Saturday, 26 March 2016

Lie Row Fly Chips Sweet by Kirsten

I was swimming for an hour non-stop so I decided to have a lie down on my sunbed. Ah! So relaxing! The view from where I was laid is amazing. People having a row and people making sticky sweets. The squawking seagulls getting ready to fly. I am now ready to have a snack. Chips or a chicken burger? I’ll go with the chips option “Waiter! Waiter! Can I have some chips please?”
“Yes certainly madam! I’ll get them straight away!” With that he was gone!
After a few minutes he came back! They were delicious! Lovely and fluffy!

Friday, 18 March 2016

When the connection broke by Rhianna

I have fought all my life for a friend, and when I finally found one, she got killed.
It all started when I moved to England from Germany on the 28th November 1914, 2 years ago. I had survived the dreadful war in Germany, but no one I knew did. I was sent away to England, and all the people at school bullied me. It was pure torture. I then met Rita, but she had a problem connecting her lungs to her other body parts. When the connection broke, she died. I hated my life, and I still do now.

…when the connection broke…, Tyler W

Dear Diary,
Today was dreadful this morning I was at the park when the swing broke and that really took me by surprise. I thought it couldn’t get worse but it could, so after that I decided to go the fair I was on the roller coaster that goes really high when the connection broke I was at the top and it came down so fast that the old man in front of me his wig came off and hit me in the face we was rolling around and around for ages finally I got off I feel sick. Bye. 

…when the connection broke…, Jack S

One afternoon I was on my computer watching a video. I had been watching for about ten minutes when the connection broke. I went over to the hub to see if it was still on, there was a steady blue light so it wasn't that. I went back to my room and went into settings on my computer and pressed the wifi reconnect button. I still couldn't get the video to play so I had to shut down and restart my computer. Eventually the computer rebooted so I logged back on. I tested the video and, at last, it worked.

…when the connection broke…, Kirsten

Yesterday I made a gigantic loom band skipping rope. It took me six hours to make and I did it in rainbow colour order and dark to light in all those colours. I was skipping with it once I had finished it. Jump! Jump! I got to my record of skips (561!) when Henry my dog came outside. He started biting my skipping rope!
"Stop it Henry! Bad boy! Go away!" 
All he replied with with was, "Yap, yap! Woof, woof!"
He still wouldn't go. Then he walked away so I started skipping again. It broke from Henry chewing it. When the connection broke I got very sad!

…when the connection broke…, Alfie M

The electrical engineer was fixing my house. He was playing with the wires and he did not know what he was doing, he cut a wire and the electrical connection broke so that didn't allow me to use the phone. The connection came back on and I called my friend “are you ok?” She said when the connection broke she felt a bit scared because it was dark and she did not have a torch. Then the lights flicked on and then back off so she thought her house was haunted so she ran and hid under her bed terrified.

…when the connection broke…, by Dalton

One night I was on my own at home with my dog I was playing on my PlayStation 3 with Oliver and Cruz on skate 3 when the connection broke and my PlayStation, switched off of and my Ipad switched off and I could not switch on my PlayStation, and I was so bored so I went to my nans with my dog and I switched on the TV to watch Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and in the morning I went back home and my connection was perfect and then I was playing with Oliver and Cruz on games all night.

…when the connection broke…, by Finley

It was a rainy horrible day and my internet wasn’t working. In my house the TV kept going white and swirly colours so I went on my Playstation and it worked perfectly I was playing batman Arkham knight then my Internet went down so I couldn’t play anything when the connection broke I was furious that furious that I just unplugged the internet connection. In my house the power went off and everyone was fuming then down the road their power went off so my dad rung up the power people what was going on it was the storm!

The Mysterious Night by Zia

One dark and stormy night, there was a random FaceTime from a no caller id. In Rosewood now the connection is not good at all so it stopped. I rang the random person and they answered. They were wearing a black hoodie, black trousers, black shoes and black gloves I got really scared. I heard screaming in the background. Before I could end the call the random man suddenly held a knife up when the connection broke. There was a knock on the door should I answer or should I not. The person came in ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… 

The most horrible thing on earth. by Isabelle

I was happily playing games one night when the connection broke. ”Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” The Wifi was out I panicked and cried my eyes out I didn’t know what to do. So I went down stairs to restart it but it wouldn’t work, so I Skyped my friends Zia and Kaycee and told them something horrible has happened to me. “Have you hurt your leg or done something to your finger?” yelled Zia. “Wait has Boo-Boo got hurt!” Kaycee bellowed. “No the Wi-Fi is out!” I shouted. Then all of a sudden it came back on. 

…when the connection broke… by Jessica

I was reading with my light plugged in and then all of a sudden, when the connection broke it was pitch black. I felt a sudden shiver run through my body and I knew instantly that I was now terrified. I picked the plug up and put it back in the socket. The bright light came back on and I carried on reading ‘Gangsta Granny’ By David Walliams. I was on the part where they were going to steal the beautiful crown jewels. It was the hardest thing for a robber to rob. I can't believe that the granny dies!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Statues by Rhianna

“What d’you mean, kidnapping Rosie? I only said I’d rob the poor fellow. I mean, how d’you expect me to kidnap? I haven’t the heart…” I exclaimed, and then was rudely interrupted by my boss.
“Why on earth are we wearing this stupid get-up? To kidnap Rosie of course! Duh!”

I thought my boss awfully mean. He knew that I was only robbing my other colleague’s sister-in-law, for not marrying him, and forcing him to marry her sister, Amy. I thought to myself, I might as well tell Rosie what’s about to happen, seeing as I know the terrible plan…

Talking statues by Olivia

I was walking my pug Tia. We went out into town and Tia decided to take a wee next to a statue of three men, two standing and one sitting down on a wall. Tia started to sniff the men painted in silver. One of the men sneezed! “Achoo!” sneezed the man.
 “Ahhhh!” I screamed. Me and Tia stepped back. “Don’t be scared look all three of us are real we are under a spell we can’t move and we are practically solid my name’s Stuart.” he explained.
 “I’m Bob.” said the one sitting down.

 “I’m Kevin we were once minions.”

Statues by Kaycee

“Daddy.” I shouted. “Can we go to the park?”

“Okay princess.” My dad said. We got in the car ready to go. In the car there was me my dad, brother and dog.

When we got there we saw three statues it looked like they were from the 1600s. The man sitting down looked like a businessman or somebody who sold houses. The one without the hat looked like a bishop and the one with the hat looked like a soldier.

“Cool!” my brother said amazed. They might have been from Paris in France but I will never know. 

Statues by Molly

There once lived three men who always used to meet up every day and have a nice little talk and then go for a meal. They always met up in exactly the same place. Now you are probably thinking why are they statues then? It was because one of the Chinese dragon decided to breath fire all over them and turn them into dust but they are now very famous because of every day they met up as I’ve already mentioned and also because of that restaurant they went to. So that is how they became famous and statues.

Statues by Tyler S

“What the heck were you thinking back then Johnny?!” questioned Ned, as he stared at Johnny for a good couple of minutes, waiting for him to reply.
“Well if you think about it, it was greatest idea any of us made from the past 200 years!” replied Johnny, with his stone eyes darting around everywhere trying to find another excuse.
“Says you,” insulted Alan, the eldest of the stone trio, “You’re the youngest and the stupidest and you just happened to bump into a witch and get us all turned into stone!”

“But it kept us alive!” replied Johnny, gleefully. 

Statues by Jack S

One day I was walking around town when I bumped into three big statues of people. They looked like they were talking to each other about something. One was sitting down and the other two were standing up. They were weird because the next day I saw that they had changed position! I decided to go see them at night. They were actually walking around and talking! I said to one, “You're alive!?” 
He replied, “Of course we are we need a break once in awhile too you know.” 
So I ran off screaming like a baby.

Statues by Kirsten

These three men are chatting. My guess is that they are all different religions meeting. Here is my guess of their conversation and what they would do if they were real. 

“Oh hello, nice meeting you! How are you? What is your name? “said the man in the skin-tight hat.

“Nice ta meet you too!" chuckled the American man whilst tapping his knee.
“I’m just going on a date at ‘San Mario’s’. See you all later!” quietly whispered the other man who wore a long, funny shaped hat.
Then they all went away and met again later that day.

Statues by Tia M

It was my birthday I was finally going on holiday. I was going to Florida I am so cheerful I can’t wait I ran upstairs and woke my mum up. She moaned and said, “Go away” so I walked away but we were supposed to go at ten o'clock and it was nearly nine o'clock so I packed my stuff and got my ticket. I ran to the airport and gave them my ticket and sat on the plane I was so excited when I got there I ran around and I was so happy then I saw these men and they were painted in silver it was weird I waved my hand in front of them but they didn’t move a muscle. 

Statues by Anesha

I was walking down the street and I saw this unusual statue it looked like three people were talking and they were all gold. I had never seen it before and one of them was wearing a suit and the other two was wearing a dress they looked very silly. I wanted to ask them why was they wearing a dress but I couldn’t because they cannot talk they was very boring they wasn’t very colourful and on their jacket it said their name on it they said Tom and Jeff and the last one was Tim.

Statues by Finley

There was 3 men staying as still as stone in the middle of the street. These men were wearing silver robes and talking to each other about what they were doing tomorrow. Charlie said, “Riding a Raptor.”
Joe said, “Feeding a T-Rex.”
James said, “Doing a show with the Mosasaurus.”
They were all working at the local park.

The next day they went to the local park and started doing their jobs. In the forest there was a problem no one was there, all of the dinosaurs were free. Joe, James and Charlie were all scared …..

Statues by Paris

I was strolling down a thin path when all of a sudden I found three statues and I stared at them with amazement. I thought that they looked very old fashioned because they were not in any colour only dark black. One of the models didn’t have shoes on it just looked weird, very weird. I loved it, it was fabulous I really wanted to touch the man’s hat but I was just a little too small. I tried to pretend that I was one of the statues but I could not blend in because I was not dark grey.

Statues by Cloud

"Hello what's your name?" asked the man in the robe with no shoes.
"Oh hello I am called Tyler," replied the man sitting down looking up from his red book for the first time.
"And I am called John," said a man wearing a colourful hat walking towards them.
"Oh no I've got a meeting to get to and my name is Boa and could you please give this package to the lady in the red dress over there?"

“Oh definitely. Don't worry I'll do it straight away!" shouted John, and from that point on the three became best friends.

Statues by Emily

Err strange.

Yesterday, I was walking my dog Amy and I saw this kind of strange thing it was kind of odd. Were these things real or what I would call these real there in the exact same position as I would sit how interesting. Were they doing that because I was here? So many questions. Because they should go back to their own world. They shouldn’t even be here should they? It is so strange I’m kind of freaking out. It is quite scary because they won’t move that’s so strange isn’t it or they might when no one is looking.

Statues by Isabelle

I was walking along in the park and I came across three gentlemen as statues and I thought why not go explore. One looked like a bishop wearing a hat, skirt and a button up t-shirt. The second one I saw looked like a businessman wearing a jacket, trousers and fancy shoes. The last one I saw was someone who I couldn’t recognise. It was hard to figure out what the last one was anyway it did look like people from the Victorians. It looked like they were having a normal conversation but who knows. I decided to leave.

Statues by Lisa

It was a bright morning when two talking guys met another person. He had a square hat, a long armed shirt and kilt on. He did not have a job but he was very happy that morning. They were all in Scotland. The other guy was wearing a round hat, a buttoned up brown jacket and a red kilt. He tells the future for a living. He was a bit worried he would be late for work. The last guy wore a brown suit with brown, laced shoes and he made buffets for a living. He was happy, he had the day off.

Statues by Jessica

I was walking down the street when I stopped with amazement. There in front of me were three extraordinary statues. I was just about tall enough to reach the statue with the hat and I felt it. It was smooth and when I tried knocking it, I think I nearly broke my knuckle. I liked how they were dressed up all ready to do what they were going to do. They looked very old fashioned. I think I saw a cup in the hand of the one sitting down. I asked my father to take some pictures of them.

Three crazy statues by Tia A

Yesterday I was walking my bulldog dog called Olivia until he stopped and ran to see something unusual. We went and looked what it was and there were three statues two standing, one sat down. They were dressed in old fashion clothes. Olivia barked loudly at this little brown box beside one of the statues it had a label on so I put 20p in and the man sat down stood up and started shaking his bum while the other two laughed. Olivia was barking like mad I said, “let’s go home now”.