Saturday, 24 October 2015

William: it felt like

This morning I went to a shop and I was looking for material but I couldn't find it I was so angry I wanted to break something. I was trying in different shops and again then I wanted it because really like it and it felt like a fluffy teddy bear. The next morning I went to my friends house to have a talk then I saw what I wanted so I tried to get it so I said "what is that up there? It looks quite nice."
She said "it is only a piece of material you want it."

" yes yes!"

Tia M: IT felt like

One day I was playing outside with my friends. Then it started to go dark we had to go inside in case it was going to rain then we played some board games. Then while we was coming in someone pushed me it felt like a massive punch I fell over and cracked my head open I was crying a lot I had to go to the hospital. When I got to the hospital My Mum shouted "HELP HELP! " When the doctors came they got a bed out and took me to the children's ward and the said "I need some stitches" and then they stitched me up and I was good to go back home.

Tyler W: A day full of fun

One evening as it was turning dusk I went off to bed with a nice big hug from my pet monkey. Dreaming of all the presents and all the treats to make my birthday complete. With all my friends round to play that would be my perfect birthday. The next day when I woke up I went down stairs to take a look and what I saw made me chuckle as all my presents had fell on Fred. He shouted, “It felt like an elephant crushing me although my presents was all broken. I still had one amazing birthday!

Harry: The soft pillow

One day I went to my friend house after school. We went in his bedroom to play on his Xbox so when I lent back and this pillow was really soft it was that soft it made a little bowl around me where my head has been. So I asked him where he had got it from but he said he didn't know and I was ashamed. After my dinner we went outside to play football but my friend got really muddy so he had to get changed I felt his pillow and it was the softest I have ever felt

Zia: The spider

One day a girl named Paris was in her room watching TV when she felt something on her it felt like 8 legs were crawling over her shoulder. She then looked and there was a spider. The spider was on her shoulder and it was not moving at all. She quickly ran to her mum and shouted get it off me and it was not there. The spider was on the floor and it was crawling about all around the room and suddenly Paris's dad came in with the hoover and hoovered it up and it was gone forever.

Kaci A: ...It felt like...

When I was walking down a single path, in a spooky wood, I heard a noise ahead of me. What could it be? I walked towards it, it felt like a big mushroom. So I got out my phone out to put on my torch, but my phone was out of battery ran out. So I ran to the end of the wood but there was a massive green mushroom. So I jumped over it and I ran back home and I had a hot chocolate and I had some biscuits. I never seen the mushroom ever again. The end.

Tia A: The massive teddy

One day I went to the teddy store with my mum and said, "look there is a massive teddy can I go and look at it".
"Yes you can" when I walked towards the massive teddy I felt it and it felt really soft when you touched the teddy bear fur just kept coming of. I said to my mum" please can I have it, it is only £15.99"
"seems as it is nearly your birthday you can have it". So we went to the till and paid for the massive teddy bear and then we walked back home.

Tyler S: It felt like...

There was a flash of light and I could have sworn I broke my head. ”Ow!” I yelled, in pain.
I stood up and there I was, standing in the middle of a flourishing market, full of tiny people.
It felt like I had been sent to another galaxy. “Excuse me, what are your species?” I asked, but they thought I boomed.
“We are what we call ‘littleings'" they boomed back “What is yours?”
“I am a human called Tyler.” I replied, “But I haven’t got all day, can you help me get back?” I asked. 

Warning big cliff-hanger!

Rhianna: Weaser Bears part 2/46

The Weaser Bears were a family of 5 bears, each with a unique character. They had an owner called Chantelle. Together they had many adventures. This is one from Chantelle's diary.

Dear diary,
At lunch, we were going to a car boot sale. I was excited until my mother told me that we were going to sell the Weaser bears! "Not the bears!" I said to my mum.
She replied: "Yes!"

 I was horrified! It felt like I was falling down a huge hole, never to be happy again. I had to save the Weaser Bears! 

(To be continued...)

Dalton: it felt like

One day it felt like I was alone but I was with my dad so me and my dad went to the beach with my dog to have a play so we were playing piggy in the middle my dog. And then we went to get a ice cream from the shop because it was so hot. I had a strawberry ice cream, my dad had chocolate and my dog had a bottle of water. After that we went to the pier and played on loads of games I won Mario kart and then we went home and went to sleep.

Finley: The Dinosaur Island

Once last year I went on holiday to a special island. On the island there was a man called John Hammond and he owned a park called Jurassic World. In this park there was some dinosaurs from some DNA found on a mosquito and put into chicken eggs. When they grew up it actually worked! I touched the dinosaur and it felt like stone expanding to be massive after I touched it they had to balance it and I weighed 2 tons. After all of that I had to go home but as I was flying home Pterodactyls flew past me!

Jack S: Feeling

Today I woke up this morning to find there was stuff everywhere I have never seen so much stuff so I tried to avoid all of it when I fell on something. It was a teddy but it felt like a ball of fluff it was really nice but I got up and wandered about touching some things and they felt nice too. When I wandered to the back of the kitchen I saw a green blob I touched it and it wobbled I touched it again and it was sticky so I washed my hands and went back to my bed again.

Frankie: I felt it like a dream

One day I was jogging and I stopped at a shop to get a lolly from the freezer because it was an extremely hot day so when I bought my lolly I ran away because of a lady. Then the next day it was very cold so I went to the same shop and there she was again in the same spot as last time so I grabbed a blanket and ran away. But the next day she was never there again but I saw her hiding but I remember the last time she had a dog and that was scary.

Olivia: Monkey mash

MM short for Monkey Mash nearly everybody goes to Monkey Mash where you play and dance also monkey mash is about unleashing your monkey style. If you come from America it is $50 to get into Monkey Mash and in England it is £40 because it is your home and that is were you became love to god and the world. As I was on my way to Monkey Mash I fell to the ground like I was fainting it felt like the world beneath me had faded away. I never got to Monkey Mash because I was in hospital the whole time...

Kiefer: The corruption

I was drunk and very tired. I did not even know what had happened. So I just, lived my life normally and carried on. But suddenly, I felt corrupted, as if a monster was inside me. I saw everybody as tasty, tender juicy meat, I mean, I was starving. Tonight I am going to have a massive feast and then a lovely slumber.
All of a sudden, I grew sharp claws, then I had red eyes, then lights out...

I woke up and never returned. Legend has it that when there is a full moon.......Death is on the menu.

Anesha: The weird night

One day she walked past a man who was talking to himself it sounded like he was saying I'm poor I'm poor . She felt sorry for him she said to my mum can I give that man some money my mum said yes you can I said so she gave him £50 he said thank you. 2 HOURS LATER she saw the same man going into a giant mansion the mansion had 9 floors i was so mad i walked to his mansion and knocked as loud as I could. That night she went to sleep it felt like the man was in her room..

Mia: It felt like

"I felt something it felt like a prickly bush I did not know what it was because it was so dark outside . Just then someone grabbed me I tried to get out but it was to strong. Suddenly I was dropped some lights turned on it was a prank, my mum, dad and my brother planned it. But then we all heard a noise then some little people grabbed my mum, dad and brother I was alone. Then one of them grabbed me and they threw me down a hole. I was there for days and then months still with.... "

Nicole: It felt like

I walked through the spooky woods and, I saw this big green mushroom. And I heard that it gives you invisible powers for when you want it, and for how long you want and when you want to be normal. So then I thought I can try it so I hurriedly put my hands on it and went back home. This is what I did to my little sister I tricked her but she didn't know who it was she was mad. An I put flower on her and she cried I took her cake and " Wawa!" She cried.

Paris: It felt like

I was walking down the street and I saw this strange model in the distance. This model was not just a strange model, it was an enormous model! I looked behind me and I bumped into it. It felt like I was going to get hurt but the model started smiling at me. There were lots and lots of people around me asking me what happened but I was so amazed I couldn't speak. I pointed at the model and it pointed back at me. After a while I thought that the model was quiet friendly, also it thought I was friendly too.

Cloud: The freaky science experiment!

This morning I woke up a normal person but after this incident I will never be again. It was Monday morning and a brand new week at school. And my first class was Science, Science is my favourite subject. Today we were going to experiment how to make a Volcano and me and my best friend were partners. But the Teacher had shown us the wrong things to put in our Volcano to make it explode. And it blew up in my face and made me grow hair all over and after a while I turned into a brown dog!

Lisa: the visit to the toy shop

One sunny day I decided to walk to the toy shop. I went in and saw a huge teddy, I wanted it so badly but I was 1 pence short of money before i went home to get more money I hugged it but it felt like plastic. Then my friend came in " hi Charlie!" I said to him and he replied "hello." I showed him the teddy and said it felt like plastic and he hugged it "it does feel like plastic doesn't it!" He said "oh my!" Said Charlie's mum "hello!" Said the teddy bear "arhhhhhhhhhh!"

Molly: the mean prank

One sunny bright morning I woke and went down stairs to get my breakfast everyone was acting weird around me. My mum gave me pancakes and milk all over them and my dad gave me a large cup of coca cola with cheese chunks and gooey slimy pepperoni in it. I did not dare try it then I went into my sister's room and she was listening to one direction but normally she thinks there the worst band ever. As a result it felt like it was all a dream. The next morning they told me they did a prank.

Kirsten: Zara's teenage biography(continued)

I hopped into the car without a word. Just before departure Dave said, " Look, I want this to be an enjoyable night so stay with me and don't run off. Okay?" I nodded. After the long journey we arrived. Dave went to find the restaurant, whilst I sat in the car. Pooh! What was that. Before I could say another word I was picked up, tied together and shoved in a bag. It felt like I was being pulled apart and left to be abused. Once I was put down I opened the bag to find I was in a mouldy building surrounded by gruesome men... " It's alright sweetheart were only gonna hurt you much."

Kaycee: Fire Fire

Today I woke up to a lot of noise. I heard sirens and people screaming. M y mum ran it to the room. "Get dressed, quickly!" I didn't know what was going on but I got dressed as my mum said. When I got outside I saw all of my stuff in dads van. "Where are we going" I asked the kind lady standing next to me. "Far away dear." Then a man started talking on a megaphone. "Please everyone stay calm there is a big fire so we are going to evacuate the town." It felt like my soul was getting ripped out and I would never see my house again.

Emily: My sister saw a car crash.

My sister Alex was walking down the road and she heard a big bang. She just saw a car crash she said to me,"It felt like I was in it as soon as I saw it." She was crying when she come home wasn't right the rest of the week. The next week came and gone and my little sister was still miserable. I thought maybe if her best friend could cheer her up but no luck ether. Then nanny and grandad brought us all a yummy cake and Alex started smiling she was back to normal again.

Isabelle: It felt like....

I sat down on my brand new chair and I sat on something rather strange it felt like a puffer fish that has blown up or a hedgehog sleeping. I looked under the pillow but there was nothing there, so I sat down again but something was still there. The next day I rang up the chair company and they said that they will come this afternoon at 4:00 to have a look. They finally came and they checked all of the chair to see what was causing this strange feeling then the man picked up very prickly rose.

Jessica: It felt like

I was walking down the street till I saw a mysterious beast in the distance. I walked closer and closer to it. Then I looked behind to see if anyone was there then all of a sudden BUMP! I bashed into the beast it felt like a big,fluffy animal. Then it looked at me rather angrily then smiled. I smiled back at him and didn't think he was scary at all I thought that he was a friendly beast. After he said something he said, "Hello look at this."

He showed me a picture of him smartly dressed.

Ava: The weird feeling

 Well today, I am going to the fair and I am so excited because there is a new ride that has just been put in it is called the overtaker it spins you upside down. We are getting in the car now . It is now five o'clock and I really can not wait. Right we are here and there no queue at the moment but when I got on the overtaker there was a massive queue behind me. I was at the front. I am on the ride it felt like a animal climbing up my spine.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Tyler W: The Trip to Chocolate Land

On Wednesday Lily and Tom decided to go to Chocolate Land. After they had got ready to go they got in to their step mothers car or at least they thought it was a car it had three wheels and two doors and no windows. On the way there Tom's door flew off and he was hanging out of the car Lilly grabbed him but it was too late they both fell out of the car. When a car full of bears pulled up and said, "Hop in “then Tom said “Hi erm we was off to chocolate land.”

Kiefer: The unusual car

I was walking in a car park in Canada and I saw the most unusual car you would ever see in your life. The wheels were unusual, the bumper was unusual and everything on that car was unusual. It was stuffed with teddy bears and junk. There were so many things in the car it was over flowing. I was surprised that someone did not see the car and steal stuff out of it because it had no roof. It was some kind of sports car with black car with wheels with a white outlining. So there you have it.

Olivia: Teddy 'b' bear and the magic car

 I was walking down the street at teddy fest where everybody looks like a teddy and I was dressed up like a pink bunny teddy. Teddy fest is all about teddies and getting to know people. Further down the street there was a brown bear sat in a car hovering a meter above ground but it was no teddy fest fan it was a real teddy bear. The bear was called Teddy 'b' bear he had his own TV show named Teddy 'b' bear and the magic car. But Teddy 'b' was sad because he got fired once again.

Molly: car

I think this car is very posh and has lots and lots of teddies in it. Someone could probably steal one I would choose the big dark chocolate coloured one because it is like it is talking to the driver and it is waving to everyone. I also think it's in a carnival or a competition something. The owner will probably be on the soft sandy beach because I can see lots of people at the top of the car park looking at the salty sea and all the crashing waves. There are lots of lumpy bumpy hills there.

Tyler S: When the teddies stole the car!

One day, there was a little village full of teddy bears. Every teddy was happy there and nobody ever went to the humans land. Until now! "Dad?" asked Little Bear.
"Yes." Answered Big Bear, unsure what Little Bear was going to say.
"Can we get a car?"
"Well..." Big Bear paused for a moment
"Can we get one? Please!" pleaded Little Bear.
"Well, okay then."
"YES!" shouted the family and off they went to steal a car! After a very long journey they arrived. "Right, here's the plan!" whispered Big Bear.
Then they crawled in and grabbed the car!

Jack S: The car

Once on a Monday afternoon a boy called Jack was strolling around town. Jack went to the park well he was but then he bumped into a car. The car was big an it had four teddy's in it Jack reached out to grab one but then he thought about who these belonged to so he took his arm away from the car and he turned around. When he did turn around he saw a man and he was glaring at Jack. Jack tried to back away but the car was there so he was stuck that was bad.

Kirsten: Zara's teenage biology (continued...)

It was 2 tickets to London to watch a famous Oscars, £500 for a meal out and to top it all off the trip to London in a Rolls Royce. I didn't know what to say. When he had gone I read the ticket a bit more carefully and it read it was all booked tonight!
Mum and Dad were whispering yes to each other so I guessed I need to go. At half six I got dressed into my best dress and heels and put makeup and jewellery on. I stepped outside to see him stood there by a big Rolls Royce with 4 big fluffy teddies...(to be finished)

Harry – The living teddies

One day I was walking down the street to B&Q. In the car park there was a bright car full of teddies. I thought I was day dreaming for a moment but no because I went over there and I touched the car and I could feel it so I knew it was true. But what made me a bit concerned was the bright shining expensive car was full of teddies, including one with its paw on the steering wheel. So I thought it wasn’t safe I told my dad then all he saw was people.

Tia M: 100WC

One day I was went outside to play with my friends but then I saw a black convertible car with lots of teddies in it I was surprised then one of the teddies talked to me. I was surprised I ran inside and told my mum what had happened and then my mum came outside and I saw all my friends cuddling them. Then I saw the keys in the car and I asked my mum see if she could take me for a drive in it she said, "Ok as long as they don't see us." It was the best day ever I was so excited.

Anesha: The teddy in the car

In the car there is 4 Teddies in the car. In the back ground there is beautiful mountains it looks like there is a road so you can ride through it and get awesome view. I would love to go up there in my car and see the lovely view. It looks like they are near a beach in California. It has an ice cream van in the background it looks like they are near a beach because it has sand. Next to the car with all of the teddies in it. There are people looking at something very interesting.

William: Teddy Car

The car is amazing it is really nice but it looks like it has crashed at the front of it also it could be the make of the car it is got different wheels then us. One of the teddies looks like it is driving the car it looks so weird in the back all the teddies are nice and relaxed one of the teddies looks like it is asleep. The orange one looks like it fell of its seat and it can't get up and it has got white ears but its body is orange it is weird.


Last Monday I went to the beach near a row of shops. As I was walking down the path I heard a loud bang at the shop but then I saw men in masks with a bag full of money. I got my phone out to call the police but they took it off me so I ran to the nearest phone box and told the police everything I knew. The police were on their way to the stolen car and it was parked at McDonald’s. So they went in and the robbers were holding that up to so the police arrested them and took them to jail for 6 months.

Paris – The Car

I was walking down the street and I heard a loud sound and then I looked around a huge fluffy bush and I saw the most weird thing I had ever seen before. I saw this car with lots of huge teddy bears in the back. The cars colour was black and it wasn't a big car it was a small car. It was parked up near the beach with the sun shining brightly on the awful car. I asked the man who owned the car why he had lots of teddy bears in the back and he said that he was selling them.

Ava: A day at the seaside!

One day Poppy, Love, Hope and Lola were going to the seaside. They were not going to walk because Poppy had a rip in her leg and fluff began to come out. So she had to have crutches. So they slowly got Poppy into the car then Hope, then Love, then Lola and they all went to the seaside. Hope entered the sand castle competition and guess what she won - it was very big. Then they all went and got an ice-cream; Lola had raspberry, Hope had ????, Poppy had strawberry and everyone else had vanilla. Yum Yum Yum.

Cloud: Teddy bears of doom!

It was Sunday afternoon and me and my friend Olivia were going to go to the toy shop and look at the bears. It only took us five minutes to walk to the toy shop, it was a big bright blue building called Krusty Bears toy shop. Once we walked in we could see thousands of different aisles. Then we came upon the teddy bear aisle and we saw one bear in particular it had shiny brown hair and brown eyes. When we decided to move on In the corner of my eye I swear it moved it's eyes.


One day I was walking down the street in California and found a beautiful car caught my eye it was black with teddies in it. I thought what were teddies doing in a car but then just then the car started to roll away after a few minutes I ran down a hill after it but it was to fast for me. So I called the police and said, "Hello there is a black Bentley rolling down the Rotary Lane Road with teddies in it!" and the police put the phone down and drove after it. Boom the car went CRASH.

Nicole: The black car

The black car is black and shiny. It looks very nice and it has no roof on. It has lots of teddies in it. It looks like it is a little bit from the olden days. It has silver wheels it's very low. But if it's a rainy day it will get wet so it will need a cover for it. It has two doors so you have to pull the seat down. Only five people can get in it so it's not very big for a lot of people. It is a nice looking car. It's nice and silver.


One day is was on the beach and I saw teddies driving a car. It was weird when a saw the car because I thought I would never see anything like that in my life. They drove round and round the car park for about 3 hours without stopping . Suddenly they stopped and one of them came over to me and said would you come home with us please. Ok then. So me and the bears went home and played Tag hide and seek and a lot of other things so after that I said bye bye and went home.


One day I was walking to the park when I came across something strange and something that had never seen before. It was 4 teddies in their car which was actually quite fancy. It was a convertible car and it had black wheels with a white circle in the middle and the colour of the car was black. I asked the teddies where they were going and they said the just parked here to go and have lunch but they were actually going bowling first then the fair then back home. They had bought the car yesterday at noon.

Lisa: The teddy bears that are alive!

 Once I was walking down town and I got grabbed and pulled into a car that I had never seen before. It was black and it had no roof and in the front were two teddy bears and there were also two in the back. I think they were boys and one of them looked into the back of the car and said, “Hi my name is Ryan and this is Bob, Kevin and Phil. I screamed and jumped out of the car I ran as fast as I could and went into my house and I did not go out for a week after that!


One day when I was walking through a car park I saw a car with four teddies'  in one was in the drivers seat and the others were in the passengers seats. They moved there heads towards me I was frightened   they got out the car and came to me they said hello I ran one by one they chased me after a while I was tired i sat down. Then one of the teddies said to me "are you OK " I whispered yes I stood up and walked back to the car park  and went home in my car.

Kaci: The black car

The car is black and shiny. It looks very nice and cute, it  has no roof. It has lots of big teddy bears inside. The car is old fashioned in a way. 
 When it is a rainy day you will get wet ,if you put it in a garage it will be dry. It has silver wheels and its very low and small for short people. It has two doors so you have to pull the seat down. Only five people can fit in, so it isn't very big. The car is very nice and silver wheels, really nice.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Aimee - The noise

Once there was a girl named Chloe, Chloe had a lot of friends. One day Chloe and her friends were walking in vine forest when suddenly they heard a strange noise surrounding them, then in the middle of the noise, there appeared 5 strange men. Chloe was very scared, they all ran off but the men kept following them. They knocked then when the door opened they told Lilly’s grandma’s neighbour what had happened so then the neighbour offered if she could walk them to Lilly’s house.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Kiefer - The Monstrosity

I was walking in the dark damp cave collecting artefacts and all of a sudden a big noise was making me deaf. It was a that bigger noise the ground shook and sharp rocks were falling from the hard rocky ceiling. And I was right in the middle of it. I went in deeper to see what that horrible loud noise was. I kept walking, listening and looking for tracks. But then all of a sudden I bumped into a giant beast. Which has bigger biceps as  you would have ever seen, And amazing muscles. I took a photo. WOW!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Harry - The Noise

One day I went to my granddads house because he got a new piano. Im not a fan of music but I can handle a few minutes but not at least half a hour  otherwise I scream  in anger.  So there I was listening to my granddad playing the piano will trying to play anyway  but whilst  I was listening then, in the middle of the noise, was a weird note in my ear. It was just going on an on an on an on and I know my granddad doesn't have any  ghost  so I pressed a button then it worked.

Paris - The Noise

Once a girl called Zia went to her friend's house down South road and her friends name was Aimee her house was as big as a dinosaur! Zia  thought I'm hungry, so she walked over to Aimee and asked her for something to eat. Aimee said "ok." So they both ran to the kitchen, whilst they was getting something to eat they heard a noise. Then in the middle of the noise a monster came out of the cupboard and started to growl! Them to was never ever to be seen again. Both of their mums wondered were they are.

Jessica - the noise

Last night I saw an enormous helicopter that was making a rather large sound then in the middle of the noise there was a long ladder coming down. Then they told me to climb onto the ladder. So I asked them why but they didn't answer. I decided to climb the ladder but I slipped and I hurt my leg so I couldn't get up then a person came down the ladder and it turns out it was my Dad. After he explained that it was his new job. Apparently he wanted to give me a fun ride.

Zia - The noise

One day, a girl named Paris was walking though the wood at night and heard a sound ,and the sound was a scary and weird noise. She thought something was going to happen to her, she thought that maybe she would die. Paris was looking around and saw a haunted house and went straight in. Inside there was a windy stair case witch creaked when you walked up. Paris walked up and then the the noise got louder and louder then, in the middle of the noise she found a ghost and ran out and that was the end of Paris.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

William - Then in the middle of noise.

On a gloomy night we were walking down the road then I saw something small on the ground I was chasing it all around because I was trying to get my dog. It ran out when I was getting something out of the car then he was running mad and I lost him. I was really scared because I didn’t know where he was I was looking everywhere and he could not protect himself and then I heard a bark. Then I heard a car beep then it was a bark then a beep, bark then beep so I went to look then, in the middle of the noise was my dog.

Tia M - Then in the middle of noise.

One day I was at school and we was doing music it was so fun I was playing the drums then in the middle of the noise  there was a big boom it was really loud. It was in the playground we all ran outside to see what it was it was an airplane that had crashed there was a person in it we all tried to help then the head teacher came out. He came to save the person who was in the plane then one of the teachers ran inside to run into the school to ring the hospital.

Kaci – The scary sound.

When I was walking down the street at night I heard a sound. It was screaming and shouting it was bursting my precious ears. So I went nearer and nearer. I looked up and I saw two people fighting and I heard a baby crying. Oh no I need to call someone. Who to call?

I will call the police and an ambulance. “Hello can I have the police please." Then she put the phone down and she was banging on the door to see what’s going on. I saw the police car and an ambulance. They came and sorted things out.

Tia A – The mysterious Puddle.

When I woke up I wanted to go to the park but it was raining really bad so I went and got my wellies on and rain coat and I walked to the park when I got to the park. I saw loads of puddles so I jumped in them all except one big gold one I saw near the slide. I walked up to it then in the middle of the noise was a pink and blue ring I took it out and I saw some children beside me they said, "take it home and put it somewhere safe."

Tyler S – The ginormous conker

I was just walking across the park, picking conkers, but then, in the middle of the noise from the grand oak tree, in the middle of the park, fell a ginormous, over-sized conker! It took 12 fire trucks, 50 local citizens (most of them didn't have a clue what they're doing!) and me well, I didn't do 'that' much. A couple of hours later, this guy with a big axe chopped off the shell completely. “YES!" I yelled.

"YES!" All the citizens and fire fighters yelled. And to celebrate we had a ginormous party and feast.

Rhianna – Celebrity Kidnap

In the six weeks holidays, I went to see Sam Smith. It was really exciting, partly because it was the real Sam Smith, but also because of something else. He was playing his best ever track, "Stay with me" and then, in the middle of the noise, there came an unexpected arrival. A man went on the stage, and started trying to kidnap Sam! "Help!" Sam shouted. Luckily, the security got on top of the situation. To say the least, the security were strong. I wondered what it would be like trying to kidnap the one and only Sam Smith?

Dalton – Then in the middle of the noise

Yesterday, up town,  I was in the library on the laptops researching about Greeks for my homework and suddenly everybody started talking then in the middle of the noise the was a massive bang and the everyone was scared so they all hid under the table but no one knew what it was but we was getting attacked by robbers. I called the police and then the police came really quick to arrest the robbers and then the police took away the robbers to jail and then we all  went back to work and then I finished my work.

Jack S – The noise

Once I was walking down town when I heard a strange sound I didn't know what the sound was so I followed the sound. I walked for hours and hours trying to find what was making the noise but then, in the middle of the noise I saw a bird it was fine with the noise it didn't seem to mind at all. It was like it didn't hear the noise or it was deaf but then I finally found the beast it was a lion it was screaming but then it saw me and ran away.

Frankie – Then at the moment

One day I was walking down the street and saw a car with a really loud horn and it honked at me. Then in the middle of the noise I went silent I could not hear I fell to the floor and I could hear the noise like a flash bang and then I saw an ambulance as I fell to the ground. I woke up in a hospital bed and a nurse was there then I said "What happened" she said "You had an accident" so then I got out of bed and walked out I said "Bye”.

Anesha – The noise

I went to my friend’s party and I walked home and got dressed for bed and went down stairs to get a drink and I walked back up the stairs and got in bed and fell asleep. But I got up in then in the middle of the noise I heard a ghost go I’m coming to kill you so I ran in my mums room and said I just heard a ghost say I’m coming to kill you. So I cuddled up to my mum and fell fast to sleep. The next morning I went to playout.

Mia – Then in the middle of the noise

Then, in the middle of the noise I saw a flashing light I was terrified it was coming right towards me I quickly ran as fast as I could suddenly I fell and hit my head. I blacked out when I awoke I saw a women standing in front of me I sat up and said "who are you" she said "I am nelly I am a baker "then she helped me up. We walked along a yellow brick path it was nice and calm where I was then we started to see a city it was beautiful it was....

Nicole – The Scary Noise

When I was walking at night and it was very dark and I had to go to the shop my parents told me to buy a delicious chocolate cake with sprinkles on. But then, in the middle of the noise I heard someone screaming and shouting loudly that I got frightened. I quickly went to buy that cake and ran home we ate it but it’s better than just a plain one. It is my favourite cake that's why I always pick it. My parents is chocolate cake too. My brother is small but he likes it as well.

Cloud – The Noise

It was Friday evening and Kaycee and Emily were going to have a sleepover, Kaycee was a year older than Emily, she was ten years old and their mum`s were best friends. Once they arrived at Kaycee’s they both put their onesies on. Until they heard a mysterious sound like a roar... Until they realized it was Kaycee`s older brother Charlie that was making the sound on his Xbox one. Until suddenly ...then, in the middle of the noise... A huge monster leaped out from the wardrobe and this time it wasn`t Kaycee’s older brother!

Lisa – Then in the middle of the noise

One night I was walking in the woods and I saw my friends cloud, Tyler, Kiefer and Mia , they were walking eating popcorn and they were wearing fancy clothes "where have you been?" I said. The evidence that they had been somwere was because of what they were wearing. "we went swimming and then after we went to a great  birthday party nearly the whole year group was there!" Replied Mia. "oh , I could not make it to that party because I did not feel very well" I replied " are you ok now" BANG! “what was that!" Said Tyler "I do not know" said Kiefer


Molly - The Noise

One late night. On the sticky lane I was walking with my mum and dad back home from the fireworks. On the way back there was a weird sound that I've never ever hear. Before it seemed like it was getting closer and closer to me. I was hugging my mum. She said to me "there's no need to worry" Then in the middle of the noise there was a cry. I turned around and there was a cute little alien what had a tag on it saying please look after me. He came to ours for tea.

Kirsten – Zara’s Teenage Autobiography

My name’s Zara.  I thought about writing my teenage life at 39 so here it is now 2 years later. Enjoy.

13th August 1964

It was my 13th birthday. I got BMX bike and books. Then in the middle of the noise of wrapping paper crinkling saw a friend of mine (more like dream love!). He knocked on the door of our house with a massive parcel in his hands. I let him in and he gave me the parcel. I ripped it open and there was the worst present ever... (to be continued next week)

Kaycee – Noise

It was Monday morning and dad was getting ready to go to work my brother was in the bath and I was just having a lazy day. It was a very rainy day no thunder or lightning though. Dad went to work in the car. My mum said I could ask a friend to come and play. My mum rung Clair Zia's mum to see whether she could come round. When Zia came the sky got darker and the power went out! I heard thunder but just then, in the middle of the noise we saw lighting we were terrified we hid under my mum's bed until it stopped. When the weather passed we went for a picnic.

Emily –The Noise

There was a strange noise. Then it went again but then, in the middle of the noise the sirens went.  The police pulled up. I got out of bed and there was loads of police going into next door. Sandy and Mark were brought out of there house they looked worried. Then they brought this strange looking man out of their house. They had a burglary it wasn't a good one. Sandy was crying Mark was hugging her. The police took the man to where he belongs Sandy and Mark went they went back in there house.

Ava – The Street Creeper

One winter night I was walking down a street called Richmond Lies then I heard a noise like screaming children being attacked by zombies telling, lies. I got so scared I ran. When I got home I told my mum all about it. She said "Well you’re going to go to that school "No" It had to be me didn't it I had nightmares when I small about The Richmond Lies.  The next day was school and I was not excited when you usually are on your first day in year 5. I was actually scared. Eek.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

As the flashing lights came towards me, by Mia

As the flashing lights came towards me I stepped back and as I did I fell into a deep hole. It was dark and gloomy I was scared suddenly I looked up and saw that the flashing lights had gone I stood up and climbed out of the hole the flashing lights came back. They started to dim a little until they were fully off I looked where the flashing lights were coming from and there it stood an alien spaceship right in front of me. I was amazed it was a real life spaceship so off I went to....

The Flashing Lights by Nicole

As the flashing lights came towards me I got very scared. Because it was the night and I was at home on my own and my parents went to the shop to buy some cake for dessert. It was a very dark night the wolves were howling so I couldn't go to sleep. Then my mum and dad came back and we ate the delicious chocolate cake "Mmm" I said very nice. I left some for tomorrow for school. I went to school with my cake and ate it. I gave some for my teacher as well. "Mmm"

Fire, Fire by Kaycee

One day I was very excited because it was my birthday I screamed and shouted as I opened my first present and it was Girls Are Dancing it was the coolest CD ever. At 6 o'clock all my friends came to my house for a party my mum was baking the cake. We played a couple of party games like pass the parcel and musical bumps but then the fire alarm started to go off mum forgot to turn the oven off. "Quick everyone outside!" My mum shouted. My mum called the fire station. As the flashing lights came towards me my heart was beating as fast as it could.........

...As The Flashing Lights Came Towards Me... By Molly

In the dark, narrow street called loopy lolly lane there was a mad, crazy woman who lived on her own in a little brown bungalow. She was always baking cakes for Halloween and Christmas. One Halloween her husband drove onto her drive way as the flashing lights came towards me and I was in the hospital for a month or two. This was all when they lived together as a result I still have a scar and a little lump so the mad, crazy woman made me a batch of cakes. They've no longer lived together an spoke together

At the fair by Tia A

One night I asked my mum if we could go to the fair cause it was firework night my mum said yes. So I got sorted and of we went to the fair. When we got there I met Lisa I said. "Do you want to go on the extreme "yes" said Lisa. So we got on and the man pulled down the bars and it started tipping us up into the air. After that we stood at the front for 3 minutes then as the flashing lights came towards me I was very excited, happy calm and jolly.

The police car by Frankie

One day I was walking down the street and turned down an alley it was very quiet... I saw but I heard some robbers in a shop next to me. I was scared so I called the police and... As the flashing lights came towards me I ran off and the robbers ran away never to be seen again and as they were running they dropped all their bags of loot and fell into some bushes and got caught and sent to jail and locked up HA!. As I watched they looked back pulled a face so I just walked away.

Flashing Lights by Lisa

One night I was walking in the woods, it was dark and scary and I needed to get to the other side. I was half way through and I saw the moon it was huge but it seemed closer to the earth than usual so I thought it was strange. Then suddenly as the flashing lights came towards me I did not know what it was but it was very far away and I did not know what it was doing but I didn't really seem to be moving.

Then Cloud came up behind me and I said "Hello can you see that?" Cloud replied "see what?"

Flashing Lights by Finley

Once last year there was a grand heist at the bank, a man called Bob owned the bank after the robbery his nickname was "Robbed Bob!" The robber had said to the security cameras you will never find me because I am wearing a mask but the police managed to identify him his name was Jonny Jonson. The man was a bit awkward but the police forgot to disarm him so he was communicating with a friend of his. We started to interrogate him and he said as the flashing lights came towards me I freaked out like mad.

Flashing Lights by Zia

On Thursday when uni was going to a show all about unicorns. I knew the show would be good and Uni would do a good job. Uni said to me that 
(As the flashing lights come towards me it will be my turn). At the show every one did good and it was really fun. At the end we all got trophies at the end and I got a ginormous one I loved the show it was so fun and I wish it did not end. At the end we all took a bow and went home.It was fun.

Fireworks by Paris

Once in England, there was a boy named Henry and he always watches the fireworks go off every week on Thursday. He loves the beautiful colours, green, yellow, red, pink, orange but red is his best. As the flashing lights come towards me I can see all of the pretty colours. Hopefully the flames don't get in my eyes. I wore sunglasses so they couldn't get in even know it was dark and gloomy and sunglasses are for sunny weather.

The Flashing Lights by Jessica

On that dark mysterious night there was a glimpse of light that seemed to come closer and closer towards me. As the flashing lights came towards me I heard a sound that was like the sound of something like a police car. So I started to walk closer then I remembered that my mum needed me to do the washing up.I hated doing the washing up.I walked home really quick. When I arrived home I started doing the washing up.