Saturday, 26 January 2019

… but how could she just disappear…, by Faith

One afternoon my dad said he would take me and my friend to the park, so after lunch we got ready and went.
When we arrived, it was quite busy on all the equipment so instead we played hide and seek. I counted to twenty and tried to find my friend, but I couldn’t find her. I thought I has searched everywhere and even asked dad if he had seen her, but he hadn’t.
But how could she just disappear I thought, then from a bush running and screaming came my friend as a spider had crawled on her arm.

… but how could she just disappear…, by Madi

We were in the deep, dark, gloomy woods; so many paths to choose from. We just couldn’t decide. It was just at this very moment we realized Stephanie had gone, “But how could she just disappear,” We all shrieked. One went this way; one went that way. Nowhere to be seen. Terrified. I stopped. No one could see her. Martin checked the time on his phone, it was 16:59. The BLOOD MOON! Any moment now the clouds would part. 5 seconds had passed, “Here we go...” The clouds separated; there she was stood on the hill opposite the moon-lit lake.

… but how could she just disappear…, by Elizabeth

It was the end of the day at I started to walk home. But suddenly I saw my friend, so I ran to her. We then decided to go to my house. But out of nowhere she disappeared. But how could she disappear? I was very muddled. 
Finally, after thinking a lot I got home. I walked in and there she was sat at my table in the kitchen. I asked a lot of questions like what happened? She did not know what happened she just closed her eyes and she was at the table.

… but how could she just disappear…, by Lilly-Ella

Over 100 years ago there used to be a day at school that was called the write really happens day. A girl named Samantha had just moved from Africa and it was her first day at her new school. The first lesson she had was English and she had to write a story, but she did not know that it was write really happens day! She thought about writing about a normal girl who disappeared. Seconds later she was gone. But how could she just disappear without even writing it down … no one ever found out.

… but how could she just disappear…, by Fatima

“I told you this was a bad idea,” Sarah exclaimed in a cross way “I am sure it will be fine we will get home after we find that treasure,” I sighed as if I have told her a million times before. “This cave gives me the creeps,” Sarah added. The small narrow cave was far from their home - how will they get back? What will they do?
“Sarah watch out!” I exclaimed.
She disappeared.
I ran out of the cave following one straight path. I saw rescue searchers I tried to explain as they questioned “But how could she just disappear?”

… but how could she just disappear…, by Samuel,

I was at home and it was a very stormy night and there was an old lady outside. She was just walking there and back. I went outside to see if she was alright, but she walked right through me. And the next thing you know she disappeared...but how could she disappear I was wondering. I was so scared I ran inside and called 999. They told me that the lady was an evil spirit and she would haunt people who lived on the street where she died. I shouted at my parents that we should move, and we did.

… but how could she just disappear…, by Anissa

On a Friday morning, a boy named William was playing football with his friend Alex and they heard a big loud bang. They saw their friend called Evie and they walked over to her. “How are you today?”
She quickly answered, “Well I came outside, and I heard a bang, so I ended up here.”
They all walked together to where they heard the noise. Suddenly Evie disappeared and nobody knew where. “I guess Evie’s gone,” Alex said.
But how could she just disappear Alex?” William answered.
“Let’s go and find her,” Alex replied.
“Okay, let’s go then.”

… but how could she just disappear…, by Jessica

Thank goodness it’s Friday night. My cousin has just arrived for a sleepover we have been planning for weeks. Firstly, we decided to make some slime. We went upstairs to my bedroom to get the ingredients we need for slime. We set everything out to see if we had forgotten anything. “The glue,” I said. I ran back upstairs, got the glue and ran back down. She was gone. But how could she disappear? I looked under the table, she wasn’t there. I looked in the cupboard, she wasn’t there either. Where could she be. It’s a mystery.

The Figure by Roxanne

The text is a description of what’s going on inside the narrator’s head.

The figure
Finally, my new house was now up and ready for me! I’ve been waiting for months!
I turn the handle of the door-knob in a steady right formation
Huh? Who’s that... and why is she in my house!
“Uhm... Ma'am... I think you have the wrong house, I don’t even know how you got in here!”
“Huh? Where did you go?”
She’s...she’s... gone!
But how could she just disappear?
I shoot my eyes to see if she’s still around... but she’s nowhere to be seen...

… but how could she just disappear…, by Julia

She stood lifeless, staring at the murky depths below. The filthy water darkened every minute, making it dense. Her body was as still as an icicle, not moving an inch. The wind was growing robust, but she stood there carelessly.
Thick mist appeared, covering everything in its path. The girl took a step forward as branches ripped off trees in a flash. She moved again... Now she was facing the other direction. Swiftly, the vicious wind blew as if being controlled by the girl.
She sank into the muddy waters, until, she was gone. But how could she just disappear?

… but how could she just disappear… by Nicholas

As the wonderous little girl wandered around the school, she had to go to the class that she never liked. She was wondering if it was possible to disappear. But how would she just disappear.....
Next class was music, she loved music it was her favourite class. In that class they first had to click their fingers, so the whole class clicked theirs five times but when she clicked her fingers the third time, she disappeared to the place that she was thinking about. When she clicked her fingers twice more, she went back again.

But how could she just disappear by Kaitlin

In the foggy distance, I could see a dark, gloomy and eerie figure coming towards me. “Who are you?” I yelled to the random person. There was no reply, at all! Slowly I began to head towards the spooky figure. As I got closer to the person, I realised it was a little girl about the same age as me. She started to run away from me, so I ran after her. She ran around a corner, I was right behind her. Then suddenly she disappeared mysteriously into thin air. “But how could she just disappear?” I thought to myself...

… but how could she just disappear… by Tom

My name is David, I'm a detective who helps solve mysteries and find missing people. There have been a series of disappearances all around the city, including my daughter. It seems that children under the age of 14 are just, disappearing. I always get the same questions asked to me, “When will I see him again?” or, “But how could she just disappear?” and I always give the same response, “I do not know.” It is hard hearing parents so upset and I hope I can stop this.

This was David, detective and mystery solver.
 Log #1 of 5, end.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink, by Jessica

"Beep, beep, beep!" my alarm went off. The dreaded time. I rolled out of bed like a sloth. Time to get ready for the day ahead. My tummy was empty. After breakfast I headed out to the garage. After about fifteen minutes of rummaging through the rubbish we had collected over the years. I found a bicycle I had never seen before. I took it out onto the drive to take a look at it. On the handle bars was a red button "BANG!" It fired out pink bubbles from the back of it. Wow this is absolutely amazing.

Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink, by Anissa

On a warm day, a boy named Alex was riding his bicycle and he was going to the shops. When he got there, he saw bubbles and they were pink, so he decided to take them as well as fruit for home. When he got home, he went upstairs to get changed into his work clothes. After he got changed, he went to test the bubbles out and he realised that they were empty. He went to work and told all about it. When he got back, he had a really sad face because he got fired for telling about the bubbles.

Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink, by Bradley

Peacefully strolling along the long wavy grass, Sarah had a container and with this container, she started blowing bubbles. Bubble after bubble each would pop a millisecond before one another. Suddenly though Sarah’s friend (Bob) showed up and questioned, “What is that?”
“It’s my bubble mixture let me show you how it works,” she quietly replied (trying not to wake her neighbours). Step by step, she then went through a tutorial on how to blow bubbles, but the container was empty... suddenly Bob was bored so he got onto his pink bicycle and fired away back to his warm, comfortable mansion

Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink, by George

I dawdled down the empty, sketchy alleyway on my way home from the shops. My old teacher, who got fired, was on a pink bicycle blowing bubbles. She had changed a lot since I last saw her. Her hair was a darker colour and her eyes were blue. I followed her. Suddenly, she came to a halt, dismounted her bike and suspiciously entered my house. She turned around and vanished. I was shocked! I told my mum about it and she said I was imagining things as she had died. I stayed up all night thinking about the mysterious figure…

Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink, by Murphy

It was 7.00 in the morning, and a man, who was called John woke up and got dressed and went to his bicycle and went to work. When he got to work, he saw a little girl blowing bubbles. John went his boss’s office and it was empty and the walls were pink. He went into his boss’s computer room and he was there, and his boss said, “You’re fired!” John got very upset and left and went on to his bike and got a job interview and got a new job. He was very happy and he made better money and a car.

Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink, by Tom

Yesterday was horrendous! It started on my journey to work. I was riding my bicycle down a street called Hemington's Drive when green bubbles fell from above on to my head, wrecking my uniform. I looked up to see a small girl holding a pink bucket next to a boy who was laughing. They threw the empty bucket at me, causing a cut on my forehead. When I finally got to work, my boss wanted to talk to me... it didn't go well. I was fired for being late, the state of my uniform and the cut. It was terrible!

Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink, by Faith P

My bicycle needed cleaning as it was very muddy, I poured pink cleaning solution into a bucket until the bottle was empty as I wasn’t sure how much to use. As I began to add water and clean my bike there were bubbles everywhere! I then guessed I used too much, so I thought the only way to get rid of them is to use dad’s pressure washer, so I stood my bike against the wall and fired cold water all over it, they soon disappeared. It was a lesson learnt that a little solution is all that is needed!

Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink, by Lilly-Ella

I was riding to the supermarket on my pink bicycle the other day because I needed to get some bubbles for my sister's birthday party. When I arrived, the shop was almost empty, probably because it was only 7.00am. Then, appearing around the corner was someone who used to be my best friend who I had not seen for over 13 years. We started to talk, and she told me that she had just been fired from her old job. Why, you ask - she had no idea! She just got told she was fired for no reason.

Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink, by Roxanne

On a particularly sunny Friday evening, I was riding my favourite green bicycle - when I had to stop and empty my small knitted pockets, my pockets were full of old greasy receipts, and ancient scrunched up school notes (It didn't really take long, I would say about 10-50 seconds) I was just about to climb back on my bike, when I saw transparent bubbles coming from inside my neighbour’s bin, I tried to solve the problem, but then my grouchy boss (Gerald) rang to tell me I was fired because I dyed his only plain white shirt hot pink.

Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink by Joshua D

On the road where I was riding on my bicycle, was an empty tin of pink paint. Mysteriously I saw some massive pink bubbles flowing out like some water. When I admired them there was a particle beam shining up to the ghost white clouds. After I saw the beam, I curiously wandered over there and I sluggishly picked it up and out fired a humongous flare. The flare was like it was just set off by someone as a trap. It lit up the sky sending an alert as something was happening like an apocalypse.

Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink by Kaitlin

Today was a bad day. A very bad day! My car wasn’t working today so I had to ride my bicycle to work. Then I arrived at work to find out that I had to stay at work for an extra 2 hours. I was not impressed! Accidently, I broke the printer. OOPS!!! Amidantel, my boss came storming in and like that I was fired. Sadly, I rode my pink bike home. I decided to have a nice hot bubble bath, so I ran upstairs to find out that the bubbles were empty. I just gave up for the day.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Bradley - The light blinded him

Quickly but cautiously, the man stumbled worriedly through the murky yet magnificent tunnels directly beneath the castle of beauty (Buckingham Palace) hoping to steal their most prized possession - the crown jewels. When he eventually thought he was underneath the right room, he started the climb towards the mud and gravel to dig out and claim the jewels. Gradually, he made it out and the light blinded him! A huge scarlet red beam cut across the room like a bullet catching him off guard and knocking him out unconscious. His life could be at risk, but he’ll still try...

Today the light blinded him. by Harley

As I got up this morning I found myself in my room but it looked different (very different) it had stripes, spots and lots of other different shapes on it, my bed also had lots of shapes on it as well, it was starting to get a bit mysterious. I went over to my friend’s house and asked him if he could research some ideas of what happened to my bedroom. I asked him to come to my house to see it, so he did. He came in my bedroom and the light blinded him...

Michael - The light blinded him

On the day when the sun was blinding, a man, who wore a blue and red t-shirt, was strolling down the streets of London when suddenly as he looked around the corner of an enormous building, the light blinded him. He was not expecting this, so it was a bit of a surprise. After that, he went to the hospital to go check on his eyes to see if they were damaged and nothing bad had happened, so he was okay. Once he left the hospital, he knew he was saved and wore sunglasses every single day.

Faith P - The light blinded him

As I crept downstairs with my torch held tightly in my hand, I began to hold my breath as I could hear a rustling noise coming from the living room. I had no idea what I was going to find, and everyone else’s bedroom doors were closed. I finally reached the bottom and slowly pushed the door open, I shone my torch to where the sound was coming from.
I then realised it was my brother and the light blinded him.
“What are you doing?” I said.
“Opening presents - it’s Christmas morning!”
I dropped my torch and joined him.

Madi - The light blinded him

The sun began to shine above the horizon, a golden glaze arising from the bottom of nowhere. He woke up, stretching, yawning and opening his eyes widely. The boy wandered to his curtains - a bit like a zombie - and opened them as fast as lightning... the light blinded him. It was like he just got a black eye. He grabbed hold of his face and fell back onto his bed, suddenly, “Aaaaarrrggghhhhhh!” the boy screamed as loud as he could. The hand slowly came off his face and he went to his mirror; nothing more happened...

Anissa - The light blinded him

On a lovely day, it was Tom’s birthday and he will get a surprise but he didn’t know what it’s going to be. His mum organised everything for the surprise. When they got there, Tom saw a light but he didn’t know why it was there. All of a sudden, the light blinded him so he stopped. It was a really bad experience and felt horrible. Finally, the light stopped and he saw that the light was coming from a train in a tunnel and now he knew the surprise was a train ride for the first time ever and ever.

Murphy - The light blinded him

 It was a dark, gloomy night and there was a man, who was called Ben on his way to a house to check if it was haunted. He was in his car, which was red  He arrived at the house and he opened the door and it was empty with nothing inside. Ben started to look around to see if there was anything unusual. He went from room to room downstairs then Ben went to the second floor to see if there was  anything on the second floor. He went in the first room and there was a light, the light blinded him and there was a GHOST! Ben ran all the way down stairs outside to his car and drove home.

Jessica S - The light blinded him

It was the first day back after the Christmas holiday. Mrs Wellsted had organised a year six staff meeting. Mr Ball offered to make coffee for everyone. Ten minutes had passed and Mr Ball still hadn’t returned with the coffee. Everybody wondered where he was, he wasn’t in the staff room or the hall. In the distance they could hear a banging. Mrs Wellsted said, “I think I know where he is.” She grabbed her torch and headed over to the cupboard. She carefully opened the door and the light blinded him. Mr Ball said, “Thank goodness you found me.”

Fatima - The light blinded him

“I’m off now mum, see you later!” I exclaimed whilst walking towards the front door to leave and go happily to school. The holidays have just finished and it’s my first day back so I don’t want to give a bad impression towards the teachers on my first day.  
We were in school. The lights turned off. It was dark. Everyone went into the hall, “No need to panic everyone it’s about to turn back on,” one teacher called. The little boy kept on staring at the light waiting till it came on and the light blinded him, it was hilariously funny. 

Lilly-Ella - The light blinded him

As Toby looked up all he could see was the huge dark sky filled with bright lights beaming down at him. Toby was frozen to the spot - he could not physically move. He wanted to run but he couldn’t. Toby started to worry as the light got lower and lower until it hit the floor. and the light blinded him. 
What was it?
Why was it there? 
How did it get there? 
Toby had so many questions and no answers. Until he realised it was a UFO from space! The first UFO Toby had ever seen.

Joshua - The light blinded him

On an ordinary night a man named Charlie, who was a famous adventurer, was exploring a forest where there had been an alien sighting. When he entered the gloomy forest there was only one sound and that was the faint sound of cracking sticks underneath him. Suddenly there was gargantuan, jet black unidentified shadow hovering over the enormous trees which appeared to be a mysterious spaceship. As soon as Charlie identified the spaceship, he swiftly ran towards it and saw an illuminous beam shining down onto the ground. When he looked up the light blinded him and absorbed Charlie. 

Roxanne - The light blinded him

Susan / News reporter: Today we ask a middle-aged man, Tom Lewis about how the light blinded him. 
Tom: Thank-you Susan. It was a couple of years ago... I think I was helping my dad Lucas with the light bulbs that needed to be replaced. 
Tom: I was screwing on the light-bulb when it flashed into my eyes. It was a painful experience... Not to say the rest is a blur.’’ 
Susan / News reporter: ‘’Wow! How traumatic! Well folks, that’s it for today! Thank-you for joining us on our Daily News channel! I’m your host Susan Leon and I'm now reporting out!’’

Kaitlin - The light blinded him

“Do you want to go to the school disco with me Brandon?” Nikki asked Brandon hoping he would say yes. 
Yes, why not.” 
 “Okay I'll see you tonight.”  
They both went home. Nikki put on her beautiful sparkly blue dress and her silver high heels that matched, then last but not least she did her make up.  
Brandon put on his black blazer, trousers and shoes, and then his white shirt and blue tie.  
When they got there, they went in together but as soon as Brandon walked in the light blinded him and he fell to the ground...      

Tom A - The light blinded him

Timmy went missing 9 days ago. Only I know what happened to him. He got separated from his parents when bird watching. He was in that forest for at least 4 hours and, as night fell, he started to feel nervous. Timmy needed to find shelter, fast! A layer of eerie mist began to form. Through the darkness, a huge house loomed with unnaturally bright lights on inside. He rushed to the door and knocked, no one answered, it just opened. All he saw was white, then nothing. The light blinded him, before swallowing him. Timmy was never seen again...