Saturday, 28 May 2016 the flame flickered and then went out,,, by Rhianna

At school, we were doing a play. We were performing it in our local theatre in two weeks’ time. Two weeks later, I was performing. Then disaster struck. When the boys were having a midnight feast, we lit some candles, and then we blew all of them out but one. As the flame flickered and then went out, we realised that no-one but us could see. Then that flame went out, and no-one could see! I had a secret fear of the dark, and I screamed. Lots of other people started to scream too. A huge stampede occurred. Not nice at all. the flame flickered and then went out... by Tyler S

There is a legend, now before you start to nod off at the sound of “There is a legend”, don’t! Because this legend is a legend about the devil, who lives in the fiery pits of hell, has everyone’s life, which is seen as a flame. Now the devil blew out so many flames, that his own flame, started to puff out! In the real world, everyone was curious about all these ‘funny deaths’ that the whole world was frightened, if it would be them next. But finally, the devil’s face dropped when he saw his flame flicker go out!

Sunday, 22 May 2016 the flame flickered and then went out... by Todd

It was bonfire night. I was outside while mum and dad set up the fire. We had cakes, pizza and parkin. There was fireworks and sparklers. We toasted marshmallows and had some chocolate apples, toffee apples and treacle lollies. The fire is starting to die down now as it is getting late but as the flame flickered and then went out we decided to go inside and watch a film. We watched ‘Haunted Mansion’. We all enjoyed the film. Mum said, “Come on now it’s bedtime.” So we went to do our teeth then we went to bed.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Silence Orange Thunder Pyjamas Swam by Rhianna

Silence filled the river. I was playing with the zip on my pyjamas when a clash of thunder boomed down on my makeshift shelter for the night: an old raft with a cardboard box on top of it. A streak of lightning cascaded down from the sky, causing the box to fly away. I was now cold, and what made it even worse was that the raft swam away, deeper and deeper into the depths of nowhere. I was trapped, for sure. Another bolt of lightning came whizzing past, the luminous orange colour was the only light for miles around.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Stairs by Rhianna

“One stair. Two stairs. Three stairs. Four stairs. Hello! Five stairs. I’m counting the… Six stairs… stairs! Seven stairs.”

2 hours later…
“One hundred and seven stairs. One hundred and eight stairs. One hundred and ten stairs. Right… I give up.”
7 hours later…
“Must… take… a… nap…”
The next day…
Where am I? Oh yes… I gave up counting. I’ll just start again.
“One stair. Two stairs. Three stairs. Four stairs. Five stairs. Six stairs. Seven stairs.”
2 hours later…
“One hundred and seven stairs. One hundred and eight stairs. One hundred and ten stairs. Right… I give up.”

The magical staircase by Tyler W

The magical staircase that leads to a castle. This stony, strong, stable staircase leads to a land inhabited by some very special animals, there they are endangered by thunder, as every bang will kill one of those precious creatures!
Those magical animals are …. Unicorns!

They come down to earth every day to shop at Tesco to get some magical products they get some clothes to make hammocks and for bedding but if you ever see one they will have to transform into human for ever no longer dancing, flying, and dying at the sound of thunder; crash, bang!

Stairs by Todd

One morning, I was taking a walk on the beach when I found a staircase. I started to walk up it. It seemed to be everlasting! I got to the end and found plants and insects. There were some friendly humans. In fact, it is a very nice planet; there are trees that grow money, and plants that grow sweets. The money is totally different - instead of paper it is cardboard. The sweets have jelly inside. Instead of phones, walkie-talkies are used.

I really enjoyed that world. I hope to go back there one day pretty soon.

Stairway to a wonderful place by Kaycee

It was one sunny day in Twinkle Town, and me and my mum were going to the brand new attraction on the sea front.
When we got to the sea front there was a magical staircase leading up to the sky. “One pound for a go on the magical staircase!” A woman shouted with a happy smile on her face.
“Please can I have a go on it mum?” I begged and begged and she let me.

The magical staircase took me to a different world, full of laughter, love and joy. It was amazing - I felt like I was flying.

Stairs to the sky by Jessica

I was just checking that I had brought everything. I looked at my watch and I was running late.
 I opened the door and there in front of me was golden steps with beautiful flowers. I stood there amazed but then I knew that this was a lot better than my holiday. Quickly, I ran up the stairs and it seemed to go on for ever but every time I went up a step it made a tune. Finally, I reached the top and it lead me to the plane and I never knew if it was just a dream.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Suddenly by Rhianna

I HATE truth or dare. My 'friend' and I were playing it, and I chose dare.“I dare you to wake up at midnight and wake the streets of London up by shouting at the top of your voice that I sat on your mouth.” Of course she would be so mean. 

Suddenly, my alarm woke me up. I really wanted to stop this dare. I carried on anyway. I got my dressing gown on, and quickly ran out of the house. I successfully managed to wake everybody up, including the police force, and that’s why I’m in jail here now.

Suddenly by Jack S

One night, I was dared by my friends to go into the old and abandoned pizzeria. We had heard rumours that it was haunted by the lost spirits of previous killed children. I was shaking with nerves. Inside it had a large collection of animatronics. It was REALLY dark in there so I turned the power back on. I noticed the animatronics had moved! Slowly I turned around and SUDDENLY one of them was RIGHT behind me! I was that scared I grabbed its microphone and slapped it with it, then it screamed and I got the heck out of there!