Sunday, 26 January 2014

Jake 100WC#19

The Pink Gorilla

One sparkling sunny day in the town of Pinkie Winks, a pink gorilla lived in a pink house made of candy floss. Every day he goes on his bicycle to ride around the streets in the city of Grand Winks. As he biked around the corner he saw a lovely looking field so he rode down the lane towards it. As he got there he pushed his bike through the tall grass. He saw a ramp. He got on his bike, pedalled as fast as he could and went up it, flew through the air, landed in a cow pat and laughed.

Tilly 100WC#19

I am feeling very excited, as it is my birthday tomorrow. I am hoping to get a new bike. Preferably pink. My brother is hoping I get a pet gorilla and it will like him best, so it will be his. He is such a daydreamer. Like I would really get a gorilla for my birthday.
Today is the day.

It is finally my birthday and I'm being chased down the stairs by my brother. I can see a grand massive present and inside it is a pink bicycle with a pink gorilla on it that just laughed at the shocked expression on my face.

Caitlyn 100WC#19

As I was on my way to school last Monday, I was looking out of the car window when I saw a pink gorilla riding on a bicycle which looked like mine. It was very funny because the bicycle was way too small for the giant gorilla.

When I got to school, I told my friends. They just laughed and said, “There’s no such thing as a pink
bicycle riding gorilla!”

On the way home I saw the gorilla again; this time it was playing a grand piano. I didn't tell anyone this time because I did not want them to laugh at me again.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Romola 100WC#18

As I walked past the beautiful house, that had been abandoned for two years, I noticed that there was a pair of new pink pumps, that still had the tag on and had never been worn. Of course being myself I was curious. So after school instead of staying back for homework club I went straight to the house. I got to the door, luckily the door was unlocked, so I creaked the door open. As I opened the door I heard someone say hello, I looked up, down and around but no one was there it was a mystery...

Sarah 100WC#18

This picture looks like a shed that's been in the rain and in the reflection you can see the doors are opened. In the shed you can see pink shoes, and as well you can see cobwebs in the shed . No one has been in there in a long time. So that's why the shed has cobwebs in it. There looks like there is a ladder in the reflection ,and there is red and brown paint on the shed. As well there are windows in the back ground of the reflection and the shed looks new to me.

Lettia 100WC#18

I think these windows are smashed in and that they might be broke. Inside the shed that they are on looks dirty, smelly and damp. This shed is probably used for power tools. If there were power tools inside, they would probably be dirty and even rotten. The dirt on the windows looks like dust. The paint on the shed is scratching away. Altogether the shed looks like it is in serious condition and needs replacing. This shed looks as if it has some paranormal activity. The shed looks very old and really dirty.

Lili 100WC#18

When I walked into the garden I saw a shed, I strolled near it when I viewed in the window I saw a pair of pink shoes and a shovel the rest was cobwebs. Then something fell over inside so I darted across into the house…

The next day I unhurriedly staggered near the shed, then I saw a silvery key and twisted it, I surprisingly saw a ferret but none of the people who lived here ever told us there was a little lake in the garden.

So I secretly kept the ferret!

Millie C 100WC#18

In this picture of windows I think I can see a house with two window doors and one window. Inside the house I think it probably might be stinky and smelly and absolutely horrible and it might even have been flooded and if it has it would have been stinky and smelly and absolutely horrible. There might even be dust flying about and I think it might be haunted and the lawn will probably be absolutely horrible and will be mucky, dirty, and muddy and I feel sorry for the people who live there. People who live there will die.

Neizan 100WC#18

In this picture you can see a half of a shed that is painted red, you can also see that the bright red paint has slowly started to come off, on the bright red paint there is some type of green moss thing on it. {The type of thing that you get on your fence}

Another thing that you can see in this picture is the window. The window has a little bit of ice, frost or snow, but I am not very sure at all. 
On the inside of the bright red shed, is a bright pink jumper . 

Finlay 100WC#18

Looming at the back of the forbidden, secret garden was Ben’s dads rotten, old shed which to Ben looked very peculiar ever since they moved into their new house. To Ben it looked peculiar because all he could see on the reflection was one single door which wasn’t anywhere around him so that meant that it didn’t exist. Every day he wanted to see what was inside of it but of course he was too busy doing his homework or even going round to his friend’s house. So one day he thought that’s it I am going through the door.

Nico 100WC#18

The rotten old shed creaked as the icy cold snow whizzed by. The shed has tons of dusty junk, cobwebs were scattered on wall corners, moss and dust covered the black dusty roof. Spiders were laying eggs in dark corners as ants crawled about as sly as a mouse. Old toys were broken to pieces and frown in a weak old useless box, flies zoom in the air rapidly scorching for light to lay there gooey green eggs so their vicious babies can invade the old shed and lay more eggs.

Lewis 100WC#18

This shed has ballerina shoes inside, they are pink like the pinkest dress ever made! The shed is red like the reddest rose I have ever seen! It looks like it has being painted and looked after.

 You can see the reflection of a house which has a glass door, I can see a reflection of a window too. In the window you can see forever darkness, it's empty and spooky. Inside the shed there is a ladder which is shiny like silver.

 I think it is a cold day because the windows on the shed look frosty and wet.

Leah 100WC#18

When I looked what had happened to my garden shed from winter to the end of spring I screamed in absolute horror, there were lawn mowers and crates everywhere I did not understand how my dad could walk in it. It was so messy. I am sure at night the cobwebs started dancing about and even the spiders were hastily dancing on them too. The next morning when my dad went in there were rats. What on earth would come next? My dad asked me if we should keep the garden shed, I wondered and wondered until one cold night……

Amy 100WC#18

One mysterious day I decided to go and meet my friends at the field to play! When we arrived at the field there was something glaring at us! What an earth could it be I thought to myself. We all slowly walked over to the mysterious thing! When we got to this thing well it was just an ordinary shed but there was something very strange about this shed so we decided to have a little peek inside! As we got in we realised it was just a normal shed so we came out but we were in SOUTH AMERICA....

Joshua 100WC#18

When I look at this boring picture of a garden shed I see many amazing things. For example, the reflections of the windows look like eyes staring right at me with amazement. Then when you look on the far left window you see a slight reflection from the sun. It looks a bit like a ghost of a snake on the window. Then when you look at all the windows you see the long tail of the snake and when look at those pink shoes its like the snake is wearing them on his tail. That is what I see.

Anh 100WC #18

Sophie gasped. It had been a month since her neighbours had moved out yet their garden had become so over grown you couldn't see the house behind! Sophie wanted to have a look around the property so she sneaked in. She decided to check out the shed first so she timidly opened the door. As soon as the door creaked open, Sophie noticed a pair of pink ballet shoes sadly sitting on the empty shelves alone. They seemed pretty and Sophie was interested in ballet so she took them home. She didn't know what they did to her that night...

Talia 100WC #18

In the dirty, smelly ,wide shed there is a pair of stinky running shoes that are so smelly and have been in the rotting shed for to long they are starting to go mouldy! In the worn cobwebby windows you can see a reflection of wonky doors and a window. The shed is painted a brownish colour that has started to fayed in some parts. The roof is pitch black and is as smooth as snakes skin. There is a line of rectangles that are windows that have multiplied because of the type of glass made on the shed windows.

Millie O 100WC #18

One misty morning, I woke up and I looked through my bedroom window, It was icy and snowing but there was one mystery! Mum told me not to go out there because it may be dangerous ! But I didn't listen knowing me, I rang my friend Rebecca up and she came right away. We ran down a narrow cross road and finally staring at us was the filthy, decrepit shed. It stood there like a lonely man, of course we didn't fall for that. Later on that day me and Rebecca went to investigate. Suddenly we heard a big noisy bang.

Sunday, 19 January 2014


There was only one problem, the custard tasted horrible! We can’t have horrible tasting custard, as we don’t have time to make more. We were about to serve this custard to 20 people, and if it’s gone off, then we are doomed. I went to the cupboard and looked at the custard packet. This custard had gone off a week ago, and we didn’t have time to go out and buy more, and the custard was one of the main parts of the meal. Me and my dad rushed out, and tried to get more, but we were too late…

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Talia 100WC#17

After I came from a hard working day at school my parents gave me some sponge cake and poured some custard on. The sponge was delicious but the custard tasted magnificent I just wanted more and more and more! I kept begging for some but they just said no you can have some tomorrow after school and it is time for bed. “Bed!” I said looking at both of my parents. My mum was pointing up the stairs.
“But I .. “
“No buts you are going to bed and that’s that.” There was something wrong very wrong indeed.

Anh 100WC#17

I sadly sulked in the back seat of my car. It wasn't my fault I had to go to the Fabulous Food Fair. The journey was long and boring and probably not worth it. When we arrived there were all sorts of stalls. Ice-cream, fast food, refreshments... I couldn't stop myself from drooling everywhere! Just when I was starting to enjoy myself, my mum yanked my arm and pulled it over to the FREE SAMPLE table. I was forced to try a plate absolutely full of lumpy green custard. ... 
The custard tasted like the foulest tasting slop I've ever eaten!

Joshua 100WC#17

It was one of those Saturday nights when you do not know what to do. I watch a movie. I watched one of my favourite films, Star Wars episode 2 Attack of the Clones.
Then I suddenly turned hungry. I had a hot chocolate pudding with custard. The custard tasted like the creamiest thing you would ever taste. When I finished my pudding I lay down on the bed and watched TV. Then I seemed very tired. I checked the time. It was only seven o’clock. Then I went into a deep sleep. The only thing I remembered saying was, “it was the pudding.”

Amy 100WC#17

One day, my Mum was making custard, which was fine because I liked custard because she always makes nice ones! It smelt so nice I could smell it all the way from the kitchen. I couldn't wait to taste it I really couldn't I had to taste some. I decided to sneak into the kitchen and try just a little bit but suddenly my mouth tasted like horrible smelly socks! So I decided to put some salt and pepper in it just to make it taste better but my Mum came in. I said, quickly, “The custard tasted like smelly socks!” and ran!

Leah 100WC#17

The custard tasted like the sweetest velvety cream that I had ever tasted. It was amazingly sweet and rich – like droplets of pure heaven. It made me feel delighted and ecstatic. The flavours were astonishing and surprisingly wonderfully full of flavour - a strawberry flavour. It was so beautiful – making me think I was in a summer meadow, that I opened another packet and another and another! By the end of the day I was so full of custard that I felt that I was going to burst in to a never ending rich custard waterfall that floats around space and the entire galaxy.

Lewis 100WC#17

This custard tasted like out of date eggs! It was so horrible that I nearly threw up! I had to say to my Mum that it was brilliant and I loved it so it didn't hurt her feelings! So this meant she would keep making this custard until I had to confess that I hated it! But I couldn't, it would hurt her feelings so much she would be sad all day! I have to or I would be sick. If I did not confess and I threw up she would feel worse than if I owned up to this problem, what will I do?

Finlay 100WC#17

It was a sunny morning but I wasn't allowed to go and play outside with my friends because of course I had to go to my nana's house! This meant that I was going to be really bored and would have to eat something disgusting. Usually the spaghetti tasted like mouldy, squishy worms. The custard tasted like lumpy gravy. The ice cream tasted like warm slop. Hopefully nana had some of those lovely chocolate biscuits that I really, really liked. When I arrived I was absolutely right in the kitchen I could smell the disgusting food cooking in the oven.

Paris 100WC#17

I went to have a sleep over at my friend’s house, her name was Sally she is a very nice kind person to me. As well her mum makes the best dinners and puddings, for dinner we had a little bit of a mix, my favourite was the hot spicy chicken that was just like Nandos chicken, then for pudding we had sticky toffee pudding, with custard that was yummy the sticky toffee pudding tasted so nice mouth-watering, then the custard tasted really creamy and a little bit watery but it was OK. I love going to my friends.

Neizan 100WC#17

I was in my room listening to my rock metal music on my MP3 player, when my little sister Steph came in and said to me in a gentle voice “Do you want some banana custard, me and mum made it.” Then I said to her “Okay.” 

So I went down stairs to have a taste of the custard that mum and Stephaney had made. Soon after that, after I had tasted the custard I said to Stephaney, “The custard tastes like banana!”

Then Mum and Steph tried it, and they thought it tasted like banana too. We all loved the delicious banana custard.

Tarne 100WC#17

One day I was walking into the café and I saw a new shop and it was called custard delight so I ordered a coffee and wandered over. I peered through the window and had a look the sign said custard for sale or come in and have a taste and there is a new product called custard berry. I assumed it had berries so I walked in and had a taste the custard tasted like berries and cherries it was so delicious it was like tasting a flower it smelt so good and taste good as sweets but it had fruit in! Amazing.

Lili 100WC#17

When I open my lunch box I can see the custard pot and I reach out for it and dipped my spoon in the perfect creamy custard. I put it in my mouth and the next thing you knew it was all over me! I cough and splutter, the custard tasted like sick! I then realised I forgot to read the label, it said cherry custard and the dinner lady was moaning at me and everyone was staring at me. I was so embarrassed colour crept up my neck and I quickly ran out of the room.

Lettia 100WC#17

I had just eaten my dinner when my Nana came in with some pudding. It was a cake with lumpy custard filling up the bowl. “Thanks,” I whimpered quietly. I looked up when I saw everyone else tasting it, so I decided to as well. “Yuck!” I screamed at the top of my voice. The custard tasted disgusting so I asked if I could leave the table as I couldn't bear to look at it any more. When I got out of the room I went up the stairs to wash my mouth. “Phew,” I sighed as the taste had left.

Romola 100WC#17

As I thought this day could not get any weirder it did. When I went to my cousin’s house we had custard for pudding, and the custard tasted like a three course meal like Willy Wonka’s bubble-gum. For starters it was nachos with cheese and salsa. For mains it was fish and chips with batter bits. Last of all for pudding it was banoffee pie. As weird as it seems that wasn't the weird bit, the weird bit was that the previous day I'd had that meal. The weirder bit was when my cousins tasted it, it tasted like custard.

Jake 100WC#17

A long time ago there was a boy who liked custard and every day he went on a long journey to get all the ingredients to make his mouth watering pudding. But then on the other side of the village he heard that the entrance was closed. So he had to go through tunnels. He sneaked to the other side of the wall to get all the ingredients he needed to make it. Once he collected the many ingredients he sneaked back home without being caught. He quickly made it but he put too much sugar in it so the custard tasted like sick!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

… but when I put the batteries in it …by Talia

For Christmas I got a diary but when I put the batteries in it suddenly I whizzed of to a different place at first I couldn't make out where I was but then I saw people carrying heavy blocks of stone. I wounded what they were doing because people use cranes to lift heavy objects. Then it came to me to me the diary must of teleported me to ancient Egypt! Then a horse came galloping down the sandy desert with a chariot hooked on to the horse with a person who looked like a king. “Hello who are you?”

…But when I put the batteries in it… by Anh

…But when I put the batteries in it…
I ran. I ran away from the bomb. It must have been thirty minutes until I stopped and looked around…I was back where I was standing next to a nine metre tall deathly black BOMB. “Two minutes left,” it boomed... Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a sticker on the bomb…PLEASE PUT BATTERIES INSIDE ME it read. Some batteries had been stuck to the side with sticky-tape and I was tempted to put them in side. I gently plopped them in and prepared for something, something good or bad. Nothing happened. BOOM. I turned around...

… but when I put the batteries in it …by Joshua

When I opened the smallest present on Christmas day I thought it would be rubbish and didn’t do anything at all but, when I ripped the wrapping paper of it, it was what I always dreamed of getting. It was a small but brilliant plane with fold out wings. I opened the box very carefully so I did not break it. As soon as I sore it I ran to a small shelf where we kept the batteries but when I put the batteries in it, it started to shake. The next thing I know it fell to the ground.

… but when I put the batteries in it …by Tilly

My brother got a megaphone for Christmas, but when I put the batteries in it, he decided to shout right into it! He was trying to be mischievous, but lucky for me, the volume was turned right down, so only his shout could be heard, and not the massive sound from the megaphone. He stared open-mouthed, because he didn't think it would have a volume slider. I laughed at him and then (through a fit of giggles) said, “It has a volume slider you know! And anyway, why did you do that?” He grabbed the megaphone and yelled into it.

… but when I put the batteries in it …by Amy

One early morning on my 7th birthday, I had opened all my presents but there was one present that I really wanted to play with, which was a pink mini scooter, that you put dolls in that was controlled by remote. Sadly I had to put the batteries in first. …but when I put the batteries in... they didn't work,

Which was a bit strange because they were band new and I put them in right so I went to ask my mum about it and she said, “You’re so silly you put the old ones in! “Oh!” I said!

… but when I put the batteries in it …by Leah

I got a pink electronic dog for Christmas but when I put the batteries in it I had to wait two measly hours to play with it. But I did not mind waiting because when the two hours were up I was jumping out of my skin. This exciting time was finally here. I screamed as loud as I could and probably the whole world could hear. When I picked it up I could not put it down it was so amazingly fluffy and it was the most beautiful coloured rosy pink that I had ever seen. I loved it!

… but when I put the batteries in it …by Lewis

Today it is Christmas and I've got this amazing toy it’s an I Pod I play with my I Pod everyday it’s my favourite toy. It can play music, play games and much more this is why it’s my favourite toy! But when I put the batteries in and it went, "BANG" and I was so astonished that my favourite toy had gone Bang and it will never work ever again. This was okay because one week later I got a refund and I got my I Pod back although I still don’t trust my I Pod because of what it did last week…

… but when I put the batteries in it …by Jake

One dark and misty morning I woke up in a mind chilling mansion. I could barely see but I saw a tiny light, it was a small torch. I got my lighter out and set the end on fire. As I slowly walked down the long lasting corridor of art. All the pictures were scary like a man all ripped up and blood squirting out of him! Then I found a long corridor. At the end I saw a massive machine. It said control me!
But when I put the batteries in, I heard ticking, swishing and drilling sounds.

… but when I put the batteries in it …by Summer

Dear Diary, 22/01/14

Today is the day after my birthday. I woke up at exactly 7:44. As I ran down the stairs my heart was full of joy. Mum, dad, Hollie and Alfie followed me down I went straight to the living room and inside were about 50 presents all wrapped up addressed to me. A smile rose upon my face I jumped up and down screaming. Dad said to open his present first I ran to it and ripped it open inside was a Furby my no.1 present …but when he put the batteries in... it shouted, “happy birthday!”

… but when I put the batteries in it …by Finlay

There was a young geeky boy called Tom. He lived a ginormous house because of his family being rich. The day that he woke it was CHRISTMAS day! Which Tom thought was the best day. When he eventually got to go down his long, windy stairs and into the huge lounge all he could see was presents everywhere! After he had opened all of his presents he could see a gigantic present in a box. It was a mac book pro but when I put the batteries in it he felt incredibly excited.

… but when I put the batteries in it …by Paris

In my bedroom there is a doll sitting on top of my wardrobe. She is a very rusty, old doll. I named her Polly she is just like my best friend. We always used to play together, well two years ago but I still call her my best friend. When you look at her she just looks like any ordinary doll… But when I put the batteries in it, she comes to life with her big blue bubble eyes shining. The way she smiles makes me so happy, and she even talks. This doll is a one in a million.

… but when I put the batteries in it …by Neizan

I was about to play on my brand new game that Santa had got me, but then I released that it was not charged. But when I put the batteries in it all of the characters from the games all jumped out at me… 

There was Mario, Peach, Warrior, Mickey, Mini and Woody; it was like a non-stopping character machine. The first thing that came into my mind was to make friends with them all. So I did. 

Suddenly in the morning I woke up in the middle of the night and woody and his army appeared. I shouted “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

… but when I put the batteries in it …Millie C

Today it was Christmas and it was really fun but the main present was a toy robot. When I opened it I couldn't believe my eyes, a toy robot. Anyway I told my mum to go and get some batteries and when I put the batteries in it burst to life and I tried to catch it but it was too fast for me and my mum was out-side. I went to get her and we both came zooming in like rockets and mum found a remote in the box so we both turned it off and were so relieved!

… but when I put the batteries in it …by Lili

In the morning on my 7th birthday I opened a toy guinea pig from my Mum and Dad but when I put the batteries in two days later my guinea pig stopped working and I started to cry I was real up set so I had to take it back to Argos witch I thought was a real shame so I told my mum and dad please may I have something to replace it and so we went and they got me a toy dog and I was so pleased and it still works today.

Based on a true story!

… but when I put the batteries in it … by Lettia

When I opened the smallest present out of all of that I received was shocked that my mum had brought me a wind-up toy. It had a design of a polar bear that went all around the toy. “Can I play with it yet?” I begged my family. My mum nodded her head as she walked away to get changed. I was excited until I saw that it needed batteries to work. As I stood up I found 2 of them sitting tiredly on the chair, so I picked them up, placed them inside and waited when something bizarre happened…

… but when I put the batteries in it … by Sarah

Today is the day that my uncle comes to see me, he said he would bring me a fabulous present I wonder what it will be.  I was watching TV when I heard a knock on the back door and I know who it is. I jumped up from my sofa and ran to the back door and I could see my uncle. I let him in and he said, “Here is your present.” I looked at him and smiled. I took the present out of his hand and opened it but when I put the batteries in it broke.  

… but when I put the batteries in it … by Romola

For Christmas I got a book that reads stories to you when you put batteries in it. As soon as I got it but when I put the batteries in instead of telling me stories it pied me in the face. When I opened my eyes I was outside so I walked into my house and there I saw ninety-nine cute dolls that looked exactly like me one said you’re my best friend and then the others copied. As they said it they started to move closer to me I tried to get out but I was locked in…