Sunday, 29 March 2015

Grace LB- My Ultimate Adventure

Dear diary,
I have been on my ultimate adventure for 4 days and its drawing to a close. I am coming to the edge of the desert and my tent has holes in the roof. My water supply is fine. The sandy desert is starting to get to me. I only have around 3 hours left until I can see the edge of the desert.

3 hours later...
I am safe! The helicopter picked me up, and I can't wait to see my family. Where just landing on the edge of Heathrow airport, no adventures for me for a while!      

Olivia - My Ultimate Adventure

MY ULTIMATE ADVENTURE was going to be the last adventure that I was going on, it was going to be the most physically and mentally challenging thing I had ever done. It was starting in the most dangerous forest in the world. Then to go trekking through Antarctica, with minimal food, with wolves and polar bears chasing me, and with frostbite which I got last time, then I will be running across the Sahara desert, in the hottest part of the day. And to finish the challenge off, as I am British, I am going swim the English Channel.

Sophia- My Ultimate Adventure

I had the best week me and my family met new people in Australia and in Spain with different cultures! I had my ultimate adventure!
Day 1
First we travelled to Spain where I bought a Spanish outfit. I also learnt some Spanish while I was there, with the help of my pen pal, Ciera.
Day 2
Secondly, we next travelled to Australia I saw kangaroos. I also learnt more about the Australian accent.
Day 3
We were still in Australia when I watched a koala climb a bamboo tree, I also enjoyed watching the waves crash against the rocks.

Morgan- My Ultimate Adventure

My Ultimate Adventure starts here, I was running like I do every morning at 7:00 AM when I fell into a big pit of snakes, I was frightened because I hate snakes. That's when I found a secret passage way just big enough for me to crawl through so I went through the passageway and it led me to a big, wonderful world of...UNICORNS! I love unicorns there were some pink ones, some fluffy ones, some slim ones and princess ones with wings as well as horns. After an hour I went back home like nothing happened! 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Jemima - My Ultimate Adventure

My ultimate adventure. On my ultimate adventure I travelled all over the world, for 7 days.

Day 1
On day one I took a lovely trip to Benidorm and I went tanning on the beach and then I went swimming in Aqualandia, it was amazing. To finish the day off I ate a delicious Spanish meal.

Day 2
On day two I went to Paris, I had omelette when I finally got there. Then I got dressed and went up the Eiffel Tower. The view was astonishing. Then when I got home I ate a lovely spaghetti bolognese.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Eleanor - My Ultimate Adventure

Dear Diary,
Today is the day that I am going to do my ultimate adventure. Whilst I was back home in England I was running and preparing myself. I have ran 10 miles every day in preparation for my ultimate adventure. It has been hard and tiring but it will be worth it as I am raising money for a good cause. I really want to do this to help other people and be like Sir Ranulph Fiennes because he helped other people as well. I am going to run through the Moroccan Sahara Desert and through the most brilliant places all around the world!

Caitlin - My Ultimate Adventure

…My ultimate adventure…

The clock ticked loudly in my ear. I slowly came round from a deep sleep. This was the day, today was the day, my ultimate adventure… I was going to cycle the coast of Britain. A huge crowd gathered as I was about to set off. I could feel my heart pounding. I had a nervous feeling in my tummy. The days got tougher as my body ached more and more. I didn’t think I could make it. As the crowd cheered I managed to finally finish. It was a great feeling when I saw the amount of money raised!

Rio - My Ultimate Adventure

My Ultimate Adventure was in my scariest nightmare. I was running on the chemical testing desk which seemed huge. Then all of a sudden I remembered I was shrunk by the shrinking machine!!!!!! I work in a factory in a lab testing how to shrink things. Then some other person sat on the control chair when I was checking seeing if it was ok to use it then they shrunk me! The other workers ran to the table and saw me so they picked me up, held me and put me on the table again and put me to full size.

Mia- My Ultimate Adventure

Today was the day I went on my ultimate adventure. I was going to Orlando to swim with dolphins. Dolphins are awesome. When I was going to go on the dolphin I was shaking with fear of hurting it. But when they got me on it I was like a professional. Which I found very strange because it was my first time. Dolphins are adorable they are just so cool swimming in water. I fed the dolphins as well.
I found a poorly dolphin its tail was hurt. Which made me give a tear but luckily it survived because first aid was about.

Sam B - My Ultimate Adventure

It was the day of my great challenge. My ultimate adventure was 156 miles through the boiling dreaded heat of the Moroccan Sahara Desert. The twist was, I only had six days. Here is the diary of what happened;

Day 1
I have ran 10 miles and it is midday right now. I am hot but I have to keep going.

Day 3
I didn't have time to write yesterday. I was too tired to write. 104 miles left.

Day 6
My journey is nearly over. I am a mile away from the goal.

I just reached the goal, I'm here!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Aron - My Ultimate Adventure

In the morning I sprang up, slid down stairs and fell down with a bang. "I'm finally going to get my first Pokémon!" I shouted.
Then my mum said, "I thought you are awake but obviously you not!" 
"I can't wait to get my Pokémon!" I shouted grabbing my clothes. 
When I got to the professor's lab, I ran into the wall missing the door. Professor said, "You finally came." 
"Can I have my Pokémon?!" The professor shown me a tray with three different Poke balls. I picked one up, and said, "This is the start of my ultimate adventure!"

Harvey - My Ultimate Adventure

Early Saturday morning I was taking part in a massive marathon to raise money for a cancer charity. This would be my ultimate adventure, as I had never done anything like this before. I got myself ready on the start line. Then ... GO we set off and I ran as fast as I could, trying to do my very best. On the way round I felt exhausted but had to keep running because it was a great experience raising money for an amazing charity, as I crossed the finishing line I felt so proud to achieve a worthwhile event.

Charlie - My Ultimate Adventure

While I was on holiday at Center Parcs I did my ultimate adventure. I saw a sign post that said tree trekking in green writing. I asked my dad if I could have a go and he said yes. The instructor said put on a safety helmet and some straps around your shoulders and waist. Off I went on my very exciting challenge. I went first because my brother Tom was too scared. I started to climb high through the forest trees by crawling, swinging from branches and balancing across many obstacles and at the very end I went on the zip wire.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lily - My Ultimate Adventure

One day when looking at a holiday website I saw an advertisement for a holiday to Australia so I showed my parents, mum said, "A holiday to Australia that would be good but very expensive!" 
Dad replied, "I agree but it is on offer!" So it was decided we were going to Australia for two weeks in the summer holidays. 
When it was time we went to the airport. We boarded the plane and set off for two days travel. 
The two weeks that we were there we had a lot of fun. Once back we all said that was My Ultimate Adventure!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Morgan …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

I was sitting in my car for a while then I saw a big, shiny sports car in the colour blue. It was going so fast as they turned the corner they hit another car, I ran out my car to see if anyone was hurt, gladly, everyone was safe (except the car.) I wondered what was going to happen to the people who drove the sports car and the car that was damaged in the accident. I went back home to have my dinner then all of a sudden, my car got hit by the same car that I saw earlier!

Kieran …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

Poke-venture: Dialga and Palkia's awakening ceremony.
Me and my friend Aron had just got to Mount Cornet where spear pillar is. Team Galactic are trying to control the legendary pokemon Dialga and Palkia. Cyrus (their leader) had just summoned the legendary pokemon. Some of Team Galactic grunt, as they turned round the corner saw me and Aron. "Infernape I chose you!" I shouted.
"Go Eevee!" shouted Aron.
"Okay Infernape use Flamethrower!" I demanded.
"Eevee, shadow ball!" Aron shouted.
"Retreat, quick!" commanded Cyrus. Diaga and Palkia shot a Roar of time and space. Me and Aron ran but we came back.

Grace LB …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

“I don't think that we should be here,” whispered Lila.
“Don't be such a wimp, you're scared, it's obvious,” replied Jean. They were in the old house that was shut down after the big flood of 1997.  It was still dripping wet and the floorboard creaked, as they turned the corner a group of old bats flew past them. “Everything is fine,” Jean hesitated. Suddenly a big white shadow came from the other corridor. “AAAAAAHHHHH!” screamed Jean and ran out of the house.
“Fantastic prank!”Lila whispered to her friend Tina.
“Hilarious!” shouted Tina and burst out in laughter.

Mia …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

It was a long spooky night I saw a monsters coming STOMP! I was frightened as they turned the corner. I sneakily ran into the kitchen but all of a sudden I woke up - it was 10.00am. I looked down the corridor then I realised the monster was all a dream - which was good.
Today was my mum and dad’s 20th anniversary so I made them breakfast in bed which I found very fun. I made 100 pancakes so they got fifty each. This was fair they told me. It was very yummy. I was proud of myself.

Jemima …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

Mark had always been a bit of a dodgy driver, everyone agreed. He did not mind though, he was always open to a little advice, that is if anybody ever had any! He had been involved in three crashes, so he had three cars.
One Thursday, Mark was on his way to work, the roads seemed quiet, it was peaceful. Meanwhile, a car with two women inside, that were speeding, were driving down towards the corner. As they turned the corner Mark slammed on his brakes. "Whoa, that was close!" He exclaimed, quite surprised. He had not crashed! He could not believe his eyes.

Harvey …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

The Accident
As I went downstairs to watch television, I heard a massive rumbling noise outside and wondered what it was. I could hear; sirens, people shouting, and traffic. So I got my coat and shoes on and went to investigate to see what was going on, then I heard some people say that as they turned the corner the road collapsed and there was nothing the driver could have done and drove into the hole. The emergency services saved the people and took them to hospital. The next day the workmen started sorting out the road, so it could reopen.

Arthur …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

There were two busy policewomen, both in uniform, walking down the road. As they turned the corner they saw two robbers breaking into the popular old man’s garage attempting to steal a brand new car.
The policewomen knew they wouldn't be able to catch the robbers on foot, so radioed in for a police car to attend. The robbers had no idea they had been spotted so opened the garage doors wide and hot-wired the little Ford B-Max and sped off.
The police car chased after them, lights flashing and sirens ringing.
Would they get caught?
I’m sure any police car could catch a Ford B-Max.

Caitlin …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

Where was I? 
Why was I here?
I opened my eyes and I could see nothing but pitch black. I got up from the floor, I started to walk around. I couldn't see where I was walking. What was that I could feel? They seemed to be coming closer, I kept on walking as they turned the corner the lights flicked on. I looked straight up, there was a man. He asked me who I was and where I was from, his face looked distorted. I could now see light, I realised I was no longer on this planet.

Charlie …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

One morning dad and mum decided that we could go to Madeira. Me and Tom were very happy, we asked, “What day?”
They said, "Tomorrow."
Then the next day we got up very early and got showered and dressed ready for the journey. When everyone got sorted we all set off. After two and a half hours of travelling in the car, we knew we were getting closer then as they turned the corner, we could see the airport and the planes that kept landing and taking off and flying off to different countries. Soon that would be us. We had a fantastic holiday.

Eleanor …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

This story is not about heroes and not about castles and princesses. This is a story about a golden door. It begins when my friend and I went for a walk on a warm summer’s evening when the sky was full of stars."Mum I'm going out with Emily to walk the dog." I shouted up the stairs as we left the house banging the door behind us. As we went down a dark street, Emily and the dog ran off in front, and as they turned the corner at an alleyway they stopped and looked in shock."Look, there is a golden door!" shouted Emily.

Rio …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

There were three people called Joe, Bob and Jim. They were walking home from school one afternoon and as they turned the corner they fell down a huge black hole to another dimension. As they fell they had nausea because there were lots of bright purple lights messing with their eyes and freezing them. They soon realised that it was actually a portal they had fallen into. Then all of a sudden they were in another world they were told that if they kill the king (who is evil) they would let them all go home but they never did.

Aron …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

The chase.

It was the final leap to the other side of the river. I took out of my bag a shiny golden piece of rock and a crystal like rock. I slowly placed them into the hole that I dug out earlier. Suddenly I started to hear I quickly dug up the hole. I started to run and my heart pounded with fear... They were getting closer and closer. As they turned the corner, I leapt over the fences...and they almost caught me on the next turn. They were right behind me when I suddenly fell and my face planted the floor. "Got you!"...

Rose …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

Sophie and Alice were on their way to the school Halloween party. "Sophie!” shouted Alice at the top of her voice, “You were meant to bring your phone in-case anything bad happened!"
"Oh, well. Nothing bad will happen, I promise.”
As they turned the corner they had the fright of their life. Their best mate Jackson was dressed up as a clown. He acted like he was the real clown that went around killing people, he looked just like him. Jackson went up to the girls and just stood there looking at them with a smile on his face. Alice took the red nose off him. "Oh, hi guys, when’s the party?"
Jackson was back to normal.

Olivia …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

One sunny Saturday morning me and my family were going to the beach so I got out of bed and put my costume on underneath my clothes and went downstairs for my breakfast. Then we finished breakfast and we got in the car and we left for the beach. It was a long journey because we were a long way from the beach so it was like two hours away and that’s why we had to set off so early. So we finally got to the beach and we were following someone and AS THEY TURNED THE CORNER a big wave came at us.

Mollie …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

As they turned the corner she shivered with fright and turned back round. Could she really have seen a ghost or was it her imagination playing tricks on her? A cold hand touched her shoulder and a hand full of nettles reached her mouth and she cringed. Her head spun round with confusion and alertness, hoping that this was just a dream that seemed real. How was she in great pain whilst sleeping unless this was real? Oh how she wished that dreaming could never be what people shudder about... nightmares.
Was it a dream when she woke with nettles on her bed.

Sophia …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

They got their children in their car seats and fastened their seatbelts. They pulled out of the drive and noticed in the car's rear view mirror a large van was following them and as they turned the corner the truck continued to follow!

Eventually they got to the supermarket and parked the car. The mother was frightened and so was the father as the driver of the truck came towards them. She reached for a phone but before she could click dial he shouted, “Shouldn't you be worried about your kids?” They turned their heads, the kids, they were gone!

Sam B …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

Part two
Luigi pulled at Mario but he just didn't budge. Then something clicked in Luigi's mind. He stepped back and leapt at Mario. All his weight, pushed them both through. Luigi clumsily tumbled to the floor as they heard the loud crushing noise of the rock walls. Mario lifted his cap and scanned the place. He saw his scruffy brother lifting his head with a cheeky smile. They slowly got up and went round the corner. As they turned the corner Mario noticed a sparkle, it was a pack of diamonds!
"Look bro, I found some diamonds!" yelled Mario.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

pipe swam horse green carefully by Grace LB

Thomas was a little boy and he loved plumbing, it was his hobby and he did it in his spare time. His mother and father wanted him to do something else, like horse riding or swimming. Apparently, his father swam the longest in his class at Green School, and his mother was all round best at sport. They didn't want him carefully tightening a pipe, but that changed one day. His mum met someone and they told him about Thomas, he said, “He is what he chooses to be,” and his mother said to Thomas that day, “You know what, be whatever you want.”      


Poke ventures 1

"Finally it is my birthday and I can become a Pokémon trainer," I shouted as I woke up. My friend Barry is 10 today as well so we can chose a Pokémon. Two hours later me and Barry went to the lab to get our Pokémon. On the way we saw some horse Pokémon, we saw fish Pokémon which had just swam past us and we also saw some green Pokémon carefully walking through a pipe. Once we got there we got our Pokémon. I chose Chimchar a fire type Pokémon and I named it Inferno because it had a burning hot flame.


I always thought that my new horse was a bit strange. I just learned to deal with it though. I loved him no matter what he was like. I had only bought him a month ago, I would already do anything for him. By the way his name is Rala. Did you know that one day, about a month ago, the water from the pipe in the garden, had made a huge lake in the back garden? Rala carefully swam through the green water. I was amazed and disgusted, both at the same time. What an animal I have got!


One day me and my family went to John's house in my dad's new green car. When we arrived at John's house I quickly ran into their garden because they have a massive swimming pool. Then I put my swimming trunks on and I jumped in the water and swam as fast as I could. When I went out of the swimming pool I saw a little barn. As soon as I walked to the barn there was a pipe in the way, so I moved the pipe carefully. Then I opened the gate so I could stroke the horse.

Saturday, 14 March 2015


It was Saturday morning and I was supposed to be going horse riding. But my dad was busy unblocking the pipe in the bathroom. So I decided to go on my own little adventure. I walked through the forest: the trees were completely plain, no green. There was no animals or people in the forest. Suddenly I came across some water that blocked the path. I carefully paddled through it but it got deeper and deeper, so I swam across. As I clambered out dripping wet this was not the adventure I had intended. All this because of dad's blocked pipe…


It was the summer holidays. I asked grandma if I could go for a swim. Carefully I entered the pool. Suddenly, I could hear a weird noise. I swam up closer and climbed out. Then I saw it ... a horse! I came up close and carefully clambered on. Slowly I got used to it. He started to run. Getting faster, he was heading towards a green old pipe. The horse suddenly jumped. It felt like flying! After a hard landing I found myself lying right next to him. Eventually we became friends and later I found out he belongs to grandma's neighbour and he's called Chestnut.


I went to Hubbard’s Hill last summer on a hot day. We parked up and started to walk around, we entered the park there was a horse shoe nailed on the gate. There were a lot of children carefully playing in the stream on the stepping stones. We watched other people play with their dogs, throwing a stick across the stream whilst the dog swam across to get it. I can’t wait until I get my own dog. The dog ran under the bridge through a pipe and out the other end with a large green twig in its mouth.


 Yesterday I swam carefully down a green pipe that I found while I was playing in the woods. The pipe led me to a dark alley way with a big arch. I followed the arch and I mysteriously was lead to a farm by the side of a house. On the farm there was; a horse, some sheep, three cows and one dog, that was used to herd the sheep together. The farm was so beautiful and the grass smelt lovely. The trees had pink blossom on it looked beautiful as though someone had just painted it. I loved the view of the blossom tree.  


One day I was riding my HORSE very CAREFULLY so I did not fall off, because she is scared of people riding on her back. We came back home so I could fix my PIPE, it was all mouldy and GREEN when I tried to fix it, I could not fix it so I phoned the council to help but of course I had to pay! After they fixed it I SWAM for a while after I dried off and made my tea. (It was yummy I had spaghetti and meatballs!) That was my day but not a very exciting one in my opinion!


Mario and Luigi walked through a small garden.
"If you could do anything what would you do?" asked Mario.
"Make a horse," said Luigi.
"What?" replied Mario. He ran up to a green warp pipe and fell in! Luigi jumped in after him. They came out in a damp underwater cave.
"Where are we?" wondered Luigi.
"No idea," replied Mario. "Better find out." They carefully stepped into the water and swam across the water. Mario and Luigi got out the water and continued on. Two walls slamming together was their next obstacle. Mario quickly jumped in and got his foot stuck.

To be continued.

Sunday, 8 March 2015


The small buckle fell to the ground and down the green pipe. The buckle was supposed to hold the saddle to the horse and so this caused the rider to fall off and fall to the ground. Meanwhile, the buckle floated along the pipe and clean water swam behind it pushing it along.

The rider could not afford a new saddle so she needed to get the buckle removed from the drain pipe immediately before it was pushed any further and was lost forever. Panicking, the rider stuck her hand into the narrow pipe and carefully pulled the buckle out.

… then when I looked out of the plane window…by Charlie

When I went on an airplane for the very first time I was six years old. We flew from Stansted airport to the island of Madeira. As I boarded the airplane it looked huge from where I stood, as I walked up the steps into the cabin I looked through the pilot's window and I saw him turn around and wave to me. I sat down and fastened my seat belt, then when I looked out of the plain window we were starting to move and soon we were in the sky flying really high. Guess what, we really had a good time on our holiday with my family.

… then when I looked out of the plane window… by Harvey

It was the six weeks holiday and our family was going to America. I was so excited and nervous at the same time as I hadn’t been on a plane before. As we got on the plane there were hundreds of seats all around the huge plane. We got seated and waited for take-off I held on tight to the arm rests and closed my eyes. The plane started travelling faster and faster when all of a sudden we lifted off the ground. Eventually I opened my eyes then when I looked out of the plane window it was amazing what a view my nerves had gone.

… then when I looked out of the plane window… by Aron

I said to Tom on the phone, "I got to go, because I have to pack! We’re moving to Australia remember!" and I packed my last suitcase.

The car journey was long and boring. Finally we reached our destination, Luton Airport. The screen was showing, "Final call for gate number 103!" so we quickly got our bags and boarded the plane. We took our places. I got the best one, close to the window. The plane took off into the air. Then when I looked out of the plane window and saw that amazing view. Everything looked so small. Tiny people houses and cars, like from a fantasy world.

… then when I looked out of the plane window…by Caitlin

Today I am going on a seaplane tour and I can't wait. When I had arrived at the seaplane I was so excited I hopped inside and it took off across the ocean. It got better and better the higher up we got. Then when I looked out of the plane window a beautiful school of dolphins swam past us. The sea shone in amazing colours as we passed hundreds of fish. I held tight as the plane slowly landed in the water. As I got off the plane I knew I would remember this day forever as a very special day.

… then when I looked out of the plane window… by Ava

It was 4:30 am and I got up ready for the long tiring journey, it was pitch black outside and I saw a flashing light. I went outside and carefully inspected it, guess what it was my friend Lily who was supposed to be picking me up to take me and her to meet Chloe at the airport. "Oh no I'm not even ready to go!" I gasped.
"Ding Dong!" 
"One minute please!" I quickly got ready and got into the car.

Finally we arrived and got onto the plane really quick I was really excited, then when I looked out of the plane window I saw birds...

To be continued.

… then when I looked out of the plane window…by Sophia

I am now terrified of flying. When we went to Turkey I looked out of the window I saw the beautiful city of Istanbul. However my enjoyable flight soon turned into a frightening experience when the girl sitting next to me told me an alarming story. The girl explained that the plane we were traveling on was not powerful enough to carry every passenger as there were only 2 engines. Then when I looked out of the plane window I felt the plane plummet… As my stomach churned little did I know that we were just descending to land!

… then when I looked out of the plane window… by Kieran

As me and private John entered our airbase RAF Waddington, the alarm was rang and a speaker shouted "All pilots on the runway now!"
"This must be big, let’s go!" said John.

"OKAY" I replied. Once we were was on the runway in our Euro-fighter Typhoon, a sound in my headphones saying "Intercept 2 Russian Tu95 Bears on the south of Cornwall." I pulled the thruster and I sped off down the runway and took off then when I looked out of the plane window I saw John following me. We sped to the coast of Cornwall and intercepted the Russians bombers. This definitely won't happen again.

… then when I looked out of the plane window… by Jemima

It was just 3 days until I went to Benidorm, I was so excited. Time flew by, the day of my trip soon came. After our heavy luggage and plane tickets had been checked we got on the plane. I was hoping to see lots of great things out of the plane window. We were flying over France, I was fascinated by the wonderful view, then when I looked out of the plane window I saw the Eiffel Tower. I was amazed at what I saw. Then when we got to Benidorm I saw many more landmarks and great things.

… then when I looked out of the plane window… by Eleanor

I was so excited as I was flying to Spain on holiday. Then when I looked out of the plane window I saw a monster sat on the wing of the plane. I was so shocked I sat wondering why it was on Earth and if it is an alien. I told my brothers but they didn't believe me, so I told the flight attendants too but they didn't believe me either. I looked back out of the window but the monster had disappeared. I sat playing on my iPad but the monster appeared on that as well - that was strange.

… then when I looked out of the plane window…by Morgan

I was on my way to Disneyland Paris on the plane then when I looked out of the plane window I could see brightly coloured birds flying through the air between big, fluffy clouds. I was sitting next to the plane window, it is the best seat to sit in, and I could not wait to get to Disneyland as I love Minnie Mouse with her pink cute bow! 
A week later, it was the best trip ever I loved it and that was my trip, it was lots of fun and I would love to go there again!

… then when I looked out of the plane window… by Lily

One day my mum said, “Right we have been working hard so let’s go on holiday. But only if… It’s somewhere sunny!” So we booked a holiday but it was only for the two of us. We packed our bags and waved. We took off and during the journey in the plane we played games but mum was tired and wanted to have a rest, so I watched a movie. Then when I looked out of the plane window, I saw the most beautiful country all spread out underneath me. We stayed there for a week and had a fabulous holiday.

… then when I looked out of the plane window…by Sam B

I was excited for my holiday to Hawaii. I was stressed from work in the dusty factory. We were nearly there. Then when I looked out the plane window, I could see a tropical island covered with a line of soft sand. The gigantic plane landed on a small deck on the edge of the island. Hawaii was just a tiny step away. Everyone speedily rushed out into the dry beach. I felt the heat run through my body. I followed the line of happy people to a white hotel. I quickly got inside and went to my hotel room.

… then when I looked out of the plane window…by Jessica

Today I am going aboard with my mum, dad and brother. Earlier today I was bored but then when I looked out of the plane window I saw... a flying person. I knew that it couldn't be true. I rubbed my eyes. He was still there. He lifted up a sign saying, “Only you can see me. Don’t tell anybody about me there is no point they cannot see me only you can.” Once I had read the sign I looked around to see if anyone was looking out of their windows - no one was. I decided to keep it a secret. What I had seen today. 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Clarissa

As I stroll through the forest with my mates we come across a sofa with a particular looking stone material. "That's funny!" I said, "That looks like a normal sofa but why is it stone?" someone crept up behind us and told us the story of the ‘Photo Maniac’ monster and the witch’s sofa... It went something like this...

It was on a dark night the witch called Bella was getting into bed when bang, clash, boom, yank, there it was the ‘Photo Maniac’ monster was back he had thrown, kicked, thumped and thrown the sofa outside and used his stone powers and POW the sofa was now stone.

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Caitlin

100 years ago, there was a battle between the witches and wizards. The wizards thought it would be good to kill all the witches. All the wizards put a spell on them so that they would agree with them completely. When they had succeeded the wizards put another spell on them to turn them into a stone seat. All of the witches’ cats were turned into one stone cat that sat on top of the stone seat. It is said that anyone who sits on the chair can hear the faint sound of witches crying out to break the spell. 

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Aron

I found something amazing in our forest. It was a strange settee, looking exactly like a real one, however it was all made of stone, even the tassels. On the settee, there was a realistic looking stone cat. I thought that it looks like someone put a spell on it and turned it to stone. Then I remind myself about the legend I heard when I was little. The legend says that ages ago, an evil witch lived in our forest. Because she was so horrible, people from our town killed her. After she died all her belongings turned into a stone.

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Rio

I think it looks like the front of a car or it could be someone’s grave and they put them under the cushions. I think it’s made out of bricks and there is some fake cat on top of it which is weird and extremely unusual. I think it’s more a car/couch because it looks half car and half couch with no gears but there might be an engine under the cushions. This thing is REALLY confusing me its making my mind goes crazy with question of what it is. I think it is in a magical forest in London. 

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Addison

This sofa may look strange and unpleasant but if you press that brick dog’s nose the sofa slides back and reveals a secret passage to the underworld. In the underworld there are demons which drink lava and feed on their babies. There are also ghouls that drink and feed on demons’ souls. Also there are hell bats which have fiery colours all over them, deadly sharp fangs, drink dead ogres’ blood and feed on their flesh. There are lots of skeletons that dig a hole and bury themselves in it but they don’t eat or drink absolutely anything.

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Harvey

One summer’s morning our family decided to go on a nature walk. As the day went on it got hotter and I was getting slower at walking, “I wish there was a comfy chair to sit on,” I said.
In the distance I could see a bench, as I got nearer I could see it was a settee, I then realised it was made out of tiles. It was nice and cold to sit on though and cooled me down, it was like being at home but outside in the fresh air with a pet cat to make it homely.

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Charlie

I was in a deep forest with trees that were destroyed and lay still on the ground. It was like the trees had been crushed by something big and strong, something with thorns perhaps? Then all of a sudden I heard footsteps going thump, thump, thump!

I ran as fast as I could until... I stopped when I came across something else it was a large sofa…? It was made out of stone with a brick style pattern on it. On the top of the sofa lay a hard grey fox. The sofa looked very weird and not at all comfortable.

100WC#23 The Old Settee by GraceLB

It was a normal summer’s day in Pompeii 79AD. Marcus was lounging in the beautiful open square in the midday sun. Suddenly, a rumble came from under his feet and the ground shook like a bowl of jelly, and buildings slowly started to collapse. Hot flying rocks flew above his head and ash was destroying the town like a tiger hunting down its prey.

Mount Vesuvius erupted and had destroyed life itself in Pompeii. The lucky survivors ran, never looking back. All that was left in the square was a perfect stone cast, made by the ash, of Marcus' sofa (plus his cat!).

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Jemima

In this picture I see an old, abandoned sofa. It looks as if it has been placed in a wood or a forest. It also looks as if it has been in the wood or forest for quite a while. The settee is covered in dirt and dust, it is also probably torn in places. The old settee would probably stand out if you looked at the wood or forest from a small distance. Even though the abandoned settee does not have a huge amount of decoration or detail, it may have been very valuable and precious to somebody.

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Madison

I think this settee is in a woods. It looks like it is in a bush it also looks it is made out of rock or stone instead of what sofas are normally made out of. So I think it looks very weird it looks like someone didn't want the settee so they dumped it in the woods. But the settee looks like it has been there for years and it is stuck to the ground so I think that is very peculiar.

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Eleanor

As I was walking through the park with my dog I came across a sofa made of stone. My dog was barking at the sofa because there was a cat on top of it that was made of stone. I wondered why it was there and why would someone make such a beautiful piece of furniture and why put it in the middle of a park. I sat in the chair with my dog and realised why someone put it there. I looked straight ahead of me and I saw the most amazing and beautiful sunset I had ever seen.

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Morgan

My description of this settee:

This settee looks like it has been turned to stone and left outside in the cold and gloomy air. It looks like a cat has been turned to stone as it looks like a cat is on top of the settee. Also it is near a forest as there is lots of trees/bushes and leaves on the settee. To me it is a very interesting settee with a pattern on it as it also looks very comfortable saying it is made out of stone! It is like a seat for people to sit on when outside.

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Mia

I think this settee may be from hundreds of years ago. It may be famous because someone may have died and that could be their grave. The settee could be in an unusual place but from what I can see it is in a woods of a walking place. It does look very odd because who would have a settee in a weird place. I am not sure if this settee is normal home one, or a brick and stone one. It looks old broken scraped, and not treated well. Then I think well you don't know if it was made to look like that. It looks like a cat is on top of it relaxing.

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Mollie

This very old chair belonged to Mrs. Addams. She was a very strange woman who died at the age of forty eight and a half ish. Half of the chair is slightly different from the other side as it is slightly chewed. Fester the cat was buried alive with her with black roses and silk for comfort. She was living a dead persons dream. As I said earlier that she died. Well that is a lie she was also buried alive nearly ten million trillion gazillion feet underground so no one could dig her up except for her family.

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Sam B

I saw a very odd settee yesterday. It looked like it was made out of solid stone. At the same time, it looked like it was an ordinary settee. There was a giant green bush right behind it; the leaves were thick too. The edges were nicely done and curved. It doesn't look very comfortable and the stone was super flat. It was very smooth. You could see lines that made the settee look like grey bricks. Small swirls covered the front of the two arms of the settee. The stone piece of furniture is probably the weirdest I've seen.

100WC#23 The Old Settee by Jessica

The sofa is made of stone with tiny bits of red in. There are bushes or something like that behind the chair. It looks like it is just outside of a park in a town somewhere. It actually looks quite old maybe from the 19 hundreds or somewhere around there. It looks very cool. The person who made that must have been there for a while. I think someone made that by hand. I like the way it looks like a cat is sitting on the top of the sofa. I would never be able to make anything like that.

100WC#22 …but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper… Bobbi

Me and my Mum went to the sweet shop in town yesterday. I got a pack of sweets for 99p I paid for them and the lady said to me, "Do you want to buy these toxic sweets?"
I replied, "Yes I will try them."
I went out of the shop and on the wrapper it said raspberry sweets. We went to more and more shops. When we finally got home I got one to try. They were as big as a pip in a plum. I tried one; my face nearly exploded. I thought, "But it said 'sweet' on the wrapper."

100WC#22 …but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper… Lily

One day my mum and I went shopping. I saw a sign saying, "Puppies for sale” so I dragged my mum into the shop. Then I said, "Look at them, we so need a puppy in our house.”
But mum said, "Let's look at some other pets first!" So we looked around the shop but we loved the puppies. We agreed to buy one, but which one? We looked at the puppies and they all had wrappers on their collars. I chose my favourite I decided to call him Muffin, but it said ‘Sweet' on the wrapper, and we love him.

100WC#22 …but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper… Mollie

It was runny and slimy like blood. But it said sweet on the wrapper. I went to the candy store and told the woman. She had blood red lipstick and pearly white colossal teeth like fangs. She grabbed the sweet and grunted, "Try and be grateful ya little pestering brat of a child." When her back was turned I pulled the ugliest face to be seen. She turned back. My mouth was stuck in the awkward position. All I could see was a blackout.

100WC#22 …but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper… Mia

One sunny day I was sat on a bench it said sweet on the wrapper. I saw my friend and told her but she didn't believe me. I said but it said sweet on the wrapper. Then she realized it was a famous name. In the sixteen hundreds there was a place it was a sweet shop and they had yummy sweets. Also it said that because nowadays we keep wrappers in a museum. Then I remember my friend telling me about they put sweet wrapper outlines on to the bench. Which I think is a good idea, but my Mum phoned me saying that I had to go home which I didn't want to because it’s boring.

100WC#22 …but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper… Morgan

I was going to the corner shop to get my favourite sweets, they are sour lemon bonbons, as I walked in the shop I asked for a pounds worth of bonbon's when I had paid for them I looked at the wrapper but it said 'sweet' on the wrapper not sour. I thought to myself, "Maybe it's just a mistake," so I carried on eating them till I came to my last one but the last one was strawberry flavour so then I said, "Oh well they taste just as good!" And that was the story of my day!

100WC#22 …but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper… Sam F

On Monday I went to Tesco to go shopping. When I arrived at Tesco I was really hungry. I asked for a sour lollipop but it said 'sweet' on the wrapper. When I tasted the lollipop it was scrumptious. After I ate my tasty lollipop I went to the toy area. My favourite toy at Tesco is Lego Star Wars because I love Star Wars movies. Then I spotted the set that I was saving up for with my money. After I found the set I kept begging my mum can I have the toy. She said I could buy it, so I did.

100WC#22 …but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper… by Eleanor

I went to Tesco with my brother yesterday and I found a new sweet on the shelf that looked really nice. I love anything sweet, if it is not sweet I will not eat it. I bought the sweet because it said sweet on the wrapper. We got home and the first thing I did was try it. I bit into it but it tasted bitter. I turned to my brother and said, “But it said sweet on the wrapper." I thought to myself that was strange. I went to bed that night and did not think anything about it again.

100WC#22 …but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper… by Madison

One day my mum let me go to the sweet shop. I loved the sweet shop; it has millions of different types of sweets. There were; marshmallows, flumps, different chocolate bars, my favourite waffles, yum and lots more. There were some new sweets there that I had never had before so I got some. I brought them home and was just about to eat one when mum shouted, “Don't eat that!” so I stopped and turned around to look at mum.
I said, “But it said, 'sweet' on the wrapper.”

Mum said, “Never eat that stuff!”

100WC#22 …but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper… by Jemima

There was once a young girl, her name was Marie Rose Walker. She lived in a very small village near London. Her family were very poor, so she was really lucky to get one sweet a month. One day she was given two pounds to spend. She bought a big sweet, she did not know what it was called. When she opened it, all she saw was a small rolled up tea towel. Marie said to her parents, when they found out, "But it said 'sweet' on the wrapper.” Her parents were absolutely furious. Marie never went to that shop again.

100WC#22 …but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper… by Kieran

Finally it's my birthday, and as a treat we are going to the one and only Cadburys chocolate and sweet factory! At 3.00 o'clock, me and my two friends arrived at the factory. At the door was the owner of the factory, consequently, he explained how the factory makes chocolate and other boring stuff. Next to the door was a container full of sweets and I put my hand into the container to help myself to one of them, with which the owner said, "STOP, they're no good." 

With which I said, "But it said 'sweet' on the wrapper." 

100WC#22 …but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper… by Sophia

There is a very sweet girl in Mr Dub's class. Her name is Annie and she likes Mr Dub. His classroom is usually full with positive energy and he is cheerful as his birthday is coming up although none of his students had mentioned it. Mr Dub tried everything to remind the children but no one took an interest except Annie.
On Mr Dub's birthday, Annie handed him some chocolates and wished him a very happy birthday.
"The sweets are a bit bitter but thank you very much," said Mr Dub.

"But it said sweet on the wrapper!" Annie replied.