Saturday, 1 April 2017

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Ava

Dear Diary, 



          Today I met a new friend…well she is kind of my BFF. She is so beautiful and she has long silky brown hair. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up and I thought that it was a hard job to get right but she should go for whatever she wants in life. 

I felt worried for her as this popular girl named Poppy Gilly in year 10 is really getting on mine and Tara’s nerves. 

Anyway we have taken at least 564 photos on my camera with Tara. 

                                                                                           Anyway see you next time diary, 

                                                                                                   Sarah Downwoods 

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Lisa

Coming out of the shop to buy my brand new, beautiful camera, I decided to take a photograph with it. I was very excited about using it because it was my very first proper camera! YAAAAY! I got it out of the box before seeing a fountain with a dolphin on it. I was something I would probably want to see again so I pressed down on the button to take a photo. I started to get a bit worried when it was hard to click. When the photo printed…. IT WAS BROWN. I just really hoped that I would get my birthday money back.

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Mia

I stopped at a shop near Tesco it was called Currys, I went there to buy a new filming camera because my old one had broken, it had dropped out my pocket and hit the ground hard I was worried when it happened but then I realised I could just buy a new beautiful one. My friend said to get a brown camera and I said to her, “They don’t do brown cameras, I don’t think.” So I carried on looking for a camera and then I found the one it was the canon G7X I was so happy.

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Frankie

I was on holiday in Mexico and me, mum and dad was eating out breakfast outside, it was a really nice sunny but I got annoyed because it was hard to eat my food with a tooth ache. My mum was just about to fall asleep because she was so tired from last night, then my dad shouted look at that! It was a brown and black chocolate cake coming to our table, it was beautiful. I was a bit worried tho because I thought I wasn't going to eat it but before I could say anything my dad pulled out his camera and yelled, SURPRISE!

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Sophie

I woke up with my brown hair all over my face, slowly I walked downstairs and into the living room "Happy birthday!" my family shouted. I completely forgot that it was my birthday "Come on then, open your presents." said mum. There were so many presents in a great big pile, The first one I opened had the most beautiful dress that I have ever seen The next one I picked up was a hard present and my mum looked a little worried as I started to open it. I don't know why she was worried because it was a lovely camera.

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Cloud

“Mum the cake’s on fire!” I yelled.  

We only had ten minutes until grandma was going to arrive, it was her birthday and we had forgotten all about it at the last minute. We grabbed everything that had anything to do with baking and shoved it into the oven as a last minute present. I was so worried that the cake would turn out terribly. Ding dong! Oh no I thought to myself… she’s here. I took the hard cake out of the oven and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a beautiful brown colour! Luckily grandma loved the cake and asked for the camera. 

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Kirsten

I picked up my camera; ready to take a picture when a brown thing came flying through the air and hit me on the head. It was hard. I fell, unconscious.

I woke up in a uncomfortable hospital bed, a nurse sat next to me telling me everything. I was worried. What would my family think? I had been in a coma apparently. She also said I was very poorly: not telling me everything in detail. I asked for a mirror so I could do my hair. She gave me one and there was a huge bump on my head. I was beautiful no longer...

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Molly

I picked up my camera getting ready to take my first ever photo but then a brown thing out of nowhere hit me very hard on my head. I dropped the camera and fell. I had a beautiful red bruise on my head and also there was a crack on the spot glass my camera was broken! I felt worried and I thought to myself what would my mum and dad say? But if I said it wasn’t me and that it was that weird brown thing that broke it then I maybe wouldn’t get told off that’s what I did it ended out happy!

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Kaycee

There he was ready to jump, he was so worried. The cameras were getting ready for the minute that he jumped. (If you don’t know what I am on about what I mean is my dad was getting ready to bungee jump of a very high bridge for his YouTube channel, Hard Core.)

His beautiful, brown hair was waving from the wind; I could see it on his face that he was frightened. My mum stood next to me as we shouted, “You can do it dad!” He stood on the edge of the platform, he looked down. He jumped!

Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera by Tyler W

“It might be hard to get close though” exaggerates the fake explorer strolling on to the jungle set. “And cut!” bellows the camera man before emptying some more fake brown mud on to the set, the explorer, who was just an actress, was now helping to pull a beautiful yet fake brown monkey on to the green screen before going back to her trailer. As the directors were bossing the designer around the monkey came to life and began to jump around the set. The actor was very worried as to what was going on when she heard the all of the screams on set.