Sunday, 12 July 2015

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Sam B

It was the last day of school, I was in year 6 about to leave primary, forever.
"It feels like an ordinary day," whispered my friend,"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said... Sadness flew through my heart, I felt like I hadn't done enough in school. It was an emotional day here at primary school. The only good thing was that the holidays were about to come. I did not care about that, I cared about my friends. They were all going to King Edward Academy. I was about to cry, even though it was a happy time.

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Lily

There was a boy who had no parents he was an orphan he didn’t have much except a ring. The ring had been passed on to this little boy from his mother who had very sadly died in a car accident. He got £0.50 a week and he spent some of it on sweets. Meanwhile the others bought toys they never used ever again. “Can I have a sweet please Keelan?” Said Ben.
“Maybe but I’m afraid it is the last one.” He said nervously. “OK!” Keelan answered. 

He gave the sweet to Ben and went to his room, but later on everyone was there asking for a sweet. Which meant Ben had told!!!

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Mollie

April is back! I realised that I should tell but the police already had a witness, called Marjorie. I ran to the station. My heart thudding against my rib cage. This was it. The officers were like the cartoon ones. Big moustaches, sharing a box of donuts. The chief grabbed the last one. “But it’s the last one, that’s unfair!” moaned the officer. I don’t think they would take a little girl like me seriously so I’m leaving. I stomped all the way to my den in the forest. I made on my last encounter. See you next time, bye!

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Morgan

Today I was helping out in my mum's shop, I was selling chocolate bars, sweets and ice lollies. Most people wanted ice lollies because it was so hot but other people wanted the chocolate and sweets. Soon we were running out and we didn't have anything else in stock so we ran out very quickly. Then the last customer asked me for an ice lolly, "Please can I have an ice lolly?''
So I said, "But I’m afraid this is the last one, and it has melted sorry.''
The customer said, ''Oh it’s OK I will come back tomorrow'.'

 I felt really bad and she did not come back the next day.

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Sam F

One day my family and I were at Tesco. I spotted an amazing water gun. My brother and I both wanted it, even though there was only one. I took the gun and then my brother shouted at the shopkeeper, "I want one!"

"But I'm afraid it's the last one," he said. So we bought one water gun but sadly we have to share. Even though we only had one water gun, it was still fun because one of us would have the weapon and the other person would run away. After we stop playing with the water gun we all ate Sunday lunch outside in our back garden.

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Eleanor

“Today we are going to build a tree house!” I shouted across the room to my mum and dad. 

“OK. But where are we going to find all this wood?” questioned my dad.
“We will go to the store.” I said proudly. So we dot in the car to B&Q to get some lovely soft planks of wood. When we got there we looked around the store. We asked a man where they were. He directed us then he said “But I’m afraid it’s the last one,” he said looking down at me and my dad. I really wanted a tree house but I suppose you can’t have everything. 

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Kieran

So we are finally here at the ruins of the legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia. “I’m not sure why we came here on a school trip, do you know Red?” I asked.
“No, but there is something strange going on here,” replied Red.
Suddenly the ground started to rumble and shake and suddenly two large Pokemon appeared. “The Orb of Life has been stolen from its shrine; there were many of them but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said. 
“So what’s going to happen now?” I asked quickly.

“I don’t know but one thing’s obvious Dialga and Palkia will destroy everything,” replied Red with an anxious look. 

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Sophia

Grandad!" I yelled, being extremely excited because I was staying at my grandad's house and he always shares his sweets with me (only when my nanny is not home!) 
“Hello grandad and nanny!” I said delightfully whilst giving them a hug.
“Come in sweetheart,” said nanny softly.

I would describe my nanny as a typical average nanny, as when you look at her you see tan tights, hearing aid, used tissue tucked up her sleeve, burgundy slippers and false teeth. Once nanny’s head was turned grandad said… “I would offer you a sweet but I’m afraid it’s the last one.”

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Olivia

One summer very hot day me and my family was outside playing in the swimming pool because it was thirty five degrease and I was sweating like mad. So I went in the nice and cold pool to cool down a bit. I got out of the pool and quickly got in the shade, after that I asked my dad if I could have a drink of lemonade but then he said, BUT I’M AFRAID IT’S THE LAST ONE,". So I was really angry at him. So I forced him to go to the shop and go and buy me some I was that angry about it.

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Will

"...but I’m afraid it's the last one," he said...

What it can’t be I saved all my money for a VIP ticket to watch Chelsea vs Barcelona and I was going to meet Messi and Neymar and Hazard and now nobody could take me! That night I started to play FIfA. I played with Messi and Hazard and I thought about how everyone at school would be jealous. Suddenly I saw a flash of lightning next thing I knew I was shouting against a Real Madrid keeper I shot and scored. Flash I was back at home and in front of me were two VIP tickets for the match!

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Grace LB

I was going to this amazing new theme park, it had everything; roller-coasters, dodgems, the waltzer, ghost trains, claw machines just to name a few! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. My mum was booking the tickets, but she shut the laptop with a very drooped and sad face. “All that the man said was, but I’m afraid it’s the last one,” my mum said to me.

I was very sulky from then on for the rest of the day, until my friend Billy came over the next day. He had obviously got the tickets, but he had one for me. Best friend ever!

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Grace M

When I walked in to the café I saw a long line of people waiting to be severed. I didn`t know whether to stay or go. I went I couldn`t be bothered to stand up and there wasn`t any were to seat. So I wandered off to visit other shops in the town. Later that day, at about 1:00pm I wandered backup to the café the queue was gone. A gentlemen invited me in for a coffee. As I ordered a coffee he shouted, “But I’m afraid it`s the last one.” The man was nearly was in tears. I didn`t know what to do. I wanted to run out.

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Charlie

"I can't wait," I shouted, as the countdown begins. In two weeks’ time me and my family will be travelling abroad to Madeira (a small island off Portugal). I am so excited because I get to swim every day in a lot of pools and where the weather is always sunny. I like to meet different people and make friends, whilst I am away. Last year I met a Dutch boy named Tobias and I hope to see him again this year. We also go to lots of restaurants; my favourite is Luigi's but I'm afraid it’s the last one as I won’t be going again after this year.

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Demi

It was a sunny August and it was my mate’s birthday and I was in charge of planning it. It was Ava`s birthday and she put me and Freddie in charge. Chloe arrived. Freddie said, “Hey Demi!”
“Hey!” I said. Freddie was panicking because all of the food places we looked in or saw were closed or fully booked. Freddie started to stare, “I know a place!”
I said, “Great job.”
“But I’m afraid it’s the last one,” he said.
I said, “It will be fine”
“OK then!” Freddie shouted.

It was the perfect one for Ava. Ava arrived. Me, Freddie and all her friends said, “Happy birthday.”

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Ben P

Today was really hot and we were on our way to the beach. Technically we shouldn’t be going as it was two – on – one as me and my dad didn’t really want to go. But there was an accident on the road and we got out the car. We were then stopped again this time by a young African teenager. He was selling apples, oranges and grapes to get juice. We bought them for £1.49 and we scoffed our faces. I was not happy as I only got an apple and three grapes. Mum got 6 and dad got 9. Mum said “but I’m afraid this is the last one,” as she only got 6 fruit.

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Harvey

On Saturday morning there was a brand new sweet come out at the lovely sweet shop in Lincoln. I watched it on the news then I went to my friend’s house and told him there was a new sweet and he said, “Let’s go,” so as soon as we got there it wasn’t open. So we went to a massive shopping centre and me and my friend were talking about all the way then we went to the shop and then I said, “But I’m afraid it’s the last one.” So we halved it and we were happy.

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Addison

Me, Bob and Jim went into a haunted castle with chandeliers that were covered in cobwebs. Before our eyes we saw 3 doors and it said 1 door is horrible. So I took the first one, Bob took the 2nd one and Jim took the last one, “but I’m afraid it’s the last one,” he said.

 A few minutes later we had discovered that the 2nd one was filled with gold so we all dived in as the whole room was filled to the brim. Straight after we started to drown and suffocate we all screamed and shouted “HELP!” The moral of this story is don’t be too greedy.

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Rio

Finally I have enough money to buy the toy I’ve been saving to buy for 10 weeks! Today I’m going to buy it, but when I got there I had a big surprise. When I asked the man, “Can I have the Zoom Zoom car please?”
He replied, "But I’m afraid it’s the last one,"
“So you can't have it.”
“But I have the money!”
“It’s already been bought”
“David Walliams the author of some kids books.”
“If it has been bought why is it there?”
“Because he’s going to collect it.”
“Ok” So I went home and waited for new stock.

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Aron

Yesterday was long and boring. I was convinced that today would be as well. As it turned but it wasn’t at all that boring. I started by getting washed and fed and sprang outside. I ran to the top of the hill on the other side of the road and looked over the forest… “This sight is amazing!” I said. Then I saw someone…

“…but I’m afraid it’s the last one,” he said.
“What do you mean?!”

“All kinds of wonder around the world are being destroyed… I think you can help me stop this from happening! Follow me c’mon!”

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Maddie

It was 6am on Sunday morning 3 days before Christmas and the whole of England ran out of food but one little house in the middle of nowhere had food. The man had food because he owned a farm with thousands and thousands of animals he had 3500 cows and calves, 1500 chickens and chicks, 4500 pigs and 3560 sheep and lambs. When everyone had found out they all drove to his house and queued went all the way down the street for a couple of miles then stopped. The people kept banging on the door and woke the man up he opened the door and gave every one a cow,
“but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said.

“So we need food!” 

"…but I'm afraid it’s the last one," he said… Caitlin

“Mum can I buy a chocolate box for tonight please?” begged Ben. 
“No, we don’t need them we already have some chocolates in the basket” explained mum.
“Why can’t I? Please I will share them,” he replied.
“Fine if you really must and be back by tea” huffed Mum.
“OK I will.”
So Ben went to get some chocolate and was back before tea. After tea Ben got out the chocolates and started to scoff them down.
“Could I have one Ben as you said you would share them?” asked mum.
“But I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said.
“Ben give me one!” 

“I suppose I am being healthy!”

"…but I'm afraid it’s the last one," he said… Annabelle

Dear Diary,

Lately I have been reading a lot of books all of them seem to be David Walliams books I have read them all, except for one page in ‘Demon Dentist.’ I didn’t want to read the last page because my friend said, “But I’m afraid it’s the last one," and because he said that, I didn’t want to read the last page because his books are so good. But when I go to bed I normally read, write in my diary then sleep. So I have just read but I read the last page so now I have nothing to read until I get new books.

...but it was far too hot... by Annabelle

On Wednesday after school me and my brothers were on our trampoline but it was far too hot, so we had a water fight I got the hose and got them soaked. My brother Felix got a bucket and tipped it over me, my other brother Seb went inside crying to my dad because the water was too cold for him. All off a sudden my dad came out and told me and Felix off for getting too wet. We all had to go to bed early and have no iPads for the day, so we all got grounded.

...but it was far too hot... by Maddie

I woke up in the morning got ready for school then went down stairs to get my breakfast then suddenly the living room TV turned on and dragged me towards it I started to get a bit scared so I shouted my mum she shouted back, “Shut up its only quarter past 7!!!!!” The channel it turned on was the weather I sighed because I hate watching the news when it said Skegness and London were having a heat wave which was going to last for 5 months.

When I arrived at school Sophia asked if we could play tig but it was far too hot so I said no.

...but it was far too hot... by Aron

On Saturday I was very bored, so I thought... why don't I make cookies? I bought all the ingredients I would need and started to bake. My sister came to help me. She passed to me all the ingredients and I weighed and mixed them together. Then we put our cookies into the oven and watched them rise slowly...

Finally they were ready. Mum was helping us to take them out, when I saw my sister running towards the oven. She grabbed one of the cookies, but it was far too hot and she burned her fingers. I felt sorry as she cried.

...but it was far too hot... by Rio

On Friday I am going to Spain. My Mum booked the holiday last week. When they told me where we were going I said, “But it is far too hot.”
 “Well too bad,” mum replied back in a nagging sarcastic tone.

When we got to Spain it was really hot, it was so hot I felt like I was melting. Then mum got the sun cream out and said, “Come and put suntan lotion on.” I didn’t want to so I jumped in the pool so I didn’t have to have any on because mum doesn’t like water. So she didn’t put me any on till…

...but it was far too hot... by Addison

Today Rio had come round. So we got ready to go out for an ice cream but it was far too hot as there was a heatwave and as soon as we got one it started to sweat cream and grow legs and arms and started to eat things. When it did it grew larger and in no time at all it tried to eat me it was an alien from space and I know this because more came but they dropped from the sky. They started to eat each other and now they started to eat earth, “Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggg! They’re going to eat us all!”

...but it was far too hot... by Harvey

I was watching the television and the forecast showed tomorrow was sunny. Finally, we can have nice weather for a change, all week it’s been raining. I was so fed up every day so I went to bed that night and the temperature was already getting hotter.

In the morning I thought I would get ready to go to the beach as it would be cooler with the sea breeze. But it was far too hot with no shade and I was boiling so much for waiting for nicer weather. Then the next day it went back to rain again at least it was cooler.

...but it was far too hot... by Ben P

Today mum and dad had a fight. They could not decide what to do. They had lots of ideas but the answer was always - it is far too hot. So we ended up spending our weekend at home and all around the house there was just a desire to get outside.  Mum named Saturday and Sunday weekend of boredom. You can hear them downstairs now. Dad just said, “We could have gone to the cinema or something,” and of course the same answer, “But it was far too hot” from mum. I didn’t hate playing with my dog it’s just mum and dad falling out, it’s just not right.

...but it was far too hot... by Demi M

It was Wednesday the 23rd the big race was today but it got cancelled. My mum said it was 29° so I couldn’t go because it wasn’t on. I said to my mum, “That’s no fair.”
“But it was far too hot… Why are you interested anyway?”
 “Because I love to help you’re just mean and you don’t want me to do the big race, do you know how much that race means to me?”
“You don’t get how hot it is though do you.” said Mum
“OK. I’m sorry mum for my bad behaviour.”

“Thank you for my apology sweetheart.”

...but it was far too hot... by Charlie

As I got ready for school this morning, I knew it was going to be a hot day. The sun was shining through my bedroom window. My Mum said to me if it’s hot today, she was going to put our 8 foot pool up in the garden. So Christan and I could enjoy the pool after school. While having a busy day at school on our laptops and playing outside. I had a good day at school but it was far too hot to be at school working. I hope Mum had put up the pool so I could cool down and enjoy the water.

...but it was far too hot... by Hannah

It was Wednesday and I was playing outside of my house. I was playing football with my sisters. We were playing for 1hour 30mins but it was far too hot to play. We stopped the football and sunbathed on the lawn. Then my cousin came to see me and he loves football so I had to play football again. I beat him by 6-2 (he got all upset). I got so bored of playing football so I ran off and played with my neighbours on their trampoline then it was time for me to go home and have my tea.

...but it was far too hot... by Grace M

Apparently, we`re meant to be having a heat wave. It`s a lie. Anyway, it`s Tuesday the 4th July 2015 a lovely summer’s day. Sat in the garden drinking juice, when the radio stopped and the news came on. A heat wave no… but it was far too hot, to do anything not even sunbathing. Why us? That’s our second heat wave of the year. No hose water Mrs Green`s flowers will die then she will become ill like last time. Poor Mrs Green. I hope she hasn’t found out yet or she will be going bonkers. Bless her.

...but it was far too hot... by Grace LB

Today was the hottest day of the year and I wanted to enjoy the day because we hardly ever had toasting days like this, however I wanted to try my new fluffy jumper, but it was far too hot and I would boil alive. So I went to a completely different option, my shorts and t-shirt. When I went outside it was like walking into an oven, I couldn’t believe how hot it was, “an Ice cream could melt in an instant,” I thought to myself. So I had a pool party at my friend’s house, it was awesome and I managed to cool myself down.

...but it was far too hot... by Rose

Last week, I went to the beach with my mum, dad, sister and dog. It was a lovely summer’s day so we decided to take a picnic with us. As soon as we got there me and my sister, Megan, went to play in the sea. My mum let our dog, Loco, off the lead so he followed us in. My dad just sat down to sunbathe. After half an hour we came back for our picnic. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!!! When we had finished my mum asked me if I was going back in the sea, but it was far too hot so I asked if we could walk back home to rest our legs.

...but it was far too hot... by Olivia

It was a hot summer’s day and I was sweating like mad. So I went in the nice and cold pool to cool down a bit. I got out of the pool and quickly got in the shade, after that I asked my dad if I could have a drink of lemonade, but he wouldn't. So I said, "BUT IT'S FAR TOO HOT." I was really angry at him. So I forced him to go to the shop and go and buy me some I was that angry about it.

...but it was far too hot... by Sophia

Yesterday, I enjoyed a lovely and pleasant bike ride along the countryside with the rest of my family. We set off at 11:15 and arrived at 12:00 just in time. We had brought a picnic and a blanket ready to sit on, loving the view from our favourite spot in Wainfleet, by the river. We had a food fight with jelly and I got covered, the whole family joined in. We all had sandwiches and ice lollies I had packed the lollies because after the bike ride we were exhausted I thoroughly enjoyed it but it was far too hot.

...but it was far too hot... by Kieran

Monday: It’s so hot today I think it is 25 degrees out there Huff Boy it’s hot. We went to the beach and had lots of fun in the sand and sea.

Tuesday: Next we went and had a cold fresh ice cream Yum. Help! BRAIN FREEZE! Then we went to the arcade YES!

Wednesday: Ah we were going to the pool but it was far too hot to move and I’ve burned my back in the night.

Thursday: All the green grass has turned brown! We had to go to B&Q and get some grass food.

Friday: Bang, Crash, Boom, Help! Thunder and lightning HELP!

...but it was far too hot... by Madison

I woke up and thought to myself well it is going to be a heat wave today so I jumped out of bed and got my bikini and shorts and top over them. I went down stairs and I had my breakfast and I ran outside but it was far too hot so I took off my top and shorts so I was just in my bikini and I got the pool out and jumped in it. Later we got Ice creams and we went to the beach I had a really good day I really enjoyed it. It was fun.

...but it was far too hot... by Eleanor

Today I was going to go to friends but it was far too hot for that. So I decided to go swimming with all my family. We got our things and I did all sorts in the pool. Like cartwheels walkovers and backwards walkovers. It was amazingly fun. I asked my mum if we could go next week and she said we could. I cannot wait! Also in the pool I learnt how to swim further than I can (which is 5m). After that we went to Burger King I had a lovely dinner. After that it was time to go home because I had dancing soon.

...but it was far too hot... by Sam F

One day my family and I were in Mexico, for our holiday. We went to a restaurant because we were extremely hungry. For our starter we shared a massive plate of nachos with cheese and tomatoes. After we finished eating the nachos I had some chilli but it was far too hot so I left it. As the waiter came to get the money for the bill, I slowly went outside so I didn't have to pay. But when my mum and dad paid we all went back to the hotel to relax in our room. When we were at the hotel I ran to my bed so I could have a good sleep.

...but it was far too hot... by Mollie

April’s ready to go! Hi. Again. On my way back to the den I passed a market. An old man was selling sun tan lotion. I had no money, but it was far too hot to say no to the poor soul. A kindly man dropped a few pennies at my feet. Maybe he thought I was a beggar with dirty palms and dark rings round my eyelids. Result! I even had a few coins left over to buy a new diary. It’s purple like a giant Cadbury’s bar. Mistake. I’m starving now. Time to go begging again. Oh great!

...but it was far too hot... by Morgan

Today, I really wanted to go and see my friends who live far away but it was far too hot for that so instead I went swimming. It was really fun and it cooled me down. I went in the outdoor pool, it was heated so it was really warm. I did underwater gymnastics like handstands, cartwheels and back hand-springs. I went on the big yellow slide and I went down on my belly. I went to KFC and had a lunch box. It was yummy! I went back home to eat my food then I had a bath and went to bed. 

...but it was far too hot... by Sam B

I went outside to play some football. I got out my green football and put it on the soft grass. I went to kick the ball but it was far too hot for me to focus. I finally kicked it and it went way over the top of the fence onto my noisy neighbour’s garden. I got up and sneaked through my gate. I opened next door's rusty gate and rushed across to my football. I checked my surroundings, threw the football over the fence launched myself across to the gate dashed to my garden back over to the grass.