Saturday, 29 March 2014

Night Zoo Keeper by Millie O

I would love to be a zookeeper because I love to explore the nature and the environment also I would certainly love to help magical animals from their evil and wicked enemies. If you think about all the beautiful animals in danger we need to save them. I think I would make a brilliant job at saving animals and caring for them. I will watch the zoo gates at all times I will not be distracted by anything. I love animals and I do not want them to be scared and suffer. I will always love magical and beautiful animals.

Night Zoo Keeper by Olivia

I would like to be a  night zoo keeper because I am passionate about saving the wondrous night zoo and the magical creatures who live there. I think I will be able to protect the night zoo and animals because I am brave, fearless and daring but most of all I have a great imagination and I'm very creative. i would love to look after the animals and learn their powers and I'm perfect for them because I am loving, caring and very helpful. i think I would make a great night zoo keeper. I hope you agree and will hopefully employ me.

Night Zoo Keeper by Ruby

Well I think I would like to be a night zoo keeper because I like working at night and I love animals to bits. The only things I don't like are spiders but I will ask not to work with them. There is an amazing responsibility and I will take it. I get along with anyone so I can help people when they are struggling, also it is a massive opportunity. I don't mind if I get paid a little or even nothing because I've got my treat, it is working with animals and creepy crawlies.

Night Zoo Keeper by Talia

I would love to be a night zoo keeper because I am great with animals and I would do anything for animals, especially magical ones! I would risk my life to save these magnificent creatures if it was the last thing I would do.
It would be a good opportunity for me to get this job. I don’t really need much sleep so I won’t doze off in the middle of the job. I will fight the horrible creatures and be top of the class I promise you. I do hope you choose me.
Yours Sincerely
Mr Thomas Grey Wood

Night Zoo Keeper by Leah

I would like to be a night zoo keeper because I am brave. I also study ju-jitsu so if I need to I can show those terrible, disgusting monsters who’s boss and help the animals along the way! I have experience in looking after animals. I will be able to fight the Nilth monsters and protect the ice jungles and floating mountains.  We MUST protect the magical zoo at all costs! I will do my very best to care for any creature no matter how big or small. I care very much - I hope you accept my full application.   

Night Zoo Keeper by Lewis

I would like to be a night zoo keeper because; I would be able to look after animals at night. Most people want to be a night zoo keeper. At night the animals start to talk to one another. Not many people know that the animals talk, because it is a secret and some of the staff do not know about this secret.

Many people try to sneak into the night zoo to see these talking animals, but not many succeed.  Because the animals are swift and smart so they hear when somebody is coming into the night zoo.   

Night Zoo Keeper by Alex

I would not like to be a night zoo keeper because it would be too dark and if one on the animals got out I would not be able to catch it because it will probably be too fast, also if one of the monsters came it would eat me ALIVE!. So you can see that I wouldn't like to be night zoo keeper for several reasons and it would be too much to handle. Good luck for who ever gets the job but that is not for me. If the monsters are big you'll need some very good luck!!

Night Zoo Keeper by Nico

I would like to be a night zoo keeper because it's very extraordinary to see all of the wonderful creatures doing mysterious things, also I would be able to get free tickets for my family to have an amazing time seeing the animals. I would not like cleaning out the animals cages because it would be filthy and disgusting. My favourite animal would be the monkey because they're extraordinary how they act just like humans and could evolve to a human in the future. I would mostly hang around the monkey part because they would moan if a thief was in the zoo so I would be alerted and get prepared for the thief to stop him stealing.

Night Zoo Keeper by Finlay

I would like to be a night zoo keeper because of the amazing adventures that they have and enjoy. I would be able to do anything I want including climbing the tallest mountain or tree. Or fight the Nilth monster. I would have to save lots of incredible animals like a spying Giraffes to time traveling elephants. It would be amazing to have this opportunity. I could not let the Nilth destroy and invade the night zoo. I must stop all of the Nilth that are trying to destroy the the night zoo. I have to save the night zoo!

Night Zoo Keeper by Neizan

If I was zoo keeper I would definitely not enjoy and I would hate to do it at night because the animals might escape and attack me. Another reason why I would hate to be a night time zoo keeper is because you sleep in the day and you are awake at night. I would also hate to be a zoo keeper because you are in charge of all the animals there at the zoo. I would really, really hate to be a zoo keeper because you would be forced to pick up all of the animals disgusting smelly poo. 

Night Zoo Keeper by Millie C

Well I'd like to be a night zookeeper because..... I would love to look after animals and if it would be in the dark they would be mostly sleeping so you wouldn't have to hear their noise constantly over again. But also the animals would be really cute and cuddly so it would be quite fun to look after them. The down side is cleaning up after them, it is a real pain after they have been messing around and wrecking the place. But luckily after it’s done then you're happy. I'd love to be a night zookeeper.

Night Zoo Keeper by Lili

When we went to the gates at the Land of Nilth it was a dark land, without any imagination or creativity and the monsters that live there want to destroy the Night Zoo. But we can't let them! We can't let them take away this magical world of endless possibilities; of Ice Jungles and Floating Mountains. So we both went and tried to defeat the monsters it was quite hard to kill them but in the end we did it we shined the light to make them blind and they fell to the ground and never woke. 

Night Zoo Keeper by Anh

To become a Night Zookeeper would mean the world to me. I would protect the animals, prepared to lay down my own life. 
These monsters from Nilth don't sound friendly either! I would also like to become a Night Zookeeper because I like animals and I know how to care for them and look after them. I have a few tricks up my sleeve too, to get rid of those pesky Nilth monsters for good! I hope I do become one...Thank you for reading and offering me this fabulous job as a Night Zookeeper and guarder of Nilth monsters.

Night Zoo Keeper, by Jake

 The night zookeeper

My mum always told me stories about night zookeepers and how they protect the mystical animals that live there in the zoo. To be part of the team of the night guard will be amazing, especially as I have the power to fly! My mum always said ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. So if I join the team I will be very helpful in saving the mystical creatures from the monsters and creatures from Nilth. I am kind loving, strong, powerful and have a vivid imagination about things; I will protect all of the mystical animals.   

Night Zoo Keeper, by Romola

Dear night zoo keeper,

I am writing to you to ask you if I can apply for the night zoo keeper. I heard that the poor animals are being attacked by the monsters from land of Nilth. I am an animal lover and I can't bear to hear the reports of what's been happening to them.

I would like to apply because it be my first proper job and I may be able to help stop the monsters from attacking the zoo animals. Caring for magical animals is one of my hobbies. Thank you for your time.

Your sincerely, Annie.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Night Zoo Keeper, by Amy

I would not be a zookeeper because that means you have to sleep in the day and I like to go shopping then. Also because it can get very late at night and you never know what there is out there if you know what I’m on about! I mean like it’s pretty scary out there. What about if you fell asleep and there was a robber that stole all the animals? This place is way too creepy. I did not know that there are only two worlds. This place is the most disrupting place on Earth. If it even is on Earth?

Night Zoo Keeper by Joshua

I would be a good night zoo keeper because I am not afraid of the dark and I absolutely hate evil. I love nature and I will not let any sort of monsters damage the environment or any of its creatures. I will watch the night zoo gates at all times and I will ignore all distractions around me until it is safe for the animals to let me leave them and for them to do their own thing. I love animals and I do not want them to suffer just because some monsters are coming round and scaring them.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

…look up! Can you see… by Finli

"Look up! Can you see that?" Harry mutters.
"That sparkle." The sparkle grown and grown as the two got closer.
"Greetings how can I help you?"
"I would like to go home."
"I'm afraid I can't help you. But I can give you three wishes."
Without delay Harry and Sam already made their first wish.
"Firstly: I would like to be rich."
"Arrgh a classic one" the sparkle muttered while clearing his thought, “You're wish is my command!"
Within a second bags of money came raining down from the sky.

"It’s like paradise!" Harry echoed a shout.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

…look up! Can you see… by Anh

Jack and William were playing football outside. 
Everything was normal until Jack looked into the sky. "Look up! Can you see the spaceship?" He said in awe. William stopped and looked. They both saw something that defiantly wasn't a plane - It looked like something from Star Wars! 
After that, neither of them said anything until Will broke the silence. "We need to tell somebody about this! We'll get rich and famous for discovering aliens!" Jack agreed so they went inside to tell their parents. "Mum, Dad! There's a spaceship!" They squealed. No-one believed them so they went in the garden again. The spaceship had GONE.

…look up! Can you see… by Talia

Look up! Can you see?” shouted Bella.
“ See what!” exclaimed Paris.
“That ….thing heading down to Earth.” explained Bella.
“ What!” said Paris horrified. 
There was a meteor heading down to Earth straight in the girls direction. What were they going to do?
“Bellarrrrrrr what shall we do?” trembled Paris
“Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!” screamed Bella.
There was no hope there had to be a miracle to happen to save them! Suddenly a person came flying through the air.
“Hi I am Supernan. How can I help?” An old lady said.
“There is a thing coming this way.” They both said.
“O yes there is!”

Dragon and I by Jake

It was Saturday night, my friend Harley and I went for a stroll into the Leafy Forest to play around, but I saw something moving in the sky? Is it a bird or a plane, my gosh “Harley look up! Can you see it soaring through the sky?”
“What? Where? There it is!”
It then swooped down to the ground, it disappeared into the dark. Then behind me was a dragon, it stroked me lovingly with its tongue. So I hopped onto his back. Harley climbed on too. We flew through the dark sky, soaring and gliding…

The Eclipse by Lettia

Today, the school kids were very excited, this was because of the eclipse which was happening quite soon. One of the girls shouted “Look up! Can you see?”
“Yes!!” Another replied. Indeed, they were talking about the eclipse. It had come,… And so quickly. Suddenly everything went dark, as the sun hid behind complete darkness. But within a couple of minutes, it was all over.

The children groaned and sighed, some of them even remarked “Oh! It’s done,” and they ran off into the classroom, leaving the sun to recover. The others, well…

…look up! Can you see… by Giuseppe

Archie was in his bedroom playing on the Xbox when suddenly his friends came over. His friend Peter said, "Let’s go to the park on such a sunny day?"
"Ok" Archie said.
When they stepped outside there was no one on a beautiful sunny summer day, "Where is everyone?” said Chris.
“Nooooooooobody cares!" Archie said.
 It took them five minutes to get there they saw nobody it’s like the whole human species has gone. But suddenly an old scruffy man comes and said, "…look up! Can you see…?”

“What... What are you making us see old man?" said Peter. VSOOM a gigantic alien space ship appeared!

Look up! Can you see... by Neizan

In the forest at school were three five year old little girls, they were all one of those pink girly girls. The first little girl had long silky brownie golden hair that is normally platted in both sides she was called Lily. The other little girls were both twins and looked exactly the same, both with blond curly hair and dark blue eyes. In the forest one day all three girls were there and one of the said “Look up! Can you see that man in the air, I think he’s flying”
“Yes, yes he is,” they said in amazement.” 

Look up! Can you see! by Romola

"Good afternoon children!" Said the head teacher Mrs Young.
"Good afternoon Mrs Young," said the school children tiredly.
"Today each one of you children will get an Easter egg decorator kit. Seeing as it is nearly Easter. The person who-" Mrs Young got rudely interrupted by the commotion in the hallway.
"But I'm telling you I definitely saw it!" Whined the mysterious voice.
"You are just seeing things, you stupid weirdo!" Squealed the second voice. The whole room filled with a gasp from the children.
"Look up! Can you see!" Said the first voice.
"Oh yeah. Sorry everyone nothing to see here. Sorry,"

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

…look up! Can you see… by Leah

“Look up! Can you see all of the beautiful stars shining high up in the sky?” I exclaimed.All of the stars were shining bright in the clear sky, they were sparkling, and it was magical. The full, bright moon glistened and sparkled, you could clearly see the stars glimmering in the distance. The stars were glittering in the dark sky. They were shimmering, twinkling, gleaming and they were sparkling! They were more than beautiful; they were gorgeous, lovely, and delightful. The moon was dazzling and shimmering in the sky in my opinion it was astonishing and very, very wonderful.

…look up! Can you see.. by Millie C

Once there was a giant that controlled all the clouds and one day he put all the clouds together so no one could see the sun and they couldn't see the blue sky either. There was one girl called Sarah and she flew up in a plane into the sky. Then she went outside the plane and climbed on top of the plane and jumped onto a cloud. She carried on walking and saw the giant in the distance so she ran up to him and pulled out her sword and killed him. Look up! Can you see that the clouds are splitting up! YEY!  

…look up! Can you see… by Finlay

One day Fred was outside riding his bike with his best friend Tom they enjoyed riding their bikes and going into the tall woods. So every day after their long, hard school time they would venture into the woods. After that they rode down a small, windy path made of concrete and then Fred muttered to Tom "Look up! Can you see that strange shadow glaring right at us." Eventually Tom looked up to see for himself and what he saw was absolutely incredible! It was white and green and it was shaped exactly like an oval. Its a SPACESHIP!

…look up! Can you see… by Amy

Early one morning I was awoken by the pain of my broken wrist. Carefully I dragged myself out of bed. I couldn't believe how early it was. Maybe I could have a party. Suddenly I realised what day it was. It was my Mum's birthday. I thought of something that would make a huge smile on her face. A SURPRISE PARTY! So I quickly invited as many people as possible. Then prepared the cake. Then made the room all pretty. After 2 hours of hard work the guests arrived. Two seconds after they arrived we had to shout, "Surprise." You should have seen the smile on her face. I got my Mum and said, "Look up! Can you see?" 
She said, "Yes it is very beautiful."
Mum had the best birthday ever.

…look up! Can you see…by Joshua

I was walking down a small alleyway when I came across a tiny door on one side of the wall. There was a lock where it looked like you needed a key. I looked around and I saw it, the key to the door. But then I felt a hand grab my arm. He said as quickly as he came “Stop, look up! Can you see that?” He quickly pointed upwards to the top of the door frame. It said KEEP OUT. IF YOU ENTER YOU WILL ONLY FIND DEATH! BEWARE. He ignored the sign and entered. But he faced his worst nightmare. BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

but when she lifted the lid... by Anh

"Don't eat any chocolate biscuits while I'm shopping!" warned Mum. Lucy sighed. Every time her mum left Lucy alone, she would run to the biscuit jar and wolf down the lot. 
After a while of looking for handbags and cleaning coat stains, Lucy's mother left and as soon as she heard the door shut, Lucy leapt over to the tin. She needed to tiptoe in order of her tell-tale of a brother not to snitch. The tin was in front of her now and she was getting excited but when she lifted the lid all hell broke loose. 
"Beasts are taking over England!" a newsman said...

but when she lifted the lid.. by Talia

Jody was with her grand parents for the day. “ Why don’t we go clean out the basement?” said her granddad.
“Do we have to?”
So Jody dragged her feet over to the basement door. Stood before her there was a wooden box she thought it was full of junk but when she lifted the lid. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing gorgeous gleaming diamonds. Jody rushed to her Granddad who was walking to the door.
“You won’t believe what I have found a box full of diamonds we are going to be rich!"
Aare you pulling my leg Jody Smith!”

but when she lifted the lid.. by Jake

The fifth element

In an alien like mine on mars three middle aged men were mining for the most rarest of gems, congou, but instead they found a sealed box!
So they got into their ships to bring it to the Federal Government on earth the professor examined it then he called his mistress to open it but when she lifted the lid open the professor screamed “this is the fifth element, the only species of its kind”. Then they put it in a human generator to rebuild it into its human form but when it formed it regenerated, not into a boy but a girl…

but when she lifted the lid.. by Leah

Pandora is a young woman who got married to a man named Epimetheus.  However, their relationship grew apart as Epimetheus had a box (Which you may know as Pandora’s Box). She would beg and plead for him to let her open it, but he would never give in. 
One day when Epimetheus was out, Pandora snuck over to the box, and lifted the lid, but when she lifted the lid, all the diseases  and poverty fell out. That’s where all the bad things in the world come from, and just because of Pandora and her greediness.

...but when she lifted the lid... by Tarne

My friend Lucy is very nice but she has this obsession with fish. One day I came up to her and
asked her if she wanted to play she said, “No, I’m going to get a bunny.”
“But I thought you liked fish?” I wondered.
“I do but my mum says that I have to get something else and you have already got a fish so I can come over to your house and adore yours!” as she walked away. 
Later that day Lucy came round to my house and she came over and went to the fish bowl, but when she lifted the lid!.....”Huh!” wet..

Thursday, 13 March 2014

… but when she lifted the lid… by Leah

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Leah, she had an amazing Christmas last year. She had opened all her presents apart from the big one, so she picked it up and unwrapped the paper. But when she lifted the lid… there were just carrier bags and cardboard tubes.
“Oh great I got carrier bags for Christmas!”
As she rummaged through the carrier bags she found a shiny golden box…
“Yay, a box in a box!”
But little did she know it was a special box with an iPad air in it.

A truly amazing Christmas…..

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

...but when she lifted the lid... by Joshua

One day there lived a girl named Grace. She was very poor but very happy. She lived in a small cottage on the edge of London. One day she went up in her old loft to see if there was anything worth selling. She came across a brown dusty chest, she went over to take a closer look. When she went over and it seemed to be very dull, but when she lifted the lid she found that there was a million pounds inside and became a millionaire. She was absolutely gobsmacked. She then bought a bigger house and got to meet Queen Elizabeth the second.

...but when she lifted the lid... by Finlay

Caitlin was very bored wondering what to do? She decided to call for her best friend Lewis. Around the tight narrow corner was a huge dusty haunted house which had been there for ages and ages. Caitlin and Lewis had always wondered what was inside! They decided to go and investigate this haunted mansion. They sneaked around the back of the house and climbed over the broken fence wondering what was inside. There was a broken window so they climbed through! In the room was just a small box but when she lifted the lid there came a piercing squeal!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

...but when she lifted the lid... by Romola

Smiling, Jasmine skipped to the car.
"So Jasmine what kind of pet do you want?" asked Mrs Finsen.
"I!" squealed Jasmine excitedly.
Now that Jasmine was seven her mum promised her a pet. It seemed like forever, but Jasmine finally arrived at the pet shop. At the end of looking, Jasmine found a gold fish. 
"There you go honey," said the pet shop owner calmly putting the fish food into a bag.
Jasmine took the fish home and was going to feed it for the first time, but when she lifted the lid the food jumped out of the pot and into the fish's mouth.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Gingerbread Man by Anh #24

A woman and her husband lived in a bungalow inside a village. 
One day the old woman was hungry, so she made some gingerbread and cut it into the shape of a person. Three hours later, it leapt out and the lady wanted to eat it. The biscuit shouted, "Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread-Man!" The couple chased him and others joined too. Twelve people had followed him to a lake. A fox lived there and they became friends instantly. He moved in with the fox and they lived happily ever after!

The Three Little Pigs by Rocco #24

Once there were three little pigs. They all lived with their mother until one day she said you need to leave home and make your own house. So all the little piggies packed all their bags, with clothes, food and shoes. It took an hour for them to pack their bags. But they finally packed everything they needed. So one made their house out of sticks. The other out of straw and the last one out of bricks. 
One day a wolf came over but the pigs didn't like him. So the pigs got out a gun and shot the big wolf.

The Three Little Pigs by Paris #24

One day there were three little pigs, one called Bacon and another one called Smokey Bacon then last but least is… Prawn Cocktail, they all were brothers and sister. 

But once the mother pig said, “You little pigs you really need to make your own house now!“

So they did….one little pig made theirs out of straw, then another one made theirs out of sticks, and then bricks… But then a big mysterious wolf came along, and blew the house out of sticks away then he blown out the house out of straw away, so then they lived with Bacon.

Cinderella by Talia #24

Cinderella got the invitation from the prince but her mother said she couldn't go. So she called her friend up Snow White to come with the dwarfs right away! Cinderella’s step mother went to the ball with her daughters. As soon as they left Snow White came and was ready. They had to get to the ball as quick as they could, three minutes later they were there with everyone inside; the plan was going to work. “Right boys let's cover this palace with dynamite so we can blow everyone up!” said Snow White.

KAPOW everyone is dead.

Cinderella by Lettia #24

I chose to change the ending of Cinderella.

Once upon a time, there lived a ugly step mum. She had two daughters who were as evil as her, and they all had one enemy… Cinderella. 
Cinderella was made to do all the housework and chores. I guess you could call her their slave.
One day, the ugly daughters received a letter from the prince. He had invited them to a ball, but the daughters didn't like the prince. They thought he was full of himself, so, they didn’t go.

The End 

Cinderella by Romola #24

Once upon a time there lived a sweet girl named Cinderella. Her mum had died, so her dad remarried. Soon after she moved in with her step family, her dad died. Her new family were mean, so they made her be their maid. 
One day the family got an invitation to the royal ball. Cinderella wasn't allowed to go because she had to clean the house. When the evil step family left for the ball, Cinderella decided to go to the ball. She turned up in her raggy clothes. Her step family were so embarrassed they left the ball early.

Jack and the Beanstalk by Joshua

There was once a boy named Jack. He lived in a hut on the edge of forest on his own. He was poor, so one day he went to sell his cow for some money. He found a man who wanted the cow so he sold it. When he got home he found there was only a bean and threw it out of the window.

Next morning, he woke up and found that there was a bean stalk outside. He looked up and found that there were giants sliding down. He then got his chainsaw and cut it down.

Three Little Pigs by Amy #24

There was three little piggies who had to move out. One piggy built their house out of straw and the other little piggy built its house out of sticks and the last little piggy built his house out of bricks. It was all fine until the big bad wolf came. The big bad wolf was a furry cruel animal who liked to eat pigs. He huffed and he puffed and blew the first two piggies houses down but he couldn't blow down the last little pig’s house. So he went down the chimney and burnt his bum!

Bye mean wolf!!

The Gingerbread Man by Leah #24

Once upon a time there was a cottage in the woods where two people lived. They were old and had no children. The woman baked a gingerbread man. She put it in the oven and went to see her husband in the garden. But then she heard a noise from inside the cooker.
“Help me I am burning to death in here!” It was the gingerbread man he had somehow come alive.  The gingerbread man was very happy with his family and he never wanted to leave. He loved his mother and he loved his father. They were very happy.

The Gingerbread man by Jake #24

Once upon a time there was a sad old man and woman they were sad because they didn't have children to look after. So one day the old woman baked a gingerbread man, she left it in the oven. Then she heard noises coming from the oven as she opened it the gingerbread man went running out with the two old people behind them with a chicken. He bumps into an ogre. They become good friends. When the little old man and his wife come along. The ugly smelly ogre breaks wind and burps they all die.

Three Little Pigs by Finlay #24

One day there lived three pigs their mum told them to go and seek their fortunes. So the first little pig built its house out of straw. Along came the big bad wolf and he blew the first little pigs house down. So straight after that the first little piggy ran straight into the second little pigs house which was made out of sticks. Suddenly when the wolf arrived outside of the second little pigs house he said lets all go to a party! So the party was held at the third little pigs house. They all had an amazing time! 

The Three Little Pigs by Lewis #24

A long time ago, there were three little pigs, they all went off to build a house. One little pig built his out of straw, another little pig was buliding a house out of stick and the last little pig built his out of nice strong bricks! They all soon had a house and then met up at the piggy hall. Then a wolf came to eat them, so the pigs all got out their wolf repelant and sprayed it on each other then they went home.
Luckily the wolf never came back again and they lived happily ever after.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Anh #23

"It's Flying Fearless!" cried a giant crowd, huddled together. Pushing through the Earth, he appeared in a heroic pose while he was drowned in a sea of applause. He had defeated the evil monsters in the centre of the Earth a moment ago. Fearless was being cheered at from all directions and everybody was talking about it. A bit later, the mayor turned up to give the hero a trophy. Everything seemed normal until everyone heard some faint manic laughter come from beneath their feet. It got louder and louder but no-one heard it again until a slimy tentacle appeared, breaking through the ground...

Romola #23

"Mum help what is outside?" I screeched charging into the street. 

"What did you say sweetie?" my mum called yawning.
"Quick we don't have time!" I replied. By that point the disaster was already pushing through the earth. I noticed my mum was half asleep so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I quickly grabbed my extreme magnet and pulled the disaster out of the ground. Nearly the whole street watching me do my magic. Suddenly they started to shout, "Penny, Penny!" over and over again. I thought something was wrong, I'd had another crazy dream.

Jake #23

The big expedition

“Today is a big day for me and my trusty companion.”
Bob went to Crachet’s house for his exciting expedition to the inside of the world. 
Ding, dong, “Who is it?”
“Crachet, it’s me Bob!”
“Okay come in.”
“I see you're all ready to go, come on then.”
They were off on a journey to the middle of the Earth, a few minutes later Bob excitedly said, “Let's dig right here in the fields”
“Okay,” pushing through the earth Cratchet suddenly fell forward. As Crachet was falling further and further into the earth. Bob shouted “I've lost my best friend!”…

Talia #23

Long ago there was said to be giants around roaming the place but some how they are all gone. Well that’s what I thought because one day I was strolling along the beach in Scotland and a hand suddenly started pushing through the earth. I wondered what it was at the start but the hand started to get higher and higher until I realised it was a giant! It gave out a loud roar with sliver coming out of its mouth. Suddenly more hands kept coming out from the ground. A few seconds later I was surrounded by big ugly giants. I just froze.

Joshua #23

One day I was in the park on the field sitting on a small, dull bench dreaming. Then, the whole ground started to shake. At first I thought that it might be an earthquake but then a huge drill thing rose to the surface without warning. It then lowered to look at the ground and dived down to the ground pushing through the earth as if it was water. I was amazed at what I had just seen. Then I said that I must be dreaming. I rubbed my eyes and looked. I was in my room in bed. It was just a dream.

Tilly #23

Pushing through the earth, I could just about see a little worm poking out its head from the compost heap. I got out a shovel from the shed, and scooped the worm up, while my brother squirmed behind me, as he doesn’t like worms in the slightest. I carried the worm on the shovel over to the lawn, and gently laid it down. The worm didn’t budge. I tried nudging it, shooing it off the shovel. Eventually, I gave up. The worm didn’t want to get off. I picked up the shovel again, but the worm changed his mind just as I lifted it…

Leah #23

On a beautiful spring day gorgeous flowers were slowly pushing through the earth, like pansies and violets. They were stunning. There were sunflowers, strawflowers and also Mexican sunflowers. They were lovely and delightful. There were crimson pink roses and also there were creamy buttercups. 
Meanwhile the beautiful butterflies were soaring across the sky. It was certainly a magical experience. There were ocean blue blueberry bushes, it was amazing. I could not believe my bright blue eyes… The blossom was falling off the trees and glistening in the sunlight. It was truly amazing. The flowers bloomed and sparkled in the light.

Lewis #23

"AHHH"Shouted Sam. Suddenly a alien was pushing through the Earth's crust! Nobody knew what to do! Soon The RAF arrived bombing this alien and killing some civilians as well! Because the alien came from the Earth's crust a volcano soon followed them, this meant most of the town would be destroyed by this magnificent rath.  Some more of these things plunged from the Earth's crust! When these aliens stand in lava they grow bigger better and strong. So the only way to stop the aliens would be to destroy the volcano. They plugged the volcano and the aliens disappeared forever , but nobody knew where..............

Finlay #23

On a distant island in the south of Spain there sitting by the calm, clear blue sea was a young boy called Frank. When it was time to go to bed for Frank he snuggled under his soft comfortable duvet. Suddenly an hour later he heard a very peculiar sound just outside of their brand new hand made wooden house! After that Frank went straight outside to see what was the very strange problem. When he arrived outside of his house there was a very weird alien pushing through the earth trying to get to me. Oh no I'm scared!

Paris #23

In the sky was a massive grey fluffy cloud, pushing through the earth. With a BANG and a CRASH it went through the Earth, everyone who lived on the Earth, had no choice to die or not… so that was mad, after that the cloud fluff got fluffier and fluffier and pink, just like it’s going to turn into candy floss, but nobody knew what was happening, they were just trying to stay out of it all… but they couldn't it all got bigger and bigger, and bigger, all the little kids were scared it was terrifying, ah and then…