Wednesday, 6 July 2016

What should I write about? by Rhianna

What should I write about? I don’t know. 
Should I write about the winter’s snow?
About an aeroplane? Looking down below?
Or about a pillowcase that I might sew?

What should I write about?

What should I write about?

What should I write about? I don’t have a clue.
Should I write about the battle of Waterloo?
About a cloudless sky I can see, the bluest blue?
Or about a lion that’s escaped from a zoo?

What should I write about?

What should I write about?

What should I write about? Oh dear me,
I’ve written this piece of poetry!

The pig that could fly by Tyler W

I can fly, imagined the pig. I can fly with the unicorns up high. Rushing through the sky whooshing and swerving having the time of my life not seeing the, Ouch where did that tree come from? A lump rose off my head. I am a unicorn I’m a unicorn at last I must fly I will climb this tree and fly over the lake 1, 2,3 I can fly. 

My eyes open what is this I’m in a hospital. “You’ve had a nasty fall from a tree and...” before the doctor had finished the pig flew out of bed.

Weirdest Diary by Kiefer

Friday the 13th 3002
I woke up this morning feeling really good because today it’s my favourite class…..
We get to do fun experiments with chemicals and really cool stuff like that! When my dad dropped me off at school in his brand new speed slicer 2000 our 1st class was…..
We messed with a new discovered chemical called externamite and mixed it with electricity and liquid nitrogen! But then sparks shot everywhere and a storm suddenly happened outside. Out of the funnel came a big blue and yellow flash that blinded us all……
It was a giant monster made out of electricity shooting sparks from its hands….
Could this be the en…….

Twinlakes by Molly

Soon I am going to a theme park called Twinlakes it isn’t far from here really. We’ve already been to Los Angles in America which was our main holiday of the year so we’re only having some smaller ones now. The only reason why we went there was for a wedding which was really nice it was winter here and it was winter there, however it was much warmer in America than Skegness, there is a big time difference.
 I can’t wait to go to Twinlakes where I’ve never ever been before I’m really excited. Oh my very very very excited.

Complete randomness! by Tyler

Well, this is one of the first times I’m writing about something you would see every day, so believe me.
It was on the way to a, well I would have said festival l but everyone seems to call it `a social gathering` It was more like a birthday party/night club meeting! Everyone was there, the people who saw the llama head, that guy who stumbled across the pot of legs and all the other people who had stories to tell in just one hundred words and that was my turn tell this in 100 words as well.

The End by Kirsten

This is the end. I hate casserole, well who doesn't, with the spicy sauce and the gooey sausages. Errh! It makes me shiver to think about it. Well I come walking through the front door of my house, all happy and jolly as I had just won a bottle of wine in a raffle when I smell sausage casserole. See if this smell had been pizza I would have been so happy but is wasn't pizza so I was so unhappy. The worst thing was I had to eat it! How mean was that! Well, I would be there for a long time! 

To be continued...

In the Holidays achieving by Paris

In the holidays I am going to work hard to achieve my 11+ work because I would really like to pass my 11+ and get into a really good school also known as the Skegness Grammar School. My brother and sister go to the Grammar School and they think I will like it too. I will get very nervous, and I will get even nervous when I have my first day in year seven at a different school. I get very scared: I hate doing tests but I want to do this because I want a very very good future.

The fashion show in space…by Ava

It was January 5th, MY BIRTHDAY!!! My mum said she had a present for me or something .I am so excited for the surprise.
It is now 2:00 pm surprise time I wonder what it could be?
In the living room I had the most amazing feeling in my entire life, in that room there was a rocket, a real one, no joke and there were lots of clothes - lots and lots of clothes. So I decided to have a fashion show in space and pigs, well piglets, will be wearing the costumes. AWESOME!!!!!

So Festival by Cloud

On the weekend the SO festival visited Skegness and there were so many new acts. The very first act I went to was the Flip House. The act included juggling, dancing, balancing on wine bottles and hanging from the ceiling the act was very random. My favourite act that I saw this year was the juggling act that I think is called Eight Songs by Gandini juggling. In that act it had six jugglers and they all did amazing tricks. My second favourite act is The Vee Project that included juggling on a contraption that lifted you and went round.

Bend It Like Beckham by Frankie

Watching the boys football match in London on a soggy wet day, the supporters stamping their feet and clapping their hands to keep warm. The ball comes over to the smallest boy on the pitch, he looks up and sees three opposition players charging towards him and takes all three of them on. He gets past them and it's a one on one with the goalkeeper, he wraps his foot around the ball it spins in the air then..."GOAL!!" shouts one of the supporters as the ball bends into the top left corner. The boy's name is David Beckham. 

Looking forward to year 6, by Isabelle

I am kind of looking forward to year 6 but I am a bit nervous too. I am nervous about the 11+ and I’m wondering if I’ll catch up with school work in time. I am determined to get into the Skegness Grammar School because I feel like it will give me more options to what I want to do in the future. I am worried about not passing the 11+ and getting a low score, but I know there’s nothing to worry about if I stay calm. In year 6 I think I will enjoy getting opportunities in school.

Maya Diary by Mia

Dear Diary

I was walking through a jungle and I came across a temple. The temple looked quite old. It had about 91 stairs leading up to the top I only knew because a woman told me. So I looked more at it and it looked like it was Ancient! I was amazed so I asked a few more people to tell me more about and it was back when the ancient Maya lived but the one thing was it didn’t look old enough. Then off I went to explore more of the jungle and I saw a gorilla! AHHHH!!!

My visit to Scotland. by Lisa

I was on the train asleep, when suddenly I woke up, my dad was with me.
 “We are here!” said my dad.
“Where?” I said.
“We are at Scotland!”
We got off and the first thing we saw was a bagpiper. I had a photo with him and put a pound in his pot, then we went to find the hotel. It was a Premier Inn, then we found ourroom and looked at the breakfast menu.
“YUMMY! I can’t wait till breakfast!”

Next we went to go and see my brother and sister at the train station. It was my first time out the country.

The Holidays by Jessica

I am looking forward to going to sleep for longer,
To have more time playing out in the garden.
I am looking forward to spend more time in the sun,
To watch television.
I am looking forward to playing in the park more often,
To build sandcastles near the beach.
I am looking forward to seeing the view outside,
To go on a holiday and drink exotic drinks.
I am looking forward to listening to music,
To play fun board games.
I am looking forward to go out on day trips,


What I’m looking forward to this year by Tia A

I can’t wait for this year because I will be moving into year six. In year six we will be able to go on loads of trips and I will be the fourth oldest out of the kids in the whole school. Year six is very scary it is your last year in The Richmond. We will have to take our eleven plus to see which secondary school we will go to. In secondary school it will be a lot scarier than what our primary is because it is bigger and you will have to make some new friends!

Holiday to Australia by Kaci-Shaye

I went to Australia and it took 13 hours to get to Singapore. Then we stayed there for a 4 days we looked around the markets and went to McDonalds for breakfast. Then on the 4th day we packed and we got the mini bus to the airport. The first part of Australia we went to Brisbane, at Brisbane it was my birthday and we went to the zoo and saw a kangaroo and a koala. It was amazing and whilst we were in Brisbane we went to a pancake bar. That night we went to a posh restaurant. 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Recent words

The Prison Cell by Tyler W

In the gloomy prison cell, the mould grows down from the rusted tap down to the floor; the bed as solid as a layer of bricks, a pillow like a book. The key got, “lost” the day my arch enemy James started to work at this prison and somehow I have survived in a mouldy room with a solid bed and a damp grimy floor. Only having two meals a day; soggy bread and old water. The only company being two dead flies and a living moth. Life in this prison cell is tough just imagine all the painful sorrow.

The Prison Cell by Isabelle

The cell was cold and dirty; I didn’t like it. I had been put in there for not doing homework which is stupid. I didn’t dare sit anywhere because of the cold and filthy place. The bed was uncomfortable and the floor was too cold to sit on. It didn’t look like I could escape but even if there was a way I still wouldn’t have a plan; Alcatraz is known for its inescapable prison so I guess it was goodbye to sunlight for me. I didn’t like being locked up; I don’t think anyone likes to be locked up.