's in the washing machine.   
He's very special to me because I can always talk to him about my day and cuddle him when I'm sad.  
He has silvery grey faux-fur and brown, glimmering eyes. The ruby scarf he wears around his neck matches the Christmas hat he wears on his head perfectly.  
His hat reminds me of the Christmas spirit. 
I can see him right now smiling innocently at me while I read him my work.  

My Treasured Possession by Ella

It shows me when I am sad, it shows me when I am happy. I can't tell when it changes, but when it does I'll know. Sometimes it is dark blue and sometimes bright red, it all depends on my mood. It's made out of round shiny silver metal that glitters in the sun. I wear it on my bony little finger, though it may slip. On my finger it will show my emotions. It sat there silently waiting for me, for it to be worn upon my finger. It suddenly changed colour and I bought it straight away.