Saturday, 21 June 2014

…but that’s what happens in Brazil when…by Anh

The football fever is sweeping over the world as the amazing World Cup arrives in Brazil. Every four years, a giant football competition is held in various countries. Brazil has won the World Cup an amazing five times, they're really enthusiastic about football! If you have no football, you would make one. A typical home made football would consist of rubber bands and plastic bags, but only the poorer side of Brazil would do that. Some people even use plastic bottles as footballs but that's what happens in Brazil when you're crazy about football! Over thirty different countries take part, it's one of the highlights of sport!

…but that’s what happens in Brazil when…by Joshua

I was walking down the street with broken pavement and the curbs with jagged edges. All the bars were full and all the shops were deserted. I entered the nearest pub. There was no service anywhere to be found. There was so much noise and so many people up out of their seats having a pint of beer and eating so much food. The atmosphere was ecstatic. But that's what happens in Brazil when they hold the golden world cup.I decided to leave that pub and go some place else. Every where I went the pubs were too full and I could get no service anywhere.

…but that’s what happens in Brazil when…by Amy

“Dad pass it to me,” shouted Amy, “I'm going to score against you,” she giggled. 
“ I don’t think so," muttered Dad.
“We will see,” disagreed Amy. Darren and Amy both tried shooting against each other but neither of them got it in. Until Darren and Amy both ran up to the ball and whacked it and zoom went the ball all the way over the fence. “ Oh no, Dad let's go and ask next door if we can have our football back.”
“We can’t they’re not in.”
 Darren and Amy now had nothing to play football with. Suddenly, Darren had a brilliant idea. His idea was let’s make a football! Then Amy shouted, "But that’s what happens in Brazil when they need a ball!

…but that’s what happens in Brazil when…by Leah

It was a normal Saturday night for most of the world - but for the Brazil and England fans it was a night to remember, the ultimate torment. One more goal and England, or Brazil, or whoever got it won the World Cup!
 A tense, nail biting moment. What would happen... 
Wayne Rooney shot the goal for England and Brazil were not happy at all! But that's what happens in Brazil when another team wins at football. The crowd were going frantic, it was half England fans and half Brazilian fans. The Brazil football players were screaming next time and some of them were crying their eyes out.

…but that’s what happens in Brazil when…by Lewis

The England fans go wild as England scores their first world cup goal but that's what happens in Brazil when the world cup is on. Much excitement and lots of cheering for all of the country. But England..... they never get close to winning the world cup. Although we usually have some wonderful goals, there are not enough goals to help us get to the final and win the cup. All the other teams score many goals and are better players but we are the ones who are behind everyone else. The fans are all sad, England are out of the world cup and coming home again!

The Brazilian riot by Jake

Today I am in Brazil; in the southern part of America where all of the Brazilians life spending is being spent on the ultimate world cup football stadium, but that’s what happens in Brazil when they have the opportunity of hosting the world cup they spend millions on a football stadium they don’t need. Brazilians turn into a giant mob of people big enough to destroy all the buildings in America. There is a famous artist spray painting a picture of a Brazilian boy crying with a football. He doesn't need or want a football, he wants food!

…but that’s what happens in Brazil when…by Nico

'Thump...thump...thump!' They were the sounds I heard when the crowds crammed through the gigantic gates. Terrorists yelled, chanted and screamed as they rummaged towards the powerful Brazilian police, they violently threw huge balls of fire at the police as if it was a tiger about to eat their insides. Many people were involved in this horrendous crime fighting all because their football team lost. 'Vroom!' More armoured trucks stuffed with police came whizzing down the dirty road. Many people lay dead on the soggy floor BUT THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS IN BRAZIL WHEN the people let out too much anger and take matters into their own hands.

…but that’s what happens in Brazil when…by Finlay

The world cup starts tomorrow right here in Brazil! “This is sensational!” exclaimed Tom. Tom was ten years old and this was his first time watching the world cup and he was really excited but that’s what happens in Brazil when the world cup starts. Tom lived in Brazil where all of the children love to play football. Even his parents wanted to see it. Tom's family couldn't afford to pay for some tickets to go and watch the matches as they were quite poor like most other families in Brazil. He had a great time watching the Brazilian football!  

…but that’s what happens in Brazil when…by Millie C

“Guys, shall we do a big parade at the start of the football match this time so it makes it like it more special?” Daniel asked politely. 
But that’s what happens in Brazil when they do the world cup,” Sam explained.
“Oh yeh, so does anyone else have any ideas?” Daniel asked.
“Well, none of us do so you will have to keep our football in the exactly same way,” Sam snapped.
“Ok then,” Daniel cried. So all of them kept the football in the same way but no one was interested so they were out of business for good! All of them were really upset too.

…but that’s what happens in Brazil when…by Lettia,

In Brazil, everyone loves football. Even if they are poor, they still make footballs out of plastic bags, and they kick old apple cores around as well! But that’s what happens in Brazil, when you love football!

For Brazilians to host the World Cup in 2014 must be a privilege for them. However, Brazil doesn’t look like such a strong place to hold it, because Brazil has flooded. Also, the football ground has had to be painted green because of the brown patches found on the pitch.

…but that’s what happens in Brazil when…by Romola

I was watching the World Cup minding my own business when Usain Bolt strolled onto the pitch at half time. The crowd went wild! People were jumping out of their seats and screaming. It was manic. Wow the crowd were going absolutely wild, but that's what happens in Brazil when the queen goes to Brazil or something. They cheered more for Usain than the queen. I was flabbergasted! It was the end of half time and they started playing again, it turned out that Usain was playing as well. That made the crowd go even wilder. It was so loud! I don't blame them he is cool.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

100WC#36 by Jake

The dinosaur egg

We are now entering the crime scene of where a robber smashed the famous Triceratops egg. The workers trying to construct back this magnificent egg, workers have found pieces of the triceratops egg inside the sticky goo. Inside of it was a corpse of a triceratops it is now being transported to the local science station to be studied as the workers put cones around the egg to stop reporters from coming in to talk to them. One of them said that they did it so he got sent to jail and the egg gets cleaned up.

10WC#36 by Rocco

One day there were some aliens in space and without knowing they dropped their egg that contained some miniature men. When the egg then hit the ground, it smashed fully in half, with the goo flying at least twenty five metres away. A few seconds later, the little men finally realised that they were not in their natural habitat so they started to shout, "Help, help! We do not know where we are!"
Around ten minutes later, some people came over and put the little men in their dog's food. They thought it was funny.

100WC#36 by Talia

I was driving to work when I saw a huge egg thing cracked. I said hello to the builders who were trying to remove it from the road and asked what had happened. One of them replied, “One of those messy gigantic humans has dropped it and not bothered to pick it up!”

Suddenly, another thing dropped down and nearly squished me but instead it squished my car! I ran over to see what had fallen it was a salty vinegary thing it must have been one of the humans. Then a packet flew swiftly down to the bumpy road.

100WC#36 by Anh

Everyone gasped. A dark brown egg-shaped object fell from the sky. "Oh no!" someone shouted. The whole world fell silent and not a sound could be heard. It was as if time had suddenly got awry and started moving in slow motion. Then, a loud thud echoed over Mini-Land. The circular 'thing' cracked open and a white goo erupted from the heart of this 'volcano'. Fear had never been so alive in that land. It was like a flood! 
The government soon found out. They sent thousands of workers to help clear up the mess but none of their tactics worked.

100WC#36 by Joshua

This picture again is brilliant and is more imaginative than the previous one. It reminds me of an oil leak on a road. I love how they have used the white, smooth filling of the chocolate egg to act as the oil. It looks really realistic with the orange and white cones surrounding the oil spillage. I also love how she has put this on a concrete floor so it looks like it is actually on the road. The picture is so special and looks so hard to set up but it was obviously worth it. It is so clever.

100WC#36 by Leah

You knew about Willie Wonka's oompa loompas, but what you never knew about Cadbury's chocka wockas! 
Yes, Cadbury has three of their very own helpers - Caramel, Cream and Dairy Milk. They are Cadbury's tasters who see if there are enough of the special things that make Cadbury chocolate so yummy! They are smaller than a creme egg - or any chocolate bar you could imagine! They help Cadbury decide every little thing; from names, tastes and spillages as shown in the picture above. The most helpful is Cream, he is the best at organising - the other two just like mucking about!

100WC#36 by Lewis

"AHHHHHHHHH!" screamed the little builder.
 "METEOR!" shouted the other builder. 
A caramel meteor came rushing down to Earth. It hit the Earth with a huge SPLAT. Everyone was scared of the meteor, although it was half broken! Many had tried to lick the meteor but their tongue got stuck to the goo inside it. One tried to stand on the meteor but his feet got stuck in the meteor goo. 
One sunny day the meteor started to melt and it released all of its icky sticky goo. The whole village got stuck, some did eventually manage to escape this mysterious meteor goo......

100WC#36 by Nico

Briefly the tiny men wearing luminous blue and orange clothes and the little orange protection helmets inspected the tantalising tasty creme egg, as if it were a meteor that had just came whizzing at the speed of light out of space. These small men are currently known as 'The Dracaters', The Dracaters like to inspect food that are forbidden to their land, as The Dracaters were formed to inspect or rather discover new things, especially like the delicious creme egg. The Dracaters mostly enjoy inspecting yummy foods, like what they are inspecting right now, but they never inspect cake, never cake!

100WC#36 by Finlay

Yesterday, me and by best friends went out into town and our parent gave us £20 to spend each. Once we were finished getting ready we immediately headed into town. When we reached town we couldn't think what to do. We finally decided to go to the sweet shop and spend half of our money on delicious sweets. Before we walked into the sweet shop we saw something very strange. We saw a huge, enormous and incredible egg roll straight out of the shop and splat right onto the small kerb. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was really amazing.

100WC#36 by Millie C

Well, I was just elegantly skipping along the tall, long, dark street. Then suddenly I stopped to a halt....the path was closed because something big and gooey landed there. I exclaimed, “This was probably dropped by the big people/giants.” They agreed which I was quite happy about because I normally am wrong about everything. Then it came to me that it was a creme egg what the giants /people eat as a treat. They actually thanked me for solving the problem and said that everyone shall know my name. Oh, yes and the best bit was I was finally home.

100WC#36 by Romola

Yes! Finally I get to watch my favourite TV show; Kicking Kyle.
"Uh uh uh, not so fast. Have you done your homework?" My mum asked standing right in the middle of the TV. I hate it when my mum does that. 
"Yes mum if course," I lied.
"Go and get it then," she said with a stern look on her face. Whilst my mum thought I was going to get my homework, I took that opportunity to do my homework. Nooo I thought to myself. Dara dropped a cream egg and all my action figures were in it. NOOOO!?

Sunday, 8 June 2014

100WC#35 by Finli

I was mesmerised at the house and what secrets were locked in there. Being an expert hacker came to use at this moment of time, without a single word I was already programming the controller of the gateway

(23 minute later)

Panting heavily, I sprinted up and down the black hallways. Screamers came in the room, sounding like high pitch whistles, a cold breeze dominated the room (this made me scared, it was time for running again I thought).

Then another sound came to me, not a scream, not some footsteps but in a menacing voice, "Hi friend!"

100WC#35 by Romola

As I was running to school, through the gateway my friend asked me for a phone case to use. I looked at her bizarre because, we were almost late for school.
After school we stopped at the phone store. 
"Do you..." Lacy stopped mid-sentence, a man barged right in front of her.
"Can I have a cool football case?" The man asked.
"Excuse me?" Lacy asked the old man. The man turned round smiling, with a sophisticated black case in his wrinkled hand.
"Dad! How did you know I wanted this?" Lacy asked. Lacy's dad tapped his nose then disappeared...

100WC#35 by Jake

The gateway
My friend and I were running for our life through the dark, swampy woods. The air was cold. The vines were black. The thing was following us through the shadows we didn't know what it was. We ran and ran believing we could shake it off our tail! Then it leapt out of nowhere and snatched my friend, it then took off into the shadows. I jumped and I landed onto the hard ground and broke my arm. I looked up to see a gateway emanating with a powerful glow. Panicking I took a leap of faith forward… 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

100WC#35 by Talia

On a stormy night I went outside to see what was happening I walked through the gateway, I was cold and shivering with a spine chilling feeling going up my back. I kept on walking on the damp path I heard something so I turned around but nothing was there. I was petrified so I started running back to the gateway, it was pitch black I couldn't see anything. For some reason I started calling my friend. When I got to the gateway the gates were locked. I started to cry but suddenly something grabbed my shoulder and pinched it tightly so I screamed.

100WC#35 by Anh

"Keep running, my friend!" Lucy desperately shouted at me from behind. I turned round to see the beast catching up. Its wriggling tongue reached out and tried to grab me before I escaped but the creature was too slow. "Yes!" I whispered to myself in triumph. Then, I turned around to notice Lucy wasn't beside me. 
I looked up into the cold starry night, expecting her to fall from the sky. I sighed. What if she's gone forever? I thought. I was just about to lose all hope when a black hole appeared. It was a gateway to another dimension!

100WC#35 by Tilly

I was just lingering around looking at the school gateway waiting for my friend, when I saw a glimpse of something black in the school forest. I went over to have a look, and pulled my coat around me tighter, as it was cold in the shade of the trees. I saw that the figure was a man all dressed in black, and he started running through the KS1 playground, out the gates, and into an awaiting vehicle. We were all very confused and alarmed at this, and some of us thought it was a setup, done by Mr Wilkinson. Then the police turned up. 

10WC#35 by Leah

Me and my best friend Ella were running into a gateway and we saw a black dog. It was a cold day and we were worried about the poor lonely dog. One hour later we returned, and he was still there, no one had bothered to look at him or try to help him. He was still stuck in the same bush and he didn't move, he was scared you could tell by the sad look in his eyes. He was barking and did not realise that we were there to help him. We then tried to get him out.

100WC#35 by Lewis

"Hurry the black smoke is catching us up!" Shouted Tom. Tom and his friend Dave somehow travelled to a magical world. They kept running and running until they found a magical gateway that took them home.

"Finally we found it.....THE GATEWAY HOME!" said Dave happily. Tom and Dave went through the magical gateway, but then they found there was a furious wind and rain storm at their home town. They were so cold so they rushed to Tom's house. They were so bored when they got home, they wished they could go back to that magical and mysterious world because it was never boring there!

100WC#35 by Finlay

Me and my friend Thomas were walking in town to see what we could buy from the chip shop. Thomas had chips while I had a mini fish and chips. It took about an hour for us to walk there from home as we both didn't live very close to the town. While we were running home we saw two young women dancing in the park. We exited the ginormous park but before we did there was a small black gateway leading to a cold vacated room. Inside the room there were cobwebs everywhere and we didn't know what was going on.

100WC#35 by Lettia

My friend (Paige), was running into my gateway. She was wearing a flowery necklace on top of her charcoal black hair. A large coat lay on her back (it was quite cold) and she came straight into our house. We agreed to meet on that day, and indeed we did.

It was very fun, we all had a great time, but within a couple of exciting hours, it was over. That’s right. All done. “Goodbye!” I exclaimed loudly, as I waved quickly to my Best Friend . . .  Paige! 

100WC#35 by Tarne

I was with my friend Aimee, when I saw a big black hole in the middle of the road. I wondered if anything had been in there or even worse fallen in. Anyway, I just walked round it and carried on walking. Suddenly, out of nowhere, appeared a gateway! I walked through it and it seemed to feel cold on my arm; all the hairs poked up and goose bumps appeared. Then a rush of air touched my face so I started running thinking it was a ghost or even worse.

Monday, 2 June 2014

100Wc#35 by Joshua

I once went to meet my friend in his house that had a huge metal gateway that led to a path. His house was very cold and dull. It had about five chimneys and had six rooms in total. It was still a friendly place because his parents were extremely welcoming. The main problem was that there was a black pipe sticking out of a wall and the water was not running quite right. So I decided to help my friends’ parents and find out what the problem was. However, I had know idea what was about to come my way...

Sunday, 1 June 2014

100WC#35 by Nico

I swiftly opened the rusty gateway terrified to death, I glanced up at the haunted house with windows gone black from the ghastly air lurking around. As I peeked in through a gap from the door I saw faint ghostly figures shining blue and passing by. When I finally got past I knew I should hurry up and save my friend, so I started running up the creaky cold stairs. After a long time of boring or rather terrifying walking up the long creaky cold stairs I heard a ghost, a weird one, one with a puzzled up face. It grabbed me and killed me.