Monday, 27 October 2014

100WC#08 by Chloe

It seems the incredibly creepy creature is staring at a passing person. It would be very scary if I saw the creature and it was staring at me! The creature looks like a monk. In the background I can see a pretty big field. Maybe some kids are playing football in it. It might even be a forest as I can see so many trees. You don’t see this sort of thing in a normal forest, so maybe the monk has a secret lair in the depths of the forest.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

100WC#08 by Kieran

Deep inside the statue there is a light, but not any light, its a heart trying to be free from the hands of the legend. As the glow runs around the statue, bones are formed and the statue is strong again. Meanwhile the light runs around the statue and organs are formed and put into place. Quickly the glow (which is the heart) zoomed into its own place and the statue is alive. As the statue makes it's first steps, colour appears all around and then, bang the whole statue is covered with colour. Then the creature is now a legend.

The statue by Kayleigh

I was walking my dog with my friends, we went along a winding path which took us into a gloomy forest. The leaves were rustling and the trees were swaying in the howling wind. We were all scared because we were lost. We bumped into a black hooded statue which looked like a ghost. We all screamed and ran away. The statue shouted, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you, I'm actually a man dressed in a black costume for Halloween. Can I help you?"
"Yes!" we said.
He took our hands and walked us out of the forest.

Friday, 24 October 2014

100WC#08 by Caitlin

Many years ago, there was a legend that a hooded figure guarded the forest. I was about to find out whether the legend was true. I walked cautiously through the forest, it was so silent that you could hear a pin drop. Tall trees blocked the sun, which was good because nobody would see me. After a while I began to see a dark figure in the distance, it looked rather strange. His face looked like it had been hollowed out. The legend wasn't true! Relieved, I then turned my back to look at a bird, the figure had moved… 

100WC#08 by Maddie

The statue make you shiver when you see it. The creepy, scary, frozen, and silent statue is very scary. When you see it, it looks like it belongs to a house decorated for Halloween or just a creepy house. The statue had a very scary life. If you were to see the terrifying statue you would be really scared even if you were brave and were not scared of anything. The statue looks like it belongs in a horror movies or a very scary movies that our more than a horror movie. I would never want to be face to face with a statue that looks like that.

The statue in the forest by Aron

In the gloomy forest of Nottingham lies a statue of the brave Robin Hood. Robin Hood lived in the centre of Sherwood Forest where the old statue rusts away. Robin was an amazing legend as that’s the reason his stone statue stands in the heart of the forest. Robin Hood became a legend after he stole millions from the rich people in Nottingham and gave it to the poor. He also gave help to all those chased by cruel and harsh Prince John. The legend itself still haunts the old, gloomy forest to stop the cruelty there.


We decided to play hide and seek after our picnic, as I opened my eyes and looked around it was so quiet and still with the sun beginning to set making shadows through the trees. I raced around the trees trying to find my friends when all of a sudden I fell over a branch, as I got up between the trees I saw a dark, hooded looking figure which looked lonely and ghostly as I could not see his face. I shouted Dad loudly all of a sudden I sat up and opened my eyes it was a dream.

100WC#08 by Charlie

It was a cold yet bright autumn afternoon when I was out walking my new doggy in the nearby woods, the wind was blowing hard and the leaves were falling off the trees and rustled as my dog ran through them. All of a sudden I saw a shadow of a person in the corner of my eyes and my dog began to bark loudly. As I looked towards the figure it reminded me of VOLDEMORT from Harry Potter! But then he started to run away as he did he dropped something it was a book it dragged me into it.....

100WC#08 by Hannah M

One day I was walking through the forest when I saw a weird figure. I said, "It looks like it’s a statue of an old woman who always wears black and is kind of like a witch but not. I think she had family but she is dead now so they got someone to make statue of her to remember her  by. Every time they go for a walk they can just remember her but it is still a bit creepy so I would not like to walk past it, if I did I would leg it.

The obeying knight by Grace LB

Long ago in a land far away there was a knight. He obeyed everything his king said and never disagreed with him. The king lived in a place called Binderlurge and everyone was happy, apart from the poor. They had no money and were living on the streets. On the knight's days off he would go and see them. In his mind this had to stop. So he went up to the king and pleaded with him to give just a little bit of money to the poor just so they can afford houses and food. But the king said no. So that night he stole some of the king's money and gave it to them. Then poor built a statue to remember him.  

100WC#08 by Olivia

One day I was walking through the forest with my friends, we got scared and started running, suddenly we stopped because there was a black statue of a person with a cloak on. It was very scary but there was a note on a stick lent on a tree. On the note it said we had to put our fingers on our noses and run around the statue four times. It was very scary as the statue fell over, we all screamed and ran out the forest as fast as we could. We all swore that we wouldn't tell anyone.

100WC#08 by Sophia

This picture gives me a shiver down my spine and the thought of looking at it makes me scared. The pitch black statue stands between the tall brown trees. The hood of the dark cape looks like nobody stands in it and I find this the scariest part about it. This statue looks like it has been standing for eternity and its as if the scariest character from somebody's nightmare has come and been turned to stone. In my opinion I think that it seems like this creature has no hands and I would not like to be stood next to it!

100WC#08 by Jemima

In this mysterious picture I can see a creepy statue stood in the middle of two tall trees. Next to it I can see a small stand with information about the forgotten statue on it. It is placed in a wood somewhere that has a narrow path that leads through it. I think that anyone that walks through and takes a glimpse at the old statue would be a little freaked out. It probably does not have many different or bright colours because it was created quite a long time ago, before I was born, that's definitely for sure!

100WC#08 by Eleanor

When I look at this photo I think of Halloween a young person in a dark black cloak. In my head I imagine that it comes alive and it is a monster. My mum and dad said it is just a statue but I knew that already. At Halloween I dress up as a witch but sometimes I have a cat costume so I do that too. I can imagine it in a forest at night gathering food. That would be scary. It gave me an idea to at Halloween I can dress up as it.

100WC#08 by Morgan

It looks like a statue of Robin Hood and I can make a story with it! 

One day Robin was walking into the forest and was looking for an adventure and he heard there was a killer mouse on the move. The killer mouse looks like a rat more than a mouse and turns people to stone if they look into its eyes. Robin passed by one day and found him. He stayed away from it and carried on walking but suddenly, it followed him so Robin ran as far away from it as possible. The killer rat/mouse stopped him and looked into his eyes and Robin Hood instantly turned to stone!
That was the end of Robin Hood.

100WC#08 by Mollie

The strange man in the cloak looks a bit like a devil in my imagination. This man looks like he has an interesting story to tell. Maybe he was Robin Hood trying to kill the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and making sure his identity does not get found out. Speaking of identity maybe he is Harry Potter with an identity crisis. We will never know but I want to find him and help him and forgive him for all of the bad things he has done. I would try to find out why he did what he did . 

100WC#08 by Sam B

I walked across the gloomy graveyard. "This place is creeping me out," I said to myself. I saw a black statue, it looked like a dead wizard. It had three trees surrounding it one had a small note on it. "Statue of the great wizard Zairous 506-609" I read. I thought to myself, he is old, especially his statue. I walked away from the statue and just thought of what Zairous could of got up to. I thought of a dragon with four heads, one for each element of the earth. He may have died from that, but who cares.

100WC#08 by Jessica

The picture reminds me of Halloween night . I can just imagine it come up to my door on Halloween night and ask for some sweets. That would be quite funny and a little bit scary. It would be extremely scary if one night you were walking through a forest with your family and then all of a sudden you walked into the person wearing black. I would probably scream and run away. I would find it funny if it asked me it could come to my Halloween party. I would say no.
What would you say to it?

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sam B …I could not believe the smell…

My dad is an archaeologist he finds lots of crazy stuff, like the tomb that I explored with him, this is how it went. We had just heaved open the stone entrance to reveal a treasure chamber which had tons of gold in it.
"WOW!" I exclaimed, "we could be rich!"
"We can't take anything or we'll be cursed," replied my dad. We opened another door which had moss covering it I could not believe the smell it was horrible! We closed the door as quick as we could and took a deep breath.
"That is disgusting I hate that!"

Lily …I could not believe the smell…

 One day my family and I went to a restaurant I ordered a Hawaiian pizza. As they brought it out I could not believe the smell. It was amazing! So when I took my first bite it tasted like an explosion of the Hawaiian Islands in my mouth. Everybody in the restaurant turned and smirked at me. Then I said "This pizza is tip top." Suddenly everybody was up trying to get my pizza. I shouted "NO IT IS ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!" And with that I gulped it all down my neck. Unfortunately the beautiful smelling pizza was all gone. But it had gone in my tummy, oh yeh.

Mollie ...I could not believe the smell...

I could not believe the smell, treacle tart and cinnamon rolls yum it felt like being able to have a look round Roald Dahl and his idea of Charlie and the chocolate factory. I am licking my lips just typing this how lovely. It smells like ... ... ... Wow never come here the smell will waft up your nostrils and make you insane for the rest of your life mmmm . If you went into the ice cream room it will be so cold that penguins could swim into the triple scrumptious chocolate fudge mallow delight ice cream flavored chocolate but it is so good it tastes like ice cream.

Morgan ...I could not believe the smell...

I went shopping with my Mum last Saturday. We went to buy some chocolate because we had heard there was a fantastic new chocolate bar out! It was a biscuit and a chocolate bar in one. We bought one for each of us then we tasted it. As I smelt it, I could not believe the smell, it smelt amazing! We both really enjoyed it and my Mum said, “We are getting that again!" 
My Mum ate hers quickly but I ate mine slowly so it felt like I had more! We left the store after buying just two chocolate bars. We felt a bit silly!

Jemima ...I could not believe the smell...

When I was younger I used to play role play games with my brothers and sisters. It was my dream to become an actress. I had been in every school show. One day when I was older I was asked to star as the main role on a broadway show in London, about a child that had been very brave and done something that no other child would do and everyone was very proud of him. I decided I would do it and I read through the gigantic script. It said in the middle of the script, "I could not believe the smell!"of the place.

Silly stories part 4

Part 1             Part 2            Part 3

As I walked home, I smelt a stench. I could not believe the smell, it was so bad I nearly fainted. It seemed that it was coming from the direction of my house. Two minutes later, I felt something on my foot, it was a piece of gone off cabbage!
"Ewwwww," moaned Freddie, "that's disgusting, ewwww gross." Suddenly I slipped on a mouldy banana skin from last week and fell into a pot of bulging 3 week old custard. Not long later, I saw the whole road full of rubbish, I don't know what to do now. Then I saw my mum.

Sophia ...I could not believe the smell...

lolly making webIn the summer holidays my family and I went to York. We towed our touring caravan over the Humber Bridge and into York. We stayed at a small village called Naburn Lock. On our first day there I wanted to go to my favourite place in the whole of York, it was the chocolate factory. You learnt the whole history of chocolate, it was amazing! I walked into to the factory and I could not believe the smell! I got to make my own chocolate bar. I put smarties, chocolate and bits and pieces in it. When it had set I got to eat it and that was even better than smelling the chocolate!

...I could not believe the smell... by Grace LB

There was a little girl called Cindy and she lived with her mum and dad. Cindy didn't like doing jobs but the one that she hated the most was packing the shopping away. She hated it because her mum liked blue stinky cheese. She had to pack it away every day. “I could not believe the smell!” Cindy shouted to her friend Eleanor. 
“Oh come on Cindy it can not be that bad,” explained Eleanor. 
That day when she got home she said to her mum “I'll do all my jobs only if you put your cheese away yourself mum.” From that day on they were all happy.

Harvey ...I could not believe the smell...

Horncastle Farmers' MarketLast Saturday I went to the local farmers market in Horncastle, there were lots of different stalls. I was able to try a homemade burger which was really tasty. Next I went to the bread stall and I tried some tomato and herb bread which I loved. The next stall was the cheese stall, I could not believe the smell it was so strong. I didn't like it at all so I hurried past holding my nose without even trying any. The stalls were all so different and amazing as there was so much to see, taste and smell with all the different variety of foods.

Rio …I could not believe the smell…

When me, my Dad and Sky (our dog) went on the field I said “I could not believe the smell” the cows made with their smelly cow pat!
We always walk on the field but it’s never smelt as bad as it does today. Have they been eating Alien slime I asked my Dad? “I’m not sure my darling Son” he replied. We walked further down the field then we came across a big mound of glowing green, yucky slimy toxic goo. I thought that aliens have crashed landed and made the gooey pile to hide something inside of it like baby aliens.
Dad thinks I'm bonkers .

Chloe ...I could not believe the smell...

It was a clear night, there was an annoying sound of the crickets coming from beneath the fresh grass. “Twitertwoooo!” an owl screeched as it swooped through the silent night! 
“Why did we have to arrive here so late?” asked a tired but wide awake me. “Will you shut up, just for a second and stop going on!” raged my big brother. I was really excited about this trip and because of that I chatted all night until my family had had enough! Of course I was the first one out of the car! I could not believe the smell!

Dad’s restaurant by Aron

Once in a while my mummy takes me and my sister to Poppy’s restaurant where my dad is a head chef. It was Saturday and I was so happy we were going to dad's for a meal! In the car I could already  taste the yummy, delicious Yorkshire pudding dripping down my throat.
On the way, every second we got closer the more excited I got. When we entered the restaurant I could not believe the smell! I ordered from my head chef dad a Yorkshire pudding with potatoes, sausage, chicken nuggets and gravy. I love my dad’s food. You should try it too!

Caitlin …I could not believe the smell…

Today, I am going to a chocolate factory with my friends, I can't wait. At last it was finally time to go. I had been asking mum for ages when it was time. Mum dropped me off and I could see all my friends waiting. As we all walked in, I could not believe the smell. Then Megan shouted “I can smell orange!” We all thought this was strange because all we could see was strawberries everywhere. This was a very strange place. As we carried on around the factory we realised nothing was quite as it seemed, but still we had a great time.

Clarissa …I could not believe the smell…

I was at home being a normal kid when a miracle happened. My dad had said “get in the car.” So me my mum my dad and my brother got in the car. I said where are we going? My dad said “wouldn't you like to know."
Finally we got there we was at Cadbury world. I took one step into the building and I could not believe the smell it was lovely.

I went through and the staff gave me a twirl, crunchy, caramel and curly wurly. They even let us design our own chocolate bar. It was the best day ever.

Kenzie …I could not believe the smell…

I was going to the park it was a very big park. I was with my best friend Demi, she nearly always comes to mine on Saturdays, and I go to hers nearly every Monday. Demi lives in Ingoldmells and I live in Skegness. ONE day I smelled something I do not know what it is but it was disgusting, I could not believe the smell! Then me and Demi went back home my mum was cooking some tea. Mum said can you smell that girls? Demi said yes and I said what do you mean, Demi stamped on my foot, it was my mum's cooking that I could smell!

Mia …I could not believe the smell…

  One windy morning I got up and got dressed because I am going to an amazing cake competition. I am going to make a chocolate cake. So I went to a small shop and got my yummy ingredients. After that I got a bike to get home it had pink stripes, it cost a lot of money. But I would use it a lot to get to places and be healthy. When I was at home I got all my ingredients on the counter and baked my cake, I could not believe the smell it was lovely! I was just in time to get there. Guess what? I got first place it was amazing.

Millie …I could not believe the smell…

I went to my friend’s and I could not believe the smell it was horrible it smelled like fish and like a rubbish place. So I asked to play outside her mum said yes so I went out there and it was so messy, I couldn’t see a nice garden like mine. Dog poo was everywhere but she didn’t have a dog. So I went to have something to eat and it was fish and chips and I thought that it was out the garden. Then I went home and then I was happy to get out of that place and I just checked my house if it's messy.

Arthur …I could not believe the smell…

It was a hot summer’s day and I was chucking my dog’s ball and there was a funny smell so I looked over the gate and there I saw a lorry. It stopped in front of our drive when it came it stunk. When the man took the large lid of the septic tank I could not believe the smell of all the sewage. When the man put the long thick pipe into the septic tank, he stirred up the sewage which made the smell worse so I had to go into the house. My dog Scarlet followed me too so the smell must have been bad.

Charlie …I could not believe the smell…

On my brother's 12th birthday, my cousin came over to visit us and we all went to the chocolate factory for Thomas's birthday treat. My brother decided that he would like to make some real chocolate. As I stepped into the chocolate factory, I could not believe the smell that came to me which was delicious chocolate. All of us was shown how to make, mould, shape and set all different shapes and sizes of chocolate which at the end of our lesson we were able to take all the chocolate we had made home with us to eat YUM, yum! We had a really good time, making chocolate together.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Suddenly I was able to see again by Arthur

It was 6 o'clock on a dark winter's evening. I was watching television on my bed, suddenly I heard a loud bang and crashing noise from outside my bedroom window. I looked out to see a cat running down our house driveway and a tractor had crashed into a telegraph pole. The tractor had swerved to doge the cat and crashed into the telegraph pole. All the electric had gone off. My Mum decided to ring the electric company to report the problem. The workmen took a couple of hours to repair the cable. Suddenly I was able to see again as the lights came back on.

Suddenly I was able to see again by Rio

This is my story about my poorly eyes.
It was a boiling, hot and sunny day not like no other in Africa while I was playing with my friends at football but feeling really sad. I was sad because I had a medical problem with my eyes called Cataract which means slowly going blind.
All of a sudden a magical doctor come into town and helped people who needed it like me. The doctor took me to the hospital and helped my eyesight. I came round after the operation and was amazed, suddenly I was able to see again. 

Suddenly I was able to see again by Addison

One day I tiptoed into a haunted mansion to find the treasure of the lords. In the mansion there were millions of things that creep me out. I crept into an archway but before I could I tripped over a trap door, then I thought I should look inside so I dived in. When I was at the bottom dust was in my eyes so I couldn't see anything. Suddenly I was able to see again and in the room was a painting. I went towards it and it opened there was the treasure so I went home with it.

Suddenly I was able to see again by Charlie-Ann

Today was the day I had my eye test, my appointment was at 11am. The man that did my test said my vision was perfect but my eye muscles were weak. He referred me to the eye specialist at the hospital.
I went to my appointment, he had to put some drops in and leave me for them to work.He then did a lot of tests and gave me exercises to do. My vision was blurred, he said that the drops will wear off. I did not like this as I couldn't see. I waited and waited, suddenly I was able to see again.

Suddenly I could see again by Olivia

One day I was very upset because my eyes were starting to go blurry. So I went downstairs and said to my mum, "MUM MY EYES HAVE GONE BLURRY!"
After I stopped screaming my mum said, "I will take you to the opticians to see what's a matter with your eyes."
Before we went I had to get changed because I was still in my pyjamas. I got changed and me and my mum got in the car to go to the doctors. I went in and they said it would go off soon and then half an hour later suddenly I was able to see again.

Suddenly I was able to see again by Kenzie

I was on my way to spy school. I was walking to my office but suddenly my arch enemy appeared. The Toy Troubler! He snatched me and everyone came running from my office. The toy troubler said, “One more step otherwise your little Kenzie friend will vanish!”
I said, “Guys get him!”
So they all did but the Toy Troubler was not actually kidding, I had vanished, I do not know where I am but its dark and I cannot see a thing. Eventually my friend Rooney Cortez came and saved me. When I got out of the dark room suddenly I was able to see again!

Suddenly I was able to see again by Clarissa

One day I went to the optician and they said that I need glasses so I bought myself a pair of bright red glasses. When I got home I turned the television on and put Scooby Doo on. Suddenly I was sucked up into the TV then I noticed that I had been taken to Crystal Cove to meet Mystery Incorporated. I soon found myself in a dark room, I bumped into the wall and lost my glasses I felt as blind as a bat. Suddenly I was able to see again. I never needed glasses again, yes I am happy.

Suddenly I was able to see again by Caitlin

As they carefully removed the bandages from Jake's eyes, “Suddenly I was able to see again!” he thought. Tears of joy rolled down his cheeks as he saw his family sitting beside him. He was scared he would never see his family again after the operation on his eyes. He had laid in darkness for weeks with only his imagination of what was happening in the outside world. He had taken for granted being able to see and walk about without help. Now he could see the smile on his families faces, he was never going to take his sight for granted again.

Suddenly I was able to see again by Harvey

I had an appointment at the opticians as my sight seemed to be going cloudy, and I was struggling to see and do things. The optician did some tests and made me an appointment with the hospital as I had something called a cataract. I had to have a short operation to correct It. The day came I was very nervous but knew I had to be brave as it would be worth it as my sight was getting worse. 
After the operation I opened my eyes and suddenly I was able to see again, I was so relieved it worked.

Suddenly I was able to see again by Demi M

I went to play out with my mates because I was bored. We were playing with a trolley. I went in it and then we went up a curb and I fell out and banged my head. I was crying and I could not see. Then five minutes later, suddenly I was able to see again. I went and played out again and didn't go in the trolley. I didn't go in the trolley because I knew it was dangerous. I knew that they ran away and ditched it in a berry bush. I could hear them all talking and we all were friends again and picked strawberries and washed them and ate them.

...suddenly I was able to see again... By Grace LB

“No, you got it all wrong you're meant to roll the dice and double the number you get!” shouted Tom.
“No, you’re meant to just move your piece the number that you have got!” replied Sam.
They were playing a board game because it was raining outside. They were fighting over how to play the game so they started to watch TV. They were watching the news to see if any matches have been won. Before they came to sport, to pass the time they would blindfold each other and direct them to the kitchen. Suddenly Sam shrieked, “Oh no! The sports is on!” Tom ran into the other room with Sam still blindfolded. Sam took the blindfold off and melodramatically said, “Suddenly I was able to see again.”

“Sorry!” said Tom.      

Suddenly I was able to see again by Sophia

I was in my garden watering the plants when all of a sudden my dog came rushing out. My dog, James did not realise that there was a hole behind him and went tumbling into it landing on his back! There was nothing else I could have done except go in after him. I speedily placed my legs in and before I knew it I was tumbling in too. It was pitch black in the hole and James was yelping beside me. I was shouting for help then I heard a voice it was my nan. I grabbed my Nan's hand it was difficult though because it was really dark. I held on to Jamie as tight as I could when I got out I noticed suddenly I was able to see again.

Silly stories part 3 by Kieran

Part 1
Part 2 

As the man approached me I was walking out of the shop. He shone a light into my eyes, blinding me, I spun around and knocked into some cans on a display. I knocked over a can of oil as I fell. The oil was caught in the light's beam and set fire. The alarm set off and the sprinklers set off and a load of water fell on me. Suddenly I was able to see again and the manager kicked me out of the huge shopping centre and poor me had to walk in the rain to my humble home, poor me.

Suddenly I was able to see again by Jemima

One day a long time ago I was at work. I only had a part time job at Wolfies. I was a barmaid, anyway, I was scrubbing the tables when all of a sudden I heard my friend shout, "Watch out!" I walked in to see what was the matter then, BANG!!! The curry that was just being cooked exploded all over me. I fell to the ground with a bump. 
Minutes later, I was suddenly able to see again, apparently the tingly feeling of the curry sauce had knocked me out. I was soon back to scrubbing tables again.

Suddenly I was able to see again by Eleanor

A long time ago I couldn't see, but today I am going to the hospital to have an operation on my eyes. I went to the scary hospital and got called into the room. Then I was suddenly able to see again. It was so nice to see the bright green grass. Also I was walking along the beach and the sand was golden yellow and the sea was light blue, the waves were so high. I went to my friends house and it was lovely the carpet felt lovely and smooth. Her cat was so fluffy and so smooth.

Suddenly I was able to see again by Lily

I ran through the forest as fast as I could, when suddenly I heard a long scream. I turned around and ran towards the sound, but that is when I saw a werewolf holding Rose on his shoulder. Rose was screaming. I froze, and the werewolf picked me up too. He took us to his den, which was extremely dark, and left me there.
We felt around and found a tunnel, this we followed until we could see some light at the end, suddenly we could see again…

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Suddenly I was able to see again by Morgan

I'm going to tell you about my friend Izzy, she was blind but when she got help she could see! This is my story my friend Izzy who I know is blind but her blindness is getting worse. So her mum took her to the doctors or somewhere and they helped her but it cost a lot of money. Izzy's mum was £8 short I told her she can have my money. I did it because I wanted to help my friend! It took 20 minutes but it was worth it and Izzy said, "Suddenly I was able to see again!"

That was the story about Izzy

Suddenly I was able to see again by Sam B

Me and my dad went to the films last night it was fun. The movie we were watching was a comedy show. We were about halfway through the film when we saw a man slipping over. Suddenly I was able to see again the man slipping over and again and again. I asked my dad what was happening and he said that the film was not working right. It took a while for the man to fix it and everyone got bored. The rest of the film was super funny, I was laughing my head of most of the time.

Suddenly I was able to see again by Jessica

One day I was stuck in a dark and gloomy room. I was very frightened and scared. The door was locked and there was no way to get out. Day and night I would sit in the corner of the room and curl up into a big ball. Until one day the door unlocked suddenly I was able to see again but as I got up and walked to the door I couldn't see anybody so I walked into the hall way at looked left to right nobody was there still. I was still grateful to that person who let me out even though I never knew who it was.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

As I looked around by Grace M

As I looked around there was a crowd of people looking at me like I had just won the lottery, but I haven't won anything. They were looking at me because I had a monkey on my shoulder. I had been to the zoo and I thought my little girl would like a monkey as a pet. I now have to think of a name; Princess, Buttercup, Holly and Daisy. Which one shall I pick. After a while I thought Buttercup was the one so I took her home to my daughter.

As I looked around by Charlie-Ann

On a dark and gloomy night thunder and lightning struck my house. As I looked around there were trees sliced in half on the ground. I was terrified as the wind began to howl and the rain began to fall. The lights started to flicker on and off. The wind got louder and louder and the rain fell faster and faster. I heard a creepy noise which made me very scared. I went to fetch a torch to look outside. I opened the door to find nothing, no wind, no rain. I suddenly woke up and it was all a very bad dream.

As I looked around by Annabelle

Last night I went to my uncle’s house. Me and my cousin were exploring his house because it was new. When we went upstairs and found a giant wardrobe. We looked inside it and saw something that was light. So we went up to it. When we got to it was a window with a door. So my cousin opened the door. We both went through as I looked around I saw dragons, unicorns, crocodiles and dogs that could talk. Then I noticed I was in a magical land. There were houses so we both went up to it and there was a dwarf inside.

Silly stories part two by Kieran

This story continues from this one

As I looked around I saw a man dressed in black. Then I realised that he was the manager. His badge glistened in the sunlight. " Are you Freddie Forget?" he asked.
"Err I don't know, err wait I am, yes I am!" I replied. 
"Ah yes I've heard all about you, your parents and I go to the same church." laughed the manager. "Would you like to make your way to the till as you seem to be making your way out of the shop without paying for your items."

As I looked around by Addison

One day I heard a tale of a magic sword so I journeyed to an enchanted forest to look for the epic blade. When I was there I started to look for it, getting deeper into the jungle, suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from the bushes. It was a zampire, a vampire crossed with a zombie it trekked towards me and at that very moment I saw a door in an oak wood tree, I lunged for the door. As I looked around a knelf was tugging me and surprisingly it teleported me to the weapon and the sword propelled me home.

….as I looked around.... by Grace L-B

Long ago once in a land of green grassy hills and bright blue skies there was a little girl with buns in her hair. She had a big sister with short blondE hair and then there's me, Mary and those girls are my sisters. All of us live together in one house so at times it can get a little manic. 
One day, as I looked around the house, it was a little messy, it was spring cleaning day anyway, so I started to clean. When I finished my big sister came through the door and said,  “You FORGOT to clean the upstairs.” 
 “Oh man!” I shouted.