Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Finlay 100 Word Challenge #9

The violent storm was terrifying for me as soon as my mum told me house had blown down I was shocked in sadness. My mum and dad were thinking of moving to Huddersfield and live with my auntie and uncle. Fortunately for us our car survived the terrible storm. If I did move to Huddersfield I would at least see part of my family a lot more than normal. We were thinking about leaving tomorrow. The storm terrifying for me but were at least ready for when it came. The wind whooshed past me as I entered bright red car.

Lettia 100 Word Challenge #9

I woke up this morning to the sound of banging and clattering. I was shocked to find that a storm had hit my home town and more importantly my house!!! Sprinting quickly out of my bed, I grabbed my coat and dashed downstairs, and that’s where I found my mum waiting for me outside. She was watching the rain bucketing down and then sadly she called “Our house is no longer suitable for us to live in, so that’s why we’re going to stay with our uncle and aunt.” Gradually she held her hand out for me and we left.

Anh 100 Word Challenge #9

I woke up one damp morning, expecting to see colourful birds singing peacefully on lush green trees but all I could see was grey logs blocking roads, telegraph lines falling down on the fields which were now flooded in dirty water. The clouds above seemed to be changing, changing into evil shapes while spitting out hail and cold raindrops. Innocent animals were stuck under fallen down trees which must have been there for centuries but the thunder and lightning had got the better of them. Danger was all around on that dreadful day where umbrellas were inside out and people died.

Tilly S 100 Word Challenge #9

The violent storm was knocking down trees and ripping up fences, and my brother was in the house, standing next to our mother, all shaking and teeth chattering. The storm was so strong that it shattered the fragile glass windows on our shed, and when that happened dad locked himself in the bedroom with mum and they started yelling and raging about how much money it would take to get the windows fixed, so it was just me and him, in the dark gloomy kitchen. “At least it is still a bit light.” Just then all the lights switched off.

Leah 100 Word Challenge #9

One lonely day in southern England there was a terrorising storm. The waves were terrifying. The violent storm was cold approaching; people were running away from the dark gloomy sea. The people were petrified you could tell by the look on their faces.
Later on that day an alarming bit of thunder struck and faces went blank with fear, suddenly thunder struck again and everybody ran away from the island apart from one boy Tom Robinson. His best friends were jealous of his bravery but did they have the guts to stand up to the storm? No they did not!

Amy 100 Word Challenge #9

The violent wind storm.
I was awoken at six in the morning by the rain pouring down the window, I dread to think what a day it was going to be. The rain carried on to pour down my window. I thought it was just a bit of rain but it was much worse as I had thought. Suddenly people started to scream and shout and panic. Maybe there was going to be a storm and I was right the wind was pulling trees down, crashing, banging. I was starting to get worried until the sun came yes everyone shouted.

Ruby 100 Word Challenge #9

The violent storm was horrible I didn’t like it I hated it. My brother said it was enormous but I said he was over reacting. My mum said it was huge. But then it got worse and my brother was right. Then I said that it’s gigantic. I then said it was the worst storm I’ve ever seen and so did my brother. But my mum says it is not so bad I have seen worse. I hated it. It was so annoying and scary. I absolutely hated it I was annoyed it was painful for me and my brother.

Sarah B 100 Word Challenge #9

The violent storm was…

I woke up at 8.00 clock in the morning and I was soaking wet with water and my bed was as well but if I had left my window open I would be in terrible danger because I will get very wet but the worst place in my house is my mum and dads room, they had there window open all night long so all of the water that was in their room had moved in to my room and my little brothers room as well. The violent storm was bad in my house very bad. 

Lili 100 Word Challenge #9

It was a lovely day in Skegness, suddenly it started to chuck it down I stopped looking out the window but then it started to thunder I could see flashes of lightening, I quickly ran down stairs and then one of the trees in my garden fell down and nearly hit one of the cars and then a ripping roar of other trees fell down and all I could see was about eleven on the floor and some were in the middle of the road. Mum said on the news they said a violent storm was coming on its way.

Rocco 100 Word Challenge #9

I just woke up in the middle of the night and the wind was banging gates like angry people slamming doors as hard as they could. I was trying to be really careful because the big, horrifying and dangerous thunder bolts had smashed the windows so there were loads and I mean loads of tiny little blades of glass. I went to see if my dogs were ok but one of them had been cut so I got a piece of toilet roll and rapped it up. The blood then stopped luckily. After that I realised I had been cut!

Millie O 100 Word Challenge #9

One early morning I woke up after having a tremendous night it was thundering and lightning like it never had before. It was banging and crashing I was petrified. Later on that day it got perilous and lost control. Suddenly the wind turned in to a massive hurricane. The lightning struck! Everyone was terrified you could tell by the look on their faces. Finally I went to sleep and CRASH the tree had fell down and I nearly got blown away. In the end the violent storm calmed down it was so close that the house didn't blow down, phew!

Paris 100 Word Challenge #9

The Violent storm.
The violent storm was a misty storm, there were cars getting crushed because the trees were blowing over. Nobody could get to sleep in the cottage. Everybody was running away especially the women with their children! The grey clouds were giving me nightmares…
The people who lived next door from me their roof was dinted, then we packed our cases and went to make a shelter. We lived near the shore were all the ships was coming in making a terrible noise. It was only raining gently it was strange because it was a big terrible storm.

Tarne 100 Word Challenge #9

The violent storm was terrible there were trees blowing over onto houses and cars with people in them. Also it was like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz with the big hurricane but this one had rain pouring down onto the bumpy, soggy road. The rain got heavier and heavier, the sky got darker and darker until it went black! Lights turned on in houses as all the cars, and even lorries got blown away. The storm got more furious as people spoke about it. The lonely town was trashed. The rain turned into a downpour. And everyone was unhappy.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Summer K 100 Word Challenge #9

Dear diary, 
I am going to tell you about what happened today. 
When I woke up the rain was splattering on the windows as the fog was clearing. The rain had gave a flood it nearly came to the dining room window ledge. Seconds later the sky started rumbling and making loud noises it was thunder and lightning I hid under the table with my dog following. Mum ran out of the house leaving me and dad really worried what she was going to do. 5 hours later mum was still not back. I ran away to look for her.

Romola 100 Word Challenge #9

.......The violent storm was……..
The wind howled loudly and the rain banged and spattered everywhere. The gooey mud squelched as the unfortunate dog walkers jumped from puddle to puddle. I was walking home when an alarm screeched stridently. As I looked through the windows of people’s houses I saw them sitting in their arm chairs watching television. The sound of the dogs howling the alarm going off all came together and I just wished I was at home. Getting home seemed like forever, but finally I got to my house. After the violent storm it led to bright sunshine…

Joshua S 100 Word Challenge #9

The violent storm was a horrible time in the week where the winds got to about 80 miles per hour, the rain poured down and lightning bolts shot through the sky faster than you can blink. I was really frightened when I heard the thunder rumbling outside so ran upstairs and sat down and tried to take my mind of it but I just could not with that thunder and lightning making a massive noise outside. Two or three hours later the storm had cleared and in its place shone the sun. I was so happy that the storm disappeared.

Talia W 100 Word Challenge #9

…..the violent storm was ………
The violent storm was loud, the rain banging on my roof and windows as I laid in my bed wondering what would happen could I get sucked into a hurricane I didn’t know. Suddenly I heard a big bang outside my window. I tried to see what had happened but it was impossible to do so because the gusty wind was making the rain swirl around. But then the house started to shake I looked out my window again I still couldn’t see anything all I knew was the whole house was being picked up…

Lewis P 100 Word Challenge #9

I woke up in the morning and all I could hear was the rain hitting my conservatory roof. Soon after that I heard a tree crashing to the ground then a fork of lighting hit another tree then the tree started a fire but the heavy rain soon put it out. All the schools in my local area where closed and there was nothing to do. Suddenly all he lights turned off so I was stuck in the dark walking into walls.

The next day the storm headed to the south that was the most violent storm I ever experienced. 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Getting Started

Starting from this week we are going to be taking part in a project called "100 word challenge". The idea is that each week we are given a prompt, along with other schools around the world, and then have to write 100 words on that subject. Your writing is then published on our own 100 word challenge blog and some / all are published on the main 100 word challenge site for other; teachers, children, parents, and other interested people to read and comment on.

This link takes you to the main challenge page. As you can see the 'prompt' this week is;

 … the violent storm was…
Don’t forget to really think hard about the words you use. What does the word ‘storm’ mean? Think about all the types of weather that are involved. This is a chance to really share your BEST work.
 To take part this week send me your entry as a direct message on Edmodo, I will then add your entry to this blog and submit it to the "100 Word Challenge" site.
(You need to get your entries in by Saturday teatime so that I have time to get them uploaded)