Saturday, 31 January 2015

100WC#19 by Caitlin

As I glanced out my window, I saw the rain throwing itself at the glass, it looked cold and still. There were no cars or barely any people about. Until later that night the wind got so strong that the signal for the telly was really poor. So we could barely hear it. The weather man said, “There is going to be a tornado to the east of the county”. 
“Oh no, that’s us!" I shouted. I went upstairs to look out my window and tiles flew off the houses across the road 1,2,3,4,5 it was heading my way… 

100WC#19 by Aron

It was a dark misty night. As midnight struck, the light flickered on, lighting the whole damp city. I was struggling with my feet. I dragged myself across the cracked road. I could hear the police cars racing closer and closer. I was petrified and started to run, when I saw the car racing after me. I took a turn into the forest and ran as fast as I could. As I ran branches smacked my face. When the noise faded away, I started to slow down. I walked through the gloomy, dark, forest, until I could find the perfect resting place.

100WC#19 by Addison

This may look like a normal street to you but inside those houses there is a school for sorcerers like me for example and today is the day where the wizard war is on. I’m Nosidda the best wizard ever and can make stones into gold and other cool things like that. Anyway back to the war, there was only one round because only two people entered, James and I. First I turned him into a puddle and I won. That was all it took, one spell! That was not a challenge so I moved to an even better school.

Our Journey Home by Harvey

As we sat at the side of the road in the car, dad started to change the tyre. It was night time as we had been for a long day in London. As I looked out of the window all around was still and so quiet, not like the busy roads in the daytime. It had been raining, the road and path shimmered in the orange light from the street lights. It was starting to get colder as the night went on, as the trees swayed in the breeze it felt quite eerie. “DONE!” said dad and off we went.

100WC#19 by Charlie

It was a cold, wet, dark and dreary night, pitch black with only the light from the street lamps and the glow of the road signs gave a silhouette of a face in the distance. The two bright orange lights resembled the eyes whilst the white lit road signs resembled the long pointy nose whilst out lying trees and bushes resembled the hair line around the face, all night long the silhouette of the face was hit with heavy rain, strong winds and yet its image never changed. As cars drove by, it appeared to swallow them up with no trace.

100WC#19 by Grace LB

The lamps of the street lights glistened and glowed in the darkness of the inky black sky. The big green bush crept into the picture and was stuck to the edge of the pavement like a button sewn onto a shoe. The roads were wet and soggy, they looked like they had just been rained on. It wouldn't be safe for drivers late at night because the roads would be too slippery like a hot piece of butter on toast.  The house in the background slowly faded away into the distance like a boat about to leave the sandy shore.      

100WC#19 by Sophia

A dark night at about 7pm, a young girl looked out her window to find she could not see one person in site. The street were covered with glistening golden raindrops, as the reflection from the lamppost gave the rain its wonderful colour. The raindrops looked like a glorious ocean of shimmering stars. In the distance above the drenched trees there was a tremendously fluorescent light. When the young girl noticed the light she saw four of them, she wondered if she was seeing things so she rubbed her eyes and looked again…. But where were the dazzling street lights?

100WC#19 by Jemima,

I was roaming down my street at night, all alone. I could see the bright reflection of the street lamps in the shallow puddles. It was very quiet that night because it was midnight. You are probably wondering why I am going home this late at night. The answer is, I come home late because I am at work. I do an evening shift. You might be thinking that it is a bad idea but it is ideal for me. I love walking along my street at night because it is so peaceful, there is nobody making too much noise.

100WC#19 by Madison

This is the street I live on. I feel safe and secure when I walk down this street because it is well lit even though it is night time. A lot of the time I stare out my bedroom window and look at all the features of this street like the bushes, lights and houses. There are a lot of houses on my street and my friends live close. My neighbours are very friendly they are very nice as well I like living on this street it is in a very good environment and my house is really nice I love it.

100WC#19 by Morgan

One night I heard a big loud CRASH BANG CLUTTER so I ran outside to see what was going on. It was a car crash the driver had a big scar on his left cheek a plaster on his middle fingers and his hair was short, brown and messy. Me and some others rushed to help him, his car was all smashed we asked him how he crashed he said "I must have slipped on some black ice and that is all I remember," We called the ambulance to come and help him and after that the street was quiet after all that! 

100WC#19 by Eleanor,

I was walking through the dark street at night when the street light flickered. As I stepped towards the lamp my friend appeared behind the lamp. I went towards her through the muddy puddles. It smelt like apples. I called out her name and she disappeared again. All the time I wondered where she went. I could not find her anywhere again. I wanted to tell someone but I thought I would put her life in even more danger where ever she went. I went home and put on the fire as I was still wondering where she went!

100WC#19 by Mollie

The street glowed like the sun had fallen. The eerie orange light shone like stars that had been captured and forced to make the street scream with brightness. Although you think it looks pretty, you would be shocked to discover why. How shiny it was on the path. It fooled you into thinking that it had rained but really they are the star's tears. The litter had been kicked out of sight. If you saw what I had seen then you would wish that human kind were not yet developed. To you this looks like a normal street, to me it’s the best part of our town.

100WC#19 by Sam B

I looked outside at the wet street.
"Why doesn't it ever snow in Winter?" I thought. The street was dark and gloomy. The street lights shined brightly on the rocky concrete.
"You'll never get your wishes if you stare out the window," my mum said. I sighed at the window.

"Maybe if I do something good," I thought. I got out a sheet of paper and did my homework. I rushed back to the window again. Small snowflakes started to fall. I knew it wasn't enough. I wondered what I was going to do next. It was all a giant mystery.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

…what was that I could feel?… Kieran

What was that I could feel on the top of my back, the slithery finger, no not fingers: it feels like some kind of tentacle on my back. I didn't even think about moving not even a muscle in case it attacks. I feel something like: suckers; or a hover or maybe even a fan. Now it’s over me I quickly hide under my covers so as not to get eaten. I'm petrified now! Suddenly my dad , shouts “get out of here the police are here." Suddenly the monster jumped out of my window. What a very very weird day.

,,, what was that I could feel? … by Caitlin

“Mum do I have to stop?” I had to stop in my Uncle Terry’s house which was empty as he died a while ago. Rumour has it that the place is haunted and my uncle Terry is still there but in ghost form. It was infested with rats and has a thick layer of dust on the furniture. I went to go and brush my teeth but the pipes were clogged up with spiders. Creak went the floorboards the room was getting smaller and smaller, I buried myself under the bed covers and turned out the light what was that I could feel? …

…what was that I could feel... by Aron

Heavy, filthy air filled the gloomy house as the floorboards creaked faintly, and the windows shattered every time I took a step forward. As my heart pounded I asked, "What was that I could feel?"
"Probably nothing." said Kieran. 
"Let's go further, we need to find that key!" I whispered. Then as we were walking up the shadowy stairs, there was slight creak on each step. The closer to the top we got the more scared I got. I could feel my heart pounding. It rose up to my throat and back down. When we got to the top I saw...

What was that I could feel? by Chloe

1st January 1923

The green, slimy monster returns at the New Year, it always did that. Everybody would lock up and hide under their warm bed covers, well at least I did. Wait, I didn’t introduce myself properly. Hi, I’m Amelia-Grace , the head girl of Cannery Academy and this is part of my miserable life…This year I decided to stay up and catch this monster! I know the monster isn’t real, how can it be. I do not believe in it, but I stayed up anyway. I felt something on my shoulder, but what was that I could feel?

…what was that I could feel?…by Rio

It was the annual cubs camping event and this year we were going to a spooky forest called Dear Death. When we got there we set the tents up and the fire. Later we went exploring to find something the older scouts had hidden for us to find. It was getting dark and foggier by the minute which made everyone petrified and jumpy. Something strange was happening in front of me but I couldn't see it because of the fog. I was putting my hands in front of me to see what was there. What was that I could feel?

…what was that I could feel?… by Harvey

I was having a go on the guess what’s in the box stall at the village fair, if I guessed right I won a bar of chocolate. I felt my nerves as I pulled my sleeve and pushed my hand and arm in the box. What was that I could feel? It was cold and slimy, it made me shudder it had lots of lumps in it. “YUK!” I said I didn't like the feel of it on my hands Then I thought about what it could be, “BEANS ITS BAKED BEANS!” I shouted “The chocolate’s yours said the lady.”

…what was that I could feel?… by Charlie,

We went to Harrogate for Christmas, once we got there we saw our cousins which were called Sam and Drew. At night time, we hung up our stockings around the fire and we left Santa a mince pie and just a carrot for the Reindeers including RUDOLPH!!! Before we went to bed we opened the front door to see if we could see Santa but as I opened the door what was that I could feel on my head? It was cold and wet and IT WAS SNOWING!!! HOORAY, we all shouted and cheered and then we went to have a snowball fight in our pyjamas.

...What was that I could feel? by Grace LB

Mary was just accepted into a gang. The Blazes. Now she was in the group, every meeting they would play truth or dare. They went round in a circle, and the others had to decide if it was going to be truth or dare. To Mary the meeting seemed to last hours and when it was finally her turn she trembled like a volcano about to explode. “Your dare is... put your hand into the bin!” they shouted. Mary wanted the ground to swallow her. She walked over to the bin and put her hand in it. She shrieked and pulled it back out. “What was that I could feel?” she screamed. She looked at her hand.  “Eeewww!” she shouted.    

…what was that I could feel?…, by Sophia

Usually I read a book in bed so I reached out to my bedside table to find myself wondering what was that I could feel? I saw an eye catching, thick and colourful book, it was covered with glitter and I could not wait to read it. As I began to read I got transported into another land as the lifelike description kept me hooked to read on. As I turned the page I could not wait to find out what happened next! I did not want to go to sleep. As I reached the final page of the outstanding book I realised it was morning!

…what was that I could feel?… by Jemima

It was 2 days until my birthday. My friends, Kieran and Aron said that they were going to get me something special this year. They kept saying to me, “You will love what we've gotten you for your birthday!" I spent the days thinking about what it might be. I thought and thought but I couldn't guess. When the day arrived I was blindfolded so they both led me somewhere, they told me to put my hand on something In front of me. What was that I could feel? When they removed the blindfold I saw a jet for me.

…what was that I could feel?…, Eleanor

As I was walking through the gloomy forest at the end of the day with my best friend we came across an abandoned house. We entered the house into a dark room that smelt old and dusty. The floorboards creaked under our feet as we entered the room. "What was that I could feel?" I said to my friend as a shiver went down my spine. I looked back at my friend but realised that she wasn't there. I called out her name and the room echoed with the sound of my voice. I searched the house for her but she was never seen again!

…what was that I could feel?… by Morgan

It was a cold, dark and windy night I could not get to sleep I kept asking myself what was that I could feel? It felt slimy but cold then I turned round and there it was a big slimy green monster tapping me on the shoulder so I ran and ran downstairs and locked all the doors but it came again! "What should I do?" I asked myself so I went upstairs climbed back into bed then suddenly I woke up and it was all just a dream. So I went downstairs and made myself some breakfast. That was creepy!

…what was that I could feel?…, by Mia

One sunny day I woke up and. I remembered that today I had to do a test. The test was about feel because a few weeks ago I went to a feeling contest and luckily I got in into the final, which I was very surprised about. On the way I was very nervous and scared if I got any wrong on the sheets. When we got there I sat down and waited for my worksheets. After half an hour I was on I question I thought to myself what was that I could feel?. And then I knew what the answer was.

What was that I could feel? by Mollie

What was that I could feel? It felt weird and it was like I was drawn here. A little brown pesky rat tapped me on my cold numb shoulder and made me stumble across an ancient powdery white skull and tanned orange funny bones. I could hear chanting like; come closer come closer and then it stopped. All was black, the earth shook. And that my friend was the very first earthquake in Japan and I was there alone. Still dying. Still living. But how? Well that is a whole new story for a whole new day, see you soon.

…what was that I could feel?… by Lily

One day I went to school and it was PARTY DAY, we did a lot of fun stuff and when I went home I carried on PARTYING!!!!!! We had a lot of challenges but when it came to me I had to feel stuff. I stuck my hand in to a bag and felt around 
‘What was that I could feel?’ I thought. Suddenly something bit me so I went to hospital but it was only a mosquito. So we went back to the game. Then I shouted, “Is it a piece of wool!” and I rightfully won the prize.

…what was that I could feel?… by Sam B

Me and my friend were playing the feel and touch game. It is where you put your hand in a box then try and find the item shown on the card. It was my friend's turn first so I picked up a random card. My friend scuffled his hand through the box and he randomly picked up a dice. I peeked at the card and it showed a dice. It was my turn, my friend showed me a red ball and I put my hand in the box. What was that I could feel, was it the ball?It was!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

The light was so bright by Clarissa

My mum and dad booked a very, very exciting holiday at Jubilee Camp. First I put up the tent with my family then we went swimming. After that we went to have some tea. After tea it was getting dark so we went to the tent to go to sleep. In the morning the light was SO bright and hot it nearly blinded me. My family woke up and said, "Ouch that sun is really bright and hot." We went for breakfast and joined the entertainment it started raining so we went outside to cool down we looked up to find a beautiful rainbow in the distance.

The light was so bright by Caitlin

In the Tower of London there is a man who is trying to steal the crown jewels. As he enters the room he turns the small gold switch off so that no one can see him as he slowly creeps into the room. Then suddenly he walks through a booby trap and sets off the siren, it is so loud it could deafen you. Then all the doors shut tight. Outside the beefeaters heard the siren they rushed in and opened the door. Suddenly he shines his torch, the light was SO bright it was blinding. The man’s last words were, “You're coming with me sonny.”

The light was so bright by Rio

I arrived home from school and went into the living room. I was blinded because the light was so bright for some odd reason. I thought it was an alien invasion! Once my eyes had adjusted I could see what it actually was. My dad was getting old and he had to put the brightness on 100 percent. I shouted “TURN THE BRIGHTNESS DOWN I CANT SEE!” I felt around as I couldn’t see or feel the sofa and I fell over and hurt myself. Dad immediately turned the brightness down to 50 percent and I could see where I was thankfully. Dad hugged me.

The light was so bright By Harvey

As I settled down with my family to watch Saturday night television all of a sudden the electric went off. I felt my way to the dining room to get the torch, I turned it on and nothing “The batteries have run out,” I called. As I made my way back to the living room I crossed the hallway when a white light flashed, the light was so bright it nearly blinded me, it seemed like the whole house was falling down by the rumbling of thunder. “Found batteries,” said mum we all sat telling stories by torchlight until the storm passed.

The light was so bright by Charlie

It was a dark windy night and the rain was really heavy and was bouncing off the car window. I was in the car with my Dad and we were traveling along a very straight road with no other cars to be seen. It felt as though the road was going on and on forever, the further we drove, the rain came down and the wind blew across the front of the car. In the distance I could see a faint light, the closer we got the brighter the light when all of a sudden the light was so bright but it was only another car!!!!!!

The light was so bright by Grace LB

Jane woke up from a horrible nightmare, she dreamt that she travelled back in time it the Jurassic period and her dog jack got chased by a T-Rex. It was midnight and Jane woke up and she felt like she was still asleep because it was so dark. She rolled over and fell out of bed. She wedged herself to the wall which was bumpy and cold. Jane edged herself along the wall being careful not to knock into a bookcase or her desk. Finally she came to the edge of her room and turned the light on. The light was so bright that she was blinded but then...    

The light was so bright by Sophia.

A pretty girl called Katie was walking her beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel whose name was James. Katie took James across her street to the harbour when a police car burst out of nowhere and it frightened both Katie and James. James did not like the alarm and Katie was so stunned she did not notice the constant barking by James, who was so scared and quivered as the light was so bright from the flashing sirens and so hurriedly ran away from Katie straight in front of the police car. Fortunately Katie quickly grabbed James into her safe arms.

The light was so bright by Jemima

One morning I woke up, ate my breakfast, got dressed and did my teeth. Then, when I had finished I went downstairs and watched some tv. After that I called my friend and we talked about what we were going to do after school had finished. Then, all of a sudden my friend said, "Whoa!" in a surprised voice. I asked her what was the matter and she told me that the light was SO bright through her bedroom window. I decided to take a look out of my window and all that I saw was lots of snow and roads covered in slippery ice.............

The light was so bright by Madison

The light was SO bright at the fire works show in Portaventura theme park. And it was so loud once it had finished we had to leave the park because it shuts at 12.00. so we went back to are hotel and went up to are room and I went on my tablet for a few minutes then I turned it off and went to bed. In the morning we went to break fast then went back to the theme park we went to the far west and we went on my favorite ride STAMPIDA it is really good but fast and it has a big drop. That was my holiday.

The light was so bright by Eleanor

There was a young girl called Belle she loved to play with her pet dog Bubbles. One bright summer day Belle set of on a journey to find her lost mum that had been lost for 2 months. As she was walking slowly through the dark gloomy woods she saw a flash the light was SO bright that it startled her. She decided to follow the light because she thought it might lead her to her mum. She didn't realise that it was so far away from her so she took a nap. When she woke up she was in a dark tall tomb…

The light was so bright by Mollie

The room was all dark, except from the blinking light in the corner of the room that lit up the egg with a dim glow. That light was SO bright that within a millisecond of being here in this room the strange creature rose from the delicate looking shell and the grey world was sucked up and colour and people and animals and creatures were formed. Magical moments and gazing in awe is something we humans would have done if we could recall this astounding sight. I bet you would like to know what was in that credible ordinary looking egg well its one simple word ... Life

The light was so bright by Sam B

The government were thinking of a new thing to announce.
"How about we make a rule that people need to pay for jobs?" someone suggested.
"No, that'll reduce their point," replied another.
"What about we announce that people have to pay for poor people?" someone said.
"Good idea!" another replied.

It was the day that were going to announce their point. The governor went on stage and stood at the microphone. A light shined on him. The light was so bright, you could see the glow in the governor’s eyes.
"Well people, we know that people are very poor!" the governor explained. "So we need to help!"

The light was so bright by Jessica

The light was so bright I was blinded I couldn't see a thing in my car I just managed to move out the way of a car when I got home it was still hard to see but when I opened my front door and I saw an outline of a tall person, but again it was still too bright because the sun was in the way. The next thing I knew I was in a cave with an iron jail door, “Help me who are you?” I shouted but the person laughed and walked away. I felt lost and I didn't know what to do.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

As he started they... by Caitlin

“Cheer up,” said Harry’s dad as he passed his bedroom. Harry was fed up as he had been training for weeks for the fun run, but sadly he had broken his leg so now all his effort was worth nothing. Harry was so desperate to run in that race. Then his dad heard him talking so he decided to secretly ask if people who have crutches could still do the race. The next morning his dad said he could still take part. As he started they all cheered for him. He couldn't stop smiling as he was given a cup for the best effort.

Sports Day! by Aron

It was Sports Day at the Richmond School. As everyone was getting ready; the players stood in their lines. The crowds were huge! Some brought tables and chairs and some used school equipment. The crowd was chanting their child's house name. "Irving, Chapman, Holland and Martin!" As everyone was sitting in their seat, the game started! There was a man that was timing, so as he started they sped off in the speed of light! The race was close. The first one was winning, then the second and the next. Finally it was the last sprint and... Hurray, it was a tie!

As he started they... by Rio

One cold day in January they were walking through a enormous field that was all iced over. It had been a freezing cold night and all the puddles turned into ice, like magic. The two men and their dog were out walking. One of the men threw the ball on the ice by accident and then the dog chased the ball on to the ice and the dog started yelping for help. As he started they had to quickly but slowly crawl on the ice to rescue the dog. They all managed to get off safely with no harm done to them at all.

As he started they... by Addison

On Monday the worst day of the week I rushed out of bed got dressed, ate my breakfast and brushed my teeth. Then I set off to mind-numbing old school but as I did I saw a thief trying to rob the bank. Suddenly blue hulk and purple hulk, the best hulks appeared, so as he started they grabbed an arm each, yanked them out of their sockets and crushed the revolting thief’s skull. After I had seen that I hurried off to school and told everyone about what I had witnessed but no one in the school believed me.

As he started they by Harvey

Saturday was big race day, everyone came in fancy dress. Some had come early to be near the front. The crowds started filling up. Everyone was looking at the starter for him to shout GO! As he started they went and everyone began sprinting. Some fell over, someone tripped over their laces but people just carried on running, after an hour Forrest Gump was in the lead, Mo was second and I was third. “Run, Forrest run!” people were shouting as we battled for the finish line I used every muscle I had and overtook them I had won, I had actually won.

As he started they... by Charlie

This Christmas we stayed with family in a big cottage near Harrogate and on Christmas morning I awoke to find a lovely pile of presents just for me. I could see a huge box which made me really excited, as I tore off the paper I saw a picture of a fast Nitro powered remote control truck. Later that day we got the truck going and I nicknamed it "BOB!", as he started they all looked in amazement on how fast Bob tore across the grass field where I had so much fun controlling it. Later as it got dark it began to snow.

As he started they... by Grace LB

A while ago I went to the Peak District and it was amazing, they had the highest mountains I had ever seen in my life. We had a holiday house in a small village and my bedroom was a single bed for me and my brother had a single bed on the other side of the room. My dad made toast and as he started they (the cows) started mooing, they also did that all night. In the holiday house there was a  games room round the back of the house and it had a darts board and loads of board games. There was also a TV.  

The incredible race by Kieran

The 2012 Olympic Games, 100 metre final was about to get under way, in lane 1 Linford Christie was taking his position, next to him in lane 2 was Usain Bolt and in the 3rd lane Carl Lewis. When the whistle was blown the racers set off, but Usain was the fastest starter and was soon charging towards the finish line! He was running at over 20 mph, as he started they (the crowd) started cheering. And in less than 10 seconds he had crossed the finish line and won! What an incredible race it will go down deep in history.

As he started they... by Jemima

Sports day was coming up and Adam was determined to win the 80 metres race. There was just one very big problem, he was a really slow runner. He really wanted to win, so everyday after school he went to the sports ground and practised.

Finally the day arrived. The 80 metres race was starting and everyone had their eyes on Adam. As he started they began to laugh. At first he was coming last. He was so angry he worked up his speed and ran as fast as the speed of sound right to the finish line and he actually won the race!

As he started they... by Sam B

It was the 4x100 metre relay 2012 in the Olympics. All the teams were ready to start. Usain Bolt settled in his position. The gun was about to be fired. As he started they crouched down ready to win. The gun fired and the team leapt off the starting line. They dashed as quickly as they could to the next person. Usain was first to reach his teammate. Eventually, all the teams got to the final person. Jamaica was slightly in front of the others. Germany tried to pull in front but lost his grip. Jamaica easily won the race.