Saturday, 27 October 2018

Lego City by Bradley

In Lego City (my home) everybody is made up of different Lego pieces but some people hate Lego and would do anything to get rid of it. As you could imagine I am also made of Lego and my job is to take pictures of wildlife in the human world and take the images back to the news reporters in the Lego world. Yesterday I went out and took an image of some creatures that looked like they had just dived in a pool of red and black paint... I hope they weren't dangerous because I took a few home!

Ladybugs by Michael

This happy man was enjoying the sight of the environment when suddenly a swarm of ladybugs attacked him. They came from above without him noticing. The ladybugs swooped down and grabbed hold of his legs as he was about to take a photo. His name was Harrison, he is a photographer, who takes pictures of landmarks, famous buildings such as... (The tower of London and others), beautiful areas and many more things. The ladybugs are taking over Harrison as he tries to wiggle out of the trap but it’s no use. All he can do now, is shout for help.

Ladybirds by Harley

Today was the day the detective found a new species. This morning a wise detective (named Bill) was going out to find a new species that could make him rich forever. He was on a field next to a crooked barn so he could find hundreds of creatures that no one ever knew about. He was there for hours and he could not find a single creature so he decided to get a chair from the barn, sit on it and think about all the creatures that he wanted to appear. Suddenly a swarm of creatures came towards him and...

Ladybirds by Eleanor

Strange things had started happening, creatures had begun to attack their enemies, Lego figures! One brave figure named Dave went to get them to leave Lego Land. As he walked into their home he started to feel something crawl up his body, out of the abyss of a cave came... LADYBIRDS! The most evil insect, they were bright orange and ate Lego figures but the ladybirds didn't know that Dave had a weapon, INSECT REPELLANT! As they moved forward Dave sprayed them and they froze and pleaded for forgiveness. They were so scared that they never went near Lego again.

Legro and the Ladybirds by Tom

"Where am I?" muttered Legro the Lego man. He woke up on a strange looking log with lots of polka-dot balls on it. He prodded one with his cube like foot, all of a sudden it started to move. Its spotty shell opened and some majestic looking wings stretched out as if they hadn't in years. It took off, hovered above Legro's head, then flew away. But then, out of the blue, millions of these strange creatures flew up into the sky like it was some sort of ceremony. It was the most beautiful thing Legro had ever seen.

Ladybirds by Fatima

I think the lady bugs are going to a new home so they just stopped and started huddling up in a massive group and also climbing up on each other maybe to keep themselves warm. I think the insects came from a farm area to stay there for all the food now they think they’ve made enough trouble with the farmers so they decided to move to a new place for the winter that has more food and room for them. As they were going on their journey people walked by and took pictures of them and placed a lego figure beside it.

Ladybirds by Madi

Minute, spotty ladybugs fighting for their lives. Run! The Dark Lord, full of power, pulls out his tiny, see through lifesaver and points it at the poor creatures sprinting over the colossal rocks. What was going to happen to these little bugs? Nobody knew. It was like mayhem! The Dark Lord is very strange, he once used to be a great guy but for some unknown reason he has come out as a demon! He loves to kill animals but was it his job! Maybe somewhere unknown there’s a humongous mansion full of evil animal slaughterers. Will we ever know?

Ladybirds by Jack

It had been ten days since the infestation had started. But nobody knew were the bugs had come from, some say they came from the southern region of Africa. One person was given the job to find the nest and destroy it - he was called Rahman. He was armed with a semi-automatic suppressed machine gun and a camera. “Thanks for everything but just one second I thought you had said that you would be supplying the materials and the transportation to the southern region of Africa.” Rahman was a country man who was a fan of poaching, his favourite sport.

Ladybirds by Aaliyah

"What's that?" wondered William as he saw a blur of orange and black. He walked closer to investigate further and saw it was as sea of ladybugs and not the good ones either. It was the poisonous ones! He rang his friend and ran back. As he was running he stumbled upon a tiny hole, he noticed that was where all of the ladybugs were coming from. He hung up from his friend and directed the ladybugs back into the hole that led underground and grabbed a rock and covered it up. That night it was all he could talk about.

Ladybirds by George

The shocked children remained passive as the large figure vacuumed the ladybugs into a raven coloured machine. The pessimistic children darted away.  They reached a halt, a drab, dusty stairway stood before them. By this time the Lego creature was metres away. They scarpered up the stairs, eventually reaching the top. There was a spectators’ box disguised as a huge rock. Through the thick windows they witnessed a massive ladybug sluggishly emerging from the Lego man’s vacuuming machine. Amazed, the jaw-dropped children stared at the figure as it bashed into modern buildings in pursuit of more ladybugs to convert.

Surrounded by ladybirds by Ellie

I was stood admiring the lovely view from above the lake. It was all fine until.... Ladybirds started filtering out from underneath the rocks. I got surrounded by ladybirds. All the ladybirds had 17 spots, which was unusually because they don’t usually have that many spots. I was really worried they would start climbing up me, so I got out my insect killer gun. I started shooting but unusually my gun didn’t work. I realised it didn’t work because they wouldn’t harm me, my gun only kills insects that can harm you. I was relieved. Safe at last.

Ladybugs by Anissa

Whilst a man was taking some beautiful pictures of nature, he found a soft calm place where nothing was there just an old big log. All of a sudden, he saw these little bugs crawling up towards him, then he realised it’s not just ordinary bugs. They were amber orange ladybugs that came in a very big huddle. He thought that there were at least fifty of them coming towards him. The thing that he forgot was that the red ladybugs don’t bite yet the orange ones, that were walking to him, do. The man thought that the ladybugs came from a cave that had a lot of bugs in it. All he loved to do was take pictures.

Ladybirds by Julia

Whilst I stood motionless, I was surrounded by these fascinating and bizarre creatures. I gazed at them whilst they made an inescapable circle around me. I could feel the tickling of their minute legs crawling, getting ready to pounce on my invincible Lego armour.

My lips trembled and I desperately gasped for air. Clutching my chest, I hoped my heart would stop thumping. It was like these venomous beasts were ferocious tigers and I was their prey.

I was just looking at them trying to be calm on the outside. On the inside I felt a storm about to attack me. My life was turning upside down...

The mysterious Lego figure by Harry

The Lego figure was slowly but surely getting covered in insects of all sorts. I wonder if he is an explorer that is interested in all types of bugs and insects - it is really amazing, because they have all probably travelled all around the world to get to this Lego figure for some reason. He is a mysterious Lego figure that I have never seen before so they need to examine it, so they can find out why and when they came here, so they can figure out how long it has been there for and how many there are.

Crawlers by Mason

Insects crawl up of off the ground as a Lego figure walks over it. The beasts jump up and nearly give the figure a heart-attack before running away like it's never happened. The figure ran away screaming like a girl who’s falling off a building. When he got home, he got a weapon and started to find the creatures one by one. He started in the forest, he saw them and then shot the heck out of most of them. He then found nest full of them and he blew that up. Then he went home to chill.

Ladybirds by Roxanne

The fiery-coloured insects lay, as small yellow figures snap a quick shot of pictures. The small dotted things once came from a small withered willow – which got destroyed by litter and junk, so they now welcome the outskirts of the large city as their new home. 
Little yellow figures, walk with camera-like-lanterns. They work, day after day, looking after the distressed insects. One individual in particular cares so much about these creatures; he takes the name of Krynn (meaning caring - and such loving).  
The creatures will re-home every year, as not all places are a keeper to them....

Ladybirds by Faith

 I couldn’t find a ladybird to photograph anywhere, it was all I needed to finish my nature project. That day, my cousin came to help me search, he soon got bored and started playing with his Lego figures, so we started to play hide and seek until it was time for him to go home. The next morning, I began my search again. All of a sudden, I couldn’t believe what I saw! Standing on a plant were some of my cousin’s Lego figures surrounded by hundreds of ladybirds, I quickly took a picture before they all disappeared.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily, by Harley H

Today was the day when I attacked the orange bath fighter who danced clumsily. That morning I was leaving the shop as I always do on a Saturday at 7:00 and I was heading towards my crooked house (it was crooked but amazing inside.) As I entered my house I heard something coming from upstairs and I went up, and a colossal orange bath tub was dancing clumsily ready to fight me and I was freaked out. I smacked him and he just collapsed. I whispered to myself, “Well that was easier than I expected.”

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily, by Bradley H

Let me tell you about the time when I saw an orange bath clumsily strolling through the market... When it reached the disco dome (a nice store that sells dance suits, dresses and disco balls) he stopped, turned around and danced like he'd been practicing for years! Suddenly the bath tripped into a pile of cars and they knocked over into some deodorant which caused a fire. Eventually the fire fighter (John Malcolm) came to the rescue and grabbed the nearest thing to put it out -the fire extinguisher. Then after all that commotion nobody entered that market ever again...

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily, by Eleanor

Stars were gleaming in the navy blue sky. An odd looking man clumsily stumbled out of an orange building. I wondered what had happened to him so I went up to ask him about it. I wasn't expecting the response he gave me, he told me an amazing story...
He was Jim Mcbash the most famous fighter that ever lived. Every person he faced lost and hit the floor heavily. THUD! And every fight he would do his dance. He danced lots! It wasn't Jim who danced one match.
The only the thing he fought again was his bath water.

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily by Tom A

I was reading a comic about weird and wacky super heroes and villains. There was Chuckling Chicken, who laughed at everyone, Nappy Nicker who stole orange babies' nappies and Sad Pig, a pig that was sad. I was about to turn the page when I heard a thud from my bathroom. Mum and dad weren't home so I knew it wasn't them. I cautiously wandered over to my bathroom door and knocked. I opened the door and saw the Bath Fighter, the hero I was reading about previously. He danced around clumsily, waving a rubber duck. I called the police.

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily by Aaliyah

Jay entered the strange dimension and saw a bath that danced, a fighter that clumsily fought another fighter and an orange. He obviously thought the orange was normal, but it was no average orange it had been cursed by an individual who had lived in the 16th century at the time the Salem witch trials were held, she had weirdly enough passed trials. She cursed the orange to do her final act of evilness before being burnt on a stick. He ate it and became a rat then a mouse then a dog and never changed back.

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily by Jessica

On the way to school the sky was a mixture of colours including orange, red and yellow. Zooming across the sky was a fighter jet.
When I arrived at school, everybody was wondering where Miss Johnson was. Miss Chapman came through the door like a hurricane shouting, ''Nobody panic, Miss Johnson will be here soon!''
Soon after that, Miss Johnson stormed through the door and said, ''Sorry I'm late I was having a bath!'' She danced through the classroom clumsily tripping over pens, rulers and my lunch which went everywhere. I was fuming; I didn't have any lunch to eat.

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily by Madi

Bath time Jasmine,” shouted mum. 
 Jasmine was too interested making a dance on her bright orange carpet so she didn’t listen.  
Mum repeated herself again, “Jasmine, bath now!”  
She listened that time and danced to the bathroom. Then she turned the tap on and clumsily put it on cold instead of warm, she was silly!  
Seconds later, Jasmine - who was obsessed with the song, ‘I am a fighter’- jumped in the normal white bath and chilled. She carefully grabbed her phone and settled down. 
“Are you in?” questioned mum. 
Jasmine answered, Yes.”  
Without realizing, she was in there for hours...  

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily by Roxanne

Once when I was little, I was walking along the street with my mom, we were buying clothes for our holiday. (and were in a hurry.)
Along the street I met a strange flock of people – they had orange t-shirts and clumsily danced around with a hand-drawn bath sign held high in the air one by one.
My mother told me that they were a group of protesters named ‘Fighter’. But on the other hand, knowing very little back then I looked up to my mom and told her;
“I want to be a ‘Fighter’ when I grow up...”

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily, Julia

When the orange fireball danced in the diamond-blue sky, the exhausted birds flew in any direction. They clumsily glided through the glowing white clouds, bumping into each other like an aggressive fighter trying to win the battle. The soft, damp mist was holding tightly onto their fluffy feathers, trying to give them a luxurious bath.

Without a warning, the dazzling sky turned into a dull scene. A paralyzing sound could be heard coming out of the dreadful underground. It was as if the bloodthirsty gates of hell opened to invite lost souls. Is this how our life is meant to end...?

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily by George W

Whilst climbing out of my scorching hot bath, I clumsily tripped over. In the blink of an eye, I found myself stranded on a huge, deserted island. I stared blankly at the thin palm trees. Confused, I stumbled over to a sandy patch on the large island.  Suddenly three orange fires appeared. I dashed towards the tepid, turquoise sea and filled up my rusty bucket . I ran back and caught a glimpse of a muscular fighter, who energetically danced adjacent to the fire. I trotted towards him, keeping under cover when possible. I saw him and it was my dad ...

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily by Faith P

  My little cousin absolutely hates taking a bath, but after clumsily walking into the kitchen door and spilling strawberry milkshake everywhere he had to take one. He shouted, jumped and danced out of my aunties way as she tried to catch him. 
 Its like he turns from being a cute, shy little boy into a big bad fighter, fighting anything that comes in his way. Then after ten minutes of wearing himself out, my auntie had a great idea and grabbed his favourite orange fluffy towel and bundled him up.  
‘There is no getting away now!’ she said, laughing loudly.

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily by Anissa

In a very posh house, there was a young boy called Oliver and he is a fighter he does kickboxing every day but he always gets really tired. At the end of the day he never forgets to take an ice-cold bath, that gives him time to relax. After his freezing bath, he goes downstairs to find himself a glass to pour some orange juice (that he calls refreshing) and drinks two glasses of it.

Once after a fight he fell clumsily down off the ladder that he climbed to take a medal off of a hanger.
Also, he has a wife that he loves. Last weekend they went to a ball and danced like they did at their wedding. His wife loves to watch him fight and supports him. Oliver really likes when someone supports him. 

Bath Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily by Ellie

I was in the bath one night, and something mysterious happened. A cage fighter turned up in my bathroom, he was wearing an orange suit. I was curious why he was in my house. I found it really embarrassing as I didn’t know him. I was really flustered so I danced and jumped around as I was attempting to get dressed. I clumsily shouted a naughty word. The cage fighter was going crazy in my house. Up and down the stairs in and out of rooms. I was getting even more flustered than I already was. This was the most embarrassing time of my life.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

…it reminded me of a time when…by Eleanor

I walked into the forest it looked normal On the outside. When you got in, it wasn't. Bare trees swayed in the wind and mud lay on the floor. Out of nowhere wolves howled in the distance, then they came chasing after me and I knew what to do... RUN! I sprinted, faster, faster! It reminded me of a time when I was young when my friends chased me. I snapped out of it as soon as I heard them howl again. I ran on knowing this was the end, but it wasn't I barely escaped with my life, somehow.

…it reminded me of a time when…by Daria

Yesterday , my friend came over to my house for a sleepover. Her mum had a meeting at six in the morning. Her mom couldn't look after her in that time so we had a slumber party!!! Unfortunately in two hours, my mum came and told us that it's sleeping time. So we went to bed...
I went to bed and I had a happy dream! My dream was that I went to the Pier Escape Room with Julia! Then it was the morning so my friend woke up. I told her all about my dream and it reminded me of a time when my family went to the beach!

…it reminded me of a time when…by Jessica

One Monday evening I was walking home alone and the wind started to pick up. It got stronger and stronger every second. It reminded me of a time when I was on holiday in Spain and I had just got off the plane in the airport and the wind was really strong. I thought it was going to be sunny and hot but I was wrong. I was really hoping to sunbathe at the pool and go swimming but that definitely was not going to happen at this rate. Soon after that it started to rain (absolutely poured it down)

…it reminded me of a time when…by Julia

Whilst the silver moon rose into the inky black sky, clouds disappeared every second you looked at them. The navy-blue water darkened each and every time the moon went up to the glistening stars. The abandoned hotel stood still, gazing at the long-gone clouds. On the hotel walls, there were old photos. It reminded me of a time when my family came here.

At the top of the hotel, were frozen figures with crimson red sharp teeth, reaching out for a victim. At midnight, monstrous creatures came and celebrated. No one knew what they celebrated. It was like a secret just for them. Some people tried to find out, but no one came back alive...

…it reminded me of a time when… by George

Darting away from the aggrieved bull (which had ruby eyes) I tripped over a huge root. “Argh!” I screamed anxiously as I got up. It was only metres away. It reminded me of the time when I was running from a furious herd of cows with my dad. To my right, I saw a frightened boy nervously hiding behind a mossy tree that towered over an old Victorian farm building. I ran towards him, whilst the raging creature stalked me. The boy had a razor saw in his scrawny hand. I snatched it from him and brutally butchered the beast. 

…it reminded me of a time when…by Emerson

As I stepped through the colourless gate, I noticed - on the horizon - the silhouette of a bare tree standing out against the vibrant background. As I began my approach, the once lifeless tree started to spring into action, as blossom and leaves began to form and the tree itself proceeded towards me. I started to feel tense, anxious, unable to think straight. It reminded me of a time when I was unable to control what was happening to my body as I suffered excruciating pain from an appendicitis.  

…it reminded me of a time when…by Faith P

I was at home, watching ‘You’ve Been Framed’ on the television with my family, when a clip came on where a boy fell into a river because he lost his grip while holding onto a rope swing. It was really funny and I laughed a lot when he splashed into the water.
It reminded me of a time when our family visited Sandringham and I went in the play park. After a while of swinging, I lost my grip holding on to the chains and fell off right in to a huge muddy puddle, everyone found it hilarious except me.

…it reminded me of a time when…by Joshua

When I entered the beautiful car with my cousins it reminded me of a time when I went on a one-hour journey to a place called Leeds. The reason I went to Leeds was because it was a celebration for my birthday at the age of ten years old. The car was a BMW I8 which was wrapped with a silky golden wrap which looked like a beach in Hawaii. In Leeds I went on a colossal snow-boarding slope and we did a huge jump off the slope and went crashing down the slope as quick as a flash.

…it reminded me of a time when…by Tom

I stood before the strange, golden door with an eye on it. "Uh, hello?" I shakily asked through the rusty keyhole. "Is anyone there?" I hesitantly reached out a hand and knocked on the door. It slowly opened. I poked my head through the gap between the door and door frame. My eyes widened with shock. I swiftly pulled the door, but it wouldn't close. A sharp wind rushed through the door and dragged me inside. The place I saw was devastating. It reminded me of a time when I had a nightmare, in a haunted house. It was TERRIFYING!

The Lost Things by Mason

As I was walking down the beach, I saw loads of things that don’t belong in this world like a pen with wings and a flying fish. It reminded me of a time when I found that lost thing. All I remember is that I was walking along the beach and I saw the lost thing so I went up to it and it gave me a beachball. Then I gave it away to this place with more lost things in it. I probably have seen loads of creatures about but I might have seen too much stuff.

…it reminded me of a time when…by Michael

It was finally the day when I got to see the brand-new Aquarium just down the road. I was going with 3 friends; 2 boys 1 girl. When we arrived, we found a large tank with loads of fish and stingrays. Suddenly, a large shark about the size of sofa passed by and frightened me. It took me back a long way because it reminded me of a time when I was going to Manila, Philippines on a boat and I encountered a tiger shark. It was one of the scariest things that happened to me as sharks were my worst fear.

…it reminded me of a time when… by Madi S

It reminded me of a time when I was younger and was playing on a bouncy castle. I had looked in my colossal wardrobe and found a very fascinating picture of what looked like a bouncy castle, which had me on a chair with a coloured plaster cast on my broken ankle. I can remember that a few years ago I had been playing on a bouncy castle and had accidentally fallen off really painfully and was rushed to hospital to have a terrible operation to fix me up. It was very painful at first but it gradually became calmer.

…it reminded me of a time when…by Grace S

I was creating a machine which reminded me of when I found that giant piece of plastic that I created with human flesh. The machine that I was creating was to try and stop humans from growing so I could be the only human that could grow and I could stomp on people. I could even control the tiny people by asking them to do stuff and if they don’t do it I will stomp on them and they will suffer a horrid death by getting stomped on. I have nearly finished I said to my worker who was laid on the bed shrinking. 

…it reminded me of a time when…by Zuzanna

I woke up feeling weird, it reminded of a time when, a couple of years ago, I felt the same and this feeling feels like you are levitating and that you are in space. I really hate this feeling! I screamed to my mum asking her if she could help me to stop it. My mum always gives me this medicine that tastes like the unicorn cereal that I mostly have all the time. It is so delicious I love it so much well I always wonder what all my other friends have for breakfast.