Saturday, 12 July 2014

#40 by Talia

In a village where there were not many trees lived a family that owned the local corner shop.
One day a huge van came to deliver the stock and with it came ten boxes full of chocolate but the family had never heard of chocolate before. So the mum of the family took one bar and tasted it.
“This is lovely, let’s sell them!” she exclaimed. 
So they did, suddenly everybody had heard of the new thing so they bought loads each. Then the son in the family asked for two chocolate bars. The dad went to the chocolate box, “But ‘I'm afraid it’s the last one," he said. 

#40 by Anh

A few years ago, there was a girl called Ally. She was always cheerful and full of happiness, but one day all that would change. Her joyful smile would fade away on that very sad day. Little did she know, that day was right around the corner…

Ally suddenly woke up with a beaming smile on her face. She darted down stairs at the speed of light, eating her breakfast in two mouthfuls. Soon after, Ally was racing across the pavement and rushing into school. The teacher greeted her with a smile from each ear. “Welcome to today’s lesson, but I'm afraid it’s the last one!.” he said, sadly.

#40 by Finli

It was the world cup in 4 days, one of Brads most deepest and darkest fears was of football.
At least Brad had his friends, right now that's all he needed. Brad stayed calm and kept his stress low. (2 aggravating days later)
It turns out Brad couldn't keep his calmness for two days because he already knew the event takes place in 2 days, and England did horrible last year so he murmured to himself, "but I'm afraid it's the last one and what he learned by that is...
... If England don't win this year a black hole will appear and destroy England, so what people didn't know was the world cup really is a matter of life and death!

#40 Joshua

There was once a boy named Joshua. He was a very kind boy that loved doing homework. He was on his laptop doing his Hundred Word Challenge when a thought flew into his head. He then shut down his laptop and went down stairs for his tea.
“Have you finished your homework?” his mum asked gently.
“No,” said Joshua.
“Why not?”
But I'm afraid that it’s the last one,” he said, “I really want to keep doing them.”
“Well,” said his mum, “Why don’t you send a message on your laptop or print a message off to your teacher that you will do extra homework.
“Thank you.”

#40 by Tilly

Yesterday I walked into the sweet shop with my best friend, Jade. I asked the staff member if he had any sugar mice. “Yes,  but I'm afraid it’s the last one,” he said. 
Me and Jade always get 50 sugar mice each, once a week. 
Today he only had one left, and that was not good news. Good thing we always come up with good ideas! “Hey, did you know that this shop has a storage cupboard round the back?” we asked him. 
He said, “No,” so we went round and got more sugar mice. 
“Another thing sorted!” I cheered.

#40 by Amy

“Mum, can I have that teddy please?”
“Well ok how much is it?” replied Mum.
“I’m not sure, let’s ask the man!”
“Ok good idea!”
“Excuse me sir do you know how much this teddy is?”
“Oh yes it is £1.00”
“Please could I have it?” asked Amy politely.
“I’m sorry it has been reserved,” spoke the Shop Keeper.
“Well is there any more?” asked Amy. 
“Sorry, but I'm afraid it’s the last one,” he said.
Amy got really upset and sprinted very quickly out of the shop like a cheetah chasing its meal. 
Poor Amy she really wanted the teddy.

#40 by Leah

I was at the Embassy Theatre with my Mum when there was a line of nearly 1000 people, all queuing up for tickets for tomorrow's One Direction concert. We were about 997th in line. Meanwhile the blonde haired little girl in front of us had just two tickets. We spoke to the man... 
"Hello two tickets to see One. Direction please,"

"Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but I'm afraid it's the last one, that one I just sold to the young girl over there." 

Me and my Mum were gutted -we felt like a piece of rubbish just waiting to be thrown in the bin...

#40 by Lewis

“But I'm afraid it’s the last one,” he said.
“I know what we can do on the last day of the year?” said the girl. So the boy and the girl went to their friend’s house to play games and enjoy the last day of the year. Fireworks were going off to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Many were excited for 2015 because it was an exciting year for Britain because of the general elections in 2015. And lots more is happening here in Britain next year. It’s a New Years so anything could happen next year so whole new world lies ahead of 2015!

#40 by Jake

On a bright morning, a robotic dog named Robert lived on the planet named dole 3.29.
Robert loved having adventures except this adventure is going to be different to all the others because on this quest he has the power to... 
Robert had a special mission watch that gives him amazing missions to save the universe; he got sent a mission to the world fortify 9.64 it was the most scariest planet ever then a load of killer robots came and were about to kill Robert, “but I'm afraid it’s the last one,” he said! 
Then he gained a power that destroyed the robots and he saved the day.

#40 by Rui

One sunny day Charlie couldn't find any batteries anywhere for his remote control so he had to go and buy them from the shops. So finally he got changed and went to the shop and looked for some batteries he asked the person that works at the shop. “Yeah they're this way but I'm afraid it’s the last one," he said so he got them then saw the price, he didn't have enough so he went back to get more money and so he set off back to the shops and bought them and put them in his remote control.

#40 by Summer

Tommy was walking down the road when he came across a poster that said Football in big bold writing. He checked the date on the poster and it was on, on the 4th of June, 10th of June, 21st of June and 28th of June and each ticket was a massive total of £99.99, his mum said, "I am not paying that much!!!" 
"But ‘I'm afraid it’s the last one," he said please can I go pretty please and when Tommy turned back round to the poster it had vanished, completely vanished and so was Tommy’s chance of watching the football, but who took the football poster…

#40 by Ruby

On the 16th of April it was my birthday, I was so excited because I knew I would get lots of presents but it is really the thought that counts. As it was my birthday Mummy said, "You can hand some cakes in." 
So I took 32 cakes into school and everyone got one. Jack came up to me and said, "Can I have another one?" 
I said "but I'm afraid it’s the last one. Also it’s for my brother." He walked off sadly but it was really was for my brother and at home Mum had baked me a cake and all my family came around and celebrated. 

#40 by Nico

Bitterly the wizard made his twizzling green, red and yellow potions, suddenly a tall immortal creature, wearing black with its lizard like face, thrashed into the gloomy shop, “I want them one of them err, you know poison potion things!” he growled.
“O-okay,” the wizard spat out sacredly, the wizard rummaged through his potions until -
“I'll have ten in fact!” he stormed even louder.
“Y-y-yes sir, anything for my customers,” the wizard groaned quietly.
“No actually fifteen will do!” mumbled the immortal creature,
“Yes but I'm afraid it’s the last one,” he said. The creature grew taller in the gloomy darkness and grabbed the wizard and crunched his bones.

#40 by Tarne

Today was the last day to get a ticket for the fair and I really wanted one but what if there is none left I said to myself well I better go quick I thought so off I went to Lucca's polona. I slowly walked in and the jingly bell rang and as my feet hit the creaky floorboards Lucca shouted, “Alice my favourite customer, what can I do for you today?”
“Just another chance to win a ticket please!” I replied
“Ok. But I’m afraid it’s the last one,” he said. 
“I’ve won a ticket” I shouted. I was so happy I had won a ticket !

#40 by Emily

“But I am afraid it’s the very last time you are going to do the one hundred word challenge,” said the teacher in an ashamed voice. I asked why while struggling to breath. He said it was boring and no one was doing it well, hardly anyone was doing it - but I said he said no ifs no buts there is no one hundred word challenge and that’s that. It could improve our literacy skills a lot and what homework are we going to do now I thought to myself. I sighed and that was it everything was gone and vanished gone so had my …

#40 by Lili

“Mummy, Daddy please may I have the Me To You onesie and the shoes with the dress as well, it only comes up to £6.00 all together and they are good quality!” I said to mum and dad. My mum said to me, “I'm afraid it’s the last one." “Oh I really liked them can we go and get some chocolate instead?” I said to them. “Ok let’s go then it will be tasty.” Dad replied. 
I get home my sister has been wrapping presents the after I’m ready I open them and there is the stuff I saw at the shop.

#40 by Lettia

Tina had a prized collection of coins. In fact, her group of pennies became so big, that she had over 10 000 circular objects. However, Tina’s collection had become so well – known to her town that many wanted them, and some went to many heights to receive. Tina went out with her parents to find more coins, but it wasn't so successful. “Oh well, I have enough anyway.” But when she came back, she saw that her prized possession had gone. Her mother sighed softly, “I'm sorry, but I'm afraid it’s the last one!”
She held up a glittering coin, when . . .

#40 by Romola

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a woman. The woman was a child minder and looked after thirty-two children for a living. The children were all different shapes, sizes and ages. The lady in fact happened to live in an enormous mansion. 
One day the valiant woman took all thirty-two of the children on a road trip. They met a man selling haribo fangtastics! Everyone wanted one so she bought some.
“"…but ‘I'm afraid it’s the last one," he said handing the last one out. The children were devastated as only thirty of them got one. What was she going to do now…?