Sunday, 28 June 2015

…some of the words sounded like a foreign language..., by Aron

When I was a little boy, I loved to listen my grandmother's stories, especially when she was telling me about times when she was little. Once, she told me that incredible story, when she met very strange creature. A creature unlike any other. She found it in the woods and went every day to feed it. My grandmother said it was fascinating, watching how this creature tried to communicate. It was using gestures and pointing at things. It also tried to speak and some of the words sounded like a foreign language. Sometimes I wish I could find creature like that as it would be great adventure.

…some of the words sounded like a foreign language..., by Rio

I went to Jurassic World to see all the amazing dinosaurs that are hatching there and being cared for. When I got there I tried to talk to the staff that were working at the entrance but I could not understand what they were saying because some of the words sounded like a foreign language. Eventually they did get someone who spoke English for me so then I got in. I started to look at the dinosaurs. I wanted to see the indominus rex really badly so I ran as fast as I could to its pen where it is kept. At the time it was eating cows!

Some of the Words Sounded Like a Foreign Language by Harvey

I was driving to Cadwell Park to do some commentating to see how well the riders were doing. When I got there I got myself sorted out, then I went out on the starting line and started with the riders at the front. The pole was occupied by the rider from Australia Josh Brooks with his Yamaha, he was talking to his crew chief, I listened in but some of the words sounded like a foreign language when he was talking, I tried my best but couldn’t understand most of it. The three minute siren sounded it was time for everybody to get off the track for the start.

...some of the words sound like a foreign language... By Grace LB

My Mum had just bought a flat pack chest of drawers from Ikea and was sitting in the middle of the living room. She had been staring at it constantly for twenty minutes with her gold rimmed glasses on, and every now and again the glasses would slip off and she would mutter in annoyance. As the clock chimed 30 minutes later I heard her shout “Some of these words sound like a foreign language!” She marched off, with a twinkle of malice in her eye,  and came back with a hammer. Next thing I know, BANG!... then insane laughter.

…some of the words sounded like a foreign language..., by Eleanor

Today was so strange I was on the bus to go to visit someone in town. I was just about to get on the bus when I heard some people talking. Some of the words sounded like a foreign language but I knew some of the words. As I was listening to their conversation I heard some words like bonjour, au revoir and a bientot I knew they were French words. So I decided to just get on the bus and get to town because I was already late. Once I was there we went shopping and I decided to speak French but I don't know why!

…some of the words sounded like a foreign language... by Sam B

I was in great New York after I had won the lottery. I was at my hotel at the reception.
"Hola Cómo estás?" asked the odd receptionist. Some of the words sounded like a foreign language in fact all of them.
"What?" I said rudely.
"He says how are you," explained my son. "I learnt Spanish at school,"
"Su habitación es sala de sesenta y dos en el piso tres," replied the receptionist.
"Your room is room sixty two on floor three," explained my son acting like a genius.
"My son is a complete genius," I thought. So we all headed to our room and unpacked all our stuff.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

But where could I go? by Rio

One day I was walking to school with my friends and we found something really bad but it looked cool. It was a shrinking gun, But we didn't know that at the time so I zapped myself and I shrunk! My friends thought I had a teleporting device to teleport me to school, so they walked away. Some other people walked near me so I ran, but where could I go? It wasn't actually people that were near me, it was ants but I didn't know because I was a teeny tiny boy. I carried on running and I got away.

But where could I go? by Harvey

On Sunday I attended a charity event and was entered into a raffle. We were patiently waiting, I had my fingers crossed ready for it to be drawn, then they announced, “And the winner is...” with a long pause, “....number 842”
“Yes!” I shouted.
It was a family holiday to go anywhere in the world, I was so excited as I hurried onto the stage to be presented with my prize, but where could I go I thought? I had never won anything before I was so shocked. On the way home we called into travel agents for some brochures.

But where could I go? by Grace L B

My passport had just come through and I kept asking myself, “But where could I go?” I could travel all over the world, I could go anywhere; Italy, France, Greece, Australia, America to name just a few. I didn't know where to go, all the countries had landmarks that I had always wanted to see, but which one first? I checked with my cousins because they had been all around the world. Looking through the brochure, I saw crystal waters and I knew I was going there.     

But where could I go? by Eleanor

Yesterday, I was thinking if I could go anywhere in the world, where would I go? I could go to America but that was too far away my mum said. My dad suggested why not go to China. They do have pretty cool stuff there. But where could I go? My brothers thought of Africa to see the animals. But I thought that would be scary. Then I thought of all the places I could go; France, Italy, Spain and Australia. Then I realised why go visiting far off lands when everything I need was right before my eyes.

But where could I go? by Sam B

The national lottery was on. I had said to my kids that if I won I would take them somewhere.
"36!" the women cried. "45! 21!" It was my number.
"Yay!" shouted the kids. I could go anywhere I wanted but where could I go?
"Egypt!" shouted one kid.
"L.A.!" cried another.
There were loads of places we could go. It was just so hard to choose.
"Wales," I said.
"Boring!" the kids groaned. Just then the answer just popped up in my head.
"How about we go to New York in America," I explained very proudly.

But where could I go? by Aron

In the year 1211 life was hard, especially for me. I was about to be executed by King John. He wanted me dead as I gave 10 shillings to every poor person in town and it was the King's money. My head was already next to the axe. Suddenly I pulled up and the axe snapped the rusty chain and hit the ground!... I legged it and ran as fast as I could! I pushed the King's guards and other people that came to watch, out of my way. Then I ran into deep, gloomy forest thinking... but where could I go to hide?

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

But where could I go? by Charlie

We went on holiday last year to Elveden Forest Center Parcs, we had a great time swimming and cycling around the lakes and the woodlands. I and my brother Thomas decided to complete a woodland tree trekking adventure which looked really good, it started out really low and got really high in the end, but was I brave enough to do it? But where could I go if I got frightened? However, I battled my fears and did, climbing high through the trees and finishing with a 270 meter long zip wire to the end. I was so happy with myself for what I had achieved.

But where could I go? by Sam F

One day, my family and I bought some lottery tickets. Then, three days later, on the TV it showed what the winning numbers were. I said to my dad, "We're not going to win." Suddenly my dad shouted, "We won!" I silently said to myself, "What?" 
We kept shouting, "What should we buy?" Then my mum had a good idea, to go on holiday, but where could I go? I thought we could go to Brazil but everyone else wanted to go to New York, so we went to New York, the big apple.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cauliflower Crimson Shivering Deep Walked by Harvey

Bike Ride 
As the rain came down I pedalled fast up the country road on my way to my friend’s house. I was going past the last cauliflower field when I hadn’t noticed a deep hole, as it was full of water I thought it was a puddle, my bike fell in I was sent over the handlebars landing in a heap. Crimson coloured blood began to run down my leg, I walked the rest of the way shivering in the cold rain with my bike I was pleased I didn't have far to go, that will teach me not to ride fast down country roads. 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Cauliflower Crimson Shivering Deep Walked by Jemima

One morning, it was Lucy's birthday. She was glaring at the package that her uncle had sent. She did not want to open it because every year he sent a silly present. What could it be? She closed her eyes and pulled of the wrapping paper. Lucy began to slowly open her eyes, what she saw was incredible. She had opened her eyes to see a cauliflower! Lucy was so scared by what she saw, she threw it into a deep pond. The crimson-coloured vegetable was shivering as it walked on the bottom of the pond. Another present for Lucy.

Cauliflower Crimson Shivering Deep Walked by Sam B

Mr. Cauliflower (he is a man not a vegetable) walked over to the crimson roses. They were very pretty and brought a strong colour to the field of flowers. Mr. Cauliflower stood there as still as stone. He could see all his memories floating across the grass. He turned around and headed on his way back when he heard a creak. He tapped his shoe on the grass. Suddenly, a plank of wood fell into a deep den. Why was this there? Why didn't he notice this before? Mr. Cauliflower started shivering in fear. He walked backwards to his home.

Cauliflower Crimson Shivering Deep Walked by Aron

Once there lived a boy called Andy Cauliflower, and he lived in orphanage. Andy was always shivering because he was not a very brave boy. He cried every night, sobbing whilst tears fell from his cheeks because he was very lonely. Every night when he felt into deep sleep he dreamed about having a loving family. The boy always walked miserably and tiredly through the corridors. He was constantly hungry as he did not get the right food he needed. He always wore ripped and shredded, old clothes and his favourite crimson hat he got from his granddad before he passed away.

Cauliflower Crimson Shivering Deep Walked by Eleanor

It was cold it was the start of winter and it was snowing. I started shivering as I got in the car to Tesco. My mum was taking me to get some chicken, pizza and cauliflower. As I walked out of the car I heard a man with a deep voice. He had a crimson car. Also he had brown hair and green eyes. As he talked more his voice got louder and louder. We went into the shop and got everything we needed apart from the pizza because they had no left. Anyway we got home threw the rain and snow.

Cauliflower Crimson Shivering Deep Walked by Sam F

My dog and I walked for a long time, then suddenly I spotted a massive, crimson, shop. So I went to the shop to see what there was inside. All I could see was cauliflowers. As I was about to leave, suddenly all of the doors closed and a secret, deep passage way appeared. I was shivering and frightened but I still went down to investigate. In the passage way I was wondering if there was any way to get out. Then I spotted some ladders that would let me get up on top of the surface.

Cauliflower Crimson Shivering Deep Walked by Charlie

One day we was very bored and didn't know what to do so my Mum thought about it and said lets go to the beach, We walked along the deep sea and it was very cold and we were shivering a lot. We collected some pretty coloured stones one was crimson colour. Tom tripped over a rock and fell in the sea and his hair got soaking wet. When we got home Tom did his hair again and it looked the same as last time. Then I asked my Mum, "What are we having for tea?
She said, "Cauliflower." 
Then I said, "oooo yummy."

Cauliflower Crimson Shivering Deep Walked by Rio

One day I walked my dog in the cauliflower field, it was very deep. It was a very cold the day when I walked my dog it was so cold I was shivering! When we got back on our crimson carpet the dog walked in and made it all white from the cauliflower in the field that we walked in. It wasn’t just a white carpet it was a carpet that’s smelt like cauliflower, we were all thinking what the smell was but one time I smelt it I thought it was the cauliflower from the fields. I explained what it was to my parents.

Cauliflower Crimson Shivering Deep Walked by Madison

One day I went to a gardening centre and when I got there I was shivering because it was so cold colder than it had ever been. We walked around then I spotted crimson flowers in the corner of the garden centre they were so beautiful, amazing! I went to go and look at them when mum said, "Watch out!” because I was not looking I nearly went in a deep, deep pond. Then we looked at them and all the other stuff and went to a restaurant in the garden centre I had cauliflower and roast dinner.

Cauliflower Crimson Shivering Deep Walked by Mia

I walked to the fun farm it was a very long journey. On the way I saw a puddle - it was very deep so I had to walk around it which wasn't good. I saw a white shivering sheep so I got a blanket and put it over the sheep. On the way back I called a taxi it was a crimson coloured one, it looked wonderful. When I got back, I cooked some cauliflower, it tasted so yummy. After that, I went to my Mum and Dad’s house and made some chocolate chip cookies which were delicious. Then I went to bed.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Cauliflower Crimson Shivering Deep Walked by Grace LB

I was on my way to get some groceries, carrots and a cauliflower, when I suddenly walked into someone. It was a boy, before he got up, I got up said sorry and walked away. After that on my way to get the groceries, my face was crimson with embarrassment and my hands were shivering. I kept on asking myself questions about who he was and why he was walking past the shops. When I got there I couldn't get the cauliflower because the crate was too deep and dark, but then the boy helped me. I could already tell we were friends.

...but it made my tongue tingle... By Grace LB

I was on a diet and doing exercises every morning, eating healthy, you know all that kind of stuff. I did my morning exercises and went down stairs. Today I was going out with my kids into town because they wanted to have an ice cream. I didn't mind them having an ice cream, but when they got into town they suddenly changed their minds and went for sweets, I knew I wasn't allowed them but it made my tongue tingle. When we entered the shop, I couldn't believe my eyes there were sweets everywhere. Should I have some?  

Saturday, 6 June 2015

…but it made my tongue tingle… Eleanor

I was just on the web when I found out that there was a new flavour popping candy! I was so excited I just had to try it. So I told my friend about the popping candy, she said "A new flavour popping candy, amazing!" Me and my friend went into town to get it. The new flavour was, banana. I went straight to the shop, it cost £2.50. I tried it but it made my tongue tingle. I started to dance - it was so much fun. It was amazing because I started to sing. It was the best time!

…but it made my tongue tingle… Madison

I was in my house and my mum went shopping and I was alone. When my mum came in the door and she had bought me some sweets she bought me blueberry, bubble gum, vimto also marshmallows. When I ate the marshmallow I was so happy but it made my tongue tingle and I fell over and started laughing that was one of the funniest days ever I couldn't believe it was that funny. It might not sound funny to you but it was to me.

…but it made my tongue tingle… Jemima

Jack was the fussy child in the class. He did not eat: apples, grapes, pears, broccoli, carrots or bananas. His parents and family had always tried to encourage him to, but he refused. Jack only ate: sweets, so as you can imagine he was extremely fat. That made him the laughing stock of the school. Jack slowly began to dread going to school, but he still refused to eat healthily. Jack soon hated being laughed at, so he agreed to try some healthy foods. His friends asked him what he thought he said, "I like it, but it made my tongue tingle!"

…but it made my tongue tingle… Sophia

Yesterday, I tasted the most delicious sweets as nanny took me to the sweet shop and the sweet shop keeper was giving out FREE, FREE samples of popping candy!

I tasted the most scrumptious popping candy but my little brother would disagree as he does not like the tingling sensation and is constantly complaining in my ear saying ‘but it made my tongue tingle’. I could not describe how tongue tingling and mouth-watering the popping candy was so I convinced my nanny to buy some so she could try. Nanny put a small amount in her mouth and screamed, "yuuuuuuck!"

…but it made my tongue tingle… Charlie

I remember really well, that one day last year my brother bought some sweets from Sugar sweet shop. They were called “Toxic waste”. 

Tom tried them and started pulling funny faces but wouldn’t say what they were like. They felt quite hard to touch and didn’t smell much. I wouldn’t try them at the start but eventually the temptation got the better of me. Wow they were horrible, they were sour, bitter, strong and disgusting but it made my tongue tingle for a long time, my brother just laughed at me as he thought it was so funny. He actually enjoyed eating the sweets, “very strange”.

…but it made my tongue tingle… Harvey

It was my turn in the game of guess the food, I closed my eyes and nervously opened my mouth I had to get this right to stay in the lead. I could hear people beginning to giggle, what’s so funny I thought? I couldn’t smell anything so that didn’t help me, so I stuck out my tongue it touched something soft on a spoon and I had no idea, but it made my tongue tingle and I started to scrunch my face I realised it was lemon sherbet, I quickly drank some water, “It’s not funny!” I said.

…but it made my tongue tingle… Rio

There is a boy called Jeff Bed and today he is going to a sweet shop with his friends, John and William. The shop was called ‘sweets for you’ but when they got there Jeff Bed was naughty because he stole a sweet and ate it! The shop man saw Jeff Bed stealing the sweet and Jeff had a big telling off. The shop owner said “Why did you steal that sweet and eat it?”
“Because I thought it would be nice but it made my tongue tingle”. The shop owner rang the boys mum and Jeff was grounded then. 

…but it made my tongue tingle… Aron

It was the summer holiday at last! I wasn't only excited about the end of school but I was also going to France! Mum booked us the perfect hotel next to this fantastic bakery. The journey was long but it was worth the wait! As we got there I could smell an amazing scent. The wafting smell led me inside the bakery, where there were baguettes and cakes. Then a man came and asked me if I wanted a cake. I chose a cherry one with popping candy. It was very good but it made my tongue tickle as it popped in my mouth...

…but it made my tongue tingle… Morgan

I wanted some pineapple after my tea so I asked my mum and she said yes. So after I had my tea (bangers and mash in gravy) my mum cut me 10 tiny squares of pineapple. But I forgot that I can't eat pineapple because my mouth all tingly and horrid for 3 days. It was nice but it made my tongue tingle. After that I tried to eat all the stuff I could to get the tingle out so I gave up. The next 3 days passed my mouth felt a lot better and I mean a lot better.

…but it made my tongue tingle… Sam F

One day my family and I were on the beach taking our dog for a walk. Suddenly I spotted a colourful ice cream truck, so we all ran as fast as we could to get to it before it drove away. Luckily we just arrived at the ice cream truck before it drove away. As the ice cream man asked me what I wanted first I said, "Can I have a Crunch Crunch please?" The vanilla ice cream with the chocolate sauce was so tasty but it made my tongue tingle even so I still ate it all, it was gorgeous.

…but it made my tongue tingle…, Mia

It was the day I was going to try the fizziest sweet in the world. When I walked to my mum’s car. I saw the light blue sky with the pale, white clouds. When I looked up, at the sweet place I smelt lots of lovely sweets. Then the man shouted to me saying are you ready to try it I was, ‘Like of course!’ But it made my tongue tingle which I hate a lot so that wasn't very good. The sweet was red and white striped it smelt delicious but really isn’t. 

…but it made my tongue tingle… Sam B

I was on my diet, I could not eat any chocolate things. I was in the little dining room doing my boring homework. It was about food and all I could think about was the chocolate cake in the cupboard. I got out of my rusty chair to get the chocolate cake. I checked the room, it was clear. I slowly opened and took a crumb off the delicious chocolate cake. I knew it was bad to do it but it made my tongue tingle. 
"Paul ate some chocolate cake!" shouted my little brother in his favourite hiding spot.