Sunday, 29 November 2015

The car and the Giant Sheep. By Ava

 One day me and my sister Sophie were helping my aunt Cassie get ready to go on holiday and I am going with her . We are going to Australia . After I've helped Cassie I am going to get ready and I have know idea what I am wearing .

Right now I am saying goodbye to my mum , dad , sister Sophie and Nan Stella . As I am not going to see them till next year . I am now getting in the car waving goodbye and now we are going to set off then we come across the evil Giant sheep.......

The enormous sheep! By Jessica

 We just finished shopping in Tesco and I bought some of my favorite treats which were mainly things like crisps and chocolates. So me and my dad just went to go and put all my treats and the other stuff into the car. We parked our car near the sea but when we got there I noticed that there was a very large inflatable and it was a sheep. At first I was really scared but then my dad explained that his work friends put it there and they parked there on purpose so that I could see the sheep.

The massive sheep. By Isabelle

 Me and my friend were driving to London to go shopping. I was taking pictures to add to my scrapbook when we came across what looked like a massive sheep. So I told Zia to pull over to go and find out what it was . "This looks very dangerous we could get caught!" Zia said in horror, but I said "We are the only ones on this street what could possibly happen." Regretting I did this I walked up and touched the giant sheep with the tip of my finger and....CRASH we ran back in the car and drove of.

The Strange thing!!! By Emily

What was this thing doing? The man just walked away from his car I was like "dude move your car" but he didn’t. I thought it was going to come and break the car but it only stood still for a moment. It then started running through the bushes I then moved because I didn’t want to get hurt. Well we were at the zoo so could be an escaped animal. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt I wanted it caught as quickly as possible before it does any damage.

The zoo by Kaycee

It was a day in Skegness, when Frankie took his children Mark and John to the Animal Farm. It was a long drive about 2 and a half hours but it was worth it. When Frankie got there he saw this big statue of a sheep. "Yay!" John said in a sheep like way. "Can we go in now dad?" Mark whined. "Okay lets go in." Frankie and his sons walked into the big Farm and the first thing we saw was sheep mark loved sheep. They loved the Farm! When they explored everything they went home for their tea.

? by Kirsten

 "Mummy, didn't you say Americans don't like white things?"
"Yes poppet, why?"
" There's a white lion outside.."
"Where, Lucy."
"Oh! Keep calm and..."
"Mummy? Mum?"
We ran and ran, but the lion kept following. Unfortunately, my mum died in the escape.
Lions are very, very ferocious creatures. This is why we stay well away from them. Please follow this and remember what lions are.

This story is fictional not real. It is wrote to teach a lesson on why not to go so close to lions. Please do not try to copy this fictional story.

???????????????? by Molly

This picture is a funny picture. I think it looks part sheep and part camel and part of llama it looks very very unusual. I love all the flowers and pretty bushes. Also I like the colour of the car it looks: silver, shiny and new It looks like it's in a different country then England it looks like Australia or New Zealand or somewhere far far away from England. I have never ever been to Australia or New Zealand. But it does sound a fantastic place to go and is it even real hmm I don't know???

The big sheep in Skegness. By Lisa

 One sunny day I was walking through the forest and saw a big sheep, it was white and it was climbing up a wall I thought it was just my imagination so I walked away. 2 hours later I wanted to walk up the beach, so I jumped on a bus and I got off near the beach. I saw the big
sheep again and a person was stroking it . "Hello!" I said " what is your name?"
" my name is Snowflake" said the young girl " what is yours?"
" my name is Lisa" I replied. " why are you stroking that sheep?"
"because she is mine!"she replied!!!!!

The giant lamb has finally been found! By Cloud

 It was a day like no other in Skegness. It was sunny and warm but something went terribly wrong in the local nuclear power-plant and a lamb was transformed in the disaster. A new lamb was born... a MEGA lamb was unleashed. Everyone was on the look out for the lamb for years but no one found or saw it so it was classified as a hoax. Until to this day it decided to show itself in a car park near Morrison's. The people who saw it were astonished. The giant lamb has been found after twenty years!

lamb by Paris

Once I was driving down the street, and I saw this huge head popping out of a massive bush. Our car was as small as its eye, I was so scared I was in the back of the car all on my own and my dad was driving. I couldn't believe my eyes!It was this inflatable thing nearly touching our car. I jumped out of my seat when we drove around the corner, because it was just there in front of us. It looked very mischievous so me and my dad got out and looked at it carefully.

The weird sheep by Nicole

One lovely sunny day me and my family went on a trip to Leeds and I was so happy because we went for 2 weeks and that is long. It takes a long time to get there from Skegness to Leeds its 2 and a half hours. We went in the car and I fell asleep and my little brother did. My dad was driving the car. And then I saw this massive sheep right next to us it was bigger than our car I couldn't believe my eyes. But I don't know why it was right there weird.

The weird blow up sheep by Mia

One beautiful sunny day me and my mum drove to holiday island. Where they had a big blow up sheep you could walk through it it was amazing. When you got in there though you felt really warm so me and my mum went back home and got in our shorts and t-shirt that made us feel better than what we felt before. A little later we went to the front of the big sheep every body that was in the sheep all came out as well it was amazing we also had lots to drink it was hot!

The weird thing I saw by Anesha

One beautiful day me and my family went to Amsterdam and on the way guess what we saw. We saw a sheep in a bush it was the most weird thing I had ever seen I "shouted to my mum what was that" she "said what do you mean! "I said that giant sheep in them bushes so she "said we will go and look" so we pulled over and walked to the sheep I thought it was the most awesome thing I had ever seen and after we had looked at it we got back in the car.

The hurtful goat/sheep by Olivia

Dear diary 23/4/15

Today I saw the most unusual thing, a blown up goat or sheep. The sheep/goat is kind of dangerous because I heard a big bang so I looked out of my bedroom window and the goat/sheep had fell on a car. It made a big dent in the top of the car. I called an ambulance because the passenger looked hurt so I quickly called for help. When I looked at the number plate on the car a man ran to the car it was someone coming out the ambulance is the man okay.

THE BEAR by Frankie

One day I was walking down the street and saw a big fat polar bear. I was very confused so I ran to my mum and said "LOOK" It was so big and huge I was so scared so we went home and told dad and he was amazed that he told the police and they were not happy so they took it away and put it in the rubbish tip and we were so glad then we realised it was the ding dongs bear and hey were rage they were smashing into houses and breaking our stuff and then they hit us.

The llama by Jack S

  Once I was walking down the road with my friend Jack we were just walking when suddenly *bump* we had walked right into a llama but this llama was huge! I didn't know whether to admire it or just pretend that I saw nothing but then my mind made its mind up so I admired it when suddenly the llama started to move! It was alive Jack yelled "Wow that is really big!" And I said "Your taking this as if its normal?! this is really strange!" Then the llama just ran of and I never saw it again.

AHHHHHH by Finley

 Once there was a big white monster that had razor sharp teeth. In San Diego there were loads of monsters like dinosaurs and other mythical creatures but this was exotic! On the road it was very busy so this was a disaster. As the monster made its way to San Diego it destroyed anything in its path as there are loads of cars on the road they got destroyed. The monster had got to the town center and nearly killed the Mayor but just before someone shot the the beast and got an award for bravery then San Diego thought what would come next.......

the weird lamb by Dalton

One day I was with my mum and dad and my friend we went around through the car boot to see whats around. I saw this awesome Nerf gun I asked my mum If I could get It she said If you want . I was so happy and suddenly there was a massive balloon lamb.We went to see what It is, when we got there I checked it out Inside it was a bouncy castle and a slide I shouted my mum to come here! look she was amazed I had so much fun inside with my friend

How To Give Your Friends a Surprise! By Rhianna

 Happy April Fools day! Today I am going to prank my friend Johanna. What I am going to do is blow up a giant balloon! As she is afraid of farmyard animals, my friend Jessi and I are going to buy a balloon that looks like a sheep from the local prank shop.

I have just bought it, and I didn't realize how big it was. Oh well, the bigger the better! Jessi's putting it up now, and I am drinking cola before I am going to help. Better get it done before noon!

From R5RWA!

The head of the lama! By Tyler S

 We were driving. Driving along the country, to get to the seaside town of Newquay. SCCCRRREEEECCCHHH! Went the breaks of the car as we screeched to a stop. “What in the name of lama did you do that for!?” I asked three thoughts were going across my mind then.
1.   My dad probably did that to save our lives
2.   There was a sudden halt in the traffic
3.   I choose my speech correctly because there actually was a lama in the road

I soon found out that my third thought was right A ginormous lama head in the bushes!

Me and the sheep in the news paper by Tia A

 Wow! I never seen such an unusual thing In my life. When I was driving on the road heading towards London I saw a massive a sheep popping out of the dark green bushes I could not believe what I saw I was really shocked. When we got to London I went into a news paper shop to buy a news paper and some sweets when I walked to MacDonald's I decided to read my news paper. When I took it out I saw my car In front of the gigantic white sheep, I was so so shocked!

The big sheep by Kaci

 Once there was a big goat. Who was in a far away land. It was trying to get out to the land but it couldn't find the way so it tried and tried. But a family came far away from there town but they didn't know there was a big goat. They was looking for a place to put there tent up, suddenly they saw a big goat so they jumped back in the car and went on high speed back to the town but the goat just followed them...

They got back. The goat just destroyed Skeggness...

The naughty Elf by Zia

  One day I went to the shop and brought 2 new Elf's and not only are they are cuddly but they move when you are not in the house and at night. One day I went to school and when I got back there was this giant big balloon llama sheep thingy and I did not know how the Elf's could have done that. I was so amazed but we did not know how to get it out of the house my mum screamed very loudly.We got rid of those Elfs and we then were all happy because we got rid of the llama too.

The hidden bear by Harry

 One day me and my family was driving to the air port because we was going on holiday. We was going to Barbados witch took 8 hours and my mum said I need to sit next to my brother witch will be a pain in the neck. Anyway on the way there we come pass a really big building witch was shaped like a bear I thought I would of saw it from the other side but it was hidden i the trees. I thought if they would of finished they should paint it because it looks quite boring.

Trapped by Tyler W

The terror of its face haunted every face
Roaring like a dinosaur
At every one that could be seen
Peering from my bedroom window
People are
Everyone shouting
Dad is missing from

Inside the kitchen
Not even reading his paper


Mum is not on the sofa eyes
On the TV
Now I will
Start to panic
Terror in the neighborhood
Everywhere that I look is so unusual I see mum in a camel wait erm never mind.

Riot is it is my nightmare dad is still in the kitchen and mum is still watching TV I am safe

The weird animal by Tia M

 One day I was going on holiday I was going to Florida for 2 weeks! While I was driving across and i saw this weird I asked my brother " What is that?" He replied back to me he thought it was a sheep so I asked my mum she said it was a sheep as well I thought it looked like and armidillo my mum shouted "It isn't a armidillo it's a sheep!!!" I said "Ok ok you dont have to shout!" My dad said "Can you both shut up!" I said "Ok dad!" Then I shutted up for the rest of the trip.

THE SHEEP by William

One day I was moving house I didn’t want to I was begging not to go because all my friends are around me and I had to move school and that was horrible. I shouted "no!"
I said "please mum I don't want to leave."
Mum said "we have to why you don’t want to go?"

I said "we are moving from my friends." but as soon I said that we were going so I was playing eye spy while I was playing I saw a giant dog it looked so weird it looked like a sheep.

the mouse by William

One day I was walking home and a mouse was following me I was going to school. I was wondering if that mouse would follow me to school and all the class will laugh at me I was so scared. I tried to trick the mouse to lose me but as soon I did it just found me again so I tried again but the same thing then I was wondering if it is two mice then there were two of them. Then I thought how something so tiny could be so annoying? then I will lead it home and trap the mice.

The mouse by Tia M

One day I was getting something to eat when I saw a little hole near the wall it was so small. I know nothing could fit in it so I got some crisps and I went to my room but I thought how could something so tiny could fit a mouse through it I couldn't stop thinking about it it was so annoying I told my dad about the hole he said he would cover it up so any mouses couldnt get in I was so happy. I hated mouses there were so small I just didn't like them. So the next day my dad covered it up.

Super Mouse by Tyler W

As super Mouse was relaxing when he heard a strange noise it went Meow he listened but it was, silent he could never cope not knowing what might appear so he ate some cheese before announcing. “Today will be the day I sort out all strange noises “he said like it was a big thing. (When it wasn’t, or was it?)He ran out of his hole to find a cute kitten, he took one look and ran for his life, how could something so tiny be so fast? Super Mouse looked out to find it had ran off screaming!

The tiny kid by Harry

One day there was very small kid called Zack. But he had a habit with cleaning his room sometimes I think   to my self how could something so tiny make a huge mess. last Christmas I came down stairs and the whole room was full of wrapper even if it wasn't his present he would still rip it in to a 1000  Pieces. Anything you give him and it includes paper then he gets board he just rips it up!.  I should get him some paper that he can not rip up then he would be there all day!.

The Mouse by Zia

One day there was a pet shop called Millie's mice and I went there to buy a mouse. At the pet shop there were lots of mice some were black some were white and even some were brown. I was looking at the white mice and there was a tiny one and it was climbing on the top of the cage and I was thinking how something so tiny could climb that high? I was so amazed so I asked Millie if I could get that one and she said yes. So she put the little mouse in a cage and I took the mouse home. could something so tiny... by Kaci

I think I'am getting a hamster for my birthday today. I jumped on my mum and dads bed and woke them up. They  were so tired.  Last night they were at my grandmas house giving her  presents.  
 I said " WERE IS MY HAMSTER?"  My mum and dad were quite tired from last night they forgot to wrap the presents,  so they said I could go and buy myself a hamster myself. So I did. When I got there I looked at all of them. They were making  a  racket. How could something so tiny make all that noise. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Something tiny In the room by Tia A

How could something so tiny make a mess?In the bathroom there were  water droplets and a hole bottle of talk floating In the air. When I put my dressing gown on I walked down stairs but I followed tiny foot steps that were black. When I got down stairs the hole room was covered In  coal from the fire. I just thought who would of done this mess. In every room was a complete tip It was like a bomb had hit it. When I walked Into the kitchen I saw a ton of tiny animals eating the cookies.

When the The Tiny Thing Came! by Tyler S

“Jim was an ordinary human with an ordinary life. But one day, something awful happened, in fact someone awful happened.

One very bright Monday morning, Jim awoke. He went down to get some breakfast when he saw this, err… THING! “What the what!” Jim said in shock “How could something so tiny make this mess!?” He said this because this little, red, big-headed, small-bodied thing had torn down the curtains, raided the kitchen cupboards and did back flips on the living room sofa. Whatever this tiny thing was he did not play by the rules! “Now help me!”

The Poison Dart Frog by Rhianna

The poison dart frog is one of the many venomous species in the world, but what's different about them is that they look quite attractive to people. They come in various shapes and sizes, colours and levels of venom. "How could something so tiny be so poisonous?" you would think to yourself as you walked through the rain-forests that they live in, mainly in South America, although on some  rare occasions they live in central America.They come in blue, yellow, pink and all sorts of other lovely, vibrant colours. Just don't keep them as a pet!


One morning I woke up and I went down stairs and got a glass of milk because I was thirsty and suddenly I  spilt my milk all on my new pajamas. My mum said how could that be so tiny, my mum said do not  worry I will clean it all up she said ok and In the afternoon my mum cleaned my pajamas. I was so happy I didn't think It would come off I said sorry mum I spilt my milk on my pajamas.I gave my mum a hug really really tight and then we sat down and watched a film.

The tiny mouse by Finley

On one stormy night there was a ginormous monster and a mouse called super mouse AKA Tommy. In the city the people were devastated that their hero was a tiny mouse anyway the mischievous monster had been destroying the city with his terrifying laser eyes. However the tiny mouse had a break from being the hero for a while (7 years) so he had to get back to training. In the mouse cave he put his mouse suit on and ran to the monster but whacked it  in the face, then it just fell to the floor and everyone said how  could something so tiny defeat this monster?

The tiny children by Aimee

I was 11 years old and I liked to go out to town with my friends but the only problem was every time I asked my mum and dad if I could go out with my friends they both said "no." I always asked "why not?" and they said "because, you need to tidy up your bedroom!". "I don't want to though" my mum kept babbling on about it. I went ascending the stairs to my bedroom. When I got in there I couldn't deny it was very messy my mum was saying how could something so tiny make such a mess.

Power, big or small it shall come by Jack S

Once I was walking when I saw a speck of dust just spinning and it flung a bug right over to my shoe I thought "How did that just happen? It was only dust." Then I carried on walking but I couldn't help but think "How could something so tiny just fling a bug?" It was really strange. I carried on walking some more when I saw an eagle it was tiny! I didn't know whether to giggle or to break into laughter it was hilarious but it saw me laughing so it bit me on the nose.


One day I was driving down the street to the airport and when I got there I found a little cat it was so cute and I picked it up and put it in a box with holes in. I don`t know where the cat was from because there was not any houses around so I took it in the airport with. Then I thought I could be stealing it and it might just been getting some fish or something. But it was too late we were on the airplane. Then SCRATCH! , a hole I fell out, BANG, DEAD

Deadly : The tiny but deadly by Olivia

I was walking in a wood full of beautiful trees and I saw a small little creature it was so small I couldn't really see it I looked a bit closer and then... My whole life flashed before my eyes I spent the last two weeks in a hospital dreaming about that creature. I couldn't stop thinking about what happened how could something so tiny be so deadly. After a few days I went back to the wood and every time i went back the same thing happened over and over again. I am never going there again.

How something so tiny by Anesha

I was walking down the stairs and my mum said Amber your baby cousin is coming round today and I replied with mum does she have to come round because she makes a mess of my bedroom and I have to tidy it and its not fare only because shes a baby I doesn't mean that she can come round and make a mess . My mum said shes your cousin you must at least be friendly to you cousin I shouted but how can something that small make such a mess I just don't think it is fare.

The amazing super worm by Mia

Dear diary 
I was walking in my garden when just then I saw a worm how can something so tiny be so strong? it was holding a weight it looked like a 1 kg weight it was amazing. I ran inside to tell my mum about this suspicious thing when she came out we saw it flying through the air but when we looked closely it was as if it was trying to get to something. Suddenly it flew to the ground it was saving a bee from drowning it was amazing I had never seen something so brilliant.

How something so tiny by Nicole

Today I woke up in the morning and I went down stairs and get some cereal to eat. Then I spilt a little bit and how could something so tiny mess up everything and then I spilt it all up so my mum was a bit cross but I got a new one and I was thirsty that I nearly killed my self. Then I went up stairs and played with my dog Tosia she is a chuiwawa and she is very cute I love her little face. But she dosen't like staying at home on her own bye.

how could something so tiny.... by Paris

Once there was a worm that was so small slivered downstairs, and I went into the living room and I saw such a mess. I knew it was the slug because I saw it go in there, but I didn't know it would make that much of a mess! How could something so tiny do that big mess? I better go and tidy it up before my mum sees this! After I tidied up I went into the kitchen and there was the ugly worm drinking all of the milk from my leftovers in my bole from breakfast. I cant believe how ugly it was!

The night of the little figurines! by Cloud

Kirsten had bought them from a shop named  The little toy shop. It was a shop like no other it was quite small and dark but the prices were great. The man who owned the shop was small  and grumpy and for some reason he hated children, which was strange for a man who owned a toy shop but Kirsten and her mum still bought things from there. Every night Kirsten can hear are noises from underneath her could something so tiny... make such noise to scare children so much when they saw them they screamed with fear!

The evil marshmallow

One sunny morning I woke up and got out of bed, when I went downstairs for my breakfast and saw a big mess. The cooker was open with a small fire inside of it, all the fruit out of the fruit basket had fell out with the basket and my dog Blib was running round in circles with fright. I ran to the cooker to turn it off and closed it when I saw a marshmallow with a face and it looked so angry. I asked it if it made all of the mess and it said yes! " how could something so tiny do this?" I thought.

The loud ladybird by Molly

One Saturday me and my best friend called Aimee went for a walk in the  forest which was in her back garden. We always have fun times. That day as we got further in the forest we saw a cute little ladybird which was rainbow colored and had pink sparkly eyes. "We said hello little ladybird what's your name?" then it replied my name is rainbow I used to be a butterfly but then one night someone evil I couldn't quite see who but they changed me into a ladybird." How could something so tiny talk so loud...

A tiny but big surprise! by Kirsten

I walked around the corner to see the brightly coloured graffiti that was permanently stuck on the wall. I walked past the , 23 metre wall, all covered in graffiti. After the 48 minute walk home I knocked on the door to see a small turtle swimming in a plant pot full of water. I was supposed to be packing the last couple of essential things ready for our 1 month holiday to Australia. But who really cares when a baby turtle is at your front door. The beach was miles away from here! How could something so tiny do that?

The Everlasting Gobstopper! by Kaycee

I woke up to a brand new start and all I could think about is sweets. Today I was going to the brand new sugar sweet shop. When I got there I saw chocolate,marshmallows but thing I really wanted to try was the everlasting gobstopper! When I got the everlasting gobstopper I put it in my mouth straight away I thought how could something so tiny be so scrumptious? I kept chewing and chewing I couldn't stop until one day my brother crept up behind and and shouted "Boo!" I ate the gob stopper and I was upset.

how could something so tiny.... by Emily

But how could something so tiny get through that tiny little hole? Star was really surprised. Star's mum called the Importance Medical Animals. Star went in her bedroom to find a little rat. It was tiny it started running everywhere it was a mad one. It had red eyes and glared at Star. She was getting scared that it would maybe bite her. This was a time to call mum. But the IMA were here they got the rat up in know time were probably used of trying to get animals out of homes.

how could something so tiny.... by Isabelle

Today was the day when I moved into my new house with my family and we had a lot to unpack. When we finally arrived everyone started to unpack their things. It was nearly Christmas so we got out the Christmas tree to. It was lunch time so I took me, my sister and my mum to our favorite restaurant. All we left behind was my pet hamster Snowflake I called her Snowflake because she really snow and has a lovely white coat of fur. Snowflake made a mess of the house. How could  something so tiny make a mess.

how could something so tiny... by Jessica

I had just finished my dinner so I was very full but I didn't eat more than my little brother. I was very surprised at this and thought to myself. How could something so tiny eat so much? He isn't even fat yet, I can not believe that my strange family can eat a whole lot but not get full and I can't. Anyway I think I need to sleep and when I wake up the dessert should be ready. I think that by the time I get down all the ice cream will be gone anyway.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Small!!! by Kiefer

A speck of dust an atom. All these things so harmless and small.  In my opinion anything smaller than me can not beat me. I find a tiny black speck on the floor. It seemed alive for something so small. I took it with me and put it on the sofa. I go into the kitchen And as I  walk back into the room there was no sofa  lamp or anything. I said "how could something so tiny cause so much destruction?" Where are you"? But then a giant black monster killed us all. Never underestimate the power of small.

Sunday, 15 November 2015


 Red  By Kaci A
One night I went to a firework display. People wore warm clothes and they were all happy. As we sat on the wall as we were watching the firework display my mummy disappeared. When she got back she just got me some sweats. The fireworks was mostly red and sparkly. The fact was we had a good time there, the place was called Bate mans. Then we saw a laser show, then it had finished.

The next morning we went to church and I went into Sunday school and we made cakes with edible paper that you can eat, I made it for my mum. My mum loved it.

The Blood Moon strikes again  By Kiefer
It's November when all those solders died. I believe that the Blood Moon rose one night during world war 1. Legend has it, when a Blood Moon rises it's bad luck and everything go's wrong. Okay England we may have won but in return we lost millions of solders. But on the other hand the enemy's lost the battle and lost millions of solders. I'm afraid that the Blood Moon as red as a poppy will rise while I'm at the fireworks display tonight. I went and BANG!!! Fireworks killed everyone at the display.

Acrostic poems by Rhianna
Red poppies
Making sure
Everyone remembers.
Many years
Before today
Red blood
And flesh
Napping on the streets. {Not sure napping works in this context!}
Clever spies
Plotting to kill.
On 11th of the 11th
Everybody gathers
Memories from the past.

That is an acrostic poem. If you see, down the side it spells 'REMEMBRANCE POEM'. Here is another, about poppies.

Places in the
Open sometimes have
Poppies are meant to be
Extracting memories,
Supposedly from 1914.

That was a poppy one. Can you think of one? It could be one about anything and everything, even a fly on a wall!

The Bonfire by Frankie
It was bonfire night and we stayed at home and we had a bonfire and by we I mean me,mum and dad. Also we my dogs Razzel, Rieter and Rocko but we had to keep them inside because dog can have a fit and bark if they here fireworks so we turned the TV up and kept the dogs inside. We turned the TV up because it keeps there minds off the fireworks and it keeps them safe if you shut the blinds as well.So we did but I was to focused on the red and sparkly fireworks.

Red November by Tyler S
November, one of my favourite times of the year. It is because of the colour red and the memories. Here is a tale I will always remember.
“Come on bob we don’t want to miss the fireworks!” I said, even though the first round of fireworks had already started. Bob didn’t move a muscle even after what I had said (anyway he never listens to me!) “All right, we’ll do a bonfire and that’s it!”
“Yes!” Yelled Bob, as he slunk to the door. Both our favourite colours are red so we would really like Sunday!

Red by William
One day I went to a bonfire it had lots of fireworks it even had a cool one. There was a red firework for the final and that firework was a poppy to celebrate remembrance day  when all of them people died for us it was nice. I was going to go then there was a show so we saw it but it took an hour. It was really nice I loved it we stayed there for a little while then we had to go on the way home we saw a firework
I said "that was the best bonfire!"

Tia M Fireworks
One night I was at a firework display and they had all different coloured fireworks but the main colour was Red. It was amazing but my brother hated it he cried because  it was to loud after the fireworks we went for a walk on the beach but there was some more fireworks while we had a walk when we got home we opened the door and my sister was just sitting there and she said "I have fell down the stairs." My Mum said " Come on I will take you to the hospital," when she got there she had a x ray to see if it was broken...

Tyler W Red
It was bonfire night Tom and Billy was getting exited they loved the red fireworks. Red was their favourite colour, when the fireworks went bang and illuminated their faces with joy and colours. Several days later it was remembrance Sunday Tom had a poppy on his red jumper that his nanny had knitted him for Christmas the year before. On the over hand Billy had a blue jumper with a poppy on. They loved to sing all the hymns, even if it was cold. It would soon be Diwali and that meant they were getting more excited for red fireworks!

 The Red Shop – Tia A
One cold freezing day me and mum went to the red shop just to have a look round. In the shop we saw red clothes, red pots and pans, red toys and teddies there were lots of things. In the corner I saw two gigantic rubies they were so shiny. I looked at the price and they were 50 pounds each I opened up my purse and I only had 11 pounds. After  that we went back home I couldn't stop thinking about the rubies. But then when I looked In my back garden and saw lots of RUBIES.!

Red – Dalton
It was November the 5 also It was bonfire night I asked my friends If they would like to go and watch the fireworks. when we got there we had MacDonalds to have tea before it started, we got loads of donuts  after we had are tea we went to watch the fireworks and then, BANG!BANG! loads of fire works came blasting up in the air there was load of colorful fireworks like green blue and red orange purple and gold. After we went to the pier and played on loads of games like batman the grab machine and after we went home.

Jack S  Bonfire Night
It was bonfire night and when we were lighting our fireworks but suddenly the sky turned a dark red I couldn't describe how red it was it was that red but one of the fireworks had been lit but when it shot into the sky we heard the bang but we saw no blue no purple  no nothing. We were very upset when we found out you couldn't see anything in the red sky but then the red sky vanished we were very happy about this so we could see the fireworks again but the red sky hmm.

Red – Olivia
Red as a rose that lies in the field
or as red as blood that lies in flanders feild.
Red as a heart that beets like a bullet
or as red as mars spinning in space.

Red is the colour that represents poppy in flanders feild after the war.
World war one world war two how long will this go on I think to my self when I listen some more.Be happy that the war happend other wise 
we may not be here today. say safe at home but dont let your hops to high something bad might happen.

Mia – Red
On the night of bonfire night I watch all the fire works explode they were beautiful but one of them caught my eye it was the most beautiful fire work I had ever seen in my entire life.

It was a lovely colour it was sparkly red it was amazing to see I could just have a fire work display with just that one colour  it also caught my  mum's eye she loved the colour. so the next mum did a fire work display with just the one colour fire work .

It was the most amazing thing you look at....

The Red Fireworks – Nicole
It was the 5 of November and it was bonfire night and me and my friends went to see them they were both called Anesha and Freya.
The last one was the biggest and it was red and gold and it was massive. The sparkles were very sparkly and the rockets went really high. I like all of them they were that loud that I could hear it from my house. But my little dog Tosia was really scared of them so I left her at home with my mum. It was the best day ever in my life bye.

Red by Cloud
Red. It is a very, very popular colour and is also the colour of the poppies we put on every November the 11th on Remembrance day. To remember those who fought for us in the first world war. We wear poppies instead of any  other flower because after the first world war they grew on Flanders field. It is also said that they grew from the blood that the soldiers shed. So every year we must wear a poppy to commemorate those who lost their lives fighting nobly for us. We might not even be here because of them.

The Red Firework Display by Lisa
One day I was walking to a firework display and I saw some fireworks. I only saw Red ones and I thought that it was a bit strange. When I got to the firework display I realized that every one was wearing Red! Then I saw the bonfire and it was Red , "I thought it would be orange" I said and the stranger I was next to ran away slightly scared "Sorry!" I shouted and walked away. Then suddenly people started staring at me and were whispering about me, even laughing about me! Then suddenly  I appeared at my house!

Bonfire Night Disaster by Molly
One dark night I went out to watch some fireworks at the Royal me, my mum, my dad and my sister all went at 6:30. As I got out the car I heard  a huge noisy sound then I looked up to the sky and saw a sparkly red fireworks so we ran to find where about the fireworks were in the royal hotel. Finally we got there and every one had left so we got in the car and then we drove all the way back home and I will never ever forget that night when that happened.

The Month of Red by Kirsten
Red, red,
It's one of the rainbow colours,
It might be small,
But it's powerful.
This month is a very special,
With bonfire night with the bright red rockets,
And Remembrance day with the red poppies to remember those who died,
And the Hindu festival Diwali with the brightly coloured red and other coloured lights,
So you will now see that the colour red is important,
It's not just a colour to see,
It has its reasons,
With lots to do with that topic,
So look out this month to see what red things you can see!

Red by Ava
Red can mean blood for all of those who fort for us  and risked there lives just to save others.Red also represents the red poppy in Flanders  field where those who fort were killed.

Red also means , Bonfire night when guy forks tried but failed to blow up the houses of parliament . That time of the year is when you get to see those amazing fire works .

Soon it is Christmas and joy spreads around the world and presents for all. Witch means Santa is watching  so you better be good and not be naughty like some unknown people.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

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Week 08

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Zara's teenage biology {continued} By Kirsten

After 5 more hours of being watched, the gruesome men finally left. I was left on my own {well that's what I thought...}. I untied my ropes, with the help of my heels, and started to plan an escape route when I found a girl sat in a corner. I started to ask her questions but she would just not stop crying. I decided to leave her to do her business so I started searching for an air vent. If you are now giving me ideas how to use them, no need. I've watched all the movies! I started crawling down the vent when I saw a shadow ...

Why is this happening to her! By Olivia

One day when I got home from work I heard a crying echo coming from the alley way. Down the alley way there was a girl a pretty girl she was called Molly. I looked at the road and looked back at molly and suddenly a boy appeared next to her. The boy hugged Molly and spoke to her he said well he didn't actually say anything he took one look at me and... In one second he fell to the ground Molly, she just wouldn't stop crying. My heart fell to my stomach. I think he died.

Imagine By Rhianna

Imagine you are a brilliant toy maker. You are the best in the country. Everyone comes to you when they want a new toy. You have just started designing a new doll. It will be battery operated, but only one AA battery will be used for a whole year. You have made her laugh, smile, and now you are making it cry. You press a button, she cried! The problem is, she just wouldn't stop crying! You are really upset. Christmas is fast approaching, and you will make heaps of money if you could make it in time. Noooooo!

The Girl Who Would Not Stop Crying by Tyler W

As I skipped down the street I heard a noise that made me shiver it was Halloween so it could have been anything. Creeping down to the next house. I saw a little girl on a door step crying "hello are you ok," I trembled when she replied

"not one house will give me any sweets!" At that moment I didn't know what to do but deep inside I felt sorry for her. I was getting angry and shouted "Be Quiet!" That did not help she just wouldn't stop crying. The door opened and someone hit me and shouted "Go Away!"

She just wouldn't stop crying by Tia M

One morning I was getting ready for school and I heard a mysterious noise it sounded like someone was crying I just ignored it then I went downstairs to go have my breakfast. When I finished I went to school. I heard that mysterious crying noise but I just ignored it again I went to the school gates and waited to go inside. When I got inside I put my stuff away and put it into my locker and went into the classroom and that’s when I saw a little girl she was crying her eyes and she said she couldn't find her parents she was devastated.

I can hear a sound by Tia A

In the morning I woke up and walked to school with my friend Zia. When we got to school me and Zia saw a girl crying for ages but she just wouldn't stop crying so me and Zia went up to her and said "why are you crying" the girl said "I have lost my mum and dad" said the girl. Zia said "we're did you last see them.” The girl said near the corner shop" "why don't we walk there” said Zia "no because we will be late for school." "Doesn't matter were only helping".