Saturday, 30 June 2018

…it had been raining all morning… by Ben

"Have you got everything?" shouted mum.  

"Yes," I yelled back. 

"Right were set to go," said mum. 

Today, I am going to the final of the hockey season to play for my team the Puffers and we are against one of the best teams in England. The team is called Vipers and they have won all their matches but not this one. 

When we were about to leave, my mum got a text from the manager saying it had been cancelled since it had been raining all morning. Sadly, we will not be winning this match today.....well for now.

It had been raining all morning. by Clara

I looked out the window. The rain-spattered glass distorted my view on a dull grey world. It had been raining all morning. Anyone stupid enough to go out before the rain started would be long dead. I saw a text message from my friend Lily. Their mother had gone out to buy some food. They were worried. I wanted to reassure her, but I couldn't lie to her. Instead, I chose to stop living this kind of life. Terrified and anxious every time I looked at a weather forecast. I stepped out into the rain. I started to live again.

It had been raining all morning by Maddie

Guess what I had woken up to today? Rain. It had been raining all morning when I finally got up. It was miserable like it always is here in England! The sun rarely comes out especially living by the sea. The sea breeze is so annoying because it's always COLD!! A lot of the time I wonder what it feels like living all the time in a really hot country! But, I would probably miss the seasons because I bet in the winter in L.A. it would only drop a few degrees and you might not even feel the difference!  

It had been raining all morning by Millie

It had been raining all morning"I'm bored," I said. That was what I said until something bad happened. The rain - it wasn't normal. To me, it was different. Not in a good way though. The rain was black, so I decided to investigate. I put some in a bottle and looked at it. It was like tiny storms. Snow, sand, rain, thunder, lightning, anything. My mum and dad weren't home so I couldn't tell them. Why would they believe me anyway? They never did. I hated them, and still do! I wish I could tell someone what I just saw. 

It had been raining all morning. by Grace B

It had been raining all morning. I went insanely mad with boredom, I couldn’t venture outside because of the ferocious storm last night that created floods and destroyed many homes. Luckily, I don’t live near the sea, so I wasn’t badly affected. My best friend however, her home was destroyed so her family of four had to come to stay at our house because we have a basement that four people could sleep in. Our local school was forced to close down for 3 days; it was a horrible nightmare for many parents but fun for me and my friends.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

100WC#36 by Clara

My breathing is stunted as I lie twisted in knots. My body is used as a symbol of peace. Little do the public know, that by making this sculpture of unity, a life has been damaged. Too damaged. I flash back to when I was created. The discarded lumps of sculptures that were not good enough. I shudder, thinking back to my innocence before I saw the lumps being thrown into an incinerator. Destroyed. Murdered. People stare at my husk of a body, remarking about the craftsmanship. However, they don't see the real me. They don't see the tortured soul. 

100WC#36 by Alexander

The story goes of a great gun shootout in 1857, many lives were lost, and even more were injured. It's described as the 'Great World Shootout', or basically just a cowboy shootout, but call it what you want. Anyway, this one man had enough and decided he was going to put an end to it. He stood on a podium and ranted for hours on end until it finally got through. It was declared that a symbol to be made. A gun in a knot. 
To this day, a gun is there to remind everyone, war isn't good.

'Dad Man' by Lexi

Suddenly, the deafening sound of a car horn flooded my ears. We were on the motor way travelling to a secret location for Daddy’s work. I turned around and strained my eyes to see what all the fuss was about. I could make out the menacing silhouette of a gun. It seemed to be moving forward! The sound of bullets now filled the air. With a screech of brakes, Dad leapt out of the car and ripped off his shirt only to reveal his ‘Dad Man’ costume. Muscles bulging, he tied a knot in the barrel of the gun. Saved! 

100WC#36 by Ben

The wild west 1884 a country of mayhem and robbery where all of the towns were stripped empty of goods except for one.

A small town, Western Hills, famous for the massive hills that lay near. It was very peaceful but all that was going to change. Western Hills heard all the news about the gangs' exploits, so they decided to build a massive gun to fend off the robbers and its was serving its purpose until one of the gangs stole the gun, loaded ammunition and fired. Amazingly the village survived but the gun had folded at the end.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

…however she couldn’t believe what she had done…, by Ben

The Olympics are about to take place in LA and Danni Hedge is getting ready for the 100-metre sprint, she desperately wants to win that gold medal. Lined up they wait for the gun to go.  
BANG..... and off they go.  
Danni is storming in front, her first ever race and she's in front, panting she runs for the line, snap goes the ribbon. She has won! A massive smile crossed her face when she was awarded that gold medal Danni felt prouder of herself than ever before; so, so happy. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done. 

…however she couldn’t believe what she had done…, by Lexi

Curiously, Blue ran her finger along the rough edges of the painting. It was of a whirling tornado destroying a small house. All of a sudden, she found a button. Obviously, she pressed it noticing that the room got a little chilly. Just then, the windows started to flap open and the door began to slam. A tornado came slicing through the building. The world went dark. Suddenly, she could feel sea water splash against her face. She stood up, scanning her surroundings. It was beautiful - however, she couldn’t believe what she had done... she was in Cair Paravel, Narnia!

…however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…, by Clara

"It'll be alright," she whispered to herself comfortingly, rocking her knees as gently as a soft lullaby whistling in the wind.  However, she couldn't believe what she had done. It was a thing so terrible she certainly could not face her classmates the next day. Her breathing rose to a pace that even the fastest sprinter could not keep up with. Her heart rate soared. Her lungs burned and ached. Her muscles froze into place until she was paralysed. Forced to accept the fate she would have to face tomorrow morning. She would be ostracised, for answering wrong in class.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge, by Clara

As the blissful group crossed the bridge, pink blossom sprinkled from the sky. The sun was setting, lighting the sky; an explosion of colours, oranges and blues with a pinch of purple. The ruby city glowed in the distance like a candle, guiding people home. However, at the end of the bridge was a huge daffodil. This daffodil had a set of razor-sharp teeth hidden behind the unassuming petals. "Oh, how pretty!" a young girl cried, running towards the carnivorous beast. Quick as as flash, the girl was scooped up into the mouth of the daffodil, and never seen again. 

Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge, by Lexi

Yesterday, I noticed a strange looking man sitting in the the street, holding a bag and yelling, ‘A cow for the most wonderful gift of all!’ and he sprinkled some glitter onto the floor. Intrigued, I offered the man Daffodil (my cow), in return for the mysterious bag. Then he vanished! 
Later that evening, I opened the bag and realised that the man had given me pink beans! Angry, I hurled the bag on the floor before storming into my bedroom. 
Suddenly, from the beans sprouted a huge vine with a bridge leading to the clouds. What should I do?

Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge, by Ben

Dear Diary
I have a special, secret place in the huge field behind our house. Past the daffodils and bright pink flowers lies a bush but it's not a normal bush, if you walk through it, it will lead to a forest and in the centre of the forest is a pond with a bridge that stretches over the pond. I went to the edge and sprinkled some water over my face as it was a nice day and really hot and then it struck me. Should I let my friends in on this secret or keep it to myself?

Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge, by Scarlett

Peace at last... Finally, I had found a place where I could be alone to draw. The only sounds are distant buzzing from the bees, whistling of the birds and the sound of the water trickling down the stream and under the huge bridge. In the distance there are miles and miles of fields, sprinkled with daisies and bright yellow daffodils. Its idyllic. I take out my drawing pad and pink pencil case and settle onto the bench to draw the beautiful landscape around me. I stare up at the brilliant blue sky and hope I can create a masterpiece.

Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge, by Grace B

Today Belle went with her family to the Chelsea flower show with a carnation, sprinkled on her proud chest. It took her 4 hours to get to the show from her home in Nottingham. Her family car went over a bridge to get to the Chelsea flower show in London. When she got there, Belle immediately got out of her black Range Rover and sped to the entrance of the Chelsea flower show. Belle and her mum saw a beautiful flower it looked like a daffodil but not yellow as it would normally be, it was pink, it was huge.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Clara - 199WC#33

"Conkers!" the children excitedly shouted, running to a tree where two spiky green balls hung. "That's odd, it's the middle of August," an observant child noticed, backing away warily. The moment each of the children touched it, they gasped and discovered bubbling blisters. "The conkers, they're not conkers!" the group screamed and panicked, some managed to stumble a few steps before collapsing, dead.
Meanwhile, inside the "conkers", changes were occurring. The exteriors stayed the same, albeit a little growth, but inside a tiny humanoid shape was forming. Soon, an entire army would be forming, and humans wouldn't stand a chance.

Ben - 100WC#33

To this day conkers come out of their shell and lay on the dirty wet grass to quickly get picked up by mortals (humans), except the ones that stay on the trees that supposedly rot away in the middle of the night. What actually happens is they open on the tree and some weird creature comes out and crawls around in soil and where ever it wants to go. It eats everything in its way like trees, bushes and bricks.
No one knows about this discovery, I only know about this because I was walking and I saw it, shush!!

Grace B 100WC#33

Me and my family were on a camping trip for the weekend and my sister noticed a green nut-shell which had spikes under it. It looked like it can take over the world with an army. It looked like there wouldn’t be a brighter future for us because the green nut-shell looked evil like. After staring at the green nut-shell for an hour we carried on walking through the forest and kicking the autumn leaves at the same time. Suddenly, I noticed that the green nut-shells were moving off their branches to the ground and they were chasing after us…