Saturday, 31 May 2014

…but where could I go… by Talia

On Monday with my friends I went to a maze. When I got in all of my friends disappeared and the hedges around me formed into a square. I wanted to go back but where could I go? I was trapped, suddenly I heard one of my friends voices, they shouted, “Is anyone there?”
“Yes,” I replied.
Then I found out that we were all trapped in squares. As quick as a flash I got pulled into an underground cave.

5 minutes later…
I ended up face to face with a mad evil doctor. Suddenly I was chained up to a grey wall.

…but where could I go… by Anh

"Hmm," I thought aloud. I had found a time machine in my garden. There were so many possibilities but where could I go? I could go to the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago. Maybe I could go to the Victorians in the 1800s? How about seeing the Great Fire Of London in 1666? I sighed. I had all this power but no idea how to use it. The sun was setting so I thought I would leave my adventures till tomorrow.

The next day, I woke up with an excited feeling. I rushed outside to see my time machine. My smile faded as I realised it was gone...

…but where could I go…by Amy

It was another miserable day! My Mum was getting on my nerves today so I told her straight. She did not like that, so of course I got grounded for one week. It was so not fair all I said was, “You're getting on my nerves."
 I'm so fed up it’s a horrible day and I'm not even allowed to play on my laptop. She always snatches my laptop off me but this time I got so angry I screamed my head off and ran up to my room and slammed the door. My Mum said, “That’s it I’m moving you to another school.” Oh no...but where could I go?... This time she had gone too far!

Friday, 30 May 2014

…but where could I go… by Romola

"Sarah! I have something for you!" my mum called. I quickly raced down the stairs and into the kitchen, to meet my mum.

"Here is 100 pounds to spend on whatever you want," she exclaimed. My eyes widened as I saw the money flapping about in my mum's hand. 
"Wow," I thought to myself. 
"You can go anywhere you want," my mum said. 
"But where could I go?” I asked myself. There was so much to choose from. Shall I go to 'New Look', 'Select'? I decided to go out with my friends to a theme park.
I didn't know my mum was that generous!

…but where could I go… by Leah

It was the half term holidays, BUT WHERE COULD I GO? It was raining and drizzling; the weather was horrid, but what could I do…
"I wish that I had a machine that changed the weather whenever I want to whatever I wanted!" I exclaimed, so I slept on it.

The next morning, I woke up and I saw a strange device next to me! It had six buttons with pictures; a picture of a storm, a cloud, a rainbow, a snowman, the sun and a raindrop. My wish had come true! I had the power to change the weather.

…but where could I go… by Tilly

We have now got a new motorhome, the question every weekend is, but where could I go? Well looking at the map, it seems the possibilities are endless, so we started to think, where have we wanted to go for ages? I have wanted to go to Butlins forever, but dad also wants to go to Twin Lakes, Jack wants to stay in a layby at Alford again, and mum wants to go to a place called Bewilderwood. We all had a big discussion, and we couldn't decide where to go first. And we are still talking about it.

…but where could I go…by Lewis

My friend Fred went on holiday to Germany, he said he wanted to go because it was a little bit warmer and it has beautiful scenery. 
But where could I go? 
I could go to France because of their wonderful food and the weather is better there. The only bad thing about the French food is that they eat frogs’ legs and snails! Also I am learning French at school so if I went to France I might be able to speak better French! My Grandparents have French friends who live in France. Finally I would love to experience going on the Channel Tunnel Train.

…but where could I go…by Lettia

This term we are learning about wildlife and safety out and about. When I ran out of school, I decided to run away. I mean, what’s a better way of putting my learning of safety to the test. “But where could I go?” my head asked me.
“To the forest outside my house!” I answered.

Late that night I set off with my rucksack, and made my way into the forest. I used all my knowledge of safety and wildlife to make it through the night.

I returned home safely the next day, and I enjoyed my knowledge about wildlife and out and about safety.

…but where could I go… by Finlay

"Wake up!" shouted my mum. My mum was a young woman that worked as a hairdresser every day. She liked her job because she could talk to people while cutting their hair and she was paid a fair wage. My mum always takes me shopping and today it was even worse than normal. We went shopping all day long which was really boring. The only shopping that I enjoy is toy shopping and we didn't do that so I was really annoyed. I was glad I was home and then suddenly I thought but where could I go.

…but where could I go… by Nico

Tumbling through the colourful jungle like a cheetah, I ran like mad thinking of vicious animals that could rip out my precious guts, suddenly a tiger leaped out of the brushy leaves I shouted, "Speak of the devil!" The tiger now had me on the floor laying there doing nothing useful at all, I was more useless than the annoying flies that whizz around in your bedroom like they own the place. I quickly rolled to the side and in a split second I was the one pouncing up, I ran to a corner and got bitten very, very, painfully, BUT WHERE COULD I GO?

…but where could I go…by Jake

I looked carefully at the shed. I opened up the shed and inside was a creature, which was so soft and kind. I didn't know what it was at first but I felt the need to look inside… 
Two seconds later, I was walking towards the shed and soon I was standing in front of the old building. I timidly opened the shed door and before my eyes lay a little fur ball with four legs. It was a puppy! Suddenly, the puppy turned into a massive monster and cornered me, I went to run, but where could I go?

…but where could I go…by Joshua

I once woke up in a dark wood. At first I thought how I got there. But then I realized that was the least of my worries. I looked left, right back forward, but where could I go. I first travelled forward. It took me at least 2 hours to realise that this was the incorrect path. I then decided to turn right. I carried on until I realised this was, also,the incorrect path. So I turned left and set of. After 2 hours I came out of the wood. But what greeted me was not what I expected.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Millie O

Dear World leaders,
Recently I read a story about a girl called Lucy age 11 who is unable to attend school. I feel this is such a shame especially in this day and age. Lucy has a disability but this shouldn’t stop any child having an education. Her Mother is unable to take Lucy to school as Lucy needs to be carried, is there no way the government or local authorities could raise money to provide transport and a wheelchair this would give her some independence and get her into education that every child deserves. 
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Millie O 

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Romola

Dear World Leaders,

I think Lucy should go to school because it would be a great opportunity for her. She must feel left out when all her friends and brothers are at school. She would be able to learn new things and then someday she might be able to accomplish her dream of becoming a doctor or a teacher. She shouldn't be left out because she has a disability. Here we are very lucky to have the facilities to get and be in school. Unfortunately Lucy doesn't. Lucy deserves to go to school, she would appreciate it if she did.

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Lettia,

Dear World Leaders,

                                   I am writing to inform you about the fact that everyone deserves and has the right to go to school. But poor Lucy and other children, don't have this opportunity which is vital for them, otherwise they won't get a good education. Therefore, they won't be able to get good jobs, to feed their families. Do you think that’s fair?
I know many people don't, so it is so important that she goes to school, because it will help her in future life.

I hope you take this into consideration! 

Thank you!
Lettia B

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Lili

Dear World Leaders,

Can you please help Lucy to get to school and learn, can’t you put her in a wheelchair because of her disability? Just because she has a bad leg doesn't mean she is unable to study and make friends like us. Many children grow up to be great athletes or pillars of the community, they inspire many people. All of these people had an education and I believe Lucy should be no different. I hope this letter will help you realise that people like Lucy are no different to me or you.
Thank you.
From Lilirja B

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Millie C

Dear Lucy,
I think you should go to school because it could bring you education; also it could bring you happiness for your future. I feel everybody, whether disabled or able bodied should get education. You should get the right to go to school but I don’t see why your brothers can go to school but you can’t. I think you should be able to go because every young girl or boy should get the right to go to school (like I said before) and get education. You never know, your mum might get enough money for you to go.

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Emily

Dear World Leaders, 
My opinion is Lucy should go to school, she would have amazing life to live, though some children do not like school, she would be grateful to set foot in a school.

Why is she not allowed to set foot in an amazing world of education, one that she would love to bits? What is the difference between me Emily and her Lucy we are both humans, so what if we live in different countries we should all be allowed school and massive opportunities.

Yours sincerely Emily C

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Nico

Lucy should go to school for her safety and a good job, she will learn loads of things for her future, if she needs help, food or even friends. If Lucy did go to school she could also teach her family about some stuff and they could get a better job, if Lucy does get a good job then she can take her children to school and buy enough food for everyone, it is very important people get good jobs or they could suffer hunger and can die. Lucy should get to go school like everyone of us do so we can learn well.

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Lewis

Dear World Leaders,

                  I'm writing to tell you that you need to send every single child to school, you have done a great job so far because 108 Million people were not going to school and now 54 Million are not going to school! Over half of these 54 Million people are disabled, these people are not going to school because if they are blind or deaf they do not have the right equipment or language! Or they can't make it to school because they cannot walk. Please help these children go to school because you made the world a promise!

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Leah

Dear United Nations General Secretary, 

I am writing to tell you about the lack of education in some parts of the world. Young women and girls need education. Lucy, a girl from South America, needs education. If she doesn't get educated she will never be able to read or write! Lucy works for her mum and has a disability (polio) in her leg. Lucy can not go to school because of this. Her disability restricts her from straightening her leg, but there are many people like Lucy who can not go to school either.
Help Lucy.

Yours faithfully, Leah Revill.

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Amy

I'm here today, to tell you about a young 11 year old named Lucy. Lucy has suffered with her right leg, her right leg can not be bent. Every morning when she wakes up she cleans the house. Poor Lucy just wants to communicate with other kids and learn like other kids do. Lucy would be the happiest person in the world if she could go to school. No child should not go to school! Lucy is like any other child in this world so she should go to school. Lucy is nearly a teenager if she doesn’t go to school soon she'll not be able to do what she wants to do when she’s older!

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Joshua

Dear world leaders,
I am writing to tell you that everybody has a right to go to school in this world. You are not gaining or losing anything by it so why? Why are you not letting girls like Lucy go to school? If you want to make the world a better place than you need to let people go to school otherwise nobody is going to like you until you die. So let people go to school and get some education. Look at these people. You can’t do this. Just let them go to school. I beg you.

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Anh

Dear World Leaders,

I am writing to inform you about a child called Lucy. She is disabled, therefore she cannot go to school. Her right leg has been affected by a disease called Polio. Lucy cannot walk so she is not able to go to school. She is eleven years old but she still does jobs around the house and she looks after her younger brother. One of her wishes is to go to school. All her friends know how to read and write but poor Lucy doesn't. How about opening a school only for disabled children?

Thanks for reading.

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Talia

Dear world leaders,
Lucy has got to go to school because if she wanted to get a job and earn money she would need to use some of her skills that she has learned from school to help. I think it would be a good opportunity for her and a new experience for Lucy to go to school. Nobody really deserves to not go to school because school is a part of your life you start from a young age and finish when you're a young adult. Please help Lucy get to and from school please. 

Yours sincerely 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Why Lucy needs to go to school by Tilly

Dear Council,
             I am writing to inform you that it is very important that Lucy needs to get to school. If she doesn't, then her life will not go so well, as she will not be able to read or write, or calculate maths problems that occur in life.
If she is not able to calculate maths problems, if she buys things and gives a note, then she will not be able to tell if she has got enough change.
If she cannot read or write, then she will not be able to write to people.
Yours sincerely,

Tilly S

Some of the words sounded like a foreign language by Finli

...Me and the demon entered the puzzling cave as crystallized bats flew past my head.
"Why was the teleporter shaped like a spoon?"
"Because I adore them, and mostly for camouflage."
"Right, OK."
"Follow me muttered the demon."

(Three hours later...)

"What is that noise, demon?"
Some of the words sounded like a foreign language.
"Oh, no!" rumbled the demon, "we've come across the under world."
"Yeah, how is that bad for you, you're a demon."

"Yes but you're not."
Charlie's smile swept away.
"What I going to do?"
And then the voices occurred again, "salo sire debalo helto pandioss fiodioss..."

Saturday, 17 May 2014

some of the words sounded like a foreign language by Talia

Yesterday I went on youtube and I watched a video and some of the words sounded like a foreign language. But when I showed my mum the clip she said it was all English. But it couldn't of sounded English so then I went to lay on my bed because I was losing my marbles. About an hour later, I got up and watched the clip again but when I heard the words they were different instead of the clip being a song it was somebody talking to me and it was weird because they knew my name. I was puzzled what is going on with this computer.

some of the words sounded like a foreign language by Lewis

One day I was walking down the street and I heard some people talking differently, some of the words sounded like a foreign language. It sounded like they had put German and French words together! My Mum asked me if I knew the language and I replied, "I don't have a clue!" I asked the people a question, "What language are you speaking in?"
They did not reply, they just kept on talking in the foreign language. I started to get mad and shouted at them saying, "WHAT LANGUAGE ARE YOU SPEAKING IN?"
Nicely they replied, "Chinese!" I was so happy because I now knew what language it was!

…some of the words sounded like a foreign language… by Nico

Once I woke up in a mysterious forest. My head was so puzzled I could have gone back  to sleep, I ran through the gloomy forest scraping my skin against the razor sharp thorns, I was like a useless ant trying to find a way out of a dinosaur's body. I suddenly tripped and my soft smooth face smacked the soggy wet ground, as fast as a mouse, I jumped up and limped my way through the forest until a weird creature with one eye pounced at me like a furious cheetah attacking a tiny puppy. It tried talking to me but SOME OF THE WORDS SOUNDED LIKE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE.
I said, "Who are you?" 
They were my last words.

...some of the words sounded like a foreign language…by Amy

"Come On Amy, Stop messing about and lets get to the shop!"
"Oh, OK". Me and Darren went in the shop we heard the strangest noise ever. It kept repeating itself several times. I wonder what it was. It was starting to frighten me a bit. It kept carrying on, what an earth was it? Finally, we decided to search the shop to see where that awful noise was coming from. We got nearer and nearer to the sound until we realised it was someone talking. It must have been a different language. Me and my family come from a different part of England so we didn't know! ...some of the words sounded like a foreign language…! That's what the noise could have been!

…some of the words sounded like a foreign language… by Anh

A few days ago, Sophie was walking in the park. She came across a small hole near the swings. It was quite small so she just shrugged and walked away. Soon, she found a blue drink, just lying on a bench. As that day was so hot and she was so thirsty, she drank it. Almost immediately, she shrank! Then, Sophie had an idea. She ran over to the hole she found earlier and leapt in... It was a slide! It seemed to last for hours but when she fell out at the bottom, Sophie heard thousands of people speaking! Some of the words sounded like a foreign language...

some of the words sounded like a foreign language by Romola

My friend called me. I do love Lizzy but she is a chatter. "Hey Sarah!" She giggled.
 "Hi Lizzy," I giggled back. It was her first day of secondary school with her new teacher.
 "So Mrs Macoy asked me a question when I wasn't listening, I'm telling the truth, some of the words sounded like a foreign language. So I looked around the classroom just in case she was talking to someone else, then I noticed a big sign behind her saying Spanish. Then I realised she was speaking a foreign language. It was so embarrassing. Everyone laughed at me. What a way to start secondary school!"
"Mega cringe!"

Some of the words sounded like a foreign language by Alex

 At school one day I was watching a video about butterflies and some of the words sounded like a foreign language, because I couldn't really understand them and neither could the other children in the class. So we decided not to watch it and we went outside and played. About 30 minutes later it was lunchtime so we all went in and washed our hands. Then we all went off for lunch and when we finished we all went outside again played with our friends, some people were playing football and some people were playing other games.

Some of the words sounded like a foreign language! by Lettia

Dear Diary,
                  Today I watched Despicable Me 2 with my cousin (Aaliyah) and my auntie (Letesha). The film was great, and I just love those minions and the way they speak! Some of the words sounded like a foreign language! Well overall, the movie was just great, and it was really fun eating so much popcorn and ice - cream. That’s what I did today, what did you do?
From your bestest friend forever
Lettia S B!

P.S Have you seen this film? If you have, what is your best bit, your favourite part and character and would you consider seeing it again? Bye bye!!

some of the words sounded like a foreign language by Leah

When I was first learning about programming computers some of the words sounded like a foreign language. It was all pixels and gigabytes, I thought it was the hardest thing in the world but it turned out to be one of the easiest things in the world! Easy- peasy lemon- squeezy I would say. I would be teaching my friends and I teach the smallest year in the school... RECEPTION! It's so much fun! At first I did think it was a bit gibberish; mega pixels and bytes and well it was just all very confusing some of it I still am puzzled now with! When young it's hard.

The foreign book by Jake

One day a little boy named Harley was walking down the street and he seemed to notice something shining in the distance so he ran over to it and picked it up but what was it? “Wow” he shouted out it was a map made out of silver, it was a treasure map! The first place to go was the hidden temple of king Heron. Several hours later, I had arrived. I needed to get past all the traps, (somersaulting through the air) “I've made it. What is this? A book (opening it) some of the words sound like a foreign language. I wonder what it means…

Some of the words sounded like a foreign language by Joshua

There was once an explorer named Sir James Sherwood. He had had many great adventures but non greater than this one. His mission was to find a scroll and give it to a museum. He had been searching for weeks but then, one day he had found the tomb where the scroll was hidden. He opened the huge chamber door and there it was. He picked it up and when he unravelled the scroll there was a voice speaking or reading the scroll. Some of the words sounded like a foreign language. He finally understood. It was some warning but the great explorer ignored it and carried on.

…some of the words sounded like a foreign language… by Sarah

Some of the words sounded like a foreign language, I don't know how to say them and all that stuff is really complicated. So I just sat back and read my book but then the mean teacher said something to me about paying attention and listening or something like that. She was talking in a foreign language, very foreign. I decided I should just say I was ill and needed to go home to Mrs Baterlaxe my mean teacher. She said, "Okay Sarah you may go home!"
 That was the end of Mrs Baterlaxe's moaning for me and when I got home I did feel very sick indeed.

...some of the words sounded like a foreign language... by Finlay

"Come on!" shouted Lewis's mum! Lewis had to go to the library to change his book as he had finished it two weeks before. After a long time of nagging Lewis's mum eventually persuaded him to go into to town to take his book back. When they arrived it had only been the second time Lewis had been to a library and he really didn't enjoy it, but his mum makes him go every week. He read a book and some of the words sounded like a foreign language. Reading foreign books was so strange for Lewis. He didn't understand!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

100WC#31 by Anh

"At last, the magnificent beast has been slaughtered. The Mini Men have finally defeated it, after countless years of sheer terror. At last, the citizens can walk out of their houses without looking around for danger!" A news reporter exclaimed, "What we call a Striped Buzzer has been found dead round the borders of Little-Foot Village and an ant walker found it while walking round the Weed Trees." Just then, a faint buzzing sound was heard and the ground shook. The buzzing grew louder every second and the Striped Buzzer's legs began to move. "What's happening!?" The news reporter shouted.

100WC#31 by Amy

You'll never guess what, I just had the most weirdest dream ever. Well I found this pink sparkly wand lying on the floor so of course I picked it up and tried to do some magic tricks. With a gigantic bang I was as small as an ant. I was so terrified. What was going on? It was so horrible I had to hide incase anyone saw me. Carefully and quietly I climbed up a tree and hid behind a leaf! Hopefully no one had seen me but then this annoying bee kept annoying me. So I got a stick and whacked him until he would stop annoying me. Then he spoke! Wasn't that weird?

100WC#31 by Lewis

"What is this creature?" asked Tim the miniature man.
"I don't know," said Bob the miniature man.

Tim and Bob stated to poke this odd creature with a stick! They realised that if you touch the fur of the creature it would sting you, they found this out the hard way! They saw it had somthing attached to its body, they were wings! Soon Tim started to put up some cameras because they wanted to always watch this creature just incase it moved. They watched it for hours and hours until they realised it was dead, they named it the bee.

100WC#31 by Jake

The murder scene

The night before the party, a dead, cold body was found on the floor, no one knows who it is. We have sent forensic investigators to the scene to see who might have killed him. They have found the dead body in the hallway of the hive; they have sent us information that the dead body is the famous Mr Bee. There were three suspects at the scene; Wasp, Fly and Mosquito. We have found stinger resin from Wasp, faeces from Fly and blood from Mosquito. Stinger resin was found in Mr Bee's wound meaning Wasp …

100WC#31 by Talia

The tiny model men are carefully examining the poor dead bee. With their kit all stuffed in a well made box and ready to take pictures they are very well equipped. One of the men is holding one of the bee's legs trying to figure out what it feels like or he might be taking a hair of it to find out what type of bee it is. Meanwhile, the other man is taking photos of the bee to take back to his lab and look at it closer so he can see every single hair on its body.

100WC#31 by Finli

"Oh isn't it a lovely day for a picnic?"
"Oh yes I agree!"
Cautiously a bee came swan diving to the ground like a defeated spitfire!
"Buzzzzz, Hel-Help me."
"No, your blocking the natural imaginative view!"
"Please I'll get out the way."
"Well Bob what do you think?"
"...Well lets give it a whirl."
"Test 1 (Bob said). what shall we use?"
"I know! a..."
"Let me guess, a spoon?"
"Yes how did you know?"
"Because you're upset with them."
"Oh yeah." Bob said confidently.
So Bob and Harry meandered over to the cupboard and of cause someone almost fell off...

100WC#31 by Joshua

When I look at this picture I see a worker bee right next to a set of dolls. It might be that the bee wanted to take part in a play. I got this idea from the doll on the left hand side. He is carrying what looks like a light, like you would see on a film set when the film would be in the making. Or it could be an investigation site because the two men are wearing strange suits and the man on the left also has a camera. Some people might find this picture quite funny!

100WC#31 by Tilly

In England lots of different species of bees have been dropping rapidly. Bee numbers all over the country are dropping, and all because of human kind!

Newspapers, magazines, we get a first glimpse of the front cover and then it hits us almost off the face of the Earth! In the image you can see a bee laying on the huge human pier, being examined carefully by tiny crime scene investigators! They took a shrinking potion so they could examine the bee more efficiently. A human's 
newspaper hit it round the face, and at the same time broke its leg!

100WC#31 by Leah

Bee Times 

The Mysterious Bee Murder

An Article By Reporter Leah R

 The murder of a hive famous bee (that shall not be named for legal reasons) has been confirmed. Investigators were on the deadly scene early hours yesterday and found no traces of any evidence at all, the FBI are there now double checking. Quotes from the family are below:

Mother: "I miss him so much, whoever murdered him... You should be totally ashamed of yourself."

Father: "I just can not believe my eyes, I can't believe someone would do that to my baby, it is just so unbelievable."

100WC#31 by Alex

These two midget people were sitting down on a very uncomfortable wooden floor next to a huge black and yellow crusty bee lying down in front of the two tiny people with the suitcases next to them. The men were wearing mini oyster white jump suits. The bee was curled up in a little ball in between the two men. Meanwhile one of the men is pulling its leg and the bee is just lying there, dying very slowly, but the two men in the white suits do not seem to be bothered. Hopefully the bee will survive!

100WC#31 by Finlay

In this picture there are two people. One of them is holding a stick that has got a hook on the end. There is also a giant bee which is either dead or asleep. The other person or inspector is holding a camera taking a picture or filming the giant bee. This is my story on how it happened.

Max was walking into town because his mum had annoyingly sent him out to get some ingredients for their tea. Before Max opened the shop door to walk in he looked down and saw the giant, still bee, inspector and photographer!

100WC#31 by Neizan

I think that this picture is of a dead bee that stung a kid and it died on the bench, I think that it stung a kid because it looks like there are 3 or 4 tiny little army men that one of the kids left on the bench so that they could see if he or she was okay from the sting. The other thing I noticed when I last looked at the picture which was on Tuesday that it was kind of at some picnic place and that the 2 children had brought their toys to play with.

100WC#31 by Emily

I can not stop staring at this freakishly large bumble bee that is dead. I have an idea, I will poke it until its mates come and discover that it is dead. Oh but what if they sting me? Never mind I will do it anyway just for fun. 
Then a pack of mildly angry bees arrive ready to sting.
I wish I had not done that… Ahh it stung me and they were wasps.
I am so stupid I should not have done that what if I die, oh no what have I done. 

OH no I am…

100WC#31 by Millie C

Once there were two men who went on holiday and it was really horrible there and so they had to wear white suits. When they got to the airport they were the only people flying to that place because it was so Smokey and horrible. When they got there they found a massive bumble bee lying there on the floor. The men decided to cook the bee and eat it too which I think is really cruel. They made sure it was dead before, so they poked it with a stick and luckily it was completely dead. They ate it.

100WC#31 by Lettia

Plastic people are helping a bee, which may be dead.
They bandage its arm, and undislocate its head.
They carry him to hospital, being cautious.
They feed him food, not very delicious.
Finally he is better, all safe now. 
But then it happens again, how?
So again it has its treatment, to make him far from ill.
Like reversible’s always say, where there’s a way, there’s a will.
Now that was a poem all about bees,
And how they hurt and scrape their knees,
But most importantly, they are quite clumsy, 
And sometimes shout “Where’s my mumsie?”

100WC#31 by Romola

Today is the anniversary of finding the new species of a bee. The 10th of April 2010 was a special day. I am proud to say that I am the cousin of the scientist who found the fairly giant bee.
It was three o'clock in the afternoon and I was just settling to watch a good movie, when BREAKING NEWS appeared on my TV. I quickly put BBC news on to see what was going on. My cousin Timothy was in a white one piece suit. The press were there taking photos of the amazing bee. I was so proud!...

Saturday, 3 May 2014

… and when I opened the cupboard door … by Romola,

At seven o'clock in the morning, Leigh-Ann drifted wearily down the stairs. The 17 year old's parents left a note saying exactly this; Dear Leigh-Ann, please make sure your brother gets to school safely. 
There was milk in the refrigerator and when I opened the cupboard door there was some cereal. We had to leave early to get to London in time for my interview. See you soon love mum and dad. Her parents had not left any money. Leigh-Ann went and got Oliver, her 4 year old brother and nipped out to the shop. Oliver got to school safely, but Leigh-Ann was almost late for school...

And when I opened the cupboard door . . .by Lettia

Dear Diary,

My mum confiscated my tablet, and she said when I tidied up my room, I could have it back. Obviously, tidying was not the answer, so I decided to get it myself. I figured, the place where everything goes when banned, is the cupboard. And, well, the cupboard doesn’t have a hiding place, or a lock, so this would be simple. Sneakily, I tiptoed downstairs and opened the cupboard, but to my surprise when I finally did open it, I found something shocking!!!
And when I opened the cupboard door . . .

From your Best Friend


… and when I opened the cupboard door …by Millie C

Once before I had the most horrible dream. I was walking around town and it was early in the morning so no one was there. I went home and sneaked slowly in to my room and then I jumped on to my bed. I went over to my cupboard and when I opened the cupboard door a massive monster jumped out of it. It terrified me and made me scream, I ran to the centre of town and luckily it didn't follow me. I went to my friend’s house and it never, ever found me again. I was glad it was a dream.

… and when I opened the cupboard door …by Neizan,

When I was in the kitchen, I saw it was absolutely covered in egg. So I asked everyone if they were the person that covered the kitchen in egg and tomato ketchup. But what did they all say, “It wasn't me…”, so I watched on the security cameras and because I had made all of them feel bad after I had told them off, I saw it was me that had done it. I must have been doing stuff in my sleep, and when I opened the cupboard door, so I cleaned it up and said sorry to all of them.

… and when I opened the cupboard door … by Finlay

On Saturday when I woke up I ventured out into my new home, all of the rooms were bright and colourful with dazzling windows and brown cupboards. After that I went into what my mum said was going to be be my new room, it had a huge cupboard, three bookshelves and the tiniest bed you have probably ever seen. It was so tiny that only my leg could fit inside the quilt. The bed had a red quilt and a brown bottom. There was a cupboard that was brown and when I opened the cupboard door FLASH BANG!

… and when I opened the cupboard door … by Nico

One day I woke up on the floor with my hair in a state I looked like a fury rat, I went down the creaky stairs they sounded like baby mice squealing for food in a tiny little pile of leaves. As I looked for my parents I found their bed neat and tidy it was as neat as anything could possibly be. I went into the kitchen and tried to open the shiny door but it was too tightly locked, I went to the cupboard to get it AND WHEN I OPENED THE CUPBOARD DOOR I just fell asleep on the floor unconsciously and didn't come back.

… and when I opened the cupboard door …by Alex

I was working in my office filling in a form about my doctor’s appointment. When my cupboard started to shake I got up and walked up to it and when I opened the cupboard door there was nothing there so I carried on filling in my form. Then a few minutes later it started again so I slowly got up and sneakily tip toed over to it and calmly opened the door and when I looked in it there standing on the middle shelf was a huge slimy ghost eating my dinner so I got the lid off my lunchbox and smashed it against his head …

… and when I opened the cupboard door …by Lewis

And when I opened the cupboard door there was a.... MONSTER. 
I screamed and ran to the garden so the monster could not see me!  The monster had scaly purple skin, huge teeth and large purple spikes on its back. I didn't know what to do because I couldn't get to the phone to call the police.  I was by myself so I could not even tell Mum or Dad. I decided to stay outside even though it was late, someone might see and come to help.

The sun came up and the monster melted in the day light, I was so pleased that I was safe.

… and when I opened the cupboard door …by Leah

I had been preparing for a big sleepover party for weeks!!!! 
It was finally the day, the hour, the minute, the second.....

"Hi, so glad you are all here - head upstairs, the first room on the right. I'll get some snacks..." And when I opened the cupboard door nothing was in there.
"Hey guys get down here now it's going to be a detective mystery. There is a whole cupboard of marshmallows and delicious sweets missing. There is a trail and we need to find the thief!"
"Hey look, some marshmallows this way!" Exclaimed Ella.
The marshmallows lead in to my brothers bedroom, how didn't I know?

… and when I opened the cupboard door … by Tilly

I was having a bit of a crave for sweets this morning, and decided to go and get some sweets from the cupboard. I opened the cupboard door and got out a lollipop. As I sucked on it I heard a strange unknown noise from the kitchen. It seemed to be coming from the sweet cupboard. I didn't think there should be something really bad in the sweet cupboard, could there? And when I opened the cupboard door, everything seemed normal. That was until all the sweets grew legs and took off their wrappers, then flung themselves into my mouth! I got to admit, they were tasty!

… and when I opened the cupboard door …by Joshua

In my home town there was a legend that there was a cupboard somewhere in the high mountains that contained a thousand diamonds.
One day I went looking for this mysteries item. I packed my back pack and set of. I had reached the mountain base when I saw something at the top shining bright. I climbed as fast as possible until I reached the top and I saw it. The cupboard was just there in front of me made out of pure gold and when I opened the cupboard door I was even more pleased when I saw the 1000 diamonds just like the legend said.

… and when I opened the cupboard door … by Finli

And when I opened the cupboard, A evil like demon jumped out at me! 
"Yellow!" the demon yelped.
"Yes, yellow I need it to charge my fire staff!"
"Yellow! A yellow what?"
"A yellow gem!"
"Well where do we find one of..."
"Them! Down in the very mystical caverns!"
"OK then I'll help you!"
"Eat this spoon."
"Just eat it!"
"OK then!"
And with that the spoon showed a reflection of a whole crystal like ravine, full of cobalt.
I felt quite brave and trusty in the demon so as soon as that we were off...

… and when I opened the cupboard door … by Talia

Dear Diary,
Today I moved in to my new house and it was not exactly what I thought would happen. First I had lost my other secret diary then I had to unpack all of my things and the things that belong in kitchen. When I was in the kitchen and when I opened the cupboard door I heard so loud girlish screaming noise. So I just went too my brothers room and on the floor there was a tiny spider crawling across his bedroom floor.
“Get rid of it !” My brother screamed!
“Only if you finish of my job in the kitchen [which I had hardly started!]”