Saturday, 8 December 2018

Harley - But they were exhausted

A boy named Tim was competing in a 10,000m run today. When he got to school he found out that the competition started at 12:00 so he got prepared just before the big event. Suddenly, Tim got pulled over to go race, this was it the 10,000m run. Just before the race someone got a colossal microphone and screamed, “On your marks, get set, go!” Tim was speeding round the corners in first place so he decided to walk the last part. After the race people told him, “You should've ran to the end!” 
He replied with, “But they were exhausted.”

Bradley - but they were exhausted

At a speed of a hyper gazelle, the incredible runners of the Olympic Games final (eight hundred metre sprint) rapidly took off the starting line to gradually reach the finish. Usain Bolt lead the race and was determined to break the world record for the fastest time around an eight hundred metre track. Not far behind was Johan Blake, just trying to impress his loving family at home. Watching Usain made it look easy and that anyone at an average running speed could do it. When they eventually crossed the line, they were celebrating like mad but they were exhausted... 

Kaitlin - but they were exhausted

Running as fast as they could, Emma and Lulu were being chased by the school’s meanest, biggest bullies, Bob and Bill (who are twins). “Go into the paper shop around the corner,” Emma said anxiously hoping they won’t find them in there. Quickly, they ran into the shop trying to get their breath back. The coast was clear, they needed to go but they were exhausted. Suddenly, the huge, creaking door began to open, and then Bob and Bill stormed into the shop. They began to search to see if the girls were there, and then they found the girls...

Aaliyah - but they were exhausted

"JOHNNY! You cheated I am the ultimate champion on bowling."
"Says who?"
"SAYS ME! I demand a rematch!"
"Only because you know this time I will win. So there."
"I guess we're going home then because you are a wimp aren’t you?"
"Fine!" Lucy inserted her last pound coin and played.
A few minutes later, "HOW? HOW? This isn't possible you’re a.... a..... a..... CHEAT."
Before Johnny could react everybody in the whole arcade was staring at him. "NO I’M NOT!" he said as he stormed off to the toilet as laughter raged.
"I'm sorry wanna go get ice cream?" Lucy asked when he came out.
"Yeah," he replied but they were exhausted.

Jessica - but they were exhausted

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve. Everybody is having fun and the Christmas tree lights are shining bright. Christmas carols are being sung while others get ready for Santa. Families come home and strangers make new friends. The last door on your advent calendar has now been opened, now it's time for Santa. As the excitement builds snow starts to fall. Candles are lit and fires are blown out. Mince pies are put in the oven and the Christmas cake is being iced - it had to be done by Christmas Day but they were exhausted...

Julia - but they were exhausted

It felt as if I was running for eternity. The hostile forest seemed to be getting even more threatening. I did not expect wolves to chase me forever! I ran and ran, as fast as my strained legs could carry me.
The vicious beasts howled and would never stop. Their teeth were as sharp as knives sticking out from their yapping jaws. But they were exhausted. I hoped to hide somewhere where they couldn’t find me.
Then I heard the soft, sniffing sound which filled my heart with horror.
A furry head lurked behind a nearby tree, glaring at me menacingly.

George - but they were exhausted

The two men were working on a diabolical plan to ruin Christmas. Their names were John and Mark. Their plan was that they would break Santa’s sleigh preventing him delivering any presents. They repeatedly bashed the vehicle with a hammer. Nothing happened. They were going to get a chainsaw but they were exhausted after all that hammering. They headed back to their old-fashioned bungalow. The crime was reported to the police who put up wanted posters of the pair. The nefarious criminals were found and punished with a 100-year prison sentence. Santa was able to deliver presents once again.

Faith - but they were exhausted

My family were looking after our friends’ pug dogs and I was excited as I love them. I was promised that when they returned I could take them for a walk before they went home. While waiting for them, I played with the pugs with their toys and they followed me around the house. When our friends came back I rushed to get the dog leads to go for a walk, but they were exhausted and didn’t want to move from their beds they just wanted to sleep. I was so disappointed, but had spent an amazing time with them!

Madi - but they were exhausted

It was an ordinary day, sat on the couch, and I was watching the TV. I was watching the show, ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!’ It was quite extraordinary because they were doing this challenge but they were exhausted. I mean, I would never carry on doing a challenge if I was exhausted! Anyway, the challenge was to go in a boat full of deadly beasts, [filled with water] and get 11 stars. It looked very scary, but they had to do it if they wanted to give food to the camp down in the jungle.

Lilly-Ella - but they were exhausted

On Wednesday morning just after the tough 10k run Rita, Paul and Lollie were supposed to go to the town school to entertain the children at their Christmas party (unlike other schools they have their Christmas party together) but they were exhausted!
Should they just not go?
That is what Lollie and Paul wanted to do, but Rita said, “No! We are going because if we don’t who will entertain the children?”
Paul and Lollie agreed with this - they knew they couldn’t let children down, especially because they had promised and they couldn’t just break a promise...

Saturday, 1 December 2018

We seemed to be on the television. by George

We seemed to be on the television. My friend, Jo and I stared at it in shock. A picture of us came up and the news presenter stated, “Two criminals are wanted for stealing a man’s wallet.” A crime that we hadn’t committed was being broadcast worldwide. We had to convince the police that we were innocent. We dawdled to the police station where we were interviewed. The conclusion was that we were innocent and falsely accused. We got a thousand-pound compensation. We returned home and spent it on our families. It was not such a bad day after all!

We seemed to be on the television by Ellie

Last night, I had one of the worst nightmares I've had in years, and you are probably wondering what happened. Well I woke up in the middle of the night screaming with joy because we seemed to be on the television (which meant we could turn internet famous). So, I ran to tell my mama, but she was fast asleep because it was 2.43am. I didn’t want to disturb her so I went back to bed, think what had just happened, was it a dream or was it really real. I think it was a dream.

We seemed to be on the television by Tom

Last weekend was the weirdest day of my life, let me tell you what happened. Me and my annoying little brother sat down to watch some TV. We were so engrossed in the show that we didn't notice the man sneak through our house and hack into our security system. It was getting up to our favourite part when the TV switched to another channel, it looked like a familiar room. I looked a bit closer and we seemed to be on the television. As I looked at my brother, I noticed he was fading from reality. Would I too?

We seemed to be on the television by Harley

Today, I woke up ready to have an interview with LeBron James (the best basketball player ever) because of my winning basketball shot from last week’s game. He says to me that my shot was outstanding (I shot from one basketball net to the other). When I scored the whole crowd stood up came onto the court and went crazy. In my opinion, it was one of the best shots in all the history of basketball. I looked into the distance and suddenly spotted someone with a camera. We seemed to be on the television.

We seemed to be on the television by Samuel

As I was walking home, I saw a news crew in front of my house. I thought that it was for someone else but I was wrong. It was for us. I entered my house and it changed completely. All the walls changed and they were like circuits like in a technology. Me and my family we seemed to be on the television. They told me to act like we are doing our regular day life. I did what they said and then I realized that we were on the television. I ruined the show by acting horrible and depressed.

We seemed to be on the television by Colby

One evening, as the lights shone different colours, around the Christmas tree we were in bed and watching tv, when it said that me mum and dad were on the news with our Christmas lights.
Dad said, “We seem to be on the television.”
Then it was time to go back to sleep and we couldn’t have waited any longer.
Eight hours later, it was morning and we got a special gift for me mum and dad. We opened it and it was a Christmas calendar from everyone in the city because we had the most lights.

We seemed to be on the television by Madi

Me and my friend, who was 11 years old like me, were so confused, we seemed to be on the television! There was no reason whatsoever to why, or even how. It was very puzzling, it said that we had taken down an alligator, which I couldn’t do at all, even with a friend. We would have had to have a whole big group- and experts- to take down a vicious creature like that. I mean to be honest, I am quite happy that we were now kind of famous, but who would have told them such nonsense?

We seemed to be on the television by Kaitlin

Two week ago, I went to the theatre to see a spectacular show. I went with my best friend, who is called Poppy). While the show was on, I found a camera man (who was recording) in the corner of the gigantic room. I had thousands of questions like; what is this man doing? Who is he? Why is he here? And lots more.
Two weeks later, we jumped on to the sofa-which is extremely soft-and turned the TV on. I noticed that...we seemed to be on the television. Poppy wondered how we were on, but I had an idea.

We seemed to be on the television by Aaliyah

When I went Christmas shopping with my aunt we saw the news crew, we thought they were showing the car crash and continued with our shopping. We got carried away and ended up going to Primark and spending all of our Christmas shopping money so we went home to get more. My Nana clicked on the 1 O'clock news and it said something about local shoppers, we looked and saw we seemed to be on the television, our mouths dropped open as the news changed we agreed that we will go Christmas shopping next week. The next day, at school everyone was congratulating me for being the news.

We seemed to be on the television by Bradley

Today, I had the best day ever, I woke up this morning to smell some crispy pancakes getting layered with oozy maple syrup, waiting downstairs for me to luxuriously feast on before a long day of school.
When I arrived at school, I noticed I had double PE and a Robin Hood production in the afternoon. WOO HOO! After that packed day of school, I had an interview with Usain Bolt about how well me and Dave did in the 100-metre sprint we did two weeks ago. For some reason we seemed to be on the television...