Saturday, 14 December 2013

Tarne 100WC#15

I was trapped I looked around and there was paint brushes and paint with a clean, white canvas just sat there in a lonely room waiting to be used. Aside of the door there was a lever and I wondered what it did but the only way to find out is to pull it. So as scared as ever I pulled the lever and some of the bricks came back which led to a door. I was confused should I go through I thought to myself. I had to take the risk so I walked through the door and gasped.

Rocco 100WC#15

One day I decided to go to the park. Then I decided to climb the biggest tree there but I felt quite a strange feeling. But I decided to climb it any way. When I got to the top of the tree I fell in agony and pain from a bullet to the head. Weirdly when I hit the ground I went through it. Also when I went through the ground I could see a mirror that looked like crystal. It was very weird because I started being chased by a monster. Then I decided to kick the monster to death.

Anh 100WC#15

Midnight. Silence roamed the village of Micklesberry. The people lay in their beds, frozen with terror as a ghostly wailing echoed throughout the deserted streets. The art gallery was always full of secret passage ways and mysterious happenings but that night something different was stirring. One of the museum's most prized possessions was casting a light. This painting was infamous but nevertheless at the gallery. Jack and Lucy were the town's troublemakers and they decided to spend a night at the museum to wreck to havoc. But the picture started smiling and crept to the door where the children were...

The crystal mirror by Millie O 100WC#15

Once there lived a mother and daughter who always fell out and one night they were snug in their beds and……they heard a roaring sound and quickly ran to the window to see what it was but couldn’t see anything so they went in the dark and when they got closer trapped!!!!!!!”This is your entire fault” Emily/daughter shouted.

“Well I’m sorry” snarled mum “it’s not my fault”. So they agreed that it wasn’t their fault and found a way out and when they got home the realised that if they work together they can do anything together.

Romola 100WC#15

In the aboriginal part of Australia night fall fell and it was time for old stories. First my cousin Akala told her story.

Once upon a time in the village of Capashee a snake called Kip was slithering around and doing snake things, when it stumbled across a mirror. Kip didn't know it was him. The snake charged at the mirror and broke it. That was when he found out that is wasn't any old mirror it was THEE Crystal Mirror and it had a portal to another dimension. The portal led to Snakesville and he lived happily ever after.

Friday, 13 December 2013

The Mirror by Amy 100WC#15

This story is going to be about the future Mirror.

One day I was awoken by a strange sound, ”say mirror, mirror," said the strange sound.

I crept out of bed to see what the strange sound was as I opened the door there stood a shiny mirror staring at me. ”Hello I’m the future mirror , Would you like to see you being born?”

“Okay,” I said uncertainly. The mirror showed when I was born it was really memorable. I thought the mirror was quite magical because he can do loads of stuff. ”Good bye,” he said nicely.

Lewis 100WC#15

Once there was a man called Tim.  He was a good man until he got put in jail for robbing a bank. 
He was put in a dungeon for a long time! Soon after another man called Tom got put in this dungeon.  They were soon good friends, it was a sad life for them until one day they were given a crystal mirror and lots of art materials.

They discovered that when they painted on the crystal mirror they were teleported to the place they had painted but for only two hours.  The men enjoyed exploring different places everyday. 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Joshua 100WC#15

Tom and James slowly approached the easel. They both looked very shocked when they found it in the cellar about 15 minutes ago. They were thinking about what to do, should they tell their mum or should they keep it a secret? Then at that point they just realised there were paints at the bottom of the easel. Suddenly the easel started to rattle. Then it started sucking up the paints and the light and the wooden planks on the floor and then it sucked up them they managed to hold on. Then they got sucked in, in a second.

Leah 100WC#15

Amelia was locked in a cellar with just bread and water to last her each day. One day when she awoke after an eight hour sleep she saw an easel with paint brushes and different textures of paint with one million sheets of blank paper.
Five minutes after that she had played around and discovered that it could make drawings come to life. 
She drew two chocolate brown ponies galloping away and suddenly out of the cellar window she saw two ponies galloping away into the sunset. 
Every day she created stunning scenery and turned her beautiful dreams into reality.

Talia 100WC#15

Once there was a beautiful girl called Millie and lived with her husband Dave in a mysterious house. In the past there had been some weird things happening so the couple went to explore. It was a massive house so it took ages to find the secret dungeon. That has a crystal mirror that was where people said people go missing. Then Dave said to her Millie don’t go in the mirror ever. So they both went out and got ready for bed. When Dave drifted off Millie went to the mirror and suddenly stepped back and ran in it…

Tilly 100WC#15

They walked into the room. The easel stood there, with a blank, sparkling canvas sitting on it, just waiting to be painted on. The girl crept forwards, picked up a paintbrush, and started to open a pot. "No!" he cried, as he pushed the pot out of the girl’s hands. "Stop! How do we know that this is not all a trick?" The girl just stared at him. "Why do expect me to believe that?" she snapped. "We enter a room that we have never seen before, and it is just a trick is it?" Suddenly she started to paint.

The art room by Finlay 100WC#15

One sad and colourless day, there lived two children, one called Tom and the other called Max. Together they both wanted to bring back the colourful world. That day as Tom woke up he thought of an idea. In his house there was a small basement. Since Tom had been growing up he had always been wondering what was behind it so he suddenly called Max. He came round and they strolled into the basement. In the basement was a tiny art room! Immediately after that Max pressed a button that made everything come to life.

Paris 100WC#15

Then there were… lots of flying pencils everywhere hitting everyone on their heads they all needed to duck down there were more than 20 pencils flying everywhere. In a flash all the experiments all fizzed up and exploded out just like a firework. Then it was really slippery and all the work people started falling and slipping on all the pencils, then there was even more then 40 pencils well it looked like it a lot more than that but I was just looking around but it looked like it. They doors were open so all the pencils flew out.

Lettia 100WC#15

As we were left in the dungeon we discovered that there were some paints and a canvas. Then suddenly the goblin shouted, “Paint me a picture, NOW!!!” So off we went trying to paint the best picture ever. We both decided to paint a self-portrait of the goblin. Swish, swish, swish, swish that was the sound of the paintbrush on the canvas. Wow!! The piece of art was brilliant. “Not bad for one day of work.”
“Have you finished then?” the goblin asked. “May I have a look?”
“It is beautiful. You can go now then.”

Ruby 100WC#15

Once there lived two sisters who absolutely hated each other Emma wanted revenge at her other sister Kristy so one day Emma made up a plan to kill her but I don’t think that went how she planned it because it went awfully wrong. But Emma didn't know that until Monday but today is Saturday. She went to an old lady and asked her how to get revenge on her sister the old women gave Emma a mirror she asked the old lady how would the mirror help me get revenge on Kristy and the old lady said you will.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

...and then the noise Romola

My mum and I were having a girly day out when we went in an expensive shop. Just before we stepped in the shop a screeching alarm blared out all around the shop. The alarm was extremely loud but the alarm didn't stop us from shopping. It had been about five to six minutes and the alarm was still going off. In that time we had managed to to buy everything we needed. When we got to the till my mum asked why they didn't do anything about the alarm. They didn't hear it. At that moment the noise stopped.

...and the noise stopped... by Neizan

One dark and wild night there was a noise that for a while was quite annoying, suddenly there was a big shriek that came from the near door behind the livening room and then the noise stopped, for a while I was okay but then the noise started again…

Soon I realized that I was being watched by somebody. Only about 10 seconds later a princess looking girl appeared, then I saw that the princess looking girl was wearing a pink sleeping beauty dress and she even had blond, shiny, gold and silky hair like the cartoon character sleeping beauty, the dress also had glitter.

Friday, 6 December 2013

...and the noise stopped... by Giuseppe

 …and then the noises stopped... when the noise stopped I got the key and slowly opened the door which creaked as it opened. I went downstairs slowly and quietly until I stepped on a patch of soil which was not meant to be there, “What the …” I said in a soft voice and carefully I started walking until I tripped over something. I looked back and it was a tombstone like a grave. I rubbed the dust off and it was my father, Isaac Carta (here lies Isaac Carta killed by Babs Carta) I gasped and ran to my mother and said, “DIE!”…

...and the noise stopped... by Lettia

Boom!!! The sound was horrendous, as next doors house was under flames. Crying and screaming, then suddenly, the noise stopped.

Quickly after, the sound was followed by the noise of an engine. Horrible cries of pain still rang in my ears. My mum told me to stay calm, and to stay with the people who were lucky to get out. One of our neighbours (who was in the fire) told us how horrible it was. At the end, I was in tears as the people were gone in the ambulance. I felt really bad, as they left.

...and the noise stopped... by Paris

And then the noise stopped with fireworks exploding in the air give all the kids a heart attack… And then lots of family shouting and screaming about all the noise in the cottage. The rides stopped as well will everybody on them and the rollercoaster stopped too. There was a person call John who set all the fireworks off not a lot of people like him because he is a trouble maker I don ’t think any one likes him in the whole wide world…. When he was setting of the fireworks he has a grin on his face.

Everybody ran away back home.

..and the noise stopped... by Finlay

Sam was lying in bed silently as his parent chatted along. Suddenly after that Sam woke up with a noise of a huge bang. Terrified he pulled his bed covers right over him trying not to hear the incredibly huge sound. But then it struck again and Sam was not happy at all! After all of this he sprinted right down the dark, gloomy stair case to tell his unknown parents. After all they did not listen. Because of this he strolled outside to see what was going on and then the noise stopped immediately.

...and the noise stopped... by Ruby

Then the noise stopped all of a sudden out came a clown it scared John to death he had a mini heart attack his friend Michael set the trap up to scare John because on Halloween John scared Michael to death so today was his pay back day they always do it so it is not an big issue and plus they like doing it. But I can guarantee one day they will both have a heart attack some day of the week and possibly die in my opinion but I doubt they will have a heart attack. But Michael and John never fell out.

...and the noise stopped... by Jake

One warm sunny morning I ZOOMED down stairs. I quirkily slurped my breakfast up, grabbed the shiny gold key, opened the door, jumped on to my shiny red scooter and scooted off to the haunted mansion down Freak Street. I carefully inserted the golden key into the rusty old key hole. I opened the door carefully then it screeched open and I could see the insides of the ancient house which once a quirky 17th century family used to live in. I saw a ghost. It freakishly screamed at me then erratically flew at me, I screamed running in circles and then the noise stopped!

...and the noise stopped... by Lewis

And then the noise stopped...
"Did you hear that ferocious noise?  My ears hurt so much!"

"Do you want to explore?" They decided to have a look around and went to the kitchen.  They didn't find anything that could have made such a terrible noise.  After that they decided to look in the attic to see if it was an owl or some sort of animal that could have come in through the attic window that Dad sometimes opened, they found nothing.  Then they went to look in the living room to see if it was their dog Paddy, it was, she had had puppies.

...and the noise stopped... by Leah

The wind was howling it got louder and louder then suddenly the noise stopped. The petrified children screamed as loud as they could and then they ran as fast as their little legs would carry them. Nearly a fast as a bold black panther. Then the noise suddenly started again. The door slammed shut and then there was a noise of a door locking. It went silent; you could almost hear a pin drop. What had happened? The roaring wind growled viciously. Meanwhile the terrified children screamed so loud that it would pierce your own eardrum. Who locked the door? It was a mysteriously strange…

...and the noise stopped... by Amy

One very strange day there was a terrible sound that was never heard before. This sound wasn’t just any old sound it was the strangest sound ever before. Everybody was searching for the most mysterious sound but it was nowhere to be found. The sound went on for hours and people were also searching everywhere. Could it be a tornado, people thought?
It was a quite frightening sound which wasn’t popular because no one has heard it before. All of a sudden the noise had stopped everyone started to calm down. The weird thing was no one knew what the sound was………

...and the noise stopped... by Joshua

There was a lot of banging for a couple of seconds and then the noise stopped. The 2 boys climbed the stair case very slowly until they reached the top of the stairs. It was very dark so they tried to find the light switch. When they found the light switch it did not work. They got very worried and dashed to the stair case to run down but they heard a rush of wind. They turned around to see what it was but there was nothing there. Then they heard the noise again. Now they were really scared. BANG.

...and the noise stopped... by Anh

Whoosh...trees were swept away. Houses were taken higher and higher into the abyss. Helpless people clinging onto trees with their fingernails yet nothing would stop them from being sucked up by the destroyer.
 An eerie scream would echo throughout Skegness as it would devour each and every victim. This was the scene on that dreadful day full of terror and fear yet I am still here to tell the tale. You see, this tornado was centred inside the Clock Tower and little did we know that the person that started off this tornado planned this all those years ago...

...and the noise stopped... by Talia

On a dark night I was in town with my family. All was calm and quiet until a horrible buzzing noise came from no were and then the noise stopped. I looked behind me and there was a ginourmous swarm of angry wasps! All of them was shaking then pointy spiky stings at us RUNNNNNNNNN! So we did a fast as we could but the wasps was catching up with me so then I got some knives from the chippy. I swung them at them but instead of them getting killed their arms became knives so they became what they ate! What can we do?

...and the noise stopped... by Tilly

And then the noise stopped. We all calmed down. But then it started again. The horrible howling, of what we didn't know.We were all screaming and running, as we were in the park. We didn't know what to do. Suddenly, Jack saw a shadow dart through the forest in the time it would have taken a cheetah. He stuttered, " I t-t-t-t-think I j-j-j-just saw what was making the n-n-n-noise." He rushed into the forest, and of course I had to follow him, so we both crept through, trying to dodge any sticks on the ground.He suddenly stopped dead.

... and the noise stopped... by Olivia

Oooo!!! And the noise stopped.
“What is that noise?” the girl asked.
“That is the noise of the spirits that are trapped here,” said Angelica in a stern voice.
“But what?”
“Well I thought when someone died they went to heaven or …below.”
“Well you thought wrong.”
“Please tell me about it, I’m eager to know.”
“Fine it only happens if you can’t find a light, so basically if you can, you do go to heaven...”
“Going off that subject, where next?” said the girl excitedly.
“Well next we go to the basement...”

“Why the basement? Not the basement, please.”