Sunday, 26 March 2017

..but how can something so tiny … by Cloud

“..but how can something so tiny …” I mumbled to myself,  “cause so much damage?”  
Our entire living room had been destroyed by ants. It had all started a few days ago just before me and my family went on holiday and I was spending some time with friends in the garden. We had come across an ants’ nest when Alex had the great idea to kick it and infuriate the ants inside. That was when the ant war began both sides caused irreparable damage and I’m pretty sure they called their ant friends to destroy Alex’s house as well.

...but how can something so tiny... by Isabelle

“You’re going to be late for school!” shouted mum stomping her feet up the stairs. I have always been a lazy person, although I probably would get up in a morning if I don’t stay up till midnight! Well I finally got up but when I did my annoying little brother was there. “Do you want to hear my singing?” he asked. Obviously I said no because it was dreadfully boring! It made me go deaf but my mum loved it! I always wondered ‘but how can something so tiny make that much noise’ I hate my little brother! *sigh*

Monday, 20 March 2017

...But how could something so tiny..., by Ava

I found a mouse that was so bling,
He made my eyes sting,

But how can something so tiny,
Be ever so shiny?

I stared at him for quite a while,
He looked at me and he gave me a smile.

But how could something so tiny,
Be ever so shiny?

He said, “Hey.”
I never thought a mouse could talk,
Oh well I said as he carried on his walk.

But how could something so tiny,
Be ever so shiny?

As small as he was,
I walked away cause he is ever so shiny…

But how could something so tiny,
Be ever so shiny?

...But how could something so tiny... by Kirsten

I stabbed my silver fork into it, my mind whirling round with different ways this could end. I could think it tastes really delicious, think it tastes horrible, it could poison me? I tried not to think about what could happen. My hand wobbled as I put the miniscule, gnat size canapé into my mouth. I nearly fainted. It tasted... delicious. I was amazed. But how could something so tiny taste so good? I was speechless. I just wished they were bigger. The cream cheese and salmon and dill taste so nice on a little rice bread cracker. How amazing!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

…so that is why I am always last…by Sophie

What am I last at? Let me think, well for starters I am quite bad at cross country. I am really good at running short distances but when it comes to long distances I am quite good at the start but by the end my legs give up and I can barely breathe and so that is why I am always last. I have been trying jog at the start of a long distance race because I usually spring at the start and I don't breathe properly so I've been working on that when doing the mile run.

…so that is why I am always last…by Kirsten

I ran down the track. My back ached, my chest was tight and my legs hurt and were tired. I was last. I sprinted that little bit fast, but I was still last. Again! I kept trying and trying; but each time I tried again I seemed to get slower. Not a lot slower, only just that it is noticeable. 
One of the times I was racing, my teacher timed me. It took me 10 minutes to do 200 metres. It then came to me. I am really, really slow. So that is why I'm always last when we race! 

Saturday, 11 March 2017

The tree by Kirsten

The ground shook, the sky wavered. What was happening? I staggered around, trying to find something stable enough to hold onto. I went to grab hold of a tree when it was brought to my attention that the tree wasn't shaking, it was moving. The tree was sporadically moving upwards; every minute or so. Then suddenly colossal, grey, rock like things emerged from the ground. They kept rising and rising. A minute or so later they had stopped rising and the ground had finally stopped shaking. I looked closely at the thing. It was a hand holding up the tree!

Saturday, 4 March 2017

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Rhianna

Gingerly, I touched my wound on my nose. Yellow pus spewed out at a remarkable speed, however, there was more to be discovered than a load of mucus. I’d found the bullet inside me. I’d found proof that Dolores Umbridge was a psychopath serial killer. I had to rest my case with the jury. I had the DNA checked, and it came up with…Voldemort?! Well he did use a magic gun, something Umbridge couldn’t do. I know that he would want to blame it on someone else, and to get revenge on people that actually have normal noses, unlike him

Hallucinating Horror by Kiefer

Night, the time of peace, the time to rest and the time to sleep, and that’s what I’m going to do. I climbed into bed to sleep, but I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t, it was like something was forever haunting me. I felt like I was falling into the abyss. I never stopped falling, but then I saw something in the distance, in the dark, however remarkable or yellow this was it was creepy, speaking like it discovered my greatest fear, it crept up behind me with blood dripping eyes, as it rested it’s arm gingerly on my shoulder. 

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Tia M

I went to go and tidy my room and I saw my brother painting his toys yellow and today we were making ginger biscuits, I love ginger biscuits, however I discovered that we didn’t have any ginger. I went to the shop to get some ginger and when I got back my mum set up all of the baking things and we started we started mixing the biscuits they smelt really gingerly and put them in the oven, they looked remarkable I really wanted to try one. When they came out of the oven they looked like the best biscuits.

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Zia

One day I was in my garden and I discovered a remarkable yellow bird. The bird sat down very gingerly, However when it sat down it started chirping really loud. I walked close to the bird and checked that it was ok. When I looked on the bird’s wing he had a big massive nettle sting and it looked very painful. I went in the house and shouted “Mum come quickly!”
When she came into the garden she saw the bird and then went back inside. I shouted her again. When she walked back out the bird had flown away.

However Yellow Gingerly Discovered Remarkable by Molly

As I gingerly draw back my curtains I see a bright, yellow sun. However there was a few clouds but that didn’t matter. As I looked on my calendar I discovered that today I am going to Tia’s. I feel remarkable and very excited. As I put on my cosy slippers and rush downstairs I see my pancakes and my cup of tea on the breakfast bar. They smelt gorgeous and very yummy. As I sipped my tea making sure that I didn’t burn myself. I run back upstairs to get change and hear a knock at the door it was Tia off I went.