Saturday, 22 February 2014

Lettia #22

In the middle of the night, I saw a bright light shine through my closed curtains. I reached out to turn my lamp on, when, the light became even more brighter. “What is that?” I thought to myself, and as this question came to mind, I sprung out of bed, and pulled my curtains open. When I looked out to see what the mysterious light was, I saw that it was coming from a fence, that led to a house. As I realised this, I turned off my lamp, shut my curtains, and went back to sleep.

Leah #22

Once in the dark gloomy forest there was a rather strange shed. It was very creepy and mysterious. It glowed in the panther black darkness and a bright light sparkled. The bricks were a rainbow colour, all multi-coloured and the dazzling light shone. It was as if it was as bright as the sun. The trees around it were towering above me, I felt as tiny as a mouse, and people were following the light. It must have had some impact on the human brain, there were red ropes but people didn't care. I was wondering what it led to......

Talia #22

I quickly rushed to the front of the small crowd of people to see what was shining in front of me. I took one step forward, suddenly a huge gleaming light shone out of a miniature hole right before my very eyes! The light was so bright I started to slowly walk backwards with my hands covering my eyes. The further I walked the brighter the light got until one of the girls in the huddle turned around and collapsed on the ground! She screamed as loud as a hurricane shredding up buildings. I asked myself questions. How? Who? What?

Amy #22

This Picture is a masterpiece with amazing flashes of lights around this magical place it is very wonderful and spectacular to look at especially the golden building at the back. When you see this place you feel like you're dreaming because it’s so magical and unbelievable. I have never seen a place so weird before, some of the people have shadows reflecting on the light! As you look at the building behind it almost looks as if it’s a golden treasure chest ready to be opened. It’s also weird because there’s people that look like a ghost It’s so strange!

Anh #22

Everyone alive stopped what they were doing and grabbed someone else's hand and started marching into an endless hole located in a disabled person's house. It went on, people from all over the country, hypnotised by the swirling of this black hole. No-one was ever seen again after they entered the house of an unknown alien. Not the house itself was the thing causing the disaster, it was the shed, located above. People had theories. Theories that the shed was actually a space ship, others said that a machine was inside, making crazy things happen all over. Nothing seemed right...

Friday, 21 February 2014

Romola #22

"For this Halloween we should tell ghost stories!" screamed Lily.

"Good i-deeaaa!" squealed Jenny.

"Chloe you tell the best ghost stories, so you can go first!" said Lily.

"One dark and Mysterious Halloween evening, George the joker was giving out sweets. Whenever children reached in to get some sweets, a hand grabbed them and they ran away screaming. But one person was not scared and said, "I will get you," George went for a walk in the forest. A bright light coming from a house intrigued him, he wandered in, but was never seen again."

"That was really scary!"


Sarah #22

Me and my mum were walking in the park when we saw a UFO beaming down to earth. It came down with a thud and a bang with its lights still on. Me and my mum stood there in great shock to see something emerging from this. We started to turn around and run as fast as we could but I could feel something grabbing on my arm. I looked behind me to see a great ugly hideous alien from another world.I tried to pull it off me but its slime just didn't move so it took me away, "No!"

Lil #22

The temple upon the hill had a magnificent glow to it, people say it was enchanted! It lit up the forest at night, like it was calling people to come and look. People came to see this spectacular temple from different countries far and wide and all the visitors said they felt like a mysterious magic was in the air. There were stories that a cursed treasure was hidden deep inside the temple guarded by the ancient Aztec king’s guards. They were very fearsome and no one dared to enter for the fear of never coming out.

Jake #22

Every night lost souls are attracted to a massive light that shines throughout the forest. The souls slowly fly through the deep forest to a pretty, big tree with an oak wood tree house. This glows out a shining light, but why is it there? An old witch owned it over a century ago to torture the lost souls that couldn't get to heaven. She died one hundred years ago and ever since then the remaining magic of the witch is used to send the lost souls all the way to the place where they belong. To rest in peace.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Lewis #21

"Hear Hear!" Shouted Bob the MP.

These types of meetings were held across the country to find an answer about what we should do to stop the floodings across the country. No one knew what to do about this mess they found themselves in. Some parts of the country were given millions to use to stop the flooding but some were given nothing! "What should we do because some of us are disagreeing and some are happy for the idea!" Shouted Louie the MP! Suddenly a huge noise of wind and water hit the side of The House Of Commons!  Boom everything went to the floor.....and there was darkness!!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Amy #21

Early one morning my Dad came and woke me up. I was pretty angry I was having marvellous dream. Anyway I regretted saying that because he woke me up for a reason and that reason was a very sad reason. If you really ought to know then here it is, well we had a very unfortunate letter from the council saying, dear Darren Russell, I'm sorry to tell you that you can no longer live in your house. This was terrible we was determined to know why. Here’s some more bad news we got another letter saying, by the way... Meetings were held across the country to find an answer... !

Talia #21

One afternoon in class we were having a debate whether we should have a royal family or not. I found out that meetings were held across the country to find an answer if we should have a royal family because they bring us tourists which spend money at the shops. After that it was home time and I walked home, when I got home my mum had made some tea and it was delicious. I quickly gobbled it all up meanwhile my brother was glued to his Xbox for hours.

About 2 hours later I had my head stuck in a book it was so adventurous, it was the best.

Leah #21

Meetings were held across the county to find an answer to what the parliament could do to help people who have got flooded. So I and my friends thought of some ideas…
“Maybe the parliament could donate money to the people that got flooded,” said my friend Ella.
“Or the British army could bring lots of sand bags to people that are flooded,” said Lettia.
Then I suggested my opinion: “Possibly the parliament, royal family or the government pay for new houses for the residents and citizens that have had floods recently!”

“Well done girls this flooding is a major issue and you girls came up with some good solutions…”

Paris #21

On the 12 of August meetings were held across the country to find an answer, about where has the queen gone, because she has been missing for 5 months now…and nobody could find her! The prime minister shouted out loud, “everybody needs to go out there and find her and it doesn't matter if she is dead or alive we just need to find her!" So everybody rushed, to the lakes to find the queen and everywhere they could think of and there was no sight of the queen at all. They tried looking and they still couldn’t find her.

Neizan #21

Meetings were held across the country to find an answer. Should Scotland be a separate country? Lots of debates were taking place at the time, and we were all wondering if it should happen or not. This thing comes up on the news pretty much every day. Some people think we should let Scotland go, as they think it would save us lots of money, as other people think Scotland should stay part of the United Kingdom because independence might cost the United Kingdom a lot of money. A lot of Scottish people believe they should never have been a part of the United Kingdom. We will only know in time.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Joshua #21

Me and my friends were playing a game one day and then I came up with interesting question.
“How do flames make smoke?”
At first everybody thought that I had gone a bit mad but then they thought about it and then wondered the same thing. So we all decided to, each day after school come to private meetings. We did it over and over again but we still could not find the answer. So then we decided to do this a bit wider spread. Meetings were held across the country to find an answer but still we could not get an answer. So in the end we gave up.

Finlay #21

One normal day on Skegness beach a very strange thing happened - an enormous hole appeared in the sand! Suddenly crabs scurried out of the hole. After that all of the mysterious crabs scattered straight into the heavy tides. Next hundreds and hundreds of seals slid out of the hole and also went into the huge sea. These seals were not like ordinary seals they were giant! After that more swarms of different creatures all collided out of the hole but these creatures went straight into the tall grass. Meetings were held across the country to find an answer.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Tilly #21

Meetings were held across the country to find an answer. Should Scotland be a separate country? Lots of debates were taking place at the time, and we were all wondering whether it should happen or not. This subject comes up on the news nearly every day. Some people think we should let Scotland go, as they think it would save us lots of money, as other people think Scotland should stay part of the United Kingdom because independence might cost the United Kingdom a lot of money. A lot of Scottish people believe they should never have been a part of the United Kingdom. We will only know in time.

Neizan #20

I was at home with my friend and we decided to go the Embassy Swimming pool, but all we could see was water the whole building was absolutely full of water. Everybody in the building was floating around in the ocean sea water, Suddenly Leah, Millie C and I were floating around with all the other children, adults and grandparents, soon after it looked like we had seen some of our other friends. Leah, Millie and I swam towards them. 

The End!!! 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Romola #20

At about 5am, I heard a large shriek. I imagined it was my sister, so I ignored it and put my pillow over my head. 
“Taylor ! Get up come! Quick!”
“Be quiet Willow, go to sleep!” By that moment I felt that something actually was wrong, but I didn't believe myself and tried to go back to sleep. Just as I settled down my sister started again.
“Taylor come now before it goes it’s beautiful!”
I’d had enough, I pottered down the stairs to Willow, and looked at what she was looking at, but all I could see was water dripping down the windows.

Sarah #20

I jumped out of bed to see a puddle of water under my smelly feet but why was it there. I slowly tip toed down the stairs past my mum and dads room and brothers to see where the water was coming from. So I found out it lead to the basement. There was no light down there and I could hear drip, drip, drip near me but I could not see only hear then my brother came down, but all we could see was water and we did not know how to stop it, then my mum came down to repair it and that was about it.

Giuseppe #20

I was at home peacefully playing Minecraft on my computer with my friends. My friend Nico said, Hey everyone let's make a dimension of water!"
"Good idea," said Finli.
"Hold on guys, " I said. "I went on YouTube the other day and typed in, 'Water Dimension' and it said a person was sucked into the game and into the water dimension!"
"No. make it now!" screamed Nico.
"OK," I said.
A few minutes later we made it and boom, we were sucked into the game ... but all we could see was water...

Finli #20

Travelling across the sea in a rusty ship reeling in fish like a lion hunting its prey was a young fellow named Finli. Finli's job was to keep track of high waves and suddenly one was close!
We were going to abandon the ship when in a matter of time we were too late. A huge tsunami over lapped the ship and the ship began to sink like the Titanic. All I could see was soft runny water and nowhere to go. I knew it was the end for me but no, not today! A small gleam of light shone on my nose and I knew where to go! I swam to the top but all I could see was water everywhere...

Lewis #20

…But all we could see was water, it was filling my house up slowly but steadily, it destroyed everything! Nobody could stop it! It was destroying all the houses down my road and it was turning into a flood! Some people drowned but most people lived to tell the tale! It all happened so so fast! I wish I never experienced it. "Would it cost a lot Mum" I asked
She replied, "Yes it would, but some things we just can’t get back like the pictures and other valuable!" Today was the worst day of my life and I wish it never happened in my life time!

Jake #20

Ten years ago I was only about a mile away from my brother’s house to have a summer holiday, we were going to Madagascar. When I got there my brother got into the car and we went zooming down the road. When we got there we drove onto the boat and we were sailing off to Madagascar!
After many hours I saw an enormous rock heading towards us at high speed. Then!!!BANG!!! The ship started sinking! My brother and I had to jump off the ship. Then a large, ferocious wave knocked us both out. We woke up but all we could see was water…

Nico #20

I and my best friend Finli were going on an adventure in the woods for a day; we travelled to the doomy forest to have an amazing adventure. Finally we got there we both went up to the woods slowly Finli stood on a twig then a loud crack sound popped out “Ssshhhh!” I whispered as he stared at me, “Look there’s a fox!” I yelled. Me and my friend slowly walked to the soft red fox its tail was swishy like a snake, his eyes were bright green we walked closer and a man in dark black came out but all we could see was water.

Anh #20

"...And we never saw him AGAIN." Everyone gasped. Jonathan was telling a Scottish legend to the other children. It was a scary one. "People say the monster still lives in the river now. " Dan was so fascinated he asked Jonathon which river it was and was soon on a mystical journey.

When he arrived at the river, he ran to the side, expecting something amazing but all he could see was water. He sighed deeply, thinking he'd been tricked so he walked back to his home. But as soon as he sulked away a giant head arose out of the river. It was the Loch Ness Monster...

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Talia #20

One night I was laying on my squishy sofa watching TV. But there was something weird going on because I could here something unusual. At first I thought it was the TV but it wasn't I looked around the house to see what was making the noise but I could hear nothing. Then I went to look out side. There was still nothing making the sound but all I could see was water rapidly swaying side coming right in my direction. How is this possible I thought to myself. Seconds later the water swept me of my feet! Will I drowned? Will I get washed up somewhere?

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Joshua #20

One day me and my family decided to go to the beach for a nice family day out. So we all got ready to set of. We got money, to buy some food and a bucket and spade. We all set off to the beach. We got to the life boat station but all we could see was water, in fact we couldn't even see the sand. We were all disappointed and started the long journey home. When we arrived home we all thought about what to do for the rest of the day. We decided to play a nice game of tumbling monkeys. It was great fun.

Amy #20

It was the middle of the night and all I could hear was the terrible, miserable rain pouring and pouring. After hours and hours of rain I started to think that it might flood. I’d never heard such rain in my whole life. I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep so I watched the rain pour down my window while the tiredness waited for my eyes to fall. Why wouldn't the rain stop, well nobody knows. It was finally morning, I went outside ..but all I could see was water.. dun dun dun! What were we going to do but no one knows...

Leah #20

With my loving happy family I went to the deep, in Hull, we had an exiting time. We saw carp; goldfish; salmon;  the catfish; sting ray; sharks and dolphins. But this one tank had no fish in it, it was strange. All in separate tanks, but all we could see was water in one tank no fish, no coral, no nothing! Apart from water, I was the first one to see the lifeless tank, it was eerie and very strange indeed……
“Hey mum, look at this it’s a tank with no fish, come quick!” I screamed at my mum!

“I’m coming, what is the big fuss?”

Summer #20

Dear diary,
Today mum and dad took me to an aquarium to see all the fish. They were some beautiful fish, some tropical and some dull but they all looked amazing. And then after we went for lunch in the aquarium cafĂ© I had a bacon sandwich and a shmoo it was scrumptious. After that we went back in to the fish area and we lined up for the underwater lift when it was finally our turn I jumped into the lift as quick as lightning because I was so excited and when the lift started moving I was screaming …..but all we could see was water….....

Finlay #20

Super Fish, the fastest and greatest fish in the whole ocean! Every summer all of the fish gather
together in a stadium for the ultimate one hundred metre swim. This year Super Fish was defending his title for the second time. They were all at the starting point waiting for the buzzer. On your marks get set go! They were off speeding as fast as they could but Super Fish was right ahead he was like a flash of lightning. Suddenly he lost control knocking him unconscious. He had disappeared but all we could see was water
Where was he?

Millie C #20

Once my Nana took us to this camp and it was really boring! All we did was play really horrible kiddie games like pass the parcel but like my Nan, she didn't even wrap the parcel and the parcel wasn't even something good, it was one of those creepy Barbie dolls.
The next morning my Nan suggested we could go down to the field and I didn't want to hurt her so we did but all we could see was water going on for miles and miles which never stopped going! My Nan suggested we should go back, I agreed.

Lili #20

When me and my family went to a jungle in Australia we went because we love to explore, when we got there we started to walk and obviously explore then we came to a stream and it never stopped all we could see was water it looked fairly deep we just stood there and watched. Then is raised my voice and said, “Hello!” and it echoed it made the water shake so I just said to my Mum, Dad and Sister let’s just get out of here so we walked all the way back to the helicopter.

Lettia #20

“Mum, do we have to go out on the boat?”
“Yes, I told you that you needed some fresh air,” my mum moaned to me. I groaned and carried on walking down to the beach. “Hop on then,” mum raised her voice. Thud was the sound, as I jumped onto the boat. She took the hook off, that was the only thing keeping us from floating away. The boat rocked from side to side, and in the distance all we could see was water. 
After about an hour or two, we finally landed back on dry land.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Romola #19

One day, on my way to school, I spotted a pink gorilla. I was startled because not only was it pink but it was playing a grand piano really well. Then surprisingly it started talking it said "well hello there what's your name young lady!"

"Hello mister my name is Rose!" I replied.

"Well then Rose today is your lucky day 'cause I'm gonna sing you a song!" The gorilla started to sing a song all about me. The song that the gorilla sung was funny, and I laughed so hard I almost bumped into a man riding a bicycle...

Talia #19

On Monday, when I was at school, my teacher asked for my homework. Then I remembered it was a big project that I had to do for the week, so I said to my teacher that when I was walking to school I saw a grand, pink, furry gorilla on a bicycle. Then the gorilla asked what was in my bag. So I opened it and showed the gorilla what was inside and then as quick as a flash he took my homework biked off while he laughed so loudly it could crack a glass. Then my teacher said, “OK I will let you off.”

Anh #19

Breaking news!

A gorilla has escaped from the Higgilty-Piggilty Zoo! Be careful - this monkey steals shoes!

I laughed wildly. Just as I finished giggling, I heard a creaking wheel behind me. I timidly turned around. The gorilla stood smiling. It had broken through my wall! It had taken my bicycle and our families shoes. The gorilla really was grand. It danced around the house and put on a pink dress! My parents raced into the room and called the zoo-keepers. They came and forced the gorilla into their van. I never saw it again as I realised I had just dug into a magical world...

Joshua #19

Once in a zoo there lived a gorilla named Travis. There was however something different about Travis. He was very different from other gorillas because he was bright pink. Every day the same man with a grand bicycle came round and laughed at him. Travis always felt the same, miserable and sad. The man wasn't the only one making fun of him. All the other gorillas started teasing him. The children who came to the zoo never came to his cage because he was pink. But there was one gorilla that never laughed at him or called him names and he was called Freddie.

Leah #19

Tomorrow is my birthday, I wanted a light blue and pink bicycle but when I woke up in the morning there were no presents! I looked everywhere; in the garage, under my bed, in the living room, but still no presents…
“This must be a grand mistake!” I screamed as I jumped up and down.
“Oh look harder,” Dad said to me.
The one place I had not looked the attic…
“Look at that big box!” I exclaimed
I ripped it open; it was a baby gorilla.
“You tricked me,” I laughed.

“Dad I have two questions, where’s my bike? … And where’s my baby gorilla?”

Lewis #19

Today, I saw a huge pink gorilla, he was walking down the street casually as if he was a normal person. When I saw him I laughed but he didn't notice me laughing in the background. Not long after he went into a grand old house. He came out on a bicycle, I laughed even more! Then he noticed me, he chased me, I ran as fast as I could. We were both tired and out of breath, he caught me up.  We both fell on the floor and could not stop laughing, he was very friendly. Today was the funniest day of my life!

Nico #19

One day I woke up from my bed. I went outside to get on my bicycle but it was gone. Looking around, I saw a man wearing a gorilla mask to not give facial evidence to the police. I called the grand city police, then the man laughed, shouting, "Catch me if you can!" Then the police came rampaging down the cracked road and zoomed to the man’s pink van they started bashing and crashing into each other like crazy wrestlers! Finally, the van stopped. The police handcuffed the man. The police took the bike to me, then I cycled off down the road.

Finlay #19

I was sat on an aeroplane on my way to sunny Spain. I glanced out of the window and to my wondering eyes I saw a pink gorilla flying a plane at the side of me! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Next the gorilla parachuted out of the plane and landed perfectly on a really cool BMX bicycle. I arrived home after my 3 week long holiday with my grand-parents and told my friends about my adventure with the gorilla and how funny he was. Once again they all laughed at me but maybe it was just a dream.

Paris #19

One frosty afternoon my mum, dad and I went to check out the new grand opening on the high street. It was a Mexican Restaurant, in the window of the restaurant was a funny looking, fluffy and pink gorilla it looked so, so funny. It made me and my mum laugh, even my dad laughed, well for a change. So we thought it was quite funky, so then I said, “Shall we go and have a little look inside?” So my mum and dad said, “Okay then.” So then we went in... All the tables and chairs were pink, it was an epic restaurant.

Tarne #19

My mum used to tell me loads of stories but my favourite one was the pink gorilla who went to the grand parade. So this is the story.

Once upon a time there was a gorilla called Bongo who loved to play the bongos. His dream was to play with the band called, 'The Pink Gorillas' and he had a friend called Rupert, who liked riding his bicycle and played the piano. So they played together and they laughed when Bongo fell over his bongos. Sometimes he wondered why he was called Bongo he thought his parents might have known he would play the bongos.

Millie C #19

Once, when I was walking down a grand street, the most peculiar thing happened, I saw a pink gorilla riding a bicycle oh and how I laughed at him. He was hilarious; he was doing back flips and all sorts of stuff and I have to say at least every one in that part on the street was laughing at him. Everyone thought he was a boy in a gorilla costume at first but then this girl realised that it was an actual gorilla so she started running away screaming while the rest followed after her. I stayed, I thought he was a cute gorilla!

Lili #19

On my birthday I went to the grand circus with my family, when the show started a pink gorilla came out riding around the ring on a bicycle! He was pulling funny faces and I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my face, then he jumped off the bike and came into the audience with a plate of cream. He was looking around for a victim, the spotlight was shining all around then it stopped on my dad! The pink gorilla made his way over all the while he was grinning at my dad then with a splat it was on his head!

Lettia #19

One day, I was skipping happily down the street, when I saw a pink gorilla riding a giant bicycle. As he saw me, he started to do tricks. Jumping up and down, swirling around, they all were going so well until he tripped up and fell over. As that happened I laughed. When he finally picked himself up, I realized that he was part of a grand parade. The music started and the pink gorilla cycled off into the distance, so I scratched my forehead and started to make my way back home.

Sarah #19

When I woke up one morning, I looked out of my bedroom window. I could see a pink gorilla playing the grand piano by the front door. He was playing happy birthday because it was my birthday, I laughed as I ran down the stairs to say thank you to the pink gorilla playing the grand piano. Then I ran in to the front room with my friend the gorilla and I started to open my presents. The first present I opened was the one from Mr Gorilla, it was big and had pink wrapping paper. It was a bicycle, I just stood there laughing.