Saturday, 30 November 2013

Talia 100WC#13

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He took a step forward! Suddenly as fast as lightning an enormous creature came out of no were “it’s so ugly, I can hardly describe it!” Then it roared you could see strings of saliva stuck to its teeth.

“Run for your life!”

“Arrrrrrrrrrh!” One of them took a tumble and unfortunately got eaten up by the creature. It did not crunch on him it just swallowed him hole! He landed with a bump and saw people at first he thought he was imagining it at first but they was real all right. Who will save them nobody knows!

Anh 100WC#13

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The request was unheard. A blood-sucking creature staggered its way towards the friends and sent out a sticky tar connecting the brother's feet to the ground. They, froze in fear and cold yet Sam managed out a shrill, "help!" The answer they received was rain, just as the beast let out a manic laughter. Hope was leaving and soon almost all hope was gone. "Get in,” shouted a girl wearing a cape and top saying S.S, in a limousine. She shot some acid onto the substance and they ran in the vehicle just as the monster swore its revenge...

Joshua 100WC#13

Suddenly a man came behind them and grabbed them both and pressed a gun in the throat. They stayed extremely still. Then one of them turned around in a flash and grabbed the gun. Then he noticed something that was so astonishing. It was his brother. The last time he saw him was when he was only 15 years old when his dad died and then they both lived alone. They were both very shocked to see each other. He chucked the gun of the top of the building. Everything went silent. Then his brother ran of and left forever.

Tilly 100WC#13

Girl: Not just him. Her!
Boy: I said a minute ago, we have to get out of here!
Girl: Come on, quickly! They’re casting a spell! The door is shrinking!
Boy: I thought they stopped doing magic?
Girl: No, they still do it to stop us, because we are their arch nemeses. Do you remember why because I forgot!
Boy: Because they want to be the only brother and sister in the world because we are the only ones left, us and them.
Girl: Oh yeah, but the door has disappeared!
Suddenly a wizard appears.

Wizard: Well this is awkward!

Amy 100WC#13

Suddenly a ginormous man with pointy yellow teeth appeared as they were being watched they assumed that he was the one that was watching him because his yellow teeth looked like descries.

They weren’t taking no for an answer. As the day began he was still stood glaring at the two people’s eyes, they began to get a little scared. "I think we should run! whispered, Sarah. The sprinted around the garden, threw bushes, around corners until the got to a fantastic hiding place. All of a sudden there was a strange voice and it was the spooky man…

Leah 100WC#13

The door opened slowly along with a strange creaking noise, the two children started to run as fast as their little legs could carry them! The man followed them with an object in his hand….
Panting Billy said “I think that we lost him [pant pant]”
“Hey kids, what is the matter? Oh, I see the problem, Mater Samuels is chasing you. Don’t worry I will help you!” BOOM! BANG! POW! “Now Mater will never bother you or anybody else again!” City superhero screamed.
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“I cannot believe that you just saved us from our own horror story, very much appreciated.”

Summer 100WC#13

As Dave and Angela turned to run away, they heard a voice shout out, “Heeeelllppp!”
They stopped and looked at each other and turned back towards the scary house.  They walked slowly back and opened the creaky front door shouting, “Hellooo!”
Dave whispered to Angela, “He must be hurt maybe the stories we’ve heard about him aren’t true.” Angela said “Well I think we should be very careful.”

 “Help,” they heard the voice again, they walked through the house to the room where they heard the noise, they opened the door and there was a blinding flash of light. Arrrrrgggghhhhh!

Ruby 100WC#13

“No it’s her my worst enemy she used to be my friend when I was little in high school but she has changed a lot we need to go otherwise we will get beaten up really bad and you will get a black eye. Do you really want to get to black eyes?”
“Well then let’s go ok then go run. Do you realise that she was the fastest girl in our class”
“Yes but you said that she has changed a lot.”
“Yes but he hasn’t changed her sport allot what about if he has.”

“She will have.”

Finlay 100WC#13

Strolling around his front garden he saw a ginormous man! The man had huge teeth as he opened his mouth and a yellow pointy nose and he wore a tiny party hat he also wore some very peculiar clothes they looked like they were clowns cloths.
It was like he was being watched he shouted to the amazing clown “what is your name and talks don’t be afraid”! But there was no answer from the clown. All it did was stand still quietly and silently. It got quite scary so I sprinted into my house. And the clown never returned.

Paris 100WC#13

Suddenly zombies came out and sour them two trying to break into the house and trying to case them two back to their own house. Then the bad boy realized it were his old friend but dint really care just ran and ran till he caught them all the neighbours woke up because it were about 12.00 midnight. Then they came out and tried to save them but they fought that they was trying to catch them. Then they heard a massive noise just like a police car with all the stress they were having in the large cottage.

Tarne 100WC#13

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Lettia 100WC#13

Quick run!! It’s him.
Who, what, why are we even running?
I have told you. It’s him. The burglar. He was in the news and everything.
The news!!
Yeah, he stole 3 million pounds from the bank.
Of course, but it’s bad, the police couldn’t catch him.
What? So he could be stealing right now!!
Yeah! Oh of course. I think we need to call the police.
Well do you have a phone?
Yeah it’s in my pocket…… Hello, police, I need to report the burglar from the news.

Well I am on my way, alright...

Lili 100WC#13

Quick run!!! Its her, what who, what the hell are you talking about its that girl she tries to kill people ok let’s just get out of here, run she’s chasing us she’s a evil human / spirit I’m grabbing my car and getting out of here no get back see you later I’m leaving you here. I’m going to run for my life and I’ve got away I hope my friend feels sorry for me I just bet he misses me loads I’m just going to see him but I really miss him.

Romola 100WC#13

“WAIT I can't run fast please wait for me!” he cried.

“I’m sorry mate but you're on your own I can’t risk my own life for you.” I shouted.

For the young man shouting was a really bad idea Madeline a girl who used to live there who died, woke up. She hadn’t woken up in years or eaten and now the two young men were going to be Madeline’s next victim. They ran as fast as they could but in most stories zombies couldn’t run but in fact Madeline wasn't a zombie she was young girl that slept heavily.

Lewis 100WC#13

RUN he is chasing us, hurry! Where do we go now he has got us cornered? "I'm coming!" said the ferocious man. Bob and Jim kept running and ran through a very dark and gloomy forest until the man almost caught them up! Quick climb up the tree and hopefully he won't see us. Bob and Jim managed to hide up the tree and the scary man didn‘t see them and ran straight past. Bob whispered, "Wow that was close." The two men climbed down quietly and crept back the way they had come until they were safely home again!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

New Challenge - Week 13

0041 Week#13
100 Word Challenge Homework

Neizan - Letter in a Bottle

Dear……………………. I know that you and all of the children in the Philippines have and still are having an extremely tough time there, most children have lost parents. If you are one of those children that have lost family and are feeling upset and absolutely heart broken, then read the rest of this letter and there will be something that will keep you moving on and try to not lose confidence ether. I hope that soon it will be back to normal. Reaching for your career goal, as this will make you exited for what is next in your life.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Talia - Letter in a bottle

Hope for the best but it will only work if you believe in yourself and other people. If you do you could make a village an actual village which you can live in a house in it and live a happy life. Not just you to make a village but to encourage other people to do is well. But it could happen if you work together help each other and share plus comfort people that have been through a bad time like lost a family member or members. Also wish that something like this wouldn’t happen again.

Anh - Letter in a bottle

Hello. I am aware of your recent happenings. I have no idea who has this. If you look carefully inside my bottle you will find some food for one, which will last for one day. I know it’s not much so I have some help. You know there are more people like you that are willing to help. Find them. Start a village. Don’t give up hope! Sooner or later you will be rewarded. In groups you can forage for food and water! There must be some people able to help! If all else fails, use the treasure map below...

Joshua - Letter in a bottle

Do not worry about anything. Even though you have got off to a rough start everything will turn out perfectly in the end, so just be strong and you will have your normal life back as you were before this terrible storm had come. In a few days you will have your own house with your mum and dad and be safe until that happens. People will look after you and will take care of you and will send you money for the rest of your life. Take care. But never give up hope until that day.

Tilly - Letter in a bottle

Dear children in the Philippines,

I am very sorry about what has happened to you. If you have some bits and pieces all over the place, you could maybe rip and cut some bits up and slot them together, so you can have just a little make-shift shelter. I hope everything gets ok in the end, and that you have some money and food. Everything will turn out fine, and if you all stick together and stay strong, you will survive and be fine. I am sorry you have lost family and relatives, and hope you will be fine.

Amy - Letter in a bottle

A letter to the Philippines.
Dear children,
I have heard about the dreadful, frightening storm you have had. I feel so sad for you and wish I could help but then there is one thing I will suggest, I suggest you keep hoping and keep going building things and helping and I’m sure people will help and give money. Adults there would be extremely grateful if you helped. I know it’s tough but never give keep trying. I’m sure soon it will get fixed soon and everyone will be happy again. Wish you all the best luck. Bye.

Leah - Letter in a bottle

I know that it is tough for you after the storms and you are struggling for supplies. I saw some have lost family and homes but I am writing to tell you there is hope.
The American military are coming to help you with water, food and survival objects. This is a sad time, but it will get better. You can rebuild together. I am sorry that you are probably living on the streets but there is hope, trust me there is hope for you. There are aeroplanes coming to get you, it is okay. Aid is coming.

Millie O - Letter in a bottle

To whoever reads my message,
Here in England I watched the news and discovered the devastation of the typhoon that came in to your country and made life change. My heart sank as I imagined the pain that you’re feeling. Not only losing your home and belongings but the tragedy of losing loved ones. I feel really sorry for those who died and suffered. I'm sending love and hope to give each and every one of you to give you the courage to keep smiling and stay strong. Help is coming your way never give up.

I'm thinking of you.

Ruby - Letter in a bottle

Hello my name is Ruby. I heard the news. I am so sorry. I would help you but I am many miles away. I am really sorry I hope you all get better soon I will support you as long as I can and if I can I will ask other people to and all my teachers. Actually, I am at a charity club now; I will bring it up for you and hope we can all support you. I will help you if I can. I am sure we all can and we all wish you lots of luck.

Finlay - Letter in a bottle

Typhoon Haiyan destroyed your country nine days ago. Most countries of the world are trying to send you lots of supplies and some help. We are also bringing over Doctors and nurses to help with the people that have been wounded. My family have donated some money to try and help you get fresh water and food. Survivors are being found each and every day so we hope you find your loved ones and friends. I know it must be hard but be positive help is on its way. Do not give up hope supplies will be with you soon.   

Tarne - Letter in a bottle

Dear friend,
I know there have been bad times for you and your family. Hopefully it will all be ok as people all over the world are sending food and water. The world is pulling together and you will get your life back I promise. Your situation will start to improve as help gets to you and your life will be better soon. I hope you can imagine a better future in your country and I also wish this for you. Happiness will spread around as your country is rebuilt and you can all be happy again.  I wish you well.

Millie C Letter in a bottle

Hello my name is Millie C and I am writing to you today to tell you that you should not give up because the Typhoon will be over soon and all you need is hope. People like me are very lucky but think they're not, I think I am very lucky because England’s not getting all these Hurricanes, Storms, Tornadoes and Typhoons. Most of England is trying to help you and stop children and babies suffering. Babies and children don't suffer here and live a happy life and we think it shouldn't happen over there. DON'T SUFFER LIVE LIFE!

Romola - Letter in a bottle

Hello I am really sorry for your terrible house loss. If I was in your position I don't know how I would cope and now I am going to give you a few tips I have learnt in some books I have read. First, all you need to think about is hope, you need to be hopeful and phenomenal things will happen, and because you were hopeful people started to bring you food and water. If you all gather up to rebuild your houses and after all the food comes and the houses are built the Philippines will be reborn.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

A Letter in a Bottle

"As you will all know I'm sure, there has been a terrible disaster in the Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan. Whole towns have been destroyed and thousands of people have died. Many children will have lost their homes and parents.
The Disasters  Emergency Committee here in the UK has set up an appeal to raise funds to help. World Vision is a charity that is working with the DEC and they have set up a project called ‘Bottles of Hope’. This is an appeal for people to fill a water bottle with coins and send them what they save.
They have been in touch with 100WC and have asked if we can help. They know that words of support can really make a difference to people who are having a really rough time so this week’s prompt is to write:
A Letter in a BottleSend some encouragement and hope to those children in the Philippines so that they have the strength and courage to carry on. As usual, it is only to be 100 words long."
Closing date Saturday 23rd November (Friday 22nd November for entries on paper)

Friday, 15 November 2013

Millie C #11 Remembering

My holiday in Spain was amazing and when I got there I got to see papa and carol. I got to see Murphy, Casey and Molly too. Molly is a new dog and is a small tiny one which is a mix between something but were not really sure yet. I went in the pool every day and on the third day everyone jumped in. The next two days me Ewan (my brother) me papa and dad were chopping trees down while mum and Carol were sat outside and chatted. Me and Ewan took turns driving the tractor.

Sarah #11 Remembering

You must always remember poppy day, it’s a time to say thank you to the people that went to war and the people that helped to save the day. People wonder, why do we have to wear a poppy? Well it is to tell other people that you care about the people in the war and you wear a poppy in pride and will never forget why they went to war.
Maybe someday you will wear a poppy like your friends or your family because now you know that wearing a poppy is a brilliant thing to do.

Rocco #11 Remembering

During the Second World War one of the most dangerous jobs was to be a rear gunner. It was the rear gunner’s job to defend his aircraft from any enemy attacking from the rear.
This was so important because the pilot had to fly the plane and look out for the enemy in front of him but had to trust his rear gunner to keep the aircraft safe from enemy attack at the rear.
My father knew a real life rear gunner on a Lancaster. He remembers stories told by him. His name was John Cox a quietly spoken gentleman.

Olivia #11 Remembering

I woke up this morning, suddenly realising it was Remembrance Day so I jumped out of bed and got dressed. Next I went through my box of things and grabbed my big red poppy. After that I searched for a safety pin but I couldn’t find one so I used a paper clip. 5 minutes later I turned on the television and put on Newsround. The women on the news talked about poppies and how the soldiers in World War One died for Britain. As I walked to school I could see people wearing Remembrance Poppies at the school gate.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Well done Joshua

Joshua's entry for week 10 made it into the 100WC showcase for that week's work - one of 25 pieces chosen out of 1230 entries!
Showcase link

Leah #11 Remembering

“Why do people wear poppies this time of year?” I heard a woman say.
So I butted in and said, “the reason that we wear poppies is so that you can remember the soldiers that fought in world war one and world war two and all of the other men and women who lost their lives fighting too. We also show our respect by having two minutes silence on the 11th day of the 11th of the month of the 11th hour.”
So that is why we wear poppies.

The soldiers fought in poppy fields when they were at war.

Lewis #11 Remembering

All those people who died in the war and got killed by all the guns, cannons and all the blood. It would have been a horrible sight with all of the blood and all the dead bodies in the battlefield; I wouldn't want to experience because of all the guns and cannons. When the war was over all the poppies grew on the battlefield. I wish World War 1 and 2 never happened, they said that World War 1 was the end of war.

If you wear a poppy the red is the blood and the black is the bullet.

Jake #11 Remembering

As I sat in the aircraft carriers seats, my heart pounded as the carrier slowly landed in the soft smooth soil I readied my rifle, pistol, knife and a helmet to protect my head. I quickly ran out of the carrier. I smelt a strong burning smell in the air. There was smoke all around me. I saw faint shadows of men running as they were shooting their guns at the enemy. I heard men shouting and screaming for their lives. I also heard gun shots flying through the black smoke filled air.
 “Grandad, wake up!” I awoke. I remembered!

Finlay #11 Remembering

Remembrance Day takes place on November the 11th. November is the time of the year when we wear a red poppy in memory of those who sacrificed their lives for us during wars. The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month marks the signing of the armistice, on the eleventh of November, to signal the end of the world war one. At eleven am on 11th November 1918 the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare. It was named Remembrance Day in the terrible, fighting World War 2!

Neizan #11 Remembering

On the 11th of November it is the celebration of poppy day when people all over the world do a poppy assembly to say that you care about all of the people that died in the wars. We wear poppies because of the solders that fought in the war.
Wearing a poppy shows people that you care about all of those that died and were wounded in the battle or wars. Poppies are also worn because people have had family in the war, or because a friend has had a person in their family and relatives in the war.

Amy #11 Remembering

Remembrance Day
We wear poppies every the 11th of November to celebrate and remember the caring men that fought to death for us. We will always remember every single one forever in our hearts. We call the 11th of November Remembrance Day.
We call it remembrance day because we have to remember all the strong caring men fighting for our country. We are all the most grateful people in the world. We are thankful for all of them and wish we could bring them back and thank them. Rest in peace soldiers and thank you for everything you did.

Millie O #11 Remembering

Swaying poppies make us remember the time the soldiers were fighting for their life time. The people who died by guns, cannons and also bombs. The red represents the blood and the black represents the bullet wound. Everyday poppy day I remember the time of my Nan and me because my Nanny Mavis who used to be in the World War 1 and 2. The kind generous people who were willing to fight in the army. The memory of the army and blood and people who fought in the places and didn't die. That’s what we remember on that day.

Joshua #11 Remembering

The thing that I remember most is when I went on holiday and I was chased by a huge swan. We think we were near its nest or it wanted food. Me and my sister had to run in as fast as we could. I had to dive inside are lodge and shut the lodge door. My mum took lots of pictures of the swan taping against the glass. It took a long time for the swan to go away. When the swan went we throughout lots of biscuits just in case the swan was still there. I was nervous.

Talia #11 Remembering

Once when I went on holiday not so long ago me and my family went on holiday to a place called Kelling Heath. One day me and my brother went on our bikes to explore. We went riding down really narrow paths, on each side there was a long line of very prickly bushes. I hoped I wouldn't fall into them but unfortunately I did and it was particularly painful. An hour later I had about one hundred dots on my left leg and fifty on my left arm. But now I think it is very funny plus painful!

Lettia #11 Remembering

I was walking down the street to find that a poppy field was close by, so I walked up to pay my respects. The next morning I found out that the service was about the soldiers that died in the war. There was a man playing the trumpet, the lovely tune went on and on. Near the end, one of our teachers pulled a rope and down came millions of poppies. I will never forget that day when I saw that poppy field. The poppies are to remember the brilliant soldiers that died in the horrible war.

Romola #11 Remembering

Going on holiday to Singapore was one of my best experiences of my life. With my family to make it a holiday to remember we all went to a theme park called universal studios. We went to see which ride we wanted to go on we went on lots of exciting rides and one of the rides I remember the most was called the mummy. The mummy sounded like a fun ride but actually it was a scary ride. I was very scared and sat next to my mum, the ride started and we whizzed round and round the track.

Ruby #11 Remembering

Going on holiday was my best experience of my life because I can remember everything. It was awesome it was always sunny and the people are so polite to you. I met two waiters called Seed and Mishmish they were always very kind. I went to Egypt it was amazing. I didn't meet a lot of English people but I met one she was called Jessica and her mischievous little sister was called Emily she was adorable and so cute I love her. They were all very kind. I love Egypt it is awesome. I loved it.

Anh #11 Remembering

I will remember.
I will remember the unlucky ones that died.
I will remember the sad wives that cried.
I will remember the fierce guns and wire.
I will remember the tanks that never tire.
I will remember the dead men and women.
I will remember they never did sin.
I will remember the killer bombs that blew houses up.
I will remember the spying cameras hidden in small red cups.
I will remember the muddy trenches filled with mice.
I will remember the brave soldiers, hair covered in lice.

I will remember the risk of rolling the fate-deciding dice…

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tarne WC#11 Remembering

They gave their lives to keep us safe, 
We are grateful for all they gave.
We miss them all and we are free so let us keep the memories.
Think about the things that they did for us, 
Something that we will always touch. 
Love is priceless and safe something you shall always take
Poppies were in the fields on that day,
Possibly may appear one day. 
The risky things they did for us, 
Should live forever let us hope it does.
We wear our poppies today with pride,
To commemorate why they died. 
So silent remembrance on the day.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

100 Word Challenge Week 11 - Remembering

Here in the UK and in other parts of the world we are commemorating those who lost their lives in war. Our remembrance day is 11th Nov and I know those of you in other parts of the world also have such events.
I also know that not all of you have an annual event like this so the prompt this week is:
You can use your 100 words to write about any subject with this topic. Please make sure you stick to the prompt. 

Send me your entry by 5pm on Saturday.

Well done Anh

Anh's entry for week 9 made it into the 100WC showcase for that week's work - one of 28 pieces chosen out of 700 entries!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Millie O 100 Word Challenge #10

Rushing down to the mossy lakes hoping I would be able to feed them, I saw something strange and peculiar it was a pair of legs but I didn't know whether it was a trick or real, I was worried. After that I phoned my mum saying " You need to come to the lake because I have seen some thing very strange!"
Later that day I thought of an idea I will go up to the lake and see whether they are real. So that is what I did and in the end it was all a TRICK !

Neizan 100 Word Challenge #10

Jane’s picture looks as if someone has fallen into  the river, has been down there for a very long  time and is now dead. The water looks extremely damp and very wet, because the person has probably  been in there for a very long time all of the water, damp  wet leaves and sticks have started to build up on to the  person over time and the dead person is trapped in the  leaves and water. Even if the person was alive it still  would not be able to get out. Jane Hewitt does her job of photographing extremely well.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Nico 100 Word Challenge #10

The slimy gooey green boots stuck out the horrible dark gloomy lake meanwhile frogs and toads jumped across the slimy lake. Dragonflies flew in the cold fresh air and flies surrounded the disgusting boots and birds drifted silently as silent as a mouse the wind drifted slowly. Birds sang wasps buzzed snails slithered and ants crawled but the boots just sat there. Trees swished side to side as the grass shined like gold. The clouds drifted of slowly like a slug the sun lit up the blue sky like a ginormous lamp hovering around with the feathery fluffy birds.

Paris 100 Word Challenge #10

There is a man in the dull puddle with green boots just like the dry grass around him. With loads of leafs surrounding him the boots and all the things surrounding him were camouflaged. Nobody saw him but I did with my mum. We wanted to help but we were in a hurry… but we think it was just a boot! It was really strange and a bit scary because it was in a really misty deep puddle. My mum rang my brother to ask him for help. We pulled a boot off and we found a long green sock.

Leah 100 Word Challenge #10

A long time ago there was a dark and gloomy street where the leaves rustled and rattled and where nobody dared go, until one day. That day was when some mysterious wellington boots stuck in a puddle. There were news crews, paramedics, police and helicopters. Nobody knew what was happening yet everybody was interested! Nobody knew if it was just a joke or real life! This was a very big deal for everyone involved. The wellington boots were so filthy, mucky muddy and horrendous that you could not even look at them, nether did anyone else.
Guess what happened next?

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lewis 100 Word Challenge #10

I was walking past a lake and I saw some legs in boots sticking up out of the water. The boots were all covered in mud.  All around the boots in the lake there were lots of bricks and sticks under the water.  The water was muddy and looked green.  There were  leaves floating on top of the water.  The boots looked like men's work boots.  There was a reflection of the legs and wellington boots in the water.  The leaves were autumn colours and the water looked very cold, it would be freezing if you went swimming in it.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Romola 100 Word Challenge #10

One sunny day my friends and I went to the weird Lake to feed the beautiful wild ducks. Suddenly my friend stopped and stared at a mysterious pair of boots. They weren't any old type of boots they had a pair of legs inside them even though the boots were upside in the weird lake. When we found out we all stared at the turquoise blue trousers and emerald green wellington boots. The water lilies floated along the lake with all the stringy weeds. We were all startled, Eliza the oldest of us all picked up the slimy boot and…

Anh 100 Word Challenge #10

When I walked down the silent lane, I saw something funny. There were some green wellington boots sticking out of a glistening pond. I stopped for another moment and stepped into the water. It wasn’t deep. I lifted up the boots and realised that….There was nothing underneath but a frog. I gasped in wonder. Just after that, the boots grew heavier and felt like something was inside them! “Hello,” smiled a little girl, “my name’s Rose”. I screamed. The girl was covered in head to toe in seaweed and Lilly pads. Later, I found out that Rose was a water-creature!

Tarne 100 Word Challenge #10

I was walking along the uneven road when I came past a filled puddle it wasn't any old puddle in fact it was an enormous lake full of mouldy leaves and grimy water. I thought I saw a person in the water so I pulled and pulled until the boots were free then I realized it was fake boots and fake legs it was a TRICK! Someone had put them there so someone will pick them up. I was disgusted by it so I ran away to go and see my mum. I told her and she was shocked.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Jake 100 Word Challenge #10

One grey morning rain slowly trickled down from the sky; it made tiny puddles on the ground. Then it started to rain heavily till the puddles started to look like ponds. 
In the next hour the puddles slowly started to turn into a river, which ran through the street. There were leaves of all different colours and sizes swimming through the water. Planks of rotting wood floated down the river. The rain came to a standstill. The water was still. The water was dead and so was the stinky, mean, wrinkly, old man, floating in the clear, icy cold water.

Amy 100 Word Challenge #10

On one extraordinary day an unfortunate thing happened.
A scientist had found a strange thing sticking up in a river. The strange thing turned out to be some legs sticking up in the river.
It turned out that a hot air balloon had gone bit crazy and someone had fallen into the river head first. Unfortunately the poor little boy had been stuck there so long that he passed away.
The next morning, everyone went up to that river and filled it up with flowers, memories and cards. Everyone was upset but they would always remember the little boy, Liam.

Anna 100 Word Challenge #10

When I was walking along the uneven path I saw this small puddle. I asked my mum if I could jump in it and I did, but it was not shallow, it was deep. I fell upside down and all my mum could see was my grey wellies and not my body. She called the police. They came as soon as they could. When they pulled me out all that they could see were leaves stuck on my body. They rushed me to the hospital and when they called they said, “Can you speak?”
I didn't answer I was dead!!!

Talia 100 Word Challenge #10

One day my mum and me went on a walk to get some lovely fresh air. We saw some deep puddles, if I stepped in to them the water would be up to my knees. We had to be careful were we trod. Suddenly we came across a puddle with blue trousers and emerald green wellies.
“Is it a real person?” I asked my mum, puzzled.
If it was I wonder who it is, my mum got her phone out and called the police because it might have been a murder. The murderer must have buried them to hide it.

Finlay 100 Word Challenge #10

My name is Tom Martin and I am a professional scientist. Earlier this morning on the TV news they explained that a strange man had landed head first in a ginormous river. Everyone was terribly shocked to see the horrendous sight of the upside down man in the picture. 
The next morning the reporters came to knock on my bright red door they explained what had happened and they also muttered that they needed my help to investigate because of course I am a professional scientist. 
The answer was that a man had fallen out of a colourful air balloon.

Lettia 100 Word Challenge #10

I was walking along the road when I saw a huge puddle, but it was not an ordinary puddle, it was a puddle with a pair of feet bobbing along on the top!! The person was wearing jeans and some large, charcoal boots. Around the surface was short grass and tons of mud and dirt. Also there were some leaves and the odd stick. I was so scared that I quickly ran all the way home. 
At home, I told my parents all about what I had seen and how fast it was sinking. In the morning, it was gone.

Joshua 100 Word Challenge #10

When I saw this horrible sight as I was walking past I knew that I had to act fast. I ran up to the puddle and grabbed the boots and started to heave as hard as I could. I was very surprised because the boots were surprisingly light but I kept on pulling. With one final heave the boots came free. Then my happiness quickly turned to anger. IT WAS A TRICK! There was a gang of boys laughing so loud that you could hear it from up the street. I was so mad with them I chased them furiously.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Challenge #10

We have had some rain across the UK so the prompt this week is a picture. It was taken by a very talented photographer so do visit her site Jane Hewitt.

Make sure you look very closely at it. What story does it bring to mind and don’t forget this should be your BEST CREATIVE work!

You will need to send me your work by Friday evening.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Anna 100 Word Challenge #9

One day the violent storm came towards the countryside and everyone’s teeth were chattering but they did know that the storm was coming well nearly every one new about the terrible storm the people who worked in the fields had to finish of their work before they could take shelter. All the children stopped playing in the garden and went to shelter in their house from the distance thunder and lightning was coming closer and closer everyone was terrified then before they could sit down the lights went off and no one knew what was happening DUN DUN DUN. !!

Neizan 100 Word Challenge #9

The violent storm was…

The violent storm was extremely ferocious as the soggy wet rain drizzled down from the dark, gloomy, grey and extremely cloudy sky, whilst the wind blow the dark brown and yellow leaves. The leaves also jumped and waved all around the little wet and drowsy town. The children were all bouncing all over the town whilst the mums and dads started to panic because all of their things were blowing all over the place, even though most of their things had already blown away because of the terrible storm, which was causing all of the mess.

Nico 100 Word Challenge #9

The violent storm… horrendously swished the trees side to side whilst people ran screaming like mental pigs! Rain came pouring down all over peoples clothes faster than a cheater which made them soaking wet. Animals ran around crazily faster than ever meanwhile lighting struck over people’s heads while they shivered like they just came out of a fridge! Cars zoomed down the wet cold road and wind blew past all the scared angry people. The street lights flickered slowly as the rain spluttered down. Children sneezed and cried as the storm spread around the poor cold city this was horrendous.

Giuseppe 100 Word Challenge #9

The violent Storm was…

burning people with his violent electric thunder wave and his horrible acid rain. There were 10,000 people running away into a deep dark forest from their abandoned old town and the violent thunder storm.100 trees flying round and around knocking out people and dying and blood all over. People started building a shelter with the fallen trees. The thunder storm got mad and it done 1000,000 volts destroying the whole entire world and the violent thunder storm left and there was no life remaining ever again…….on any planet. God was angry and he eliminated the storm with a lightning bolt.