Saturday, 27 January 2018

Red Before Snake Clock Cycled by Clara

The red snake slithered alongside me, while I cycled for my life. It was a Columbian Python, and one drop of its bright-green poison could kill one-hundred humans. My arch-nemesis, Mr Evil, had set his loyal pet on me in a desperate bid to conceal the secret he would kill to keep away from the public: that he was going to set a deadly apocalypse on the earth, and he was going to escape with the most famous (and infamous) people… to Mars. I looked at a nearby clock: 17:59:57, three seconds before the world ends. 3,2,1… “Noo!” I screamed.

Red Before Snake Clock Cycled, by Grace B

One day me and my family went on a bike ride. We cycled to the beach and according to the Clock Tower it was half past 9 in the morning. We past Botton’s fair and I saw a child holding a red and green toy snake, which I thought was an unusual colour for a reptile. I said to my dad I would like a toy snake he said yes, so before we went in to the fair we locked our bikes up and we headed in. After 2 hours I got my snake and we headed back home for lunch.

Red Before Snake Clock Cycled, by Ella

I wrapped myself in my red blanket. I set my digital alarm clock which sat next to my bed. I rested on my pillow. As I closed my eyes shut, I could remember the things that me and my Dad used to do before him and Mum split up. This one time we all went to the zoo. In the picture I held a snake around me. But Dad burnt all the pictures of Mum. There's one picture that I managed to keep. It is of me smiling as I cycled my bike that Mum got me for my third birthday.

Red Before Snake Clock Cycled, by Lexi,

Suddenly I was face to face with it! The red snake had quickly slithered out of Colchester zoo before wrapping itself tightly around my bike wheel. I cycled away as fast as I could, but it was too late the snake was already wrapped fiercely around my bony neck! The clock was ticking. I had to find a way to live, but how? The snake’s mouth was now stretched wide open. I could see it’s razor sharp teeth, dripping with venom! Then it bit me. I could feel the poison seeping into my body. No one could help me now!

Red Before Snake Clock Cycled, by Maddie

A man was shopping in a charity shop and saw a marvellous red clock. Even though it was broken he bought it. Once he’d cycled home, before he tried to fix the clock, he stared at it. He was sure he could see something slithering inside. He looked at it more closely and saw it....a snake! All of a sudden, it slithered out of the clock and wrapped itself around his head. In a flash he was on the floor with a scratch down his face. The snake quickly slithered away. The man knew no one would ever believe him!

Red Before Snake Clock Cycled by Natasha

On our recent holiday to our favourite holiday destination Center Parcs it was a very bright and sunny day. On the day of our arrival, we picked up our hired bikes and cycled through the big forest at first, we saw a baby deer, seven squirrels and a snake. After the bike ride we went to a café for some lunch all the walls were painted red with a large Center Parcs clock in the middle of one of the walls. Before we went swimming we went to our villa and unpacked. We were looking forward to the rest of the holiday.

The Vicious Snake by Tyler S

I was walking through the long forest on my way home, when I suddenly noticed the ground I stepped on felt different. I heard a rustling sound come from behind me, so I turned around to find a huge red snake slithering towards me. It's bright colours made me think it was poisonous. The clock was ticking.... I had to move fast! Before it had chance to attack me with its venomous bite, I saw a bike next to the path, so I quickly picked it up and cycled away as fast as a runaway train. Hopefully I will never encounter another snake.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

The Hand by Jessica

I was walking slowly through town not thinking about anyone only thinking about what to do next. I glanced and saw a funny looking creature - well I didn't know if it was a creature. I saw it in the corner of my eye. It looked strange, it was a hand with finger and a mouth, ears, eyes and nose. What was it doing there I said to myself? I did not have a clue. Where did it come from? I had far too many questions popping through my busy mind, I did not know what to think of it.

Dear Diary by Estera

Today I was walking through town when I saw him. He was darker the last time I saw him. I had an important meeting, so I went on and didn't really take any notice. He knew me. A couple of years ago I got his dad into jail for a robbery. He came from a different sort of world. A world of war and fighting, where no one would even dream to go. But most importantly he was back and not for a good cause. If you're wondering he's a big hand statue that comes from a different world.

The Hand by Grace B

The hand is not a creature because as I can see the nails are painted white, and I think the hand is a woman’s hand and it is because the thing is a hand not a creature. This hand came from the recycling bin and evolved into a plastic hand. It is here because the hand is on top of a hospital, which is called helping hands hospital in Weymouth, Dorset. I think the hand is the logo of helping hands hospital because the hospital is called helping hands, the hands face represents the patients that go to the hospital.

The Hand by Clara

“Someday I shall return,” the five-fingered hero promised. It had been six months since a deadly solar flare had split up the platoon of ships. His ship had been in the centre of the flare. He was the only one who survived. Everyone he ever knew were either dead or thought he was dead. His wife, Laura, and his children, Liam and Luna, all mourning for him for no reason. He would get back to Hand Land if it was the last thing he did. Hand Land, or H&M, as ‘humans’ called it, walking around as they look for clothes.

The Hand by Lexi

Suddenly everything went quiet. I stood up and scanned the room looking for someone to question. Eventually, I came across a small, timid child hiding amongst some clothes in a wardrobe. I began to hear a little noise ringing in my ears. As the noise came closer I could make out the sound of trumpets. “Why are you in a wardrobe and what’s that noise?” I asked.
“It’s the evil hand” he replied in a squeaky voice. I burst out into laughter.  “An evil hand, that’s pathetic! it couldn’t even scare a baby!”  But I was wrong very wrong!

The hand by Ella

I love stories especially adventure stories about mad and wonderful creatures, that my dad tells me. Every night I slip into my cosy warm bed hanging on every word he tells me. He tells me to picture stories in my mind. I can see a bright blue cloudy sky and in it is a magical dream catcher shaped like a hand to catch dreams and bring them back to his own world from the real world. The only way to find his world is with your imagination. As I rest my head down my fantasies drift away into the dream catcher's hand.

News Report by Ben

A weird hand looking creature appeared on top of a shop in Lincoln in the UK.
The shop was Bath Lotion shop. The manager of the shop said, "This is not our new mascot!" and he said this to warn people that it is not their mascot.
So far, police have told everyone that if they see it that they should report it straight away and the police are trying to pinpoint where the weird hand creature's spaceship is because if they find it, it could be a break in history. Who knows what it will do next?

The Hand by Grace E

“What is it?”
“Where has it come from?”
“How did it get on the roof of those flats?”
 Questions were being shouted and screamed around the whole town. A giant rubber hand was stood on the very top of the flats in the centre of the busy city. I looked up at the ugly thing. Its eyes were so narrow you could just only see them. It was not a pretty sight to see. It was like it was controlling the whole city of London. I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was just horrifying. I wanted it to go!

The Hand by Maya

200 years ago, a man was chopping wood, in the dark, for some scouts that were camping beside a lake. Suddenly he chopped his hand off! He cried with pain. The scouts rushed to him, but he was gone. They searched and searched for him but all there was left was a muddy, bloody hand. The scouts ran back to their tents. Throughout the night, the muddy hand grabbed them one by one. Soon all the scouts were gone and just the muddy hand was left. To this day the scouts were not found, and the hand has been found.

The Hand by Jack

Today I was just minding my own business when I saw a strange figure at the top of my friend’s old garage, at first it looked like a man in a space suit but then I saw that his legs were fingers and his arms were also fingers. Then I took a closer look and I realized that it had a huge face on his stomach, and when it all came out it was a hand with a giant face on the centre of its body. Then I told other people about it and they panicked and ran away and when I looked back at the figure it was gone - never to be seen again.

The Hand by Madeleine

President T Donald had something important to do. He was going to change all his enemies into hands featuring the enemies faces. The President decided he would use them to spy on the different countries. One night he got so annoyed with his wife he zapped her and turned her into a massive hand. The wife couldn’t handle it anymore, so she started running but he zapped her again. Now she fell under his control and she ended up spying on the United Kingdom. It worked! He carried on zapping his enemies until he had all the world under control.

The Hand by Olivia W

I was walking to school with some of my friends, we had some spare time, so we decided to go to an open café because we were tired of walking and thought that we could relax there in the meantime. A couple of minutes later, we saw a figure through the open and dusty window, it was standing on top of a building with a terrifying and unforgettable grin on its face, it looked like a hand from our perspective, everyone nearby started to scream at it, it was terrifying. We didn't know if we would make it out alive......

The Hand by Millie

It was standing there. Was it a statue? Was it dead or alive? Was it new or old? No one knew. People worship it some despise it. It was never seen moving. People saw it as different things. Some saw it as a handsome saw it as a unicorn and more things. Only one person saw it move. That person was my best friend. At first, I didn't believe her. Then one night, I looked out my window and it was gone. I kept watching and I saw it come back. I never told anyone, and never will.

The Creature by Tyler S

I was just walking home all on my own from school when I suddenly saw something that was standing on a building near me. I could not believe what was above me, staring at me. It was a giant plastic hand that had a face! I did not know what to feel... was it real? It looked like it could move around. I was confused and in shock. I had never seen anything like it before in my entire life. A loud bang and a flash of light as... a giant brown boot appeared! What is going to appear next?