Saturday, 27 February 2016

Strange But True by Kiefer

I want to go swimming but my mum and dad want me to be a dancer. Life can be so unfair if you don’t get to do what you want to do. but when you’re walking to the dance studio with or without your parents and you see green gas coming towards you what do you do? RUN! As I ran away I saw my mum and dad get caught in the gas and I never saw them again. It’s most likely that they both died...
After a couple of days I found my grandfather and he said why are you so pale my dear

…Gas, Dancer, Green, Swimming, Likely…by Kirsten

I was walking to the swimming pool one morning when I saw a giant explosion. It was a gas tank that had likely just over heated. I walked into the changing rooms to then see a lady in a green frilly costume belly dancing! How strange! Once changed I got in the swimming pool and then found out that it was fun hour at the pool. Great! Just what I needed to finish my day! A gas tank explosion, then a crazy belly dancer performing and now fun hour at the pool. How much worse could my day get?

Saturday, 20 February 2016

…the door opened and there it was… by Rhianna

I couldn’t wait. It was the day of Annismere town treasure hunt! The locals had been told about it ages ago, so I was one of the first to spread the word. It was for 7-11 year olds, and I was 9, which fitted in perfectly. My 7 year old brother was going to join in too. I was the first to have a map, so I almost immediately: our (not so) secret den! I guess my mum planned it. I sprinted off. The door opened and there it was, a treasure chest full to the brim with chocolate coins!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Aerial Firemen

"Help! Help!" cried a young woman holding a baby on a balcony, flames growing in height every minute behind her. Instantly, two men in firemen costumes with wings flew towards her, one with a hose. "Jump into my arms. Don't look down!" Shouted one whilst the other carefully turned on the hose and aimed at the flames. The citizens of the town looked up at the scene. Smoke was billowing out of the factory chimneys across the road as well as from the balcony, making the air very smokey. Five minutes later everyone was safe and the fire was out.
By Kirsten

I was clinging onto the half-burnt balcony with one hand, my precious baby in the other. Not an inch of my main house remained, just this last fence. It had occurred to me that I should dial 999. “The ariel fireman please!” I called out into the phone, my throat hoarse. Almost as soon as I said it, I spotted a glimpse of ultramarine and gold out of my peripheral vision. “Help! Save me! The fire is too much!” I cried. 
An aerial fireman called out. “No need to worry. I’m Stevie. I’ll save your life for just £49.99 each.”

by Rhianna

…she was shocked to see…

It was Maddie’s birthday and she had asked for many presents, including a time machine, a pet unicorn, a mermaid with golden hair, and a million pounds, not to mention a golden palace with 760 servants. As you may have guessed, Maddie was only four and 365/366, and she thought that all of those could happen. She was shocked to see that she had none of those, only a clock, a toy unicorn, a toy mermaid and a yellow doll’s house. Maddie was angry. She had really wanted her unicorn. Maddie didn’t understand what was real life, just fantasy...

…she was shocked to see… by Kirsten

No way was I going to do that! My friend Riley did it and she got so scared! She was shocked to see a flying squirrel in front of her. So scared! If you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, I am on about an experience I want to / don't want to do. The experience is flying. Flying in the sky. I don't want to do it because my friend got so scared. But I want to do it because it's fun. I don't know what to do. What would you do? Reply with your answer.