Monday, 25 September 2017

The professor and the crocodile by Lexi

The professor shrieked as the crocodile bit a big peachy chunk out of his body. His face turned purple with pain and blood squirted everywhere. ''Help'' he cried, his voice shrinking backwards, but no help came. Suddenly the crocodile opened his large mouth to reveal a chasm of razor sharp teeth. His eyes lowered to the man's foot and so did his jaw. He snapped at the professor's ankle, grabbed it and twisted rapidly. Another howl of pain echoed through the desolate mangrove. The journey back to safety through treacherous the woods would be difficult, but could he do it?

Tom's Medicine by Daisy

Years ago there was a boy called Tom who dreamed of being a professor when he was an adult. In the big twisted world of science, 15 years later his dream came true he was a professor making medicine and potions. But one day he was asked to make a medicine for children. This was difficult as the colour kept changing so he put some purple dye in the mix. He left the room and BOOM it turned into a purple crocodile!! Everyone had to be evacuated out of the lab. They had to call an animal rescue to take it away.

Professor Crocodile by Tegan

Today I met Professor Crocodile, he was stuck on the river bank and I offered to help him. I noticed when I got closer that he had a huge purple twisted tail. I thought he would be easy to move but I pushed and pulled and found him really difficult to move. I have never met a purple crocodile who could talk before, he was really funny. I think no one would believe me if I told them that crocodiles could talk, or even a purple one. Have you ever met a purple talking crocodile? Well believe me, I have.

The Professor by Clara

The crocodile glared at Professor Purple. How dare he keep him locked in a cage, day and night, night and day? The twisted man looked at the crocodile thrashing about, in his barely big enough cage. It had iron bars all around it and a padlock that was as difficult to open as a door with no handle.  
Professor Purple terminated his call to Chester Zoo. “Why won’t anyone take this poor animal?” 
Visits to the veterinarian showed Snappy (the crocodile) had a brain tumour. The professor had one last hope: Edinburgh Zoo. “Yes, we’ll take him!” the zoo replied…