Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Ha! by Kirsten

 "I don't want to go Mum." I whined.
"Oh shut up Lillie. You have to go. No matter how evil sounding the other six form girls make it sound you are going."
"Fine." I murmured.
Once dressed and had my breakfast I reluctantly opened the door, stepped outside and slumped off to the bus stop.
Finally I got to school to be welcomed with a " Hello snot face!" I just fought through that one one thinking it would be the last. But by golly I was wrong. By the end of the day, my head really ached a lot...

The wrong thing! by Kirsten

 "Oh, no Suzie, what are we going to do? I'm supposed to be having a meeting with the mayor today about working in 'Major Products'. How am I going to do it all?" Mum moaned.
"Seriously Mum. I'm in hospital here with a broken leg and breathing problems because of that stupid dare you gave me and all you're bothered about is getting that job. What much of a mother are you?" I shouted. I para sailed down the Shard for a dare. It was too high and I fell, then ended up where I am now!


 Ting! Ting! That was the annoying sound of the cuckoo clock chiming 2pm. It was Friday afternoon, and everyone HAD to stay indoors, apparently, to pray to the 'Snow God' to give us snow this winter. It wasn't true(I was sure of that)...maybe I was wrong! 
Today started off humid. But it got colder, frost growing on the windows, then the fire went out. This was unusual! The cold had got right into my bones when in the corner of my eye, I saw something. It was blue and sparkly, I knew just what it was...

......My Head Really Ached .......by Ava

 I was riding my bicycle when BOOM my head hit the floor , I was in the middle of the road with cars surrounding me. It was an awful feeling . When I woke up I was in hospital . My Mum was there and she was saying,"Are you okay ?"She looked very scared probably more scared than me . There was also lots of nurses and doctors surrounding me. I was getting even more nervous every second. The nurses and doctors were saying,"You will be okay."I did not trust them . It was an scary experience. My head really ached...

..it was too high..by Ava

 I was reading my book and then my mum said,"Come on we are going tower climbing." 
"where ?"
"The Eiffel Tower."
My mum knows how scared of heights I am.
"I am not going ."
"You are!!"
"Am not!!!"
"If you don't you are no longer going to dancing ."
"Fine."I really regret saying I'll go I just can't keep my mouth shut, can I ?
"Off we go ."
"Wait we are not going today are we?"
"Of course we are ."
So off we went .....
"Now we are here lets go."
So we got all our gear on .
I said ,"It's too high"

the cold had got right into my bones...by Ava

 It was a cold winter morning when I heard a noise it sounded like the wind but I thought it was more than that so i tiptoed downstairs and went to see what was causing all that racket It tuned out it was the washing machine so I quietly tiptoed back upstairs and got into bed . 

It was the night after all that malarkey happened. I was tucked into my bed when I felt something i thought that the cold had got right into my bones when all went silent . Then Raaaaa , I was never seen again... so that's my spooky story what is yours AAHHHHHHHH.

my head really ached by Jessica

This might possibly be the worst day of my life because yesterday I was jumping on the trampoline and all of a sudden I fell off with an enormous CRASH! My head felt like it was going to split but luckily it never did, and that is why my head really ached. I am still in this hospital that gives you the worst food ever! The only good things that they give you are a permission slip to skip school and the drinks are really good as well. So I don't really mind staying at a hospital after all.

It was too high by Jessica

 I woke up and I found myself locked up in a prison, the dark prison was enormous. After I found out that there was a lock but I couldn't find the key. Then in the corner of my eye I saw a cupboard and on top there it was a shiny, golden key. I tried to reach it but it was too high and in the end I spotted a long stick and immediately I picked it up and tried to reach the key. It worked but then I noticed that it was my sister who locked me up.

the cold had got right into my bones when... by Jessica

 I got out of my bed and knew instantly that I forgot to put my cover on since I was freezing, the cold had got right into my bones when suddenly someone came in and put the cover on me. I knew straight away that it would've been my mum since she always would worry about my health. I woke up to see if I was right and I was right. She was staring down at me and said, "You should always remember to put your cover on." Then she stormed out of my room and slammed the door.

Lazy day by Isabelle

 Last week I got up to go to school. It was my birthday so everyone in my family came to give me present that they bought me. I went down stairs to go get breakfast after my family gave me presents in bed, but then I felt really really funny inside. CRASH!!!!!! I was down the stairs all curled up in a little ball. All i could remember before that was that my head really ached. My Mum came charging down the stairs to see if I'm okay and she said, "Lets have a lazy day today."

The cold ice cave by Isabelle

 I stood there with no one by my side in the dark cold cave. I made some fire so I could see where I was going but it didn't help. I made my way through the cave still wondering where I am. There was a mysterious corner in the cave where they were a lot of skeletons, so I decided not to go over there. "CREEEAAAKK" I heard something. I looked back to see what it was. "AAAAHHHH" suddenly a skeleton was right behind my shoulder. The cold had got right into my bones when the fire lit again.

My head. by Emily

 My mum was at work. But my head really ached I called Nan she put an ice pack on it. It doesn’t help when my little sister runs around screaming she’s never quite. I thought I banged it in the night. There was a massive lump at the back of my head. It really hurts. Nan said’ ’If it still hurts I will take you to the doctors. ’’My little sister ran around me she kept screaming. Mom came home she took me in her car. The doctors said ‘’ It will be fine just give it time.’’

Day at the fair. by Emily

 I was about to go on a ride. But then I looked up it was too high I wasn’t a fan of height’s. But Mum said she had already paid so I had to go on it. I hated it I felt sick after my Mum and Dad know that I hate height’s there my worst nightmare. It was very disappointed cause day I was on big rides all day which I hated. My mum then took me to all the small rides which was better for me I don’t know about them.

Cold forever. by Emily

 I woke up I got thick layers on of clothes on and had my breakfast. The cold had got right in my bones when I had a drink. I was so cold there was nothing I could do about it. I lay by the radiator for ages it still didn’t work. I was cold forever. I put loads more layers on until they didn’t fit. There was nothing I could do about it. All I did all day was try and warm up. But it was no use it wouldn’t work.

Too Cold For Me by Kaycee

 It was one cold and windy day in December, when me and my dad was gathering wood for the fire. "Why can't we just buy a servant?" I moaned and groaned." Because we don't have enough money available in the bank at the moment." My mum said with disappointment. The next day the cold had got right into my bones when I got out of bed. I knew it was too cold for me and my mum knew to but there was no way to stop this dreadful weather so I knew I had to live with it.

........ My Head Really Ached ........by Molly

 Once I was getting out of bed and I was so tired I banged my head on the door it was not on purpose though I told my mum and dad and they said,"You'll be alright but if it still hurts at the end of the day I'll take to the doctors it will be fine though." My head really ached it was like someone was patting my head like I was a dog everything was so weird and very unusual. After school I walked home. When I got home my mum took me to the doctors.


 On my 8th birthday I went to Fantasy Island which is a fair. I saw this ride that looked epic and me and my friends all went on it. when we was on it I was terrified I would never ever go on that ride again it was too high!!! Me and my friends were screaming even though it wouldn’t make it any better the lady who was on the ride with us was very kind and asked a member of staff to stop it early we all said thank you to the lady. We still had a fab time.

.. A Winters Day ..........by Molly

 One cold winters day I woke up and ran down stairs for my breakfast I remembered I was having my favorite which is pancakes with Nutella, sugar and squirty cream. I know it sounds quite bizarre but you should try it it's delicious I'm only allowed pancakes with Nutella, sugar and squirty cream on a Saturday. Oh yes my sister called Ella tried them and she loved them so she has them with me so I don't eat them on my own. We I went outside the cold got right into my bones when we ran inside.

The big van by Lisa

It was my Birthday and my whole family was coming to my house to celebrate. Then I went in the fridge to get the food for the buffet and there was no food at all "Oh No, what am I going to do for the buffet if I have no food!" I said to myself. " Oh I know, I can just quickly go down to the shop down the road and buy some party food." So off I set and as soon as I got onto the road a big van ran into me. " Are you okay?" The Man asked. My head really ached!

The bad day at the fair. by Lisa

Last week it was my birthday and I went to the fair to celebrate. I saw a really big roller coaster and I thought "if I go on it now then it might make me not want my dinner so I will go on it a bit later." so I went for lunch, I had a chicken wrap with mayonnaise in it. then I went on the roller coaster and I felt sick. It was too high! I could not look down I panicked and panicked then suddenly I was sick and the sick fell right onto a women’s head.

My sister's birthday by Lisa

 Last week, on Monday it was my Sisters birthday. I woke up and looked out of the window it was not a very nice day because it was raining, a lot! The windows were wet and steamy. I went down the stairs for breakfast. There I was in my pyjamas and then there was my sister with her hair done up fancy and in a big pink dress. " Get out of here " my sister said " It is my birthday and I can have what I want!" I walked out of the door. The cold had got right into my bones when..... I collapsed straight onto the floor.

The bash on the head by Cloud

Last week when I was at school I saw something you might think bizarre but I have now convinced myself I was just imagining things because of me getting hit on the head.
But this was what I thought at the time,
I thought I saw a corpse rising from the ground,
I thought I saw a vampire flying in mid air,
I thought I saw victor Frankenstein with his creation
All thanks to Jerry who was the goal keeper on the other team in football.
But then again.... my head really ached... or either what I saw was real?

Monday, 21 December 2015

Ache by Paris

The worst day of my life was yesterday because I was riding around on my scooter s fast and I fell straight off it. I fell and bashed my head right on the floor started to feel really dizzy and my head really ached I got up and I could hardly see where I was going. So I ran inside looking like I was crazy and told my mum that I really hurt my head, and I really needed to go to the hospital. I got into the car and I just reached the hospital, they gave me some tablets.

It was too high by Paris

I was on my way to the capital of France which was Paris, and on the way my dad asked me if I wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower and it looked really high, in fact it was too high I could hardly see the top of it out of the car window. I was too scared to go up it so I said to my dad "No thank you."He asked me why and I answered because I was afraid he said that is fine and he carried on driving to our wonderful and huge hotel in France.

the cold had got into my bones when... by Paris

I and my best friend called Kaci ,woke up and it was Christmas day we ran downstairs and saw two massive piles of presents. The first thing we thought of this morning is presents and snow so after we opened all of them huge presents we ran quickly the glass window and looked outside. We couldn't believe our eyes guess what we saw, we saw white snow falling down from the sky. We ran outside without our warm hats and gloves on and the cold had got right into my bones when we realized we had no coats on.

My head really ached by Nicole

 It was my friends birthday and I was the first one there so it was really quite then my other friend came then all of them came it was so fun. But then my head started aching and it really hurt and it didn't stop I cried so badly that I went home I had to go to the hospital and I had to stay at home all day it was so boring. I didn't go to school the next day it was the worst day ever. I hope I get much much better tommorow it is so bad.

It was too high by Nicole

 I woke up in the morning and my mum said we are going to Fantasy Island. I was so happy but a bit scared and she said that we are going on the biggest roller coaster there, I was terrified. I was terrified because I and going on the sling shot and it is really scary. So I got dressed and went to Fantasy Island it was my turn I was shaking but my mum said have a try. I sat down and, binggggggg it went so high that I got really dizzy and it was too high I am never going on it again.

The cold had got right into my bones when... by Nicole

In the morning I woke up and went down stairs to eat some breakfast. I ate bread and jam. Then I got dressed and the cold had got right into my bones when I went outside and it was so so cold that I had to go inside. Then my mum gave me some warm tea to make me warmer then I ate my dinner and it was nine o clock so I brushed my teeth and went my my warm bed with my little dog and then started the new day . But I hope that with out the cold in my legs.

my head really hurt by Mia

On Christmas eve I couldn't wait till the morning when I was opening presents and plus my friend Tia was coming I hadn't seen her in years she was my best friend in the whole wide world. But she had to move away because her dad had a job in London. But she said I could come over when ever but of cause I never got to it. She also has a mansion it is amazing it has a massive swimming pool. As I went to jump on my bed I hit my head. My head really ached....

it was too high by Mia

On the night of Christmas eve I was tucked up in my warm and snug bed. Just then I heard a bang outside so I got out of my bed, put my dressing gown on and walked outside over the crunchy snow. Suddenly I fell down a hole it was too high to climb up. I was screaming and shouting but no one could hear me then I saw someone look over the hole. I begged them to help me out so they did. as soon as they got me out I ran back into my bedroom and read a...

The Cold Night by Mia

 It was the night before Christmas and all threw my house it was dark and dusty so I went to bed to get some sleep ready for St. Nicholas to come. But when I went to bed I forgot to put my quilt on me so it got quite cold after awhile I put my covers on because I woke up. But even with the covers on the cold had got right into my bones when I just heard a noise I tiptoed downstairs to see what it was. There in front off me St. Nicholas stood I was amazed.

My head really ached!!!!!!!!! by Anesha

 I was at my gymnastics at school and I was running round the corner and another girl was running the other way and BANG!!!!! that hurt they both shouted and they cried.They ran back to the teacher and the teacher said "Whats the matter
I answered with"we was both running persist ways and we banged heads. Then our teacher shouted somebody ring a ambulance so Mrs Tammi rang the ambulance and they was here in a flash and they rang my mum and me was in the ambulance and my head really ached ouch I shouted to the doctor.

It was too high......by Anesha

 I woke up one morning and it was a day before Christmas and I asked my mum what you would like for Christmas she said she has everything she wants all ready. So I went to a shop were there was people dressed as elf's and I asked the elf's can you buy a star the elf said yes and I said where he said to the right and straight on so I walked were the elf had told me I found it but it was too high I couldn't get it so I asked the elf and Christmas was saved.

The cold had got right into my bones when............by Anesha

I was walking down the street and I saw an ice skating ring so I decided to have a go so I payed it was £20 for just me on my own. That’s a lot. When I got in the ice ring I started to skate I fell over the first two second I was in there. Everyone laughed at me so I got back up and started to skate and I fell over again and that time the cold had got right into my bones when I fell over it really hurt so when I got up and started again.

Head It! by Kiefer

I love football. It's my favorite sport. I could play football everyday. The best thing about football is heading it. I loved heading balls. I'm in the championships for the finals. Here's a list.
Professional football socks.
Professional everything.

That's everything. (Enough hours later for the match.)
It's nil nil and the falcons (The opponents.) Have the ball but my pan is to head it . But the goaly couldn't stand to lose. He untied his shoe laces and purposelessly untied his shoe laces and kicked. I accidentally headed it. My head really ached I was put in hospital lucky of survival...

Old but tall by Kiefer

 I dig everywhere but I always find something ancient everywhere I look. But this time I'm going up the tallest mountain at the center of the world. It was too high but I suppose it's worth it. Finally. I'm inside. There was a ? chained up. I saw some cards of it's head arms and legs. I pieced them together but it said and it said the forbidden one it's chains snapped and it destroyed the cards...
Game over. I was happy. I was buried in a cemetery. If only it's appearance didn't exist. It was originate but dark.I rolled in sorrow.

Abdominal mutation by Kiefer

 Snow is white, ice is blue. Mix them both with neucular atomic acid. What do you get? An abdominal snowman. That's wicked. I could rule the world. I will find everything I need and make it myself. In science class mixing the acid together dropping ice and snow in it and putting it in your freezer...

Bad things happen. I was unhappy. A lot because my brand new bowl is obliterated. I t would seem that a chemical reaction happened with the bargain. The sign said
I guarantee you buy me. I dressed in bright apparel to show my shame. When I crave I want. I wish I had an abdominal snowman! All of a sudden temperatures dropped. The cold got right into my bones smash...
Be careful what you wish for.

My head by Olivia

 I was on my way to Heathrow Airport because I was going on a proper holiday for once. I am going to Gran Canaria I am really excited about going my mum told me that when you go to the town you need to go up one hundred and something steps it's a good job that I have got little strong legs. I was on the plain and my head really ached I think it was because of all the loud noises. I hope that next time we go on a plain I don't get a headache.

Why did this have to happen by Olivia

 “woo!” It was the time I was waiting for my mum promised that if I was good for a month I would get to choose were we go for our next family outing. “mum I know where I want to go I want to go to the mountains.” We were walking and walking up this really high mountain and well… “Ah…!” we had fallen then we realized the mountain it was too high. Mum had fallen on a really sharp boulder and sadly died dad had also died and so did my brother and it was all my fault. Why.

The abominable snow man by Olivia

 "I'm telling you mum I swear I saw a abominable snow man it was gigantic when I was trying to get something out of his cave to get it I had to lure a rope down there." So I have been trying to find the cave on the mountain so I can prove that I found a abominable snow man. It took a few hours but I found it once again. I went in the cave and...
I spent the next two weeks in hospital all because of that stupid,large,over waited abominable snow man. What is happening.

THE WALL by Frankie

 I was in the playground and my friends were playing tag so I joined in. And then when I was running I fell over and fell into a wall and then got rushed to the hospital and was laid on a bed then I woke up to see my whole family around the bed. I got up and my head really ached and I walked home feeling faint. When we all got home I went to bed and my mum said "Are you okay" "Yes I am okay" I replied. And then dad got home and we all had tea.

The Dive by Frankie

 In New York I was on holiday and we were going to go skydiving because it as our last day in New York City so we did. But when we got up there I wasn't so sure any more although I still wanted to do it then before I could don't do it I jumped. Thank god my eyes were closed and I was looking up then my mum shouted look down so I did. But it was too high so I looked back up and screamed then I pulled my string landed to safety and drove home.

The Cold by Frankie

 In the UK in winter its freezing most of the time and most of us want to stay inside but today I wanted to go outside so I asked my mum and dad. They said "yes" and I did and when I got out there it was ice cold and I thought, I want to go back inside but then it started to snow so I stayed out and made a snowman. After the cold had got into my bones when it snowed so I ran back inside and to the fireplace then I called down for a nice rest.

Ouch! by Jack

 I hurled myself down the stairs well I didn't hurl myself down the stairs it was my friend Jack,he didn't mean to we were just practicing our judo throws when he hurled me down the stairs! He threw me that hard that I was unconscious and when I woke up my head really ached but that was great! I felt as flexible as ever but I couldn't really speak and Jack asked,
"Are you alright?" I did a somersault to prove that I was fine. We were all relieved that I was fine after what happened.

Heights by Jack

 It was a nice day outside and my friend Jack had an idea we were going to go mountain climbing and I said,
"And how exactly do we do that?" Of course he had no answer that's what he usually does he says something good and has no idea how, he is hopeless so we went over to the highest thing we could find eventually we found ... Well I didn't know what it was it was huge! In fact it was too high for my liking Jack climbed up where as I stayed down I am scared of heights.

Strange... by Jack

100 Word challenge

 I was wandering around trying to find my friend Jack but it is very hard when he walks into a woods! I was searching for what seemed like hours it was really far away from home as well. The cold had got into my bones when a sudden warmth spread over my face it was coming from a house a man dressed as a skeleton came out and said, "Is that your friend?" He was looking inside his house and pointing at me someone said yes I looked inside and saw Jack I was relieved that he was safe at last

my head aches by Aimee

 One hot morning I woke up with my blinds wide open and the gorgeous sun was brightly shining in my eyes. I got bored in my bed so I down the steps when suddenly, I fell flat on my face with a big BANG! I didn't cry but it did hurt so much, I went to tell my mum and dad and they said,"You'll be fine, just go and rest for a while." So I did. I went back to my bed and I rested for a while.

gymnastics bar by Aimee

 It was Friday. It was a very special Friday because it was our show. In the show there lots of equipment. I was extremely worried. I needed to get ready.I was ready my mum drove me to the Embassy Theatre. When I got there everyone was getting ready for their part of the show. I was so excited. Suddenly my group had got called out on the stage. I was prancing about like a bunny. I was waiting. I had to go on stage. I walked up to the bar, then I thought it was too high for me.

my head really ached by Dalton

 I was running down the road and suddenly I tripped and hit my head on the pavement, I was crying in so I walked home and told my Mum she said "whats wrong" I said when I was running I fell over and hit my head on the pavement she said go and sit down I will make you a warm drink and I sat down watching the Simpsons and then my Mum came in with a drink. I said thank you mum gave me an ice pack to put on and the next day my head was all better my head didn't ached no more.

...the cold had got right into my bones when...by Dalton

 One cold morning I was walking to the shop to get some food for my mum and suddenly I felt a shiver right into my bones, the cold had got into my bones when I step into the shop It was so cold I quickly ran home to sit in the warm and have a hot chocolate watching a Christmas film the Christmas film the was ELF my mum put on the fire to keep the house very warm because it was winter and very cold my mum and dad and my sister came and watched the film all on the sofa all day long.

.....my head really ached....., by Finley

My brother punched me in the face and my head really ached. The day after me and my family went on a trip my brother said sorry but I forgave him. We were going to London (the capital city of England) on the way it was really tough because I could not move my legs unless i got out of the car. In London it was really busy my Mum said, "Be careful on the road it is very busy."
I said back, " Okay Mum," we all walked across the road and suddenly my head got better at the end of that fun day we went home.

The high Eye by Finley

 It was a bright sunny day in London when me and my family went out on a trip to the London Eye it was amazing as we were traveling there we saw Daniel Radcliffe and some other famous people. When we got there I looked up at it and it looked like it was going to fall on me as we got on the woman said, "Are you ready?" and it started moving when we were at the top I thought it was too high I was so happy to get off because I felt incredibly sick. When we got home I had a nice sleep.

The cold gloomy night by Finley

 It was one cold day when I was playing at my friend's house it but after 4 hours I had to go home. When I got home I said to my Mum, "It looks very cold and gloomy outside," she replied, 
"I agree." When I went to bed I could not sleep so I got up and went on my I pad (before I asked my Mum and she said it was ok) my Dad came in my room and said, "shall we both play noughts and crosses?" I replied, "Ok Dad." it got to 12 O'clock so we both went to sleep.

The TV Remote by Rhianna

 My brother Andy and I were fighting over the remote control, for the second time today. I wanted to watch'Where wolf?'. It was about a girl who kept disappearing on a full moon, and nobody knew why. 
Andy wanted to watch 'Beebies!'. It was a really babyish program, but he still wanted to watch it, even though he was 11.
So we had a fight over it. I whacked him over the head with a pillow, but he dodged, and returned it with a punch in the forehead. My head really ached, all because of the stupid TV remote.

A walk in the park by Rhianna

 "Where am I?" I called. A walk in the park took me here, but this was no park. It was more like an abandoned jungle. A cow came my way. I asked him if he could get me out of here, obviously losing my mind. "I've tried it before. It was too high for me" the cow said. "What was it like?" I said. He didn't reply, he just lifted his leg up and I saw the underside of his body, all torn and rough. Three questions : Where am I? What do you mean? Can all cows talk?

P.E. Homework by Rhianna

 I was in my bedroom, writing on my desk, when my mum said to me that I had to do my homework. "I am doing it!" I moaned. Mum winked at me, then she replied, "No, your P.E. homework!". I didn't even know I had any! So I rushed outside and opened the creaky garden gate, that was rusty at the edges. It was freezing!I was in danger of frostbite! The cold had got right into my bones when my mum shouted, "SURPRISE!". She was holding a woolly coat, that was really furry. Just what I needed!

OUCH! by Tyler S

 I hate Mondays. Especially this one. I got out of bed (as all days start) and my head really ached. "OUCH!" I yelled as I got out of my bunk-bed. And that's when I started thinking, `whats going on up there? ` 

Maybe there are builders. Yes builders on top of my head. With their saws, jig-saws and hammers, building on top of my head.

Or athletes. Maybe athletes. Running the 12 inch dash! Who knows it might be the Olympics up there!

I don't really know why this happened. No-one does. Not even Dad!

Disaster! by Tyler S

“I just need a high stool!” squeaked Tony, Tony is an Elf and this year it’s his turn to put the star on the Christmas tree. So he found trampoline (that was supposed to be one of the children’s!) he made a running jump on to the tree. “I did it!” he yelled, but then the tree fell down on top of him, on top of the broken trampoline “Who wanted a trampoline for Christmas?” he questioned as he pushed the giant Christmas tree off him. `It’s was too high` he thought. Then the high stool came.

Winter by Tyler S

 I half-hate winter. 50% because the cold has always been intense for me and on the good 50% I love the festive season. On December 14 my dad said we’re going on a skiing holiday, just for the weekend. This meant we had to go out in the cold, snow and the ice. I didn’t stand a chance, not even for the weekend. The moment dad announced “We’re here.” I could already feel the cold, so freezing that the cold had got right into my bones when as soon as I stood up, they broke! Then my father sighed “winter”

My funniest dream ........by Tia A

 On Monday I had the most funniest dream there was a party for everybody. I turned up in a big banana costume that my Mum made me I was really impressed. At 7:30 It was disco time in the skating ring, were every body who came to the party had to put pink ice skating shoes on. I was probably the best everybody had a penguin to learn with. After a while my head really ached the music got louder and the noise of the shoes became annoying I just couldn't cope with it so I went home.


Last week my Mum took me to the fair and I wanted to go on the roller coaster but It was too high for me so I cried and cried until I got my own way so I asked for an Ice cream, "NO". So I asked for candy floss, "NO". So i just cried for minutes and hours. Eventually we went home and mum did dinner while I went up stairs in my bed room and sobbed till diner time came. "Dinner is ready" shouted Mum. When I got to the table we had tomato pasta it was disgusting!

My head by Zia

 Yesterday a lovely girl named Aimee went to the playground and she really did not like it there. It was so noisy that she could not hear herself think and she was not very well that day. Aimee said to her mum “My head really ached." Aimee went home and she was not happy because her favorite place is the playground so she was so upset. Her mum gave her medicine and she was getting better. The next morning Aimee was better so she got to go to the playground and it was so peaceful. So she was so happy.

...My head really ached...by Kaci

 Hi i'm Aimee. I was at my friends house and I got a head ache because she put music on and it got annoying. 
"Can you turn the music off please!"shouted Aimee.
"NO!" shouted Tia back.
"Why?I have got a really bad head ache!" Aimee questioned.
"Because I said so!" Tia said bossily.
"I'm going home, because you're so selfish!"
"You're so mean!" shouted Tia as she was turning off her music so her mum could hear. Her mum came upstairs and chucked me out off the door on to the grass. Shes mean.

It was too high by Kaci

 It was my brothers birthday, and as a family we are going out for his birthday. I don't know where we are going, but my parents do. We are know going to get in the car and I have brought my phone and i pad to play on, my brother bought his new laptop. 

We get there in 2 hours and we had a 10 minute stop.
It was at the edge off a cliff and I was really scared and my brother thought he was going to the skate park. We was very sad and we said

The cold had got right into my bones when... by Kaci

 One winter cold day I was out building a snowman, with my best friend Paris, and we were really cold and we were wearing a jumper and a big coat. 
The cold had got right into my bones when we had a snowball fight and I fell onto a big pile of snow. Then we had to go inside to get warmed up and we had a hot chocolate.I had marshmallows on mine and Paris had the same and we were really warm so we just watched christmas movies and we laughed and laughed at Home Alone when he did the nasty tricks.


 Me and my friends had a day out down town because we hat to bye some Christmas presents for are family. We bought everything are family wanted my mum wanted a I phone 6s so I got her that my brother wanted the new nerf gun so I got him it. You probably think I am being kind but he said," If you don't get me that nerf gun you are going to pay!" So I thought I better get going. After all that we went to KFC! we ordered are food then I fell off my chair my head really ached.

THE SHARD by Harry

 "Ready to go mum" Shouted Franklin, "yes" said mum they were both going to London then Franklin found out he had a surprise. It was a long way to London but Franklin didn't care he just wanted his surprise. As they were getting closer to London Franklin was getting more exited about his surprise. Finally they got their, "OK your surprise is me and you are going to the shard." Explained mum" Yes!!!!!" Franklin screamed. As they went up 74 floors in the lift we got to the top floor I looked out the window IT WAS TOO HIGH.

THE COLD DAY ! by Harry

 So their I was in my house /ice burg it was the coldest day of the year also we had nothing to do. It was time to get diner but to be honest I want a change all we have is fish fish fish fish !. I wish we had something different like juicy meat but no more fish. you never find any animals around here all you see is lots of fish what i'm sick of. Oh well so out we went caching fish. The cold had got right into my little bones when I fanted unfuchenutly I missed mu fish.

The Elf That Lost Its Magic by Tyler W

part 1

 Peter is an Elf, who reports to Santa every night to decide which list you are on. On one occasion Peter was hiding candy canes after flying back from his visit to the north pole he wanted to put one on the top of the Christmas tree but it was too high for him to reach. He tried flying but he had used all the magic to the North Pole and back. He could only regenerate his magic by resting for over 12 hours. It was nearly time for him to freeze. Peter had no choice but to eat it…

 part 2

 “Hi Santa!” Yelled Peter as he jumped off Brownie his reindeer friends back as he lost his magic. “Why hello Peter how is all the children? How are Henry and Margret and Kirsten too with Molly and Jamie and Michael boo! “Santa replied with a smile shining on his plump round face
Peter was thinking what to say “the cold had got right into my bones when I was coming here you know Santa, ”peter knew they had not been brilliant his stomach turned those candy canes might not have been edible they was bland he felt sick too late.

The strange lady by Tyler W

 As I screamed,“Be quiet!” all the children seemed to get louder after all it was a party. My head was spinning and then I walked out where an old lady came over to me and said,“What is the matter?" where I replied “my head really ached in that room full of children!” the women walked off I saw something suspicious about that lady something magical and strange I saw something fly up to the sky and shout “Don’t worry your head will be fine!” witch kind of creeped me out but I saw it was the old lady…

It was too high by Tia M

 It was the day of my birthday my mum said she had a surprise for me she said she was not going to tell me I was so excited! I can not wait I wish I could go now but I had to wait a long time. We were going somewhere after school. My mum blindfolded me I was not happy then we were there my mum took the blindfold off me. I looked up and it looked so scary up there was a hang glide I had to walk up some stairs. I looked down it was too high for me.

My head really ached by Tia M

 I was at school and I was doing numeracy and my head really ached, it felt like someone was whacking it with a hammer it hurt so much. I told my teacher that my head really ached so the teacher went to the office and he told him to ring my mum so they did my mum came to the school and picked me up. My mum said, " How is your head and how does it ache?" I said, "My head still hurts and I don't know how it hurts it." My mum gave me some medicine and I felt much better.

...the cold had got right into my bones when....by William

 It was Christmas eve all day I was in my bedroom waiting for Christmas day I couldn't wait I was watching my TV all day I was in my bedroom because my heater didn't work. I only went down when I needed to go to the toilet the cold got right into my bones when I went down I just wanted my heater back.
"Why did this have to happen" I said
After that I went up and
Said "I needed to go on holiday"

I really do but I just rapped myself up and went to sleep

...it was too high... by William

Image result for Big Ben In England I was going to London to see Big Ben I wanted to see it so bad I asked if we could go in the morning at 6:30 we left at 7:00 because my mum was fast asleep I tried to wake her up but nothing. She woke up at 6:30 it takes her half an hour to get dressed I can't believe it I stayed up all night just to do it on the way there I fell asleep. When we got there I just woke up we got there and I thought it was too high.

.....my head really ached..... by William

I was walking down the stairs my head really ached but I didn't tell anyone because I might miss school I wanted to go to school it was toy day the time of the year when we bring toys in. All of us liked it because we got to play with remote cars or robots it was an awesome day in school I wish we could have it for 4 days a year. 
I said to myself, "That would be awesome."
At the end of school my head ached bad it that bad I could't go to sleep.