Sunday, 14 December 2014


WOW I've just had the best time ever, what a celebration! So this is how it went… I had received this strange invitation from Santa Claus to go to his home, LAPLAND!!! When I finally got to his log cabin in my quest to find him, some elves came out of nowhere singing some songs and telling us some folklore stories. I was very nervous to see Santa as I was waiting outside in the snow. The elf opened the door, showed us in to Santa standing with his red suit waiting for a hug.


On one strange day I went out to try to slay a giant, hairy, red beast called the Streaker. I hiked through the creepy old forest until I tripped over a box, so I picked myself back up and opened it. I was nervous I but inside was an epic blade so I took it with me. When I was out of the forest I saw the Streaker so I leaped on its shoulder and chopped his head clean off onto the dirty ground. After I had killed it everyone had a big celebration together with a giant feast.


It was time for our yearly family Christmas celebration day. All our family gathered round at my grandparents’ house and we get to see family we wouldn’t usually see as they live in different places all over the country. We all have a good catch up and exchange presents. As we arrived I opened the red door I was nervous of who would already be there in case I didn’t recognise them and greet them by a strange name, but I had no need to worry as everyone commented on how I have changed as I had grown so much. 


Once upon a time there lived a man called Duff, he got a STRANGE message that was on some RED paper. Duff OPENED up the note and it read, ‘To Duff, I invite you to come to the CELEBRATION of mine and Judy's wedding it is on the 23rd of April and there will be a buffet.’ Duff felt very NERVOUS but he really wanted to go! The next day he went to the shop to get a black suit and he went to the amazing wedding and had a blast of a time. Duff was really happy.


A long time ago a castle was built and opened the next day. There was a big celebration there was red banners and a strange moat. There was thousands of people most children were nervous as the castle towered over them. Inside there was a big ball room with a shiny floor and a crazy tall ceiling. In the next room there was the bedrooms with a silky ceiling and this castle still stands today. This place is called Windsor castle that is in Windsor. The queen (Queen Elizabeth the 2nd) come here for trips.


When Rosie was turning seven her mum booked the Renaissance for her party. On the night music was playing and everyone was having lots of fun. It was a great celebration. They were all dancing on the red dance floor. All of a sudden she heard a strange rumbling sound, she began to feel nervous. The a bit of the dance floor opened up. Everyone ran out of the door as fast as the speed of sound. Rosie's seventh birthday had been ruined, but a least everyone was ok. It all turned out ok, her mum planned another party.


It was Christmas Day and Lauren went down stairs to open her presents when she saw a strange red figure around the tree and she became very nervous. She said "hello" and the red figure said, "HO HO HO," and then she realized who it was it was Santa Claus bringing her all of her presents. Then he disappeared then her mum and dad came down and she opened all of her presents and she had a big celebration with roast turkey and all of the vegetables and all of her family around her on this special occasion.


Rex opened the wooden door and peered into the room. A celebration was on because it was his friend's birthday. It was a fancy dress party and everyone looked strange. Rex was a bit stupid so he thought everyone was killed by the costumes. It looked like there were pirates, dinosaurs, ghosts, princesses and a lot more. Rex got nervous and his face turned bright red. He backed away and ran through a gap leading to the stage. He grabbed the microphone and tested it.
"Go away you monsters, don't hurt me," Rex said anxiously. His friends looked at him.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Ship Wreck By Harvey

We were at my uncle’s house in Ireland, we went for a walk along the beach when we came across this old ship, what an amazing sight it was so big compared to me. That night I dreamt it was real and I was the captain in charge of the ship and all my crew. One night the sea decided to be violent the waves were as high as a house, it battered against the ship and tore a hole in the side, we had to abandon to save ourselves, the ship grounded to where it sits to this day.

The Ship by Grace LB

The rusty old boat has landed onto a sea full of rocks and looks like it was beached there decades ago. It has big holes in and the rust is spreading on the inside and outside of the Titanic looking old boat. It looks like it once sailed for far distances and got too close to the shore and there was never a person or a device to move the big boat and was left there as the tide went out. I think the glass was removed ages ago and people escaped before the ship not knowing that it was going to last for years.       

The ship by Kieran

One cold winters day a terrible storm on the high seas a fishing ship named the The Barley Mow was in terrible danger as the storm had now taken over the ship and most of the people had fallen overboard into the stormy seas. The Barley Mow, now had  nobody to drive it as the captain had been overboard. A huge wave hit the side of the ship and a hole was made letting threatening water into the boat causing it to be washed up on this beach today just a bucket of bolts.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Ship by Addison

The ship looks like it has been at the bottom of the sea for centuries and has washed up on the shore. It has landed on a pile of enormous, grey rocks. The ship is rusty and the poles on top are bent because it has been under the water so long. The ship also attracts quite a few tourists and maybe even some reporters. Also it looks like it has been washed up by a storm because of all the grey rain clouds in the distance. But who knows what happened to the sailors and where it happened?

The Ship by Sophia

Many years ago a young and intelligent boy called Pat O'Brien had dreamed of one day discovering the legendary abandoned ship in Ireland.

Many years later when Pat was 23 he traveled to Ireland to try and fulfill his dream. His adventure began searching through the murky waters desperately trying to unearth the historic ship. After several days Pat was feeling disheartened and was beginning to give up when he was reminded of one place he still needed to investigate and there stood before him was the historical, abandoned ship. Pat was so thrilled he gazed in awe and amazement.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Ship by Clarissa

There was once a brand new ship that sailed the seven seas. Crash, bang , it clattered against the sea. There was a crew who sailed that boat and called it, 'The Seventh Sea' boat. It started off a nice sunny day but soon storms were heading their way.Bashing their boat into several rocks there it stayed left to rot so we have been wondering what happened to the crew. The police came by to look for clues all they found was a couple of bones and treasure. The police picked up that treasure and ran far, far, far away.

The Ship by Caitlin

On a stormy day when the rain was falling there was a boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The wind was so powerful it could knock out a person. As the wind built up the engine started to cut out, everyone was panicking as the boat rocked. Nearby lightning struck the boat, it rocked side to side, as the rain fell all the people on board thought they would never get out alive. The captain shouted, "if you want to survive then jump.” Thankfully everyone survived but the shipwrecked boat was a scary reminder of what might have been. 

The Ship by Aron

There lived a man, a sailor. He sailed every day, from morning to evening. One day he set his sail. The tip of the ship was pointing north, like it always would. The air was fresh, the tide was high, a perfect day to sail. The sailor set his ship. As he sailed he sang his favourite tune and he missed the fact that a very bad storm is coming. When the storm came the sailor and his ship got swept straight on to a rocky shore! The poor sailor has never sailed his ship again, as it got stuck on the shore until these days.

The Ship by Charlie

What I can see in the picture is a rusty old wreck of a fishing trawler. The hard grey rock has become the last resting place for this once was a very hard working ship which probably caught hundreds of fish from the smallest to the biggest. The wavy sea came bashing into the extraordinary old metal boat with the rocks beside it that were wedging the boat firmly to the shore whilst the wind echoed through the open gaps along the whole of the boat. One day maybe this boat could be rescued and rebuilt like it was new.

The Ship by Olivia

This is a ship that hundreds of years ago crashed onto the rocks because the waves were really big. Because the waves were so bad when the ship crashed and it all broke into pieces all the people that were on that ship fell of it and drowned and died in the water and no one saw them again. So now it is on the rocks rusting away and people have still got that memory when their mum told them that story. Some people come all the way from different countries just to see that ship, and to take photographs.

The Ship by Jemima

I was stood there with no one else in sight. I was stood glancing at the shipwrecked object that had been washed up on the deserted shore. Probably no one could move it from the large amount of rocks that were buried underneath it. It looked as if it had been there for hundreds of years. The abandoned ship was extremely rusty and when I pictured it in my head I saw many men jumping off the side as it tilted on the high waves. I was thinking of how lucky I was not to be on that ship that night.

The Ship by Mollie

How did this boat get here I hear you ask. Well we will have to go back to 1983 where this boat was floating across the water. The captain was skimming stones and he accidentally on purpose killed a penguin. His mother threatened to kill the captain and she kept her word. The last time the captain was seen was at the the bottom of the ocean and to this day the boat was left on the water in the same spot his master died.

The Ship by Lily

Suddenly water was all I could feel, it was everywhere I looked. I couldn't see a thing except my friend slowly drifting to the bottom of the sea. I swam to the top of the water but I looked back down to see the captain on the bridge trying his hardest not to swim to the surface. 
Two years later, my wife and I went out for a walk but it was too stormy to go far. The following day I went out to the coast and I saw…
The ship! So I went to investigate and also look around.