Sunday, 31 May 2015

So as she lifted the lid by Sophia

Gracie was sleeping at her Grandmother’s and for the first and was sleeping in the attic. She stumbled into the house and jumped up the stairs dragging her case and teddy behind her. 
"Hello? Hello is anyone here?" curiously shouted Gracie whilst climbing the stairs up into the attic. 
Gracie spotted her Grandma sleeping on her bed so she crept over to the cupboard (to put her things away) so as she lifted the lid and a tragic scent of dust and grime smothered her nose. Horrifically she saw lots of mice!
“AARRGGHH! MICE!” screamed Gracie as she slammed it.

So as she lifted the lid by Jessica

A few days my mum’s friend came round to help my mum with the tea. We were having sausages, bacon, egg and some baked beans but here is the funny part was my mum asked her friend to help her with the beans so as she lifted the lid it all exploded in her face it went all over the walls and everywhere else. Surprisingly it smelt quite nice. My mum laughed for a bit then asked her friend if she needed help. I cannot blame my mum for laughing though it was very funny indeed it is not every day you see that.

So as she lifted the lid by Sam B

Emily was starving. She was sitting in her room because she had pushed her sensitive little brother over. She jumped onto her tiny bed.

"Get something out of the chocolate tin," thought Emily. It was the only thing on her mind. She got of her bed and peeked out of the door. She crept round the wall and tiptoed down the stairs. She hid behind the sofa. Emily sneaked through the door and climbed the cupboard. She opened the other cupboard and grabbed the chocolate tin. So as she lifted the lid she heard a flicking noise of the light.

So as she lifted the lid by Mia

On the day I was born I lived in a lovely home. Then eighteen years later I was homeless living on a dirty street. I was starving I needed food. I lived with my kind sister Sabrina. I asked her to lift the trashcan for food it smelt horrid so as she lifted the lid of the grey, rusty trashcan she found a not scratched lottery ticket. I scratched it with one pence and it said I won 1 million pounds. I was shocked so I went in the local shop to turn in my ticket. 2 years later I was living in a house with my sister living right next door to me. 

So as she lifted the lid by Sam F

One day my family and I were making Sunday lunch, then I asked, "Can we make milkshakes as well?"

My dad said "Yes." So we all started making Sunday lunch and milkshakes then I looked out of the window to see if it was good weather, so we could eat outside but the birds were tweeting in front of the window so I couldn’t see. When we finished making the Sunday lunch and the milkshakes, my mum said, "I love milkshakes!" so as lifted the lid of the milkshake, we could all smell it.

So as she lifted the lid by Eleanor

Today is two days before my 10th birthday. I was given a £50 voucher so I am going into town to spend it in Claire's. Before going my brother, my mum, Belle and I are going to my Nan’s house.

Once we got there I had my breakfast. We went into town and I bought some sweets. I asked for a sweet from the jar so as she lifted the lid of the jar I picked a lolly pop. When we got home we made my birthday cake. Me and my mum went shopping in Tesco and we got a lot of food. as she lifted the lid... By Grace LB

Warning! This is a ghost story.

Anna was an archaeologist digging in Egypt, looking for a tomb under the great sphinx. She had been digging for five months and her arms were hurting so much that she was just about to give up, when suddenly the sand gave way beneath her. She fell into a hole that was dark, she had fallen into the tomb. She climbed through the thin sandy gap in the wall and ended up in a treasure room, with a golden box in the middle of the room. So as she lifted the lid...     

So as she lifted the lid by Charlie

I had a great day playing football with my friend Jack and playing games on the Wii. It gave me such an appetite, I was very hungry. I went searching the pantry for great food, chocolate would have been nice, but no, couldn't find any. So I looked in the fridge, I noticed a container, what was in it? I got mum to get it out, so as she lifted the lid the smell hit me, errrr rotten food, it smelt awful! Funny that, I wasn't hungry any more. The smell lasted for ages and the whole street became burned under a cloud of green smoke.

So As She Lifted the Lid by By Harvey

My sister was watching the television while my Dad was cooking a mouth-watering lunch. She started to smell it cooking and began to feel very hungry, she could hear the bacon sizzling in the hot frying pan. Quietly she got up and wandered over to the biscuit tin, without anyone noticing she placed her hands tightly around it ready to open and take a sneaky treat. So as she lifted the lid PUNCH! A massive boxing glove on a spring hit her and she fell to the ground, “ouch!” she said

“No biscuits until you've had lunch!” said Dad.

So as she lifted the lid by Rio

Once upon a time there was a girl in her class bored like every other day. The next day Red Head Bark woke up and ran away. When she walked on the pavement Red Head Bark saw an unusual bin so as she lifted the lid and fell in but first Red Head Bark smelt bad things, then she smelt yummy things. Red Head Bark heard yummy sounds people going yum from people eating sweats then she realised she fell into a candy land. Red Head Bark felt like she was in her realm where she liked everything that’s there.

...but the ferocious wind... by Rio

One morning walking into school there was no breeze. It was lovely chatting with my mates, it was the best. The next day was the same but the day after that one we walked into school it was so windy a man’s trousers fell down and he asked us to help but we said no then he said “But the ferocious wind blew them down” we carried on walking to school laughing. The teacher found out what we said to the old man and we were in really really really big trouble so then we never did it ever again.

...but the ferocious wind by Grace LB

I once went to Derbyshire with my family and it was a great holiday, we went this year. It was so quiet that it felt like it just shouldn't be that quiet. I went for a walk the day before we left with my father and we discovered ruins and caves. On our way home we had a very steep hill to climb. It was alright at first, but the ferocious wind blew, it took more and more time to get up it. We got there in the end and before the walk we had a fantastic three days before.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

...but the ferocious wind by Sophia

...but the ferocious wind... by Morgan

I was on a mission to climb a mountain, in the cold, strong wind, it was Mount Everest! But the ferocious wind was stopping me from completing my mission I was hanging on with my two hands helplessly trying to build up my strength to pull myself up. My hand slipped I was hanging on with my left hand about to fall to my doom. What was I to do? How would I survive? Would I even live? This was all racing in my mind with other questions that made me worried. I slipped again. And again. Then fell to my doom...

... but the ferocious wind... by Madison

One day I was in my house when I heard something break and it was really windy but the ferocious wind blew over my car and my crops also everything in my house. I was so frightened because at the moment I thought I was going to die. But I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up everything was back to normal like nothing ever happened but it must have happened. Something could never ever feel that real I still don't know if I was dreaming or I am crazy I don't know take a pick.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

...but the ferocious wind... by Caitlin

Lightning strikes big and bad,
Slowly it moves away, now everyone’s is glad,
Raindrops bounce fast and heavy,
Then all the rain goes slow and steady,
Clouds lighten fast and slow,
This doesn't really help the plants grow,
But the ferocious wind blows the sun bright,
Strong enough to fly a kite,
The mist covers up the sky,
So you can’t see each other’s bow tie,
Dampness makes you feel cold and down,
This makes things look so rundown,
Thunder is loud and scary,
Making people feel very weary,
The snow fall deep and thick,
This made the world fall quiet.

...but the ferocious wind... by Aron

A long time ago, lived a man called Steven. Steven was wise and he loved sailing. One night when he was asleep on his boat snoring, he hurdled down of his bunk onto the floor. Steven hurried to the masts and tried to pull them down! But the ferocious wind tore them down snapping his boat in half! It was still afloat but sinking down fast! Steven dragged out an old life jacket and slipped it on. Then jumped out saving himself straight before the ship exploded into oblivion scorching across the surface of the water. Thankfully he returned to his house safely.

...but the ferocious wind... by Harvey

On Saturday morning I was walking home from the shops when I saw a massive grey fluffy cloud coming my way, the trees started swaying with the blowing leaves rustling noisily. The wind was making a howling sound like a wolf, it was really freezing cold and I quickly fastened my coat up. As I went on I couldn't breathe properly and the brown dust was getting in my eyes, mouth and ears, but the ferocious wind got much worse I could hardly move forward, I struggled on until I reached the front door, I was so exhausted!

...but the ferocious wind... by Charlie

On Saturday I played football with my dad, the sun was shining all the time but the wind was blowing very strongly. Then in the afternoon my friend Jack came round to play, we played tig in the garden, my older brother Tom came out chasing us. He had spent all morning styling his hair, but the ferocious wind got up and ruined his hair style, we all laughed out loud but Tom was not happy, the more we laughed the more he chased us and got annoyed. When we went inside his hair dropped down over his face which made us laugh again.

...but the ferocious Eleanor

As the day went on I started to get more bored. So I decided to go out on a walk to the sea front. As soon as I was there I could smell the donuts cooking in the shops. I was going to go in the sea but the ferocious wind was blowing. I could see the enormous waves coming out of the sea and I could hear them roaring. I could taste the salt on my lips from the salty water. I could feel the wind blowing against me it was that hard. It was very cold.

...but the ferocious wind... by Sam F

Avengers age of Ultron
The Avengers were in the forest trying to defeat Ultron, but the ferocious wind blew everyone away, apart from Hulk. As soon as the wind blew most of the Avengers away Ultron escaped. Hulk was really mad so he tried to defeat Ultron by himself. But Ultron escaped before hulk laid a finger on him. When Ultron arrived at his secret lair he relaxed. Then suddenly from the roof, all of the Avengers shouted, "surrender!"
Because Ultron had no where to go he put his weapons down and said, "take me to jail."

...but the ferocious wind... by Mollie

Dear loving family,

But the ferocious wind was too strong to carry on. The trek was over. Mission denied. We had already lost two of our men and our strongest climber has hyperthermia. Well, who wouldn't its absolutely freezing out on the mountain and all the food we have left is sour frozen lemons. Could our journey get any worse. All hope is lost. Our last candle has melted. I am surprised I didn't die, the top is so near yet so far, the top is the place we need to be. The top is where I need to be. 

...but the ferocious wind... by Sam B

This was it. It was the challenge of climbing a fifty metre climbing wall. Luckily for me there was a pit stop halfway through. I grabbed onto the first rock. I grabbed another. After a while, I got used to it. I was nearly halfway and my fists were bursting with pain. I went to grab a rock but the ferocious wind blew me back. I had my left hand and both my legs on the rocks. I was super scared.
"This is for cancer!" I thought. Suddenly, all my strength came back. I felt like I could do anything.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Jessica - 100WC#32

The picture looks as if the bird is trying to eat the Lego figure. It actually looks very realistic. The picture also looks like the Lego figure is trying to lay some bird food out for the bird. I think the person who created the picture was very creative. I always just play with Lego I never actually thought about making a picture out of it. I don’t think that many people would think of using a Lego figure in a piece of art work. The Lego figure doesn’t even look a lot like a Lego figure it more looks like a real person. 

Sam B - 100WC#32

The lego figure stood their staring at the black crow's clawed feet. There was nothing between the evil crow and the helpless figure except from some tiny pieces of rubble. The lego figure could not change her face because she only had one. The lego figure had been thrown outside onto a small tree stump. Unfortunately, a crow lived right next to the stump, which was unlucky for the lego girl. The crow glanced down at the little lego figure. It took two small steps and he was already lurching above the little thing. The lego figure slowly glanced up.......

Morgan - 100WC#32

''Hello my big friend," said Lego.
''Hello to you too," said the bird whilst pecking at some food.
''How are you today then?'' asked Lego.
''Fine thank you!'' 
They carried on talking about general stuff and they had some lunch together and carried on talking. At the end of the day Lego and the bird went home. Lego had some dinner it was her favourite: Steak pie with peas and roast potatoes, ''Yum!'' Lego said with her mouth full of food. The bird had some dinner it was the standard bird food, seeds and that was their day.

Sam F - 100WC#32

One day my family and I went on a trip to a bird zoo. When we arrived at the bird zoo, I put my hands in my pocket then I realised I had a Lego man inside. I was on the log playing with my Lego then suddenly a massive bird came and grabbed my Lego. Then the bird flew away. So I ran as fast as I could to the bird to get my Lego man but the bird was too fast. Luckily my dad silently crept behind the bird and jumped on the bird so the bird would drop the Lego.

Eleanor - 100WC#32

One day I saw a little man climb up a tree stump to come across a big chicken. The little man knew he was in trouble because his is tiny and the chicken is massive.The little man tried to step away but it was too late because as soon as he backed away the chicken would squeak and hiss at him. In front of him there were some seeds, the chicken wanted them but the man was on an adventure and all he had was a drink of orange juice.

Madison - 100WC#32

One day there was a figure who went on a journey through the darkest part of the woods. No one has ever gone through the dark part of the woods. She set off and then she reached the beautiful part of the woods there was butterflies and beautiful birds singing in the tree tops. It was the most amazing part of the woods then she saw the best flowers in the world and thought how lucky she was to be there when she past that area she was face to face with the dark part of the woods.

Jemima - 100WC#32

In this picture it seems like the bird is standing looking all tall and strong, whilst the Lego man is trying to be mischievous and sneaky, he is attempting to steal the birds fresh collected food. What will the bird do? Will the bird try and attack the Lego man for the crime he is portraying, or will the bird be careless and stand there staring into space. He could do any one of those things, so the sneaky Lego man had better watch his back. Birds can be pretty aggressive. Either way the Lego man made a wrong choice.

Sophia - 100WC#32

Henry's Mum shouted, "Can you come in for lunch?"

Henry ran inside little did he know that he had left his lego pieces outside. However, whilst Henry was eating a large magpie clutched his lego man and carried the toy to a bird table (thinking it was food). Mum asked if he could put the remaining bread in the bird table, to his surprise he noticed his Lego piece was on the bird table. How did this get here he wondered? He heard a SQUAWK!!! He turned his body to face the black and white magpie sitting on the fence!!

Charlie - 100WC#32

Was this real or a dream I thought. Waking up to find I had shrunk and was stood on a tree stump surrounded by corn and faced with a monster creature on stilts. Having briefly looked up it looked like an oversized chicken, wow I thought that would go well with stuffing and gravy, then I thought oops, maybe not. Maybe he wants to eat for a change this must be the chicken's revenge on the humans. Help what do I do? I jumped down and ran as fast as I could with these little legs I had.

Rio - 100WC#32

Rebeca Red Head was going on an expedition with her mates when she saw something and she went to look what it what it was. Rebeca Red Head left the path and her mates and got lost so she tried to find her way back but she couldn’t and she encountered a big black bird. She found out it was a friendly bird so she got on it and flew up into the sky so she could look for her friends or to get home, she couldn’t see her mates so she flew home and had a really big nap.

Aron - 100WC#32

"Finally morning!" I said falling and thumping the ground with a thud. I heard my mother calling in for breakfast. I looked in the mirror and stared for a while. I saw a ripple wave through the mirror, and then another one! I stood firmly. I felt a sudden breeze... I yelled loudly whilst getting pulled into the mirror... 

I woke a while later to see that I was lying on a log in a strange position. I felt small as right next to me stood an enormous bird... 

Suddenly I realised I was one of the Lego people!

Chloe - 100WC#32

It was a beautiful morning in Skeggy and all was bright. ‘Knock knock’ went the grand straw knocker at the farm. Meg opened the old wooden door and standing right outside was a little boy dressed in old, smart clothes, “Well then?” 
The kid cheered, “Will you buy soma dees magic golden seeds from me for only one pound?” the kid was desperate so Meg decided to give him a chance and gave him two pounds. Meg fed the chickens with seeds including the golden one into the chicken pen. PECK PECK… WOW the little chicken was massive!!!

Caitlin - 100WC#32

There was a lady who lived in enchanted forest, nobody believed in her or liked her. But she wanted to prove them all wrong. So the following morning she crept out of the enchanted forest in to the open world. When she reached the park there was strange giant towering above her. When she had arrived at a tree stump she tripped over some bird feed and when she looked up she saw a dark black crow leaning towards her. It flew and pushed her. What was it going to do next? And where was the bird going to take her? 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

100WC#31 Adapting Fairytales

The challenge this week was due to adapt a fairytale to celebrate the birth of the new royal baby.

Snowflake and the 7 trolls by Jessica 
Once upon a time there lived a princess called Snowflake and she lived with 7 Trolls in the side of mountain. While Snowflake was living with the 7 Trolls her mother (The Queen) was on a hunt to kill her. It was very hard for Snowflake to keep running away from her horrible mother. The worst thing about Snowflake’s mother was that her mother was a witch so it was ten times harder to stay alive and survive. Every time Snowflake wanted to get away from the mountain the Trolls had to stay by her side.

Rapunzel by Sam B
Rapunzel was taking a stroll in the woods like she always did on a normal Sunday. She went past a tree and found a tall tower that stood in a massive steep crater. 
"Help! Help! I am stuck," shouted a voice from below. Rapunzel quickly sped towards a steep edge. 
"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair," begged a knight at the bottom of the stone castle.
"How do you know my name?" asked Rapunzel. The knight did not say a thing. Rapunzel let down her hair and the lost knight climbed up her long hair up to the top.

Cinderella by Mollie 
Once upon a time when I was just a little child, a new royal family member arrived. Her name was Ella. When Ella was just four years old her mother died. After that an evil woman married her father. She had two daughters. They had taken Ella's room and so she had to sleep by the fire in the attic. The evil step mother used Ella as a slave. The two step sisters made fun of the ashes in her hair and called her Cinderella. Later on the family went out for a slow walk. The step-family got lost in the forest and were never seen again and Cinderella lived happily ever after.

Rapunzel by Morgan
Once lived a young girl named Rapunzel she was born with long brown hair a woman named Mother Gothal adopted the child but all she really wanted was her hair because Rapunzel's hair was magical. It healed the hurt and made Mother Gothal look and act younger. Rapunzel found out what was going on so she ran away and chopped all her hair off and turned blonde. A man named Flynn Rider came along and loved Rapunzel the moment he saw her and she loved him they both fell in love and got married Rapunzel's mother never knew what happened!

Hansel and Gretel Sam F
Once upon a time there was a small cottage. Inside there was a Mum, Dad and two little boys. One day we realised that we did not have enough food for our family. So the father brought his two boys into the forest and left them behind. When it started to get dark the boys had nowhere to go. Suddenly they saw a massive gingerbread house. So they ran as fast as they could to the door so they could go inside. As they knocked on the door a kind lady said, "You can stay here as long as you want."
The end.

Beauty and the Beast by Eleanor
Once upon a time there lived a very beautiful princess in a shining castle. The princess was so naughty she slurped her drinks; she even jumped on the table at dinner and she broke wind. 
One night an old man came to the castle. He wanted warmth from the rain and horrible weather. The princess took one look at the man and walked away slamming the castle door behind her. In one second the old man changed himself into a handsome prince. After that the prince transformed her into a hideous beast and put a powerful spell on the entire castle.

Sleeping Beauty by Madison
One day a baby princess was born and every one came to see her and nearly everyone was invited. Then there were some fairies called Sparkle, Glitter and Shine they all gave the baby Victoria a very nice present. Then an evil human sized fairy named Dark Widow swooped in and said, "Oh why was I not invited!" and she got angry and cursed baby Victoria so that when she was 18 she would fall on a bush of thorns and go to sleep for millions of years and only true love’s kiss could save her....................

Cinderella / Royalella by Jemima 
Long ago, there lived a young girl named Royella. Her mum had died years ago, that meant she'd never get a sister. So instead she decided to try and have a baby. Soon, she became pregnant. Everything was going according to plan when all of a sudden her father got married to Claireaphene, a very evil lady. Royalella's father wasn't aware that she was evil, but Royalella was. Royalella's new stepmother told her she wasn't allowed to have a baby. A while after, Royalella met the man of her dreams. They moved to Candy-land together. Royalella soon had her baby, it was named Charlotte.

Red Riding Hood by Rose 
My favourite fairy tale story is Little Red Riding Hood because it is fun to read. 
Once upon a time Little Red Riding Hood, Millie, went to bring her brother some ham and mustard because he had run out of food. As she was outside of his bedroom she saw a rat who jumped onto her shoulder. The rat was named Cow, he was Millie's brothers pet. When Millie skipped into her brother’s room she put down the food on his bedside table and popped Cow back into his cage. But she hadn't shut the bars properly, so Cow hopped out of the cage and into the wardrobe where he made a den. He did a little poo in Millie's brother’s best clothes. Millie had to sell Cow because he did a poo everywhere.

Red Riding Hood by Grace LB
There was a little girl called Red Riding Hood and she was on her way to see her granny, she walked there every week and her mother always warned her about the big bad bunny, he would steal your goodies and Red was giving granny cupcakes, but she didn't believe her. On her way she thought to herself, “How could a bunny be so scary.” She suddenly heard something behind her and then she only had one cupcake. Then she ran to her granny's house and gave her the cupcake, but all the bunny wanted was her carrot cupcakes.  

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Charlie
There was once three royal family members. Prince William was big bear, Princes Kate was Mummy bear and Prince George was baby bear. One day they walked to the Castle in Kensington Forest where they were served with three bowls of Rice Krispies, they poured over the cold milk and listened as they went’ "SNAP", "CRACKLE" and an "ENORMOUS POP", when out jumped a little princess called Charlotte Elizabeth. The princess soon became part of the Royal family and couldn't wait to see her granny, the "Queen". Princess Charlotte was welcomed by the Queen into the arms of the Royal Family.

Goldilocks and the Three Monkeys by Harvey
Once upon time in the rain forest a girl called Goldilocks saw a treetop house so she climbed up and saw three wooden plates with bananas on them. Daddy’s banana was too ripe, Mummy’s wasn’t ripe enough and baby’s was just right. There were chairs made out of branches, Daddy’s was too rough, Mummy’s too thin and baby’s was just right. Then she saw three hammocks’, Daddy’s was too itchy Mummy’s was too scratchy and Baby’s was just right. The monkeys arrived back to find her sleeping and swung her out of the hammock she awoke and Goldilocks ran away.

Cinderella by Chloe
One day there lived two ugly sisters, a step mother and Ella Cinders. They were rich and loved their life except from Ella. She hated life and always moaned about it, well she didn’t exactly moan, she wrote about it in her wish diary. It had sixteen wishes ready for her birthday (tomorrow). She was excited and was ready to roll, but unfortunately for her she couldn’t have a party because her step mother and two sisters wouldn’t let her. She got angry about this and she stole money off her sisters to buy the beautiful dress. 

Gingerbread man by Aron
Once upon a time, lived an old man called Pat. He was lonely because his only daughter moved far away. Pat loved to bake. One day, he used a magical powder he got from his daughter. She said to use it when he feels lonely. He decided to make a big gingerbread man. After putting him in the oven it started to shatter! A massive blasting beam of blinding light came out from the old oven... The gingerbread man was alive! Pat didn't have to be alone anymore, he had a great companion and he called him Gingi.
And they lived happily ever after...

Cinderella by Caitlin 
There was a girl called Cinderella who was invited to a ball with her two ugly step sisters. When they arrived the prince was there. Cinderella danced with the prince until the clock struck 12, Cinderella ran out of the palace, leaving her shoe behind. The next morning the prince went to see whose foot it should fit. One of the ugly sisters heard of this and had an old witch cast a spell on her that any shoe she tried would fit. The shoe fit and on the day she married the prince he turned into a penniless pauper.

Caitlin - 100WC#30

As I gazed out of the kitchen window I had a feeling that this was going to be an exciting day, as I crunched on a cornflake. “Are you sure you are ready for your first day at the zoo?” asked mum cautiously. 
“Yes I am sure,” I replied confidently. I grabbed my bag off the table and left. 
As I started to walk down the street I glanced into a window to see a class as they danced. As I arrived at the zoo, it wasn't the hum drum of a normal day. The lion seemed to stare when I realised the cage door was open!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Aron - 100WC#30

In the south part of the Africa lived a friendly lion Stan. Every morning Stan ate his healthy breakfast and brushed his teeth. Even though, Stan found it very exciting when brushing his teeth, one morning he found it hard to brush as one stubborn cornflake got stuck in between his teeth. Stan got very frustrated and asked his friend monkey to help him with his problem. Monkey was busy playing her drum however she agreed to help. She used dry straw of grass to clean in between lion's teeth and managed to take the cornflake out. Stan danced with happiness.

Chloe - 100WC#30

“MINE!" squealed little lion in anger as monkey snatched his cornflake drum off him. "IT’S MI-INE!” screeched monkey as little lion grabbed the toy and ran off into the Exciting Forest where the Tootlers danced and the Suckers squawked. “Oh no, because me and little lion were fighting he has gone into the dangerous Exciting Forest!” monkey knew that his friend was in danger and needed to go and save him. But what could he do? He had no idea, all he knew was that his friend was in danger and was his fault… 

Harvey - 100WC#30

As we sat on the grassy area eating our lunch, I was able to watch the lion wonder around its enclosure it looked so peaceful and calm, I couldn’t believe I was so close to such an amazing powerful animal.
Just as I began to eat my cornflake cake a loud drum roll started and music started to play. We all turned to where the sound was coming from It was the chimp enclosure they one by one they came out side all dressed up and danced to the music it was hilarious and exciting to see. I love zoos.

Charlie - 100WC#30

Yesterday while I was eating cornflakes for breakfast I was very excited, because we were going to have a great day. We went to see Madagascar at the cinema it was very exciting and funny. There were lots of animals in the film there was a zebra called Marty, the giraffe was called Melman, the hippo was called Gloria and the lion was called Alex. The best part of the film was when the animals danced to the beat of the drum. Then out came the penguins of Madagascar: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private, whilst singing, "You like to move it," with King Julian the raccoon!

Grace LB - 100WC#30

Today we were going to the zoo and I was so excited. My sister played her drum (like she does every morning) and my little brother was shouting, “Cornflake! Cornflake!” When we got to the zoo there were zebras and spotty leopard and lions and every animal you could think of, and as soon as I saw the otters I happily danced over there and stared at them thinking, “cute!” It was all so exciting, and I had an amazing day, and that's why I am writing this, because I am going back there today and I am very excited. 

Rose - 100WC#30

Yesterday I went to the zoo at 1:00 pm. I was in the car for ages. Luckily my mum packed some crisps and lemonade. I ate loads. After I had eaten everything my sister Megan started moaning at me because I had eaten most of her things. When we got there, we went to see a zebra. It was so funny because it had a drum and did this really weird face. Next we went to see a lion. It was sitting in the corner of its enclosure eating cornflakes. When it saw us coming it got up and danced like a superstar. I thought it was actually amazing. Yesterday was really exciting.

Olivia - 100WC#30

One day I woke up and I went down stairs, I got a CORNFLAKE and while I was eating my cornflakes I DANCED around like something was really EXCITING but actually I was listening to music and the song was called LION and it has this really loud DRUM beat in the song and that really annoyed because it hurt my ears. So I got up to turn it off but when I was trying to turn it off I accidentally hit the loud button so it was really loud, then I tried to turn down but when I was trying to turn it down it turned up even louder so I chucked it on the floor and it broke and smashed then I just went to go back to bed.

Sophia - 100WC#30

“Harry I know you are excited but keep the noise down with your drum set please!” politely asked Harry’s Mother.
Suddenly, the noise fell silent, all that Harry’s Mother heard was Harry’s sister’s lion game. The next morning Harry took the cornflake box from the shelf, when from the corner of Harry’s eye he noticed the drumming competition. Before thinking, Harry begged his Mother to enter. She refused to let Harry for the next few hours until she got annoyed. His Mother agreed, Harry was over the moon with delight, thrilled he danced on the table.

(he lost the competition)

Jemima - 100WC#30

I went to the circus with my dad yesterday, it was amazing. There were, lions, tigers, dogs and even crocodiles! I think it was cruel to keep animals like that, but it was a great show. My dad bought me some candy floss and my hands and face got really sticky. Anyway, there was a lion that danced, a dog that did tricks with a cornflake, and there was a big group of crocodiles, and they each had a drum that they banged on with their great big noses. It was so exciting. I had a great time watching those animals.

Eleanor - 100WC#30

One day a little girl ran to the shop with her mum and dad. She was so looking forward to getting a toy lion because everyone wants it. The little girl danced round the shop and when she got the lion she named it cornflake. I never knew that the lion looked so exciting to play with because he has a really big smile on his face. When I got home I heard the noise of a drum I wondered where it was coming from. I looked in my room and I saw the real lion toy playing the drums.

Sam F -100WC#30

One day it was my birthday and I invited my family to come to my house. When they arrived someone gave me a massive present. As soon as they gave me the present it was exciting to see what I received. I opened it and it was a drum kit. When I was playing with the drums the lights turned off. Suddenly my mum was carrying a lion themed cake and was singing happy birthday to me. Before I was about to eat the lion cake my dad said, "There are cornflake cakes in the kitchen." At the end of the party everyone danced.

Morgan - 100WC#30

This morning I was eating my cornflakes I was just about to eat my last cornflake that's when I heard a drum roll I was confused. Then came a lion who danced round my kitchen doing the tango! I don't know what was happening but it was exciting so I carried on watching the lion dance and the drum noises. I was just about to eat my last cornflake but then a bullet came shooting through my window! I screamed in fear then came another and another and another was I going to live or will I die? "We got her boss just like you said," the lion announced, "perfect!"

Sam B - 100WC#30

Dad walked into the room. He saw his kids watching an adverts on TV. A drum roll sound came from the TV. BING!
"Co-co pops cornflakes are delicious and crunchy," said a voice on the TV. A crocodile on the TV sped over to a bowl of cornflakes. Suddenly, he fell in a hole that was covered in leaves. The screen switched to a monkey, a hippo, a giraffe and a lion. They all danced with their cornflakes. The advert went off and another one came on. Dad left the room. 
"Weird and exciting adverts," murmured Dad.

Chloe - X marks the spot

“Monkey! Come here!” called Lion worried about his beloved friend. Where could he be Lion wondered as he stepped a little closer to the dreaded dangerous Exciting Forest every second. The closer he got the more worried he felt for Monkey. He just wanted to make up with monkey but obviously he couldn't do that until he found him. But what was that lying on the floor? Monkey’s toy!!!! He must have dropped it thought Lion. On the toy was a map that had directions on it… X marks the spot, that’s where Monkey is!