Saturday, 25 April 2015

Caitlin - X Marks the Spot

A long time ago there lived a wizard called Caspian who had discovered an old fragile scroll in his dusty attic. He had spent hours, even days, trying to work out what the x in it meant. The sentence said, in time you will find out what the x might means… “Hmmm,” he murmured. For months he thought about what the x meant. He glanced at the clock. It was 10 o'clock, that’s it x was number 10 in Roman numerals the clue was behind the number 10 on the clock. X marks the spot; he pulled out the number 10 to reveal all…

Maddie - X marks the spot

“Hello and welcome to X marks the spot and today we are going to be discussing the general election,” shouted Bob the TV presenter loudly.

“What’s the general election, mum?” I asked.
“The general election is where people over 18 vote for their new prime-minister and the parties like the labour party and other parties like that. The more people they have in their teams the more chance they've got to win,” replied Mum.
“Wow are you going to vote Mum?” I asked.
“Yes I think so,“ answered Mum.
“cool, who are you going to vote for,” I asked. 
“I’m not sure yet,” Mum replied. 

Aron - ...X marks the spot...

It was Saturday. I was very excited as mum took me to the Dunnottar Castle in Scotland. When we got there I saw that massive, really old and partly collapsed building. Inside I felt as if someone was watching me... it was strangely uncomfortable... I leant against a wall that suddenly creaked and that suddenly slid out of my reach. There was a massive X on the wooden floor. I reminded myself of stories about treasure where X marks the spot where treasure is hidden. When I stood on it, the wooden plank moved, I barely stopped myself from looking underneath the old, cranky board...

Rio - X Marks the Spot

Today I'm going to a polling station to vote for the new prime minister where X marks the spot. X means who I will vote for. I'm going to vote for David Cameron the current prime minister until the new one is elected. David Cameron was good but he had a few faults like he advertises people dying from illnesses when I don't want to watch it especially when I'm eating because it puts me off. David Cameron does some good things because this country is successful because of him and his the Conservative party. I think it’s a good idea to vote every time. 

Harvey - X Marks the Spot

It was a dark stormy night the waves were crashing up and over the ship making it rock side to side. When the ship hit a rock and sent the crew overboard they swam and clung onto a rock.
As the storm passed and the sun finally began to rise, the crew found a bottle washed up beside them with a map inside. They realised it was a map of the island they were washed up on. They worked out where X marks the spot and dug with their hands. From a disastrous night they couldn't believe the luck at what they had found.

Charlie - X Marks the Spot

On the 7th of May will be the General Election which means that every member of the public can vote for their party. You have to be over the age of 18 to vote, some people can vote by post or at a voting booth. There are lots of people to vote for, like UKIP, Labour, Conservatives, Green Party, Plaid Cyrumi, Liberal Democrats and lots more other parties. Each party have their views on how the country should be run. For an example Immigration, Education, NHS, Crime & Justice and lots more. So X marks the spot on who you want to vote for.

Sophia - X Marks the Spot

“Can you please, please, please read me this book?” pleaded Jasmine’s little brother.
“Ok what book is it?” Jasmine replied.
“It’s a pirate book! ARRGH!” her little brother explained.
“The adventures of Captain Buccaneer and his crew,” read Jasmine as she turned the page, her little brother (Charlie) yawned drowsily. “Sally, find my treasure map! Billy take control of the helm!” Everyone obeyed the captain as they were planning to grab the treasure! “I know where my treasure is buried. Throw down the anchor we are here. X marks the spot bellowed the captain!”

“Night, Night,” wished Jasmine sweetly.

Jemima - X Marks the Spot

Who are you going to vote for, it does not matter. We do not want to know who you are going to vote for, we want to know if you are going to vote. Is there a party leader where you agree with what they stand for, if there is then vote for them, your vote may help make the country better. The general election is very important to the country and there are people that want to vote but can not, so if you get the opportunity take it and make Britain better. X marks the spot. That is what really matters.

Eleanor - X Marks the Spot

One day I came to the conclusion that I was going on a treasure hunt. My dad told me that we had one in the loft so I went up there and searched everywhere. Once I found it, it was covered in dust and it had a few stains on it. Anyway I called my friends and asked if they wanted to help me. My very best friend came round and said, "Come on x marks the spot!" We raced off into the distance and found a maze. I lead everyone into the maze. It was so much fun.

Sam F - X Marks the Spot.

One night I was fast sleep and I had a dream. In my dream there was a treasure chest in the garden and there was an x that marked the spot. As soon as I woke up I was curious to see if there really was a treasure chest. So I went downstairs and put my shoes on. I ran as fast as I could to the garden to investigate. When I was in the garden I saw a massive treasure chest next to the x that marked the spot.

Lily - X Marks the Spot

It is time for a General Election in the UK. But who will win? There are candidates like UKIP, Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, The Green Party, SNP and Plaid Cymru. 
Everyone is given a polling card, you then go to your local polling station, where you are given a form with the names of all the candidates, you have to choose and X marks the spot next to your choice. This is the person who will represent your local area in the House of Commons in London. An announcement as to who has the most votes is made the following day.

Sam B - X Marks the Spot

The ship sailed over the sea and suddenly, crashed into a desert island. Quickly the ship started sinking!
"Abandon ship!" cried the captain loudly. He leapt out the ship and the rest of his pirate crew followed. The ship sank as a map fell in front of the captain. 
"A map," said the captain's brother, Gareth. They adventured through the island following every single step on the map. Finally, they got to the X.
"X marks the spot," murmured the captain. They dug up the treasure and headed back to the ship.
"How are we going to get back?" wondered Gareth quietly, "no way."

Jessica - X Marks the Spot

One day in the town of Bubblegum it was the general election and everyone was getting really excited. This year they changed the rules for the general election. Instead of someone getting voted for someone would have to find some treasure and the first person to find the treasure would win. The way you will know where the treasure is is there will be a X marks the spot near. It is not easy though to find treasure because it could be anywhere round the whole of Bubblegum town. Next time I will tell you the groups in the exciting treasure hunt around the town.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Grace LB - 100WC#28

“It’s a very beautiful view,” Joan told Dave quietly.
“It is, but I would like a different view, we have been standing here for as long as I remember,” Dave replied to Joan.
“Woof!” barked their dog Jack.
“I'm afraid we can't, we were made here and we were meant to be here in the first place, so you’re going to have to get use to this view,” Joan explained.
“I guess you’re right,” sighed Dave, “now let’s change the subject.”
“OK,” agreed Joan.
“Woof!” barked Jack the dog again.

The three figures stood there, staring at the rippled sea.    

Kieran - 100WC#28

Timothy = right Jo = left

"Ah, what are we going to do today huh," asked Jo.
"Not really sure, we could watch the boats," replied Timothy.
"Don't we do that every day!" shouted Jo as loudly as she possibly could. Suddenly a huge cruise liner passed by and almost blew Jo off the railing and into the sea consequently the dog called Sam hid behind Tim. 
"Wow we don't see that very often, maybe we should watch the boats come and pass us. Look it’s a fleet of ships." asked Tim.
"Okay but not for long, okay," replied Jo.
So they kept watching.

Sam B - 100WC#28

"It's a good day here in Cardiff Bay, Jim," sighed Bob, taking a breath in the fresh air.
"Sure is," replied Jim. "If you had one wish what would it be?"
"I wish I could move," explained Bob.
"Me too," said Jim, "what else."
"Being the most famous person in the world," answered Bob.
"I would be in charge of everything," replied Jim.
"I get you," said Bob quietly. They looked out into the open sea.
"It's weird that if you kept on sailing from here you would get to America," said Jim.

"Yes, that is quite true," replied Jim.

Caitlin - 100WC#28

The look on the man’s face says it all as he looks relieved to be finally where he is. “Look at the view” his wife gasped.
“That was such a journey,” he replied, still in thought about the long voyage they had just sailed. They had dreamed of this better life for so long. The dog didn’t take his eyes of his owner he had sat beside him and had also done this long journey. They would now live a good life. “This is the life of freedom,” cried the wife. The dog barked and the people laughed.

Aron - 100WC#28

Last summer me and my family went to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. On Cardiff Bay, I saw statues of two people accompanied by a dog. The woman was sitting on handrail and pointing at the water. The man was looking at the woman with slight stare. In my head I was imagining what they were saying. I thought that maybe the woman was saying to the man; "Oh dear me! I can't believe we missed that ferry...” 
The man calmly answered, “If you had put trainers on as I asked, we would probably have caught it." I smiled as I thought it was funny.

Rio - 100WC#28

These statues of two people and a dog are in Cardiff, Wales. I think they are made out of aluminium or brass. I think they are in the harbour and maybe the man is asking the lady if she wants to have a walk on the boat with him because I think they are setting off on a cruise. I think they are from the old times from what it looks like from the picture. The lady might be saying, “Oh Edward look over there I think it’s the Titanic.” They might be coming back to land to come home.

Harvey - 100WC#28

One summer’s morning Bill, Kate and Fred the dog decided on a day trip to look around and explore Cardiff Bay in Wales. When they got there they wanted to go on a boat trip. They had to wait an hour before the next boat to get there. Then Kate spotted a cafe across the bay “let’s go over there while we wait” she said pointing to the cafe.
“Good idea” said Bill
So they all went and had something to eat and drink before they set off. The boat arrived and they climbed aboard for an exciting sightseeing trip.

Charlie - 100WC#28

"Look over there," as she pointed her finger, said the strange looking lady who was holding a shoe.
The man with the newspaper turned and looked as the enormous ship sailed across the harbour. "IT'S A CRUISE SHIP!!!" he shouted in a loud voice sounding enthusiastic.
The cruise ship glided through the water whilst making a loud noise which made the dog bark, "WOOF, WOOF!!!"

The ship stopped sailing at Cardiff Bay, letting the passengers off the ship which enabled them to look at the fishing boats which collected the fish needed for Cardiff's well known dish: Fish and Chips.

Jemima - 100WC#28

The two people/ statues both look very serious. I think that this may be a parent and child conversation. I think that the adult is handing down an important legacy to his family member. Because of this it seems like it was a very important moment in their family history. The bay is a great place to have the statue because in the background there is a big wheel and many more fascinating buildings to observe. Maybe this statue was made long ago. It’s in dark colours so that makes me think that it may have been made long ago.

Madison - 100WC#28

"Hello are you walking your dog!" said Miranda 
"Yes I am. I thought we might see the view like the sea and the big wheel!" said Steven.
"Well it is a very very nice day isn't it, you're dog is very cute what is its name?" 
“Her name is Lacy"
"She is well behaved. Here is my number, maybe we could be friends?" 
Then they both walk away and the day after that he got her a dog of her own and went for ice cream and soon they became very good friends and always hang out nearly every single day.
 The End.

100WC#28 Morgan

This picture looks like two male friends speaking to each other and just hanging out. I think they might be saying to each other "What a lovely view," or "How are you today?" 
And this is my story!

"How are you today?" asked the man
"Fine thanks," replied the man's friend "Shall we take my dog, Buster for a walk?"
"Yes." So the man and his friend went for a walk taking Buster for a walk. After a while the man went home and said "goodbye!" and "see you soon" 
"Come on Buster, lets go home," he said.