Saturday, 26 April 2014

Romola - but I couldn't find the egg...

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was Easter, and I had five yummy Easter eggs. Me and my twin sister Jessie always have a little challenge every Easter. This year we had to hide a chocolate mini egg in the house. If I didn't find the egg, Jessie would get my five yummy Easter eggs, but if Jessie couldn't find the egg I would get her five Easter eggs. So we started the challenge, Jessie found her egg straight away, but when it was my turn it took me a while. No one had ever won any of the challenges. I looked everywhere but I couldn't find the egg...

but I couldn't find the egg . . . by Lettia

On Easter Sunday, I received a chocolaty, scrumptious Easter egg. It was pure chocolate with a hollow centre, and came in a cardboard basket.

Although the feel of the shiny, but bumpy feel was right in front of my eyes (In fact, right in my hands) I was told that I wouldn't be able to eat it until after dinner.

So . . . I waited, and waited, and waited, and finally came the time to eat the delicious egg! Sprinting, I rushed into the front room to destroy the lovely Easter egg.

Happy thoughts awaited me, but I couldn't find the egg . . . 

…but I couldn't find the egg… by Lili

Hours later I still searched for it but I couldn't find the egg I tried and tried but I obviously didn't try hard enough. Then the Easter bunny named EB helped me when, 2 minutes later I found it with all the help of EB the Easter bunny!

Then when I turned around he was gone, after a while I took the egg to the table and they announced me the winner!
1 hour later….

I walked into my bedroom and saw EB sat cutely on my chair. I went to go and talk to him and he jumped up and hugged me!

but I couldn't find the egg by Finlay

Mum told me to get up and we had to go to my grans house for a Easter egg hunt. So I did as my mum told me to and went to my grans but when I arrived I realised that I wasn't going to be the only one involved in the egg hunt! To get to my gran's it took about two or three hours to get there so of course we slept over there. Gran said that there was only one egg so that was annoying! I enjoyed the Easter egg hunt but I couldn't find the egg.

But I couldn't find the egg by Alex

One Sunday morning I was bored and the weather was horrible it was raining and hailing. So I decided to boil an egg and draw a face on it and make a home for it and then put the egg in it and look after it. Then it started to get late and I had to go to bed so I put the egg and its home on my desk and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning I looked in the box but I couldn't find the egg so I was very upset and I cried.

…but I couldn't find the egg… by Ruby

Once upon a time I was at school and we broke up for the Easter Holidays!
Anyway the next morning I was going downstairs and my mum and dad said, "Happy Easter Sweety!"
I said, "Thank you! But where are my Easter eggs?"
"Well we hid them because it is an Easter egg hunt."
After a couple of minutes I said to mum, "But I couldn't find the egg."
"But it was the last one," said mum.
"Just tell me."
"OK it is upstairs," she said.

"That's not much help!"
She said, "Well it is an Easter egg hunt, I am not supposed to be helping!"

"Yay mummy, I found it!"

but I couldn't find the egg by Jake

The Easter hunt
On Easter morning I woke up with a massive surprise from my mum and dad screaming “Happy Easter”. In my head I was saying “I'm going to eat lots of eggs!” When I got down stairs there were no eggs on the table where had they all gone? “Mum where are they?”
“You have to hunt them down!”
So I went on my hunt with clues to solve looking for each one. I solved the last clue but I couldn't find the egg, I said to my mum where is it and she surprised me with a massive egg that I gobble up. 

…but I couldn't find the egg…, by Lewis

But I couldn't find the egg, it was the last one and I really wanted to find it because it was the biggest Easter egg in the egg hunt. I had to find it, because I only 2 small eggs and this egg was massive! People were looking everywere in the tallest trees and underneath the smallest rocks! Most people had given up by now so I have a greater chance of finding it. I was starting to get desperate but then something caught the sun, there it was shining brightly hiding in some grass and flowers. I was so proud that I had found it!

…but I couldn't find the egg…, by Leah

I was doing an Easter egg hunt today and there was a basket with a golden egg in it and the prize (if you find the golden egg) is a Mac book pro, I looked everywhere BUT I COULDN'T FIND THE EGG! I looked high and low, far and near - all over Tower Gardens, but I just couldn't find it! I looked through the long elegant red tulips and the beautiful sunshine yellow daffodils - it was not there! The long grass waved slowly and silently. But then finally I found it, it was hidden next to the bright blue shimmering lake. The beautiful egg was magnificent!!!!

…but I couldn't find the egg…, by Amy

Early one morning, I was up, ready and dressed. Well of course I was it was Easter dough! Firstly, I rushed downstairs where my Mum, Dad, Big sister and little sister were. Of course my Mum and Dad set one of them Easter Egg hunts again. They're normally quite hard but this years going to be easier because it’s my little sisters first Easter egg hunt. Firstly there were two eggs one near the sofa and one on the table surprisingly my little sister got one and my big sister there was one left. I looked everywhere ..but I couldn't find the egg.. oh no!

…but I couldn't find the egg…, by Joshua

It was Easter. My family had gathered to look for one Easter egg somewhere in our house. Just then there was a knock. We saw a man in the door. All he said was, “You must find the egg.” Then he disappeared. We ignored him and carried on. After an hour there was another knock. It was the man again. All he said was, “Congratulations!” and shook my hand. 
But I couldn't find the egg,” I said.
“I know,” he said, "you were not supposed to, it was a prank,” and then as quick as the wind, he was gone.
Everybody was truly and utterly gobsmacked.

…but I couldn't find the egg…, by Rocco

I went to Tescos, and there was an Easter egg hunt. So obviously I went to the chocolate egg aisle …but I couldn't find the eggs.So I decided to go to the back of the shop. Still there was nothing there so I knew I had to up my game a little bit. Then I climbed on one of the walls so I had an aerial view of the shop. After that I saw one of my friends. We decided to team up. So then me and my friend got down. Then we saw the egg - we had won!

…but I couldn't find the egg… by Anh

"Yay!" My class screamed. Our teacher, Mr Blek, had a special Easter egg hunt. Everybody was very excited. 
The next day, Mr Blek said to find the golden egg but not to touch it. I thought this would be quite easy but I couldn't find the egg. After a long time of searching, eventually, I found it. I was so amazed I picked it up instead of saying I'd found it. Almost instantly, I was transported to a place I did not know. There was a giant waterfall and lots of mushrooms and shrubs. Something weird was going on, but what?

…but I couldn't find the egg…, by Olivia

Suddenly I woke remembering it was Easter. I jumped out of bed and got dressed then woke my family. After breakfast my mum got the camera and I got the baskets ready for the egg hunt. We started near the door and within five seconds we were off. This time my mum hid us each a big egg instead of lots of tiny little one.
"Oh," my mum said with a gasp, "where is my wedding ring? Oh I left it on Olivia's egg!"
Ten minutes later the hunt was over. "Did you find my ring?"
"No I'm sorry …but I couldn't find the egg…!"

…but I couldn't find the egg…by Talia

But I couldn't find the egg.” I said
“What egg?” My Mum asked
“The big golden egg at the Easter egg hunt!” I explained
“Oh that egg. Why couldn't you find it?” she said 
“Because it is on top of Mount Everest!”
As soon as my Mum heard the words Mount Everest she said, “Right get your coat on we are going to find that egg. If it’s the last thing we do!” 

“Is the egg worth anything?”
“Yes it is it’s about……….well the highest number in the world so basically money for your entire lifetime!”

12 days later……
“Yessssssssssssss we got the giant golden egg!”

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Romola - But I thought I had enough time

Dear Diary,
Guess what happened today? Lucy and I went dress shopping for a prom dress. Lucy spotted a dress she liked so she went to try it on. I told her we needed to start to walk back to school but she insisted that she try it on. Finally she finished and it was almost 1:15 so we raced back to school. By the time we got to school it was 1:30. We were late for class and I got an F. Her excuse was but I thought I had enough time, seriously. I was so mad at her.

But, I thought I had enough time by Lettia

Today I forgot about homework
And “Oh no!!” I cried,
I had to do something about it
So there I sat and sighed.

“What could I do?” I thought
But then I had an idea,
Just simply send a little note
From Lettia

The content would read
“Well… But, I thought I had enough time,
See, not bringing in your homework
Really isn't a crime.”

The next day miss came to me saying
“Your note was great, I loved the way it rhymed,
So I’m proud to say, not bringing in your homework
Is officially, unofficially crimed!”

But I thought I had enough time by Lewis

But I thought I had enough time to go to the park before my friends party started! But when I got to the park I suddenly realised that my watch was an hour slow so the party had started one hour ago! I ran home got dressed into my smart clothes and biked all the way to Kids World. When I got there they had eaten and everyone was leaving to go home. I felt really sorry for my friend because I was invited to his party and I said I was going but I was two hours late.

I should have remembered the clocks had changed!!

...but I thought I had enough time.. by Amy

I woke up feeling lazy as a pig until I realised it was 8am but then I thought again well I still have half an hour to get dressed, have breakfast and get to school. Actually I could go to sleep for five minutes! 
Five minutes later, now it’s 8:05. I strolled to the mirror so I could make my hair perfect. After 15 minutes I was hungry so I went to get my breakfast, which my mum had made already. It was delicious. Then I got ready and washed my face. Then I looked at the clock, “Oh my goodness I'm late for school...but I thought I had enough time…!

But I thought I had enough time by Talia

But I thought I had enough time to get ready for school because it starts at 35 minutes past nine. No it doesn’t just because the clocks have gone forward 1 hour it doesn't mean school does. I didn't know that. Well you do now anyway hurry up you are going to be late for school. Fine ,quick you have only got five minutes. 
Right lets go. I do wish that if the clocks go forward one hour school opens one hour later but still finishes at quarter past three. 
When they got older they became prime minister and change the school time 1 hour earlier.

But I thought I had enough time by Olivia

I woke up on a Sunday morning. I suddenly remembered it was my sisters birthday and the party started at 1:15. Two hours to play words with friends. 
Suddenly the phone rang, it was mum. "What are you doing?"
"Playing words with friends," I replied.
"You're late!" she moaned.
"But I thought I had enough time for a game."
"Did you alter your clock forward an hour?" said mum.
Oh no I hadn't! I threw on my clothes and was in the car in three minutes flat. I was very embarrassed when I walked into the party and everyone cheered.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

…but I thought I had enough time…by Millie C

Last week I was told by my mum that I had to get my homework in by Friday but I thought it was Monday she told me but actually it was Tuesday she told me. Anyway I brought it in on Saturday thinking it was Friday and my mum told me it was late. “But I thought I had enough time!” I cried. But my mum said, "No, it’s Saturday today and you haven't brought it in on time so you will have to be grounded for a week, no a month, yes a month now stay in the house....."

But I thought I had enough time by Anh

"No!" I screamed. Milo the Magnificent had locked me up for being a girl. You see, Milo is now the Prime-Minister and he despises ever girl on the planet.
My captive ached with laughter as he marched away. I could see the keys, hung around a German Shepard. My world had been turned upside down and tears streamed from my eyes. Nothing could save me now. But I thought I had enough time and maybe I did. I was determined to escape so I thought for a minute. After a while, I had an idea. I could use her skills with animals and get the key!

…but I thought I had enough time…by Leah

I was baking cakes one Sunday night for my best friend Ella’s birthday which was on Monday. It was seven o'clock at night and I had finally chosen the mini chocolate chip cupcakes that will have icing and a handle with tiny marshmallows on top of the beautiful, luscious chocolaty chocolate. But I thought I had enough time to finish the cakes when the clock struck eight! 

“Leah, its time to go to bed!”

“But mum I haven’t finished Ella’s cakes yet…"

So I frosted them as quick as a flash it was currently nine o'clock and I was done!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

…but I thought I had enough time… by Finlay

Yesterday morning I forgot to do my really boring homework after school so my horrible teacher shouted at me and it was really mean and not nice at all. Now I have learnt my lesson not to forget to do my homework It makes school a lot better and a lot more fun because now I don't forget to do my homework which is really good and brilliant, but I thought I had enough time yesterday. If I did have enough time I wouldn't of been shouted at by my teacher and wouldn't of been told off. I am angry!

I thought I had enough time by Joshua

It had come when the clocks went forward. There was only one person that had forgotten. There was a boy named Caleb. He had this test and he had to practice the test for homework. He wanted to do it but he forgot about the clocks. It had to be in on computer at 2am. It could be no more less. He went home and set his alarm to 2am. He then sent in his work. He went to school the next day and was shocked when the teacher said about the clocks. “I thought I had enough time.”