Saturday, 29 October 2016

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable - by Sophie

The bright yellow sun was shining in the little boys eyes as he played with his friend, they were both having lots of fun however the little boy (named Oliver) didn't feel very well but he didn't tell Ollie (his friend) because he didn't want him to worry. Ollie noticed that there was a gap in the bush and he told Oliver so they decided to go down it, they gingerly went down it and they discovered man cave.

Oliver was so excited that he forgot he wasn't feeling very well but it was remarkable as they had never seen this place before.

Friday, 28 October 2016

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable - by Kirsten

I was walking very gingerly towards the cave. I was on a remarkable expedition to find a rare yellow spotted snail. It was said to be only found in this exact cave. I was a snail expert- well, in the making- so I decided I would try and find it. I thought this would be easy as the cave looks tiny from the outside, however, when you get inside it is very different! It's huge! Not many people have discovered the yellow spotted snail, definitely at my age. Lets hope I find one, hello famous Louisa! Give me good luck!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Spider picture by Rhianna

Arachnophobia by Jill Louise. 
They say that if you stare at it long enough, it will cure your phobia. They also say that the person who made it was absolutely terrified of spiders, but after making it, it became her favourite animal. They should stop lying. I am Jill Louise, and I have always loved spiders. I made the metal structure to care for them, now the government are selling it to India for thousands of pounds. To make more money, they are spreading crazy rumours.
When it's shipped to India, locals will find out that it's fraudulent. Oh boy.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Spider Photo by Sophie

It is an enormous black metal spider, which has probably from a very creative designer or it might come from a student's in a university with a designer. It looks as if it is going to place where it can be seen for example: an airport, shopping centre, city or in a gallery. It might have been made for a movie or a film, maybe it might be to advertise an art gallery, natural history. It could even be a climbing frame or something like that. I think it would have been a group of people making it.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Spider by Jack S

It was a day like any other. I was walking down town minding my own business and I looked up. Surprisingly, there was a massive metal spider right above my head! It didn't appear to be moving, but inch by inch, it was making its way down town. I for one am terrified of spiders so MY natural reaction was to shake, shiver and run away... But I didn't. I just stood there paralyzed with fear. I didn't notice the film set behind me and I certainly didn't notice the film director when he yelled cut. It felt like I had jumped a mile! But I was relieved that it was only a harmless movie prop.

Spider by Frankie

This is a great close up of a spider, it's waiting for its next victim. It looks like it isn't going anywhere because spiders just sit in their webs made of silk waiting for a fly to come along. It's probably come from the outside as we are in spider season and they like to come indoors before the bad weather starts and to also look for a mate! This spider looks like a house spider that is resting in his web just waiting for his next meal to come along. It looks creepy!

'Spiderweb' by Isabelle

Nobody knew why it was there, I certainly didn't anyway. It was quite annoying as well because sometimes it blocks your sun light and then you have to walk miles to get it back again. The spider like thing wasn't a threatening thing it just hung there in silence with the littlest of movement. It was made of metal and I know because the newscaster even said, but I think that no one knows where it came from. People are now calling it 'spiderweb' which doesn't really make sense to me. It heads north of the city and never turns...

Saturday, 15 October 2016

...the material felt like... by Cloud

As me and my friends got closer to the doll in the middle woods I felt my heart pounding louder and louder. Neither of us knew where it came from or who it belongs to but what we did know was that it was very creepy. Out of all my friends, I was the first one to actually pick up the doll and get a good look at it. I felt the doll's beautiful silk dress the material felt like the kind of dress the queen would wear, it was so soft and looked expensive. Finally, one of my friends spoke, "I think we should try and find out who this doll belongs to." 

...the material felt like... by Frankie

As I was cutting wood in my dad's workshop, I felt the wood and it was smooth and soft like pine wood, so I continued cutting the wood until the end of the day. My dad and I were still cutting wood the following day until the inspector came in and examined our work. He didn't like what he saw so he gave us more wood to chop but this wood was a different texture, it was called oak wood and the material felt like it was harder and rougher. This time when the inspector called he was very impressed with our work!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

..then the lock clicked and.. by Rhianna

I have never trusted my brother. He is one of those people who adults think are perfect when they are not. Those are my second worst type of people, after murderers. They send a shiver down my spine every time I think of them. He promised that he would help me face my arachnophobia by standing outside my door, when I'm in there with 50 spiders. I went in the room, and I closed my eyes. He stood with me for a minute, then the lock clicked and I heard footsteps. I was trapped with the spiders. I screamed. 


…then the lock clicked and…by Frankie

James was in the bathroom, locked in! He was scared because he couldn't get out then the lock clicked and the door swooshed open and there, standing tall and skinny was Aunt Spiker. James was petrified as Aunt Spiker grabbed him and shouted, "You disgusting creature with your beady eyes and twig like body!" James ran out of the bathroom to go and chop more wood so that his mean old Aunt would not be cross with him. Then after he finished chopping wood he tried to rest but Aunt Spiker pulled him up and said, "Get back to work!".

Saturday, 1 October 2016

…pink, giraffe, drilling, teacher, quietly… by Rhianna

When I dyed my hair pink, my friends became enemies, my enemies became my friends. My teacher was dragging my knowledge out of my brain, just because of a hair dye.
I quietly slipped in to my class place, after the summer holidays. I was really hoping that no-one would notice my hair, but they did. The words they said kept drilling into my brain, harder and harder.
"You look like a giraffe!"
"Way to go, Mellie smellie."
And that was just from the receptions. It got worse throughout the school, and I can't cope with it any more.

…pink, giraffe, drilling, teacher, quietly… by Frankie

I was on a school trip with my teacher and fellow pupils in New York, we were visiting the zoo. There were lots of animals like a giraffe, a monkey and crocodiles but in one of the cages there was a very peculiar animal. It was scaly, pink and its teeth were like razor blades. One of the workers said it was a new animal "A very weird one as well," I said. The animal looked at me and then I heard a drilling sound, a man was fixing a cage and the animal squeaked at him very quietly like a mouse.

…pink, giraffe, drilling, teacher, quietly… by Cloud

The little girl named Sally climbed onto her pink giraffe. They rushed through the beautiful green forest. That is where the dream stopped and all Sally could hear was the faint sound of drilling. That is when she felt someone shake her, she opened her eyes there in front of her was her teacher and she didn't look very happy. "How dare you fall asleep in my class!"shouted the teacher.
"I'm sorry Miss but I didn't get much sleep last night," Sally whispered quietly.

Through rest of the day all Sally could think of was her dream.