Sunday, 14 December 2014


WOW I've just had the best time ever, what a celebration! So this is how it went… I had received this strange invitation from Santa Claus to go to his home, LAPLAND!!! When I finally got to his log cabin in my quest to find him, some elves came out of nowhere singing some songs and telling us some folklore stories. I was very nervous to see Santa as I was waiting outside in the snow. The elf opened the door, showed us in to Santa standing with his red suit waiting for a hug.


On one strange day I went out to try to slay a giant, hairy, red beast called the Streaker. I hiked through the creepy old forest until I tripped over a box, so I picked myself back up and opened it. I was nervous I but inside was an epic blade so I took it with me. When I was out of the forest I saw the Streaker so I leaped on its shoulder and chopped his head clean off onto the dirty ground. After I had killed it everyone had a big celebration together with a giant feast.


It was time for our yearly family Christmas celebration day. All our family gathered round at my grandparents’ house and we get to see family we wouldn’t usually see as they live in different places all over the country. We all have a good catch up and exchange presents. As we arrived I opened the red door I was nervous of who would already be there in case I didn’t recognise them and greet them by a strange name, but I had no need to worry as everyone commented on how I have changed as I had grown so much. 


Once upon a time there lived a man called Duff, he got a STRANGE message that was on some RED paper. Duff OPENED up the note and it read, ‘To Duff, I invite you to come to the CELEBRATION of mine and Judy's wedding it is on the 23rd of April and there will be a buffet.’ Duff felt very NERVOUS but he really wanted to go! The next day he went to the shop to get a black suit and he went to the amazing wedding and had a blast of a time. Duff was really happy.


A long time ago a castle was built and opened the next day. There was a big celebration there was red banners and a strange moat. There was thousands of people most children were nervous as the castle towered over them. Inside there was a big ball room with a shiny floor and a crazy tall ceiling. In the next room there was the bedrooms with a silky ceiling and this castle still stands today. This place is called Windsor castle that is in Windsor. The queen (Queen Elizabeth the 2nd) come here for trips.


When Rosie was turning seven her mum booked the Renaissance for her party. On the night music was playing and everyone was having lots of fun. It was a great celebration. They were all dancing on the red dance floor. All of a sudden she heard a strange rumbling sound, she began to feel nervous. The a bit of the dance floor opened up. Everyone ran out of the door as fast as the speed of sound. Rosie's seventh birthday had been ruined, but a least everyone was ok. It all turned out ok, her mum planned another party.


It was Christmas Day and Lauren went down stairs to open her presents when she saw a strange red figure around the tree and she became very nervous. She said "hello" and the red figure said, "HO HO HO," and then she realized who it was it was Santa Claus bringing her all of her presents. Then he disappeared then her mum and dad came down and she opened all of her presents and she had a big celebration with roast turkey and all of the vegetables and all of her family around her on this special occasion.


Rex opened the wooden door and peered into the room. A celebration was on because it was his friend's birthday. It was a fancy dress party and everyone looked strange. Rex was a bit stupid so he thought everyone was killed by the costumes. It looked like there were pirates, dinosaurs, ghosts, princesses and a lot more. Rex got nervous and his face turned bright red. He backed away and ran through a gap leading to the stage. He grabbed the microphone and tested it.
"Go away you monsters, don't hurt me," Rex said anxiously. His friends looked at him.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Ship Wreck By Harvey

We were at my uncle’s house in Ireland, we went for a walk along the beach when we came across this old ship, what an amazing sight it was so big compared to me. That night I dreamt it was real and I was the captain in charge of the ship and all my crew. One night the sea decided to be violent the waves were as high as a house, it battered against the ship and tore a hole in the side, we had to abandon to save ourselves, the ship grounded to where it sits to this day.

The Ship by Grace LB

The rusty old boat has landed onto a sea full of rocks and looks like it was beached there decades ago. It has big holes in and the rust is spreading on the inside and outside of the Titanic looking old boat. It looks like it once sailed for far distances and got too close to the shore and there was never a person or a device to move the big boat and was left there as the tide went out. I think the glass was removed ages ago and people escaped before the ship not knowing that it was going to last for years.       

The ship by Kieran

One cold winters day a terrible storm on the high seas a fishing ship named the The Barley Mow was in terrible danger as the storm had now taken over the ship and most of the people had fallen overboard into the stormy seas. The Barley Mow, now had  nobody to drive it as the captain had been overboard. A huge wave hit the side of the ship and a hole was made letting threatening water into the boat causing it to be washed up on this beach today just a bucket of bolts.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Ship by Addison

The ship looks like it has been at the bottom of the sea for centuries and has washed up on the shore. It has landed on a pile of enormous, grey rocks. The ship is rusty and the poles on top are bent because it has been under the water so long. The ship also attracts quite a few tourists and maybe even some reporters. Also it looks like it has been washed up by a storm because of all the grey rain clouds in the distance. But who knows what happened to the sailors and where it happened?

The Ship by Sophia

Many years ago a young and intelligent boy called Pat O'Brien had dreamed of one day discovering the legendary abandoned ship in Ireland.

Many years later when Pat was 23 he traveled to Ireland to try and fulfill his dream. His adventure began searching through the murky waters desperately trying to unearth the historic ship. After several days Pat was feeling disheartened and was beginning to give up when he was reminded of one place he still needed to investigate and there stood before him was the historical, abandoned ship. Pat was so thrilled he gazed in awe and amazement.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Ship by Clarissa

There was once a brand new ship that sailed the seven seas. Crash, bang , it clattered against the sea. There was a crew who sailed that boat and called it, 'The Seventh Sea' boat. It started off a nice sunny day but soon storms were heading their way.Bashing their boat into several rocks there it stayed left to rot so we have been wondering what happened to the crew. The police came by to look for clues all they found was a couple of bones and treasure. The police picked up that treasure and ran far, far, far away.

The Ship by Caitlin

On a stormy day when the rain was falling there was a boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The wind was so powerful it could knock out a person. As the wind built up the engine started to cut out, everyone was panicking as the boat rocked. Nearby lightning struck the boat, it rocked side to side, as the rain fell all the people on board thought they would never get out alive. The captain shouted, "if you want to survive then jump.” Thankfully everyone survived but the shipwrecked boat was a scary reminder of what might have been. 

The Ship by Aron

There lived a man, a sailor. He sailed every day, from morning to evening. One day he set his sail. The tip of the ship was pointing north, like it always would. The air was fresh, the tide was high, a perfect day to sail. The sailor set his ship. As he sailed he sang his favourite tune and he missed the fact that a very bad storm is coming. When the storm came the sailor and his ship got swept straight on to a rocky shore! The poor sailor has never sailed his ship again, as it got stuck on the shore until these days.

The Ship by Charlie

What I can see in the picture is a rusty old wreck of a fishing trawler. The hard grey rock has become the last resting place for this once was a very hard working ship which probably caught hundreds of fish from the smallest to the biggest. The wavy sea came bashing into the extraordinary old metal boat with the rocks beside it that were wedging the boat firmly to the shore whilst the wind echoed through the open gaps along the whole of the boat. One day maybe this boat could be rescued and rebuilt like it was new.

The Ship by Olivia

This is a ship that hundreds of years ago crashed onto the rocks because the waves were really big. Because the waves were so bad when the ship crashed and it all broke into pieces all the people that were on that ship fell of it and drowned and died in the water and no one saw them again. So now it is on the rocks rusting away and people have still got that memory when their mum told them that story. Some people come all the way from different countries just to see that ship, and to take photographs.

The Ship by Jemima

I was stood there with no one else in sight. I was stood glancing at the shipwrecked object that had been washed up on the deserted shore. Probably no one could move it from the large amount of rocks that were buried underneath it. It looked as if it had been there for hundreds of years. The abandoned ship was extremely rusty and when I pictured it in my head I saw many men jumping off the side as it tilted on the high waves. I was thinking of how lucky I was not to be on that ship that night.

The Ship by Mollie

How did this boat get here I hear you ask. Well we will have to go back to 1983 where this boat was floating across the water. The captain was skimming stones and he accidentally on purpose killed a penguin. His mother threatened to kill the captain and she kept her word. The last time the captain was seen was at the the bottom of the ocean and to this day the boat was left on the water in the same spot his master died.

The Ship by Lily

Suddenly water was all I could feel, it was everywhere I looked. I couldn't see a thing except my friend slowly drifting to the bottom of the sea. I swam to the top of the water but I looked back down to see the captain on the bridge trying his hardest not to swim to the surface. 
Two years later, my wife and I went out for a walk but it was too stormy to go far. The following day I went out to the coast and I saw…
The ship! So I went to investigate and also look around.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

As the leaves rustled by Sam B

Things were going just like an ordinary Autumn for John. He was doing fine until he heard about the leaf storm. He prayed as much as he could, but as the leaves rustled, his hopes fell through the window. His front door was covered with red and golden brown leaves. He was fed up with all of the beautiful things about Autumn. Eventually it was Winter. John had been waiting for it, and was hoping it would frost all the leaves. But because Autumn had fallen late in Britain, everything was still red and brown so John felt very bad.

As the leaves rustled by Lily

One day my mum and I went to an animal rescue center I saw a beautiful greyhound. I begged and pleaded as I fell in love with him. So after a lot and I mean a lot of persuading my mum answered with. “Yes alright but he is your responsibility you have to look after him.” So I answered “Thank you mum and yes I know I will look after him with my life.”

Two days later. I took my dog out for a walk but as the leaves rustled my dog turned around and ran back into the house.

As the leaves rustled by Mollie

In a school much like your own a little girl called Mollie had those type of wonders that the world's people hated she would often wander off into her imagination. Today her mind chose her to meet Britain's most insane doctor, Doctor Who he was waiting in his tardis telling Mollie about the forest. But as the leaves rustled thousands of Daleks, Cybermen and aliens also from Gallifrey appeared out of nowhere! What would Mollie do next?

As the leaves rustled by Morgan

One day I was walking my dog down in the forest but then I heard a sound I ignored it and carried on walking then there it was again getting louder and louder, but as the leaves rustled there was a little baby hedgehog I went home then I came back after to see if it was still there and it was. I went to a hedgehog centre and gave it to the lady to make sure it was ok we called it Morgan and I went back home. Weeks later I got a thank you letter and that the hedgehog was ok.

As the leaves rustled by Eleanor

One day I was walking through the muddy forest. The colours of the leaves were an orange colours. I heard a sound but as the leaves rustled I saw a brown squirrel sat looking at me. It was so cute he was hiding in the leaves and came out as I rustled my feet over the leaves. He looked at me with his big cute eyes and then climbed up the tree were the squirrel lived. As he sat in his dray eating his delicious nuts. I admired the beautiful colours in the woods once again and left.

As the leaves rustled by Jemima

In a village near Burgh a lot of strange things happened, (It was in the middle of nowhere.) Olivia, Ben and Rose were new there and they did not know many people in the village. A few days after they had moved there they were walking in the local park just up the street, when Rose spotted something moving under a pile of leaves, so she moved closer and then it started to rise up. Rose nervously took a few big steps backwards but as the leaves rustled she realised that it was not a monster it was a kitten.

As the leaves rustled by Kieran

One Autumn day John (who was a young boy) set off on his own adventure in the local forest. He planned to find everything about nature but when he got there, it was a different story. Once he got there it was night there was a calm wind but as the leaves rustled the wind picked up and then a hurricane appeared and John had to run. He ran back home to his parents screaming. But back in the forest there was no hurricane it was his imagination. What a very scary adventure for a very young and small child.

As the leaves rustled by Sophia

Suddenly, Savannah awoke to find… an enchanting, mysterious, portal in front of her eyes.
“Savannah, help please help,” cried a mysterious voice.
Savannah was debating whether to enter the portal and although it took a long time, she made her decision. Savannah apprehensively entered the portal, not knowing where the journey would take her. In front of her stood an old woman in front of a golden tree full of thousands of beautiful pink leaves but as the leaves rustled against the wind small raindrops started falling from the white icy sky.
“Where am I?” asked Savannah quietly to herself… 

As the leaves rustled by Olivia

One day my dad was going to take our dog for a walk but my mum said we should all go on a family walk with the dog through the forest. So we got the dog and got our shoes and coats on and started walking to the forest. We got to the forest but as the leaves rustled the dog came up to me and cuddled me. But when we went further into the forest it started to rain so we had to go back to the home. We got home and the dog started jumping around with dirty paws.

But as the leaves rustled... by Grace LB

Once there was a boy called Sam. He loved the different seasons and how they changed, but his favourite season was autumn. He loved the way that the leaves blended in with the sun light. One cold autumn day he was strolling in the park and was trying to find a park bench and around him there were big piles of leaves. He passed thinking that there's no harm with a pile of leaves. But as the leaves rustled he had second thoughts. It was a tiny field mouse. “Silly me,” he said to himself and carried on his journey through the leaf filled amber park.

As the leaves rustled by Charlie

One day, mum and Nanny decided we would go for a walk in the woods. Nanny showed us the way there, half way round she forgot which path to take in the woods, so she went ahead of us to find it. Then she finally spotted the right path to take, so we all walked through. The weather was nice at the start but the sky suddenly turned black, it began to rain and then there was a loud crack of thunder, but as the leaves rustled the wind blew and the trees swayed in the strong wind and the rain made us all really wet. 

But As the Leaves Rustled By Harvey

Eighteen, nineteen, twenty, coming ready or not I called. I went to places my sister usually hid in but she wasn’t there, I wonder where she could be I thought. I went outside to see if she was there. Dad was busy collecting up leaves but still no sign of my sister. I give up I said. As I stood looking around I began watching Dad making a massive fire coloured mountain of dry crispy leaves. I went to run and dive into the pile, but as the leaves rustled out jumped my sister. Got you she said laughing.

As the leaves rustled by Addison

On one gloomy day I went looking for a great treasure. It was hidden in a cave at the end of the forest. I set out straight away to find it. When I was in the middle of the forest I kept hearing howling noises coming from the end of the forest. Then I reached the end I saw the cave so I went in it but before I could a scary monster chased me. I ran away but as the leaves rustled the monster heard and it grabbed me, put me on the barbeque and ate me for lunch!

As the leaves rustled by Rio

In the forest called Tiger Roar that’s where all the tigers in the world live. The tigers are not usual tigers they are magic. The females are coloured pink and purple and the males are green and yellow with a tint of brown. I was walking but couldn’t see anything but as the leaves rustled I saw pink and purple and shouted “HELLO WHAT ARE YOU?” I saw it was a tiger it said “hello what do you want from me? I’m harmless” 
“I don’t want anything I’m just wondering and got lost looking at his beautiful trees and forest. 

Autumn by Aron

It is hard to spot when Autumn starts.
But as the leaves rustled for the first time,
and making colourful patterns like in classes of arts,
swirling their way off the trees and making me rhyme.

In Autumn you can see, 
a pile of orange, brown and yellow leaves under every single tree. 

In Autumn you can hear,
the howling wind that makes you fear, 

In Autumn you can feel,
running down your back that uncomfortable icy chill .
In Autumn you can see, all the birds flying far away,
as it is too cold for them to stay.

Having all that in mind, 
Autumn leaves are my favourite kind.

As the leaves rustled by Maddie

I was walking down the street on cold wet morning when I was going to see my little baby sister Niamh. when there was a strong gust of wind pushing me forward so I hid behind the bus stop and took shelter five minutes later the wind had stopped so I went out of the bus stop but as the leaves rustled a small fox cub came out of the bush and started rubbing on my leg so I picked the cold cub up and took it to a nice warm animal shelter where it got a little bed to sleep in and a nice cosy blanket.

As the leaves rustled by Caitlin

As Chloe walked with her mum on an autumn day, there had been a strange feeling in the air. All seemed calm that day but as the leaves rustled they swirled around Chloe taking her into a strange place. There was a swan with human legs which seemed to be talking to her. “help me” it squawked. It led her to a baby swan that had hurt its leg. She rushed to set it free, when the wind blew the leaves swept her back again. “It can’t have been real” she thought. But when she glanced at the pond she saw a familiar swan! 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

100WC#12 He was shocked to find…by Caitlin

He was shocked to find a Macaw in the bag and as it stretched out its wings it revealed all its beauty. The lord could not have seen more rainbows of colour in his life. The lord had a flashback to the times of when there was colour in the world. “Oh no, what have I done,” he sobbed as he buried his head in his hands. As a colourful tear appeared in his eye it rolled slowly down his cheek, then as the tear hit the floor the whole world shook. The world was filled with colour again… 

100WC#12 He was shocked to find…by Aron

He was shocked to find a mysterious glowing ball. This blazing with different colours globe, did something magical as it started to glow! Suddenly it let out a blinding beam of light across the room, and colours started to appear! Everything around became more and more beautiful and joyful. Some of the evil robots turned into mythical creatures! They started fighting for the imagination! The second time the beam appeared it was much stronger and it carried over the city.
When the final, third beam appeared it was the most powerful yet. The whole world was now colourful, bright and full of imagination. The Lord of Nulth was defeated by the magic of light and the only remaining thing after him was his mask.

100WC#12 He was shocked to find…by Rio

He was shocked to find his dog, that he hadn't seen since it ran away as a puppy. That’s how it all started you see! Lord of the Nulth used to be a kind loving man with lots of imagination until his puppy deserted him a long time ago in 1999. 
Since that happened it made him hate the world and get rid of anything alive like animals, plants, trees and flowers. Lord of the Nulth is the only person living and he made robots under his command so they couldn't run away from him like his puppy had done.

100WC#12 He was shocked to find…by Harvey

He was shocked to find in the bottom of the dark sack lay the brightest colourful creature of all time. The lord was blinded by its intense colours and jerked back holding his eyes, letting out a piercing scream. The creature was startled and began to fly upwards out of the bag revealing its opened wings like a coat of many patterns with colours so vivid it lit the dark colourless surroundings up like a sky of rainbows. The lord peered through his fingers, overwhelmed by the sight that his upturned steel lip broke into a dazzling smile.

100WC#12 He was shocked to find…by Charlie

He was shocked to find a bucket of ocean water with a strong smell, Nulth's dark eyes glanced at the water and he shrieked such hatred as he felt that the bag was playing with his imagination. Feeling deeper into the bag he felt twig like items and slimy leaves, also strands of long rough grass, grains of sand stuck to his metallic fingers. Everything so far were items he felt were missing as he looked around the ash grey chimneys and land of battle ship grey factories. Nulth tried to beat his demons by using his imagination to re-build the world within his mind.

100WC#12 He was shocked to find…by Grace LB

He was shocked to find that there was nothing in there the sack. “You fools there's nothing in there!” he shouted looking sternly at his robotic guards. Suddenly they heard a clopping noise. From behind a big building emerged a small animal. It was a foal, but it was crossed between a human. “Please I mean you no harm,” the animal replied. “My mummy and daddy were at the night zoo,” it whispered and ran. He ran right up to this strange door with the Lord of Nulth on his tail. The horse slash human ran through the door slammed it. Suddenly the Lord of Nulth fell down a hole and was killed. Then the world was restored to its natural beauty.
The End

100WC#12 He was shocked to find…by Arthur

He was shocked to find: a tiny brown bundle of fur with huge brown eyes looking back at him. With Fear Lord Nulth blinked before he looked down again, his lips curling, looking mad, he shouted “why and how has this happened? How did this wonderful creature escape from my wicked plan?” He was sure to be doomed by this weakness he now felt and saw before him. 
Lord Nulth attempted to close the sack, but the Gremlin was too quick, jumping into his arms, licking his face with his long tongue. Lord Nulth giggled with laughter. 

100WC#12 He was shocked to find…by Sophia

He was shocked to find a horrible stench, a dangerous scent, and fearless beings could not be in the presence of the extremely disgusting scent. “What is that stench - banish it at once! Wait I need information from this creature,” demanded Nulth. Once again he tried to open the toxic bag that within it held the victim that is now in the hands of Nulth. 
Once Nulth opened the bag there laid a pitch black shape it was half skunk and half dolphin, suffering from being abandoned from the water. Its only way to protect itself was its toxic scent.

100WC#12 He was shocked to find…by Kieran

He was shocked to find a zoo keeper from the scary, gloomy and creepy night zoo. "I'm not going back!" cried the zoo keeper,"I'm not!" 
"Well young one you are," the Lord of Nulth gloomily said, "because if you don't, I will take you!" 
One of the guards took the human away back to the zoo. The Lord of Nulth looked out of his gloomy window of his gloomy house in his gloomy world, he sighed and thought, "I'm bored!" Then he heard a sound, not just any sound it was all of the night zoos creatures coming at him!

100WC#12 He was shocked to find…by Jemima

He was shocked to find a big paint palette with every bright and beautiful colour you can think of on it. He remembered that something had been kicking from inside it so he pulled out the palette and then he jumped back. He had seen lots of small robots, they started to get themselves out of the large sack eventually and then they started slurping up paint. Their eyes were like lasers. They were shooting paint at every single dull and colourless thing that was in their sight. The evil Lord of Nulth did not know what to do......

100WC#12 He was shocked to find…by Morgan

He was shocked to find a small animal that was half bird and half bunny that had cat ears and a dog tail. Nulth came over and said, "What are you doing all alone here?"
“I was trying to run away from here until your robotic army captured me and I would like to be let go please."
The Lord of Nulth gave out a big laugh and said, “You’re never going now I have captured you. You are going to be my slave and you WILL do what I say and when I say it!"

The animal started bursting out tears from her strangely placed eyes (they were down next to her lips.) 

100WC#12 He was shocked to find… by Mollie

He was shocked to find... An angry pack of cute Fluffy Unicorns, one of them jumped upon Nulth and at first started to pick him, despite being an evil emperor, Nulth could not help but laugh. At that moment the unicorn’s eyes turned red and started ripping his robotic arms and legs off and chewed the multi coloured cables. As Nulth cried in pain all that was left was a heap of cut cables, metal fingers, and circuit boards and that was the end of Nulth once and for all.

100WC#12 He was shocked to find…by Sam B

He was shocked to find a small fairy with sparkles around it. It flew up in the air and flew around.
"What is this?" asked The Lord Of Nulth.
"I think it's a.......fairy?" answered one of the robotic guards.
"A fairy?" said Nulth, "I thought they were just `magical tales`."
"They are. It must be some sort of trick," explained a guard. Nulth slowly walked over to the window.
"Whoever did this is weird!" he shouted waking his fist. Everything was silent, no windows opening, no people shouting and no trees whistling. "I think it's not a trick," said Nulth.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Remember by Caitlin

Explosions and bombs, the war was so loud,
As I stand and think of you, I am so proud,
As people stand silent when I look around,
I see heads bowed down and hear no sound,

We wear a poppy to remember the dead,
As the rivers are full of blood which turns red,
Families and friends shed lots of tears,
The war felt never ending as it went on for years,

Shooting non stop everywhere you look,
As all the soldiers had to keep shouting duck,
They all are so brave as they gave their lives,
We will remember them!

I am 10, and will remember! by Aron

I will remember that sadness and cold,
I will remember the story they told,
I won't forget those children that cried,
I won't forget all those people that died.

I will remember that pain and fear,
I will remember the gun shots we could here,
I won't forget the misery all around,
I won't forget those dead bodies we found.

I will remember all those young soldiers I've seen,
I will remember how brave they have been,
I won't forget what they did for this world, 
I won't forget their hearts made of gold. 

I won't forget how cruel WAR can be,
I won't forget they lost their lives for you and me.

Remember by Harvey

As I packed my kit bag, going to war was becoming real. Just an ordinary boy from an ordinary family from an ordinary street. As I looked up through the window I could see my sister talking to mum outside with her arm placed around her shoulder I could see that I wasn't the only one who was finding this hard but we all knew had to be done . As I packed the final things dad handed me something to take, it was a photograph so I’d remember my family are with me and I’m not in this alone.

Remember by Eleanor

I remember my great great grandad fighting in the war. I can not remember a lot about him because I was not alive with him. My dad tells me stories of him to me when he went to the war. He was in the world war 2 ,I think that was what my dad said. My family had a cabinet where all his stuff was in. All the time when I went to my nan's I found out even more about him. My granddad found a lot of muddy trenches and lived in one. They must be dirty and muddy.

Poppies poem by Morgan

Poppies are red but not blue
Poppies are not red because of the soldiers blood
It's because that's the battlefield is where they grew
We remember them because of their bravery in the mud
Poppies, Poppies, Poppies
We wear them once every year
Poppies, Poppies, Poppies
Although the soldiers were secretly in fear 
Once every year we remember in 2 minutes silence
Even though lots of loved ones are not here
In the war there was lots of violence 
That is why we wear the Poppies
To remember those who went to war for us!
Thank you for going to war for us.

Remember by Sam B

On the eleventh of November I always think about my great granddad. He was one of the poor soldiers to die. I always feel sad about him. He was a good man, very caring and nice, but when world war two struck, everything went wrong. I remember his cunning eyes and his smiley face. I wasn't around at world war two so all I got was tales about him from my mum. I sometimes think about, what if my life ends in world war three? Will it be the last thing I ever do in the whole timeline of me?

Remember by Mollie

Remember... The people who died to save your life. 
Remember... How free this country is and used to be.
Remember... The poppies In Flanders Fields. 
Remember... Two minutes silence. 
Remember... The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month when the war ended. 
Remember... Sad and dead relatives dying with sorrow in their hearts. 
Remember... One word - them. 
Remember... The surviving but very sick. 
Remember... Why we wear a poppy on this sad day. 
Remember... The life without the luxuries. 
Remember... The cold dark trenches with the horrible trench foot. 
Remember... The people that had to fight just because the countries were friends. 
Lest we forget we will remember them.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

100WC#10 by Caitlin

Ben and his friends were walking home on a cold autumn day, as they trudged along the muddy path they heard a sound from behind a tree. Ben thought it was just a pile of leaves but then he realised it was a kitten. There was no mother to be seen, so as it shivered, they decided to pick it up and carry it home in Ben’s backpack. As Ben reached his house he got the kitten out of his backpack. “I found a kitten in the park so can we keep it?” he asked.
"As long as you look after it!” she said.

Baby swan story by Aron

One cold winter afternoon, during the walk with the parents, little Lucy spotted an ugly looking baby bird sitting on the side of the lake. As she saw it, she shouted; "Look daddy there is a weird baby bird sitting over there, and it is all alone.” Dad came up closer to the bird and said; "It is a cygnet, which is a baby swan, my darling. It’s exhausted and hungry. I think we have to help it." They all agreed and decided to take poor bird to the vet, and as it shivered, they put him gently into dad’s warm hat and went back home.

100WC#10 by Charlie

On my holiday I went to Center Parcs. We all looked around and we saw lots of things to do. I saw a big swimming pool with a small, very cold plunge pool. I said to my dad, "Can we go swimming please?" 
He said, "Yes," so we all went to the changing area and got ready. We all went into the huge wild water rapids. It was quite funny because I saw some ducks land close by and they went in the cold water pool, they soon waddled out quickly, I could see as it shivered, they thought it was really cold.

100WC#10 by Kieran

I wondered where was I, then I realised I was in a cave full of MONSTERS! Quickly I hid behind a rock but it was too late, a monsters had tracked me down by my smell.
The monster roared, so loud that the other monsters had to put their thumbs in their ears. I pulled out a freezing cold sword and threw it at the monsters.
As it shivered, they (the monsters) fell to the floor. The monster (that was attacking me) ran straight at me, then before my eyes stood a portal, I had really got nowhere else but to go in there, so I did!

100WC#10 by Madison

One day two sisters went shopping uptown as they walked Madison saw something in the corner of her eye she saw a little puppy it was a white westie lying in the snow.So they went to go help it as it shivered, they got a blanket and placed it under this little puppy and picked it up and brought it home they placed it near the nice warm fire as it laid there Madison and Rosalie decided to keep the pup because it did not have a collar so in the end they had a cute little pup for Christmas.

100WC#10 by Sam B

One day a clumsy caveman and his wife, were out hunting. They saw a fox with the biggest tail you have ever seen behind it. Its fur was beautiful golden brown, it was as gorgeous as the cutest cat in the world. It spotted them and started shivering, like he was as cold as a glacier. As it shivered, they crept up behind it, and raised their spears, but it quickly ran away at the speed of Usain Bolt. It jumped through the trees ran past monkeys, rabbits and other foxes, jumped across small canyons, and came to a mountain.

100WC#10 by Lily

One day Mum and I bought a puppy it was only two months old. Two weeks later we were going to Scotland, but I refused to take the puppy into kennels so we took it with us. We went to stay with family in the north of Scotland in January. One day we went out, but we left my puppy with my Uncle, Aunt and cousins. It was a cold day and they took it out for a long walk, but as it shivered, they went via the town and bought it a lovely, new tartan dog coat to wear.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Through the woods by Maddie (Minecraft)

I was walking through the woods one gloomy day, when I saw some wolves pass by me. As it shivered, they ran away because there was a hunter near by me and because I was a cat I ran for my life because I knew hunters liked catching cats. 5 minutes later I thought I should change my skin to a mermaid. So I quickly hid behind a bush and changed to my beautiful mermaid skin. My mermaid skin had pink hair gold crown and a beautiful lovely jubly luv luv petals that were bright red.

100WC#10 by Rio

Bob the monster is in Antarctica where it is 'Baltic' and very dark. Out the corner of his eye he saw something moving behind the igloo. Bob walked scared to the thing to find out what it could be. As it shivered, they dashed out from behind the igloo. It was two scared little children who had been lost from their family in the snowy weather. They shouted to Bob “please don’t eat us!” Bob replied “Haha I don't eat children I eat fish and polar bears.“ Bob helped find their family but when they saw Bob they screamed.

100WC#10 by Harvey

One Sunday my family and I went to Willingham woods for a walk, when we were half way round we came across a small dog laying by a tree, we couldn't see anyone around that it belonged to. We couldn't leave it there alone and wanted to help. My mum and I decided to stay with the dog while my dad and sister decided to find try the owner, as it shivered, they went off along the path, shortly they returned with the dog’s owner who was grateful we had found his dog, the dog looked pleased to see him.

100WC#10 by Grace LB

There was once a girl called Lizzy and she always wanted a dog. A coated brown Labrador and if she ever did get one she would name it hot chocolate. It as winter and Lizzy had her t-shirt had an enormous Labrador on the front. It was snowing and she was looking out of the window. Suddenly something small started to move in the snow. Something brown, it was a lost Labrador trying to get home. She looked at it as it shivered, “They must have left it here,” she said whilst carrying the dog in. Then the owner came and knocked on the door.  “Thank goodness you found my dog”. It turns out the owner of the dog was friends with her and let her come round whenever she wants.

100WC#10 by Arthur

I wish the prompt was “as I shivered they,” instead of “as it shivered, they...” as I would be able to talk about how cold we were all at the football game. We all shivered very much due to being very cold and very wet. The rain never stopped. We had to come off till the rain died down it was that bad in the second half, even the football looked cold and miserable as it shivered, they, the parents looked on also wet, cold and miserable. We all tried really hard to win. The final score was 3/1. Now its time for hot chocolate.

100WC#10 by Eleanor

As it shivered, they stroked the little cute kitten because it looked lost and not looked after. I asked my mum if I could keep the kitten but she said we should give it to a pet store. Before we went we brushed its scruffy sticky fur. We put it in a little cardboard box and it meowed all the way to the pet store. On the way back home we stopped off for a KFC I wanted a McDonalds but my mum would not let me because it was too far from my house. I played in the park after.

100WC#10 by Sophia

As it shivered, they all confusingly glared at the gruesome creature. It's red breath taking eyes were torturous to the unlucky people that dared to look at them. The creature's skin was crowded with long horrific bronze hair, it had red disgusting spots all over its face, almost like a monster's chickenpox and six claws on each of its hands and feet. No one knew what the creature was, it was like nothing they had seen before and then the realisation hit them, this creature was not from our world but from another planet, who knows where!

100WC#10 by Morgan

One day I was walking down town and all of a sudden everything was shaking, so I ran to the nearest shop. It was a pet shop and all the animals shivered. As it shivered, they cried, "Run hide and keep cover!" We all made sure the pets were safe so I had the cats and the owner the dogs (they were the main animals at the store.) 
After half an hour, the rumbling and shaking stopped there was one cat that would not get off my lap and I fell in love with her so of course I had to buy her and I named her Sasha. She was perfect for me and we lived happily with no rumbles or shakes! 

100WC#10 by Mia

One day I woke up because I heard my alarm clock go off. It was five o'clock so I went back to bed. But it kept on going off so I looked outside and as I did I saw a gang with a dog and as it shivered, they just walked off. So I decided to get dressed and go to the shop and get dog food and a bowl to put it in and get another for water. But most of all a blanket. And off I went to help it I cuddled it and have it some water and food. When I told my mum she and i took it to the vets.

100WC#10 by Mollie

As it shivered, they all turned and stared, every single one of them turned and faced the beast. With its big red evil eyes and furry face it stood out from the crowd. All but one face stared he was about to get paralysed by the monster. The boy fell to the ground unable to speak or even run away. Everyone turned and fled towards the exit. Who knows when it will strike again ? I hope its next victim is not me or you. From now on keep an eye out for the weird and wonderful creatures all around you...

100WC#10 by Jessica

A purple fluffy monster walked out behind a snowy hill with it’s friends, as it shivered, they ran to it. The purple monster fell to the floor from being so cold I ran to help the monster I didn't know what to do but I still tried to help. After a while the purple monster got back up but the monster was a little dizzy. A little bit later I found a cave I led the monster into the cave I made a little camp fire. A few days later I went back home to my normal life and so did the monster.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

100WC#09 by Charlie-Ann

I have a cat called Snuffles, he doesn't like swimming at all he likes to go on adventures all around the garden. He came back one day after being outside, he was limping so I took him to the vets, it was really bad news he had broken his front leg, I lifted him up to give him a big cuddle and kisses. He had to have a cast on to keep his leg in place I chose for him to have a green one because I like this colour as it's the same colour as his eyes and collar.

100WC#09 by Sophia

Zoe's auntie invited them down to a cottage by a river in Wainfleet. When Zoe arrived she rushed through the broken green gate down to the river to see the glorious fish swimming in the water. When she got there she saw her auntie's cat, tabby, drowning. Without thinking Zoe dived in grabbed hold of Tabby and pulled her to her as tight as she could trying not to let go. Suddenly Zoe's auntie grabbed a thick green log to pull them in. Zoe grabbed one end and before she knew it she and Tabby were lifted onto the bank.

100WC#09 by Mollie

The broken and forgotten duck pond lay there with silhouettes of dead ducks gleaming in the sunlight. The green muck had one thing alive and swimming, it was the fattest cat ever, it lifted one chubby ginger paw and waved at the only person who had witnessed this incredible thing, a cat swimming wow! After that I told my parents and did they believe me? 
No way was the answer.

100WC#09 by Caitlin

“It’s time to go,” shouted dad from the driveway. We were going to our nanna's to look after her cat while she was in hospital. I couldn't wait, as we were going to the fantastic swimming pool near their bungalow which had a bright green slide. ”I am coming dad.”
"Oh no!” I thought, we had to go in granddad's old dilapidated car, as dad's car was at the garage. Suddenly I saw some smoke above the car, "Dad there is smoke!” I shouted. Dad lifted the bonnet, it looks like the car had broken down. At least we wouldn't have to go in that horrible car.

Minecraft Adventures by Maddie

My first adventure in minecraft. I started the game and I had been spawned in the middle of a lake in the jungle. The lake was quite deep and because I was in survival I was drowning but then a cat lifted me up whilst it was swimming by me and dragged me back to the edge of the lake. I got up and saw the beautiful green leaves on the jungle trees it was very nice. I started to collect some wood and whilst I was doing it my axe had broken, I climbed up to the top of a mountain and set up camp once I had finished camp the sun had just started to set it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my whole life.

100WC#09 by Rio

It was a hot summer’s day in Turkey and everybody was going on the big green slide. All of a sudden a large man came down the slide and broke it. The end of the slide was broken and the man fell into the swimming pool.
The lifeguards lifted the man out of the swimming pool because he couldn't swim because he was so big and laid him on the floor.
The hotel cat came and jumped on the man and scratched him really bad.
Nobody could use the slide until it was fixed so everyone just played instead.

100WC#09 by Addison

On one dark evil looking day I went searching for the lost city of Halloween. I came across a graveyard and out of the graves came lots of monsters, like skeletons, ghouls and there was even a ghost with a cat. I followed them they went swimming through a green swamp so I did as well, they crawled under a broken branch and so I lifted it and followed. They led me to the lost city of Halloween, there were pumpkin houses and other halloweeny stuff. When all of the spooky monsters saw me they ate me up with pizza and chips.

Silly stories part 5 by Kieran

Part 1             Part 2            Part 3         Part 4

"Why on earth are you screaming Mum!"cried Freddie.
"Oh, I'm, sorry I'm practicing my singing because I want to be the best singer in the whole world," replied Freddie's Mum.
"O....kay but I don't think you can, first thing I think your voice is broken, second your singing is so bad next door's alien cat is falling from the sky and three your face is turning green," exclaimed Freddie.
"Ok you're right, I know let's go swimming," replied Mum. 

Once they got there they realised that the price had lifted.
"Cool," Shouted Freddie.

Good Deed of the day By Harvey

As I was walking across the car park on my way home from my swimming lesson I could see a group of teenagers on bikes and could hear the sound of breaking bottles. As I got nearer they started laughing and rode off, I could then see that they had been smashing empty bottles all over the floor as the bottle bank was full and there was broken green glass everywhere. I then noticed that there was cat too frightened to jump off one of the banks so I carefully lifted the cat down and we went on our way.

100WC#09 by Grace M

One day my sister Hannah and I decided to go swimming. As we walked along to the pool we took a short cut across the green field. At the end of the field we met a ginger tom cat who was stuck in the fence so we lifted him out and he ran off. We carried on to the pool and when we got there we could not go swimming because the pool was broken. Instead we decided to go to the park and get an ice cream. When we got home our tea was ready to eat so we sat down.

100WC#09 by Grace LB

In a lonely house lived a ginger tom cat, Sam. One night Sam decided to venture out. It was midnight, he could hardly see anything as he lifted the rusty cat flap. Sam snook through the gap in the fence, “Its a death trap,” he thought. First were broken twigs with sharp dangerous thorns. His little paws just fitted through the gaps. Next was a jungle of green poisonous berry bushes. Finally, a deep swimming pool. Whilst stepping around the pool he accidentally knocked over a flower pot and woke the dog. It barked loudly so he sprinted through the cat flap and into the house. He snuggled down in bed dreaming about his next adventure.

100WC#09 by Morgan

One day I was walking my cat Princess which I know is strange but still she could smell something so we followed it. Guess what, it was a broken box being lifted into a green truck, a bit boring if you ask me! Then we had a slow walk home. I gave Princess some food and went outside to go into my swimming pool because it was a nice day. My other cat Jasmine came to join me. It was getting dark so we went inside to dry off. I sat down and watched TV till I fell asleep! That was my day!

100WC#09 by Lily

Today I have to go to my gran’s. She has lots of antiques. Luckily I have a sister she has to come too. I love one it is so cute it has a green cat swimming on it. 
One day I invited my friends round for a party. “WWWWWOOOOOOO!!!” Screamed my friends. Then I heard a SMASH!
In the morning I saw the green cat that swims broken on the floor. “NO!” I lifted up the pieces and hid them. I never saw them again. The next day my mum and dad picked me up. I went home and forgot.

Monday, 27 October 2014

100WC#08 by Chloe

It seems the incredibly creepy creature is staring at a passing person. It would be very scary if I saw the creature and it was staring at me! The creature looks like a monk. In the background I can see a pretty big field. Maybe some kids are playing football in it. It might even be a forest as I can see so many trees. You don’t see this sort of thing in a normal forest, so maybe the monk has a secret lair in the depths of the forest.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

100WC#08 by Kieran

Deep inside the statue there is a light, but not any light, its a heart trying to be free from the hands of the legend. As the glow runs around the statue, bones are formed and the statue is strong again. Meanwhile the light runs around the statue and organs are formed and put into place. Quickly the glow (which is the heart) zoomed into its own place and the statue is alive. As the statue makes it's first steps, colour appears all around and then, bang the whole statue is covered with colour. Then the creature is now a legend.

The statue by Kayleigh

I was walking my dog with my friends, we went along a winding path which took us into a gloomy forest. The leaves were rustling and the trees were swaying in the howling wind. We were all scared because we were lost. We bumped into a black hooded statue which looked like a ghost. We all screamed and ran away. The statue shouted, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you, I'm actually a man dressed in a black costume for Halloween. Can I help you?"
"Yes!" we said.
He took our hands and walked us out of the forest.

Friday, 24 October 2014

100WC#08 by Caitlin

Many years ago, there was a legend that a hooded figure guarded the forest. I was about to find out whether the legend was true. I walked cautiously through the forest, it was so silent that you could hear a pin drop. Tall trees blocked the sun, which was good because nobody would see me. After a while I began to see a dark figure in the distance, it looked rather strange. His face looked like it had been hollowed out. The legend wasn't true! Relieved, I then turned my back to look at a bird, the figure had moved… 

100WC#08 by Maddie

The statue make you shiver when you see it. The creepy, scary, frozen, and silent statue is very scary. When you see it, it looks like it belongs to a house decorated for Halloween or just a creepy house. The statue had a very scary life. If you were to see the terrifying statue you would be really scared even if you were brave and were not scared of anything. The statue looks like it belongs in a horror movies or a very scary movies that our more than a horror movie. I would never want to be face to face with a statue that looks like that.

The statue in the forest by Aron

In the gloomy forest of Nottingham lies a statue of the brave Robin Hood. Robin Hood lived in the centre of Sherwood Forest where the old statue rusts away. Robin was an amazing legend as that’s the reason his stone statue stands in the heart of the forest. Robin Hood became a legend after he stole millions from the rich people in Nottingham and gave it to the poor. He also gave help to all those chased by cruel and harsh Prince John. The legend itself still haunts the old, gloomy forest to stop the cruelty there.


We decided to play hide and seek after our picnic, as I opened my eyes and looked around it was so quiet and still with the sun beginning to set making shadows through the trees. I raced around the trees trying to find my friends when all of a sudden I fell over a branch, as I got up between the trees I saw a dark, hooded looking figure which looked lonely and ghostly as I could not see his face. I shouted Dad loudly all of a sudden I sat up and opened my eyes it was a dream.

100WC#08 by Charlie

It was a cold yet bright autumn afternoon when I was out walking my new doggy in the nearby woods, the wind was blowing hard and the leaves were falling off the trees and rustled as my dog ran through them. All of a sudden I saw a shadow of a person in the corner of my eyes and my dog began to bark loudly. As I looked towards the figure it reminded me of VOLDEMORT from Harry Potter! But then he started to run away as he did he dropped something it was a book it dragged me into it.....

100WC#08 by Hannah M

One day I was walking through the forest when I saw a weird figure. I said, "It looks like it’s a statue of an old woman who always wears black and is kind of like a witch but not. I think she had family but she is dead now so they got someone to make statue of her to remember her  by. Every time they go for a walk they can just remember her but it is still a bit creepy so I would not like to walk past it, if I did I would leg it.

The obeying knight by Grace LB

Long ago in a land far away there was a knight. He obeyed everything his king said and never disagreed with him. The king lived in a place called Binderlurge and everyone was happy, apart from the poor. They had no money and were living on the streets. On the knight's days off he would go and see them. In his mind this had to stop. So he went up to the king and pleaded with him to give just a little bit of money to the poor just so they can afford houses and food. But the king said no. So that night he stole some of the king's money and gave it to them. Then poor built a statue to remember him.  

100WC#08 by Olivia

One day I was walking through the forest with my friends, we got scared and started running, suddenly we stopped because there was a black statue of a person with a cloak on. It was very scary but there was a note on a stick lent on a tree. On the note it said we had to put our fingers on our noses and run around the statue four times. It was very scary as the statue fell over, we all screamed and ran out the forest as fast as we could. We all swore that we wouldn't tell anyone.