Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dreamtime by Grace LB

Long ago in a time called dreamtime there once was a crocodile who had no friends at all. He lived alone and regularly had nothing to eat. His friend forgot him after he left the lake. Now he lived in a cave with a little pool at the back. He was often hungry and was lucky if he had an orange for his tea. One day there was a lion called Pepper walking past and asked what was wrong. They chatted for hours on end and crocodile shook Pepper's soft paw and became the best of friends.  

100WC#04 by Ava

Lucy went to the aquarium and saw a giant crocodile and at lunchtime she went to a lovely cafe and had some toast. However, the toast was too plain so she put some pepper on the toast. Rhydian (Lucy's friend) gave Lucy a soft orange to eat and it was yummy but Lucy forgot to say thank you so Rhydian was angry. To say sorry Lucy gave Rhydian £10 to spend on anything he wanted and also gave him a big hug. Rhydian was a very happy boy. He went home with a massive smile on his face and was really, really happy.

100WC#04 by Chloe

There once lived a crocodile named Pepper. He had scaly skin and a thick, long tail. One sunny morning Pepper decided to go for a walk along the side of the lake. He liked to swim in the warm water, but sometimes he'd lie on the rocks and have a relaxing sleep there. When Pepper went to have a rest on the rocks he found another crocodile lying on his favourite rock. He pushed her so she flicked her orange, soft hair and said, “You said that I could sit on your rock today, you forgot didn't you!”

Friday, 26 September 2014

The zoo by Hannah

One day I went to a zoo. For dinner I had pepper and sweetcorn salad, orange and a packet of crisps. After lunch I had a soft ice cream. Then I went and looked at the crocodiles. Then we went and look at all of the other animals which was there. Next we went and had a look at the gift shop. There were lots of really nice gifts the there was play crocodiles, sweets and lots more. After that we decided to go and see the water stuff then we went home and forgot the stuff we got for the family.

The zoo by Olivia

The other day I went to the zoo with my mum and dad and I had a sandwich which had pepper with it but the lady that made it forgot the pepper. After a while we went to look around and we saw a green crocodile. Then we saw a little bird that was orange and green and it was very soft. The next stop it was a quite a weird one because it looks like a zebra but it was a monkey with a very white and long beard then it was time to go home, oh!

100WC#04 by Jessica

I was writing a shopping list and I forgot to write a soft orange crocodile toy for my dog Pepper. I wrote them down on a piece of paper and ran to my car I drove as fast as I could. When I got to the shop it was closed so I walked round town to find a shop that was open. A little while later I found a shop that was open I walked round the shop about five times but a found it a little while later and was on my way home and when I got home my dog liked playing with the toy a lot.

100WC#04 by Kieran

Once there was a family who were very silly but there was one family member called Freddie Forget, who forgot everything. One day his mum sent him out to a shopping centre to get a pepper, an orange and because his parents were very silly he had to get a crocodile for his dad. He got everything he needed so he went to the checkout but a long haired man pushed past him his hair was so soft he was amazed,  no astonished, no amazed (because he forgets a lot he couldn't remember it.) The employee came to him, eventually he mumbled, "Are you being served?"

100WC#04 by Madison

Once there was a girl called Rosalie. She went to a zoo and saw all sorts of different animals but her favourite was the crocodile but she also liked the giraffe because it has a long neck that can reach up high. Half way through the day she decided to have her dinner she had a soft roll which had chicken and pepper in it. She also had a piece of fruit which was an orange but she realised she had forgot her drink so she brought one from the zoo. After her dinner she went around the rest of the zoo.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

100WC#04 by Charlie

In the summer holidays, I went to the zoo with my cousins. Whilst we were in the zoo, I saw a lot of animals, there were tigers, monkeys, gorillas, giraffes, snow leopards, meerkats, penguins, camels, zebras and a crocodile. I thought they were quite nice but the crocodile was a bit snappy. 
At lunch time we all had chips and I put some salt and pepper on them, after that I had a drink of orange, we all then had a soft ice cream but I forgot to ask for a chocolate flake, it was a really hot sunny day and my ice cream melted.

100WC#04 by Kenzie

Once I went to the zoo and saw lots of different animals that I have never seen before, like a rhino and a chimpanzee and all sorts. You get to do a challenge collecting stamps of animals like a penguin and lion and all sorts but guess what the animals had a name. I forgot some of them but I can remember the chimpanzee, it was called Pepper because it likes pepper. I went into the crocodile area, it looked very soft but I would not want to touch it. On my way out I saw a large big orange parrot.

100WC#04 by Annabelle

When I got home I forgot about my dogs because they were all asleep and they normally bark when they hear the door open. But when I went to see them there was a crocodile in there instead. 
My mum wasn't home so I thought she was taking the dogs for a walk to the shop to get an orange and some pepper
After I had dinner I saw a massive hill of feathers me and my brothers were jumping on them and then I fell but my landing was so soft. When my mum got back she made a cake.

100WC#04 by Caitlin

Once there lived a little girl named Kate, she lived in a small bungalow with her parents, but she didn't really notice them. Kate mainly played with her toy, Pepper the crocodile. She loved Pepper because he had a soft fluffy tummy. Kate kept him in an orange box in her bedroom where only she could see him .Then a few days later Kate went to get pepper but the box was empty. Kate was furious, “Tom, Tom!” she shouted.

“Where's my toy?” asked Kate. Tom had forgot where he had put it. She searched for years but Pepper was never found…

The crocodile like no others by Aron

Once there was a very strangely behaved crocodile called Pepper. Pepper lived in a Zoo, and like most of the crocodiles spent her time lying in her swamp. The thing that made her different was her soft, bright orange, skin and her unusual diet. Pepper’s favourite diet was all sorts of fruits and vegetables. When Pepper was little she liked meat, but she got poorly and started to eat fruits and vegetables, and she forgot the taste of meat. Since then her favourite food was red peppers and oranges, and this is why she had orange skin colour. As Pepper was a vegetarian she had a lot of different animal friends and was a very happy crocodile.

100WC#04 by Rio

Today I've been to the zoo where I work with lots of animals.
My favourite animal there is a beautiful soft crocodile named Pepper. She’s only soft with me.
She lives next to the reptile room in separate room because she’s vicious.
Pepper's room is orange because it keeps her calm and not crazy.
A long time ago Bob forgot that Pepper was so vicious and he put her with the other crocodiles so they had a big fight and Pepper got badly injured so he got fired.

Now I keep an eye on her and help her be safe.

100WC#04 by Sam B

Today I am going to my friend's house for a sleepover. Everything is ready wait I forgot my soft teddy better go get it. Wait is that a crocodile oh no! I threw an orange at it. He turned bright like a pepper and got so angry he jumped at me and nearly crushed me. I punched him in the jaw and all his teeth fell out. He got off me and got ready to dash, so I quickly went out the room and he slammed into the door.

I opened the door to see him flat as a pancake.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

100WC#04 by Freddie

One day there was a boy who lived in the jungle. His name was Pepper. He had to go to the lake for a wash when he got there he forgot that he had to go to the other side of the jungle because he had to meet his friend there at the tropical orange tree. When he got there he said, "I totally forgot so let's go and pick some juicy soft oranges."
On the way we saw a dead crocodile so we touched it and it almost bit my hand off. It was a bad day out.

100WC#04 by Charlie-Ann

Once upon a time on a sunny day there was a crocodile called Billy. Billy was a very excited crocodile because today was his birthday. Billy invited all his friends for a party, he invited Sally Snake, George the giraffe and Molly the meerkat but he forgot to invite Ted the tiger. All of his friends brought him amazing gifts. Sally brought him a soft pillow. George brought him an orange hat. Nasty Molly played a trick on Billy and gave him a pot of pepper. When Billy opened it the pepper it made him sneeze, ACHOO! They all laughed, Billy had a great day.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

100WC#04 by Harvey

During the holiday we decided to go and visit the zoo. We went to see the crocodiles in the reptile house. It was very dark, hot and a bit smelly. The zookeeper was in there and about to feed the crocodile. First he threw the crocodile an orange and a pepper but the crocodile didn’t show any interest and went back to the bush to hide. Then the keeper threw some soft juicy meat and he came running out and snapped and crushed it in his jaws straight away. I had forgot just how powerful their jaws really are.    

100WC#04 by Eleanor

I live in an old house and one day my toy crocodile that lived in my secret hideout room grew. It was really small like the size of a tiny little piece of pepper. I knew there was something strange about it when my dad gave it to me and said that it is magical. My dad forgot that he had ever given the crocodile to me. 
The next day I went into the kitchen to get an orange it was so soft. I went to the hideout and the crocodile said "you need to hide me because I am magical!"…

100WC#04 by Morgan

It was January 13th and it was my birthday, mum had given me a special ticket to visit the zoo. I was really excited and off we went! When we got there mum had forgot the ticket. She explained to the owner what had happened and it was my birthday and they very kindly let us in. I had a great day but the best part was visiting the crocodile. A lady was telling us all about how big they grow and what they eat, one was called Pepper, he was mainly orange, a bit soft!

100WC#4 by Maddie

Me, mum and dad had all gone to Australia. We got there about ten and got to the hotel at half 10. We got into our room unpacked and got into bed . We woke up at 10 o'clock and had breakfast. After we had breakfast we went to the crocodile zoo. We got to see the crocodiles get fed it was a really cool. After that we went to a restaurant. I had chicken and chips with lots of pepper when we left the restaurant I realised that I had forgot my soft orange ice cream so we went back to get it and went back to the hotel.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Bridge by Arthur

It was a lovely day in July, under an old bridge in Avignon, France. Bob was doing some maintenance work underneath the bridge. He saw a small crack had appeared. This crack was in the middle of the bridge. It was large and it was dangerous. Bob told his manager, Brian who ignored this problem. That day 7 large onion lorries were heading for the bridge, Bob was worried, as the heavy lorries went over, the crack got bigger until the last lorry went over and the bridge collapsed, sending all the onions into the river. The driver was ok.

The Bridge by Mia

The bridge is like that maybe because half of the bridge is missing. It might of been like that because of its age. Or it may have been destroyed in a war. I think this bridge is very famous because of the place and it is good to look at. 
When maybe the bridge collapsed people used the stone to build houses and prepare others and more because they couldn't afford to rebuild the bridge. If you looked at the bridge from a long distance it would be a good view. If the bridge before it was broke maybe they would like to have a look but most people would be scared.

The Bridge by Charlie-Ann

I can see in this picture a bridge that only goes half way across the water. I can also see beautiful trees, buildings and people walking on the bridge. I see some archways in the bridge, some bricks look like they are missing. There is a road across the water, I see some cars on it. There is a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. The beautiful buildings that l see are up on the hill tops. The bridge looks like it was built a very long time ago. The stunning view was spectacular and left me thrilled.

The Bridge by Clarissa

The cool water flows as the cold wind drifts in mid air. There's a bridge that makes people wonder what happened to half of it because it looks like half has been cut off. 

There are many trees/boats and houses near or next to the lake. It looks like the houses are up a slope to me. I think the trees and the bridge are very old because the trees are looking very scruffy and the bridge you can tell because there is only half of the bridge left. I think it is a very beautiful. I love it.

The Bridge by Caitlin

Years ago, an old man was sent to another part of France when he was a little boy. He was told that when he had left he was forbidden to return. The old man was determined that one day he would build a bridge to re-unite the two places. He decided to build Avignon bridge. He could only build it very slowly when he had enough money. He was only half way across when he ran out of money, but people liked it as is was. The bridge was so unusual finishing half way across that they decided to keep it like that.

The Bridge by Maddie

It all started in 1973 when they first started building the bridge. Over 50,000 people used the bridge every year but 17 years later the bridge collapse, luckily no one got hurt. Two years later they rebuilt the bridge out of bricks made it 2 times wider and put a rail a quarter of the bridge for the pedestrians. 15 years later they closed the bridge because it all collapsed so they rebuilt it once more time, they made it out of cobblestone and put the rails back on it and it lasted till 2009. In 2009 the end of the bridge collapsed.

The Bridge by Rio

Dear Mum and Dad,
I've gone to this lovely bridge in France. I went to a show on the bridge and it was amazing.
It was bombed but only half of it got blown up. It was a lovely place to go with the beautiful scenery.
There were big speakers telling us what happened in WW1 about the war and the bridge around here. It was too much money to build the rest of the bridge again so that is why its only half not full.
I went on a boat underneath the arch. we had great fun visiting it.

The Bridge by Grace L

Long ago there was a beautiful bridge that led from one side of a glistening lake to another. It was made for the queen when the lake dried up in summer. It connected three villages. One was filled with mansions with grand gardens, the second was filled with cottages and vast fields and the third was an ordinary housing estate with village shops and playgrounds. On the day of the grand opening the queen invited her son. He hated the bridge so much that he climbed up into a tree and ordered his guards to destroy it. From that day on he was known as the selfish prince and the villages were always kept apart.

The Bridge by Kieran

The Lightning crashed the Thunder roared bang crash boom this was a bad storm the waves crashed against the cliffs. Then I heard the flood siren the coast guard ran to me and diverted me to the a safe area but I wanted to see this it would be a once in a lifetime picture so I got out my I phone and ran as fast as I could past the life guard and to the cliff. Then to my amazement a lightning bolt struck the bridge! 
Wow! I did a great picture this is awesome, wow! 

The bridge by Eleanor

This bridge I can see out of my window is a half bridge, also I can see all the houses in the background it is so beautiful. There are a lot of trees they are dark, tall trees. The bridge is so detailed and the river flows slowly and quietly. Tomorrow my mum said we are going to walk over the bridge because I am staying in a hotel in France. You can only see half of the bridge you can see the branches on the trees. I love France. It is so beautiful.

The Bridge by Lily

"Build me that bridge!" Said the king.
"Why?" Asked the poor peasants.
"So I can get to the far side! Now get on with it!"

Weeks passed, so did months, and they all thought they were going to die! However, they had reached the middle, and within a year it was completed.

The messenger ran to the king, who was counting his money. "Sir the bridge is done!" He said breathlessly.
"But there is a gigantic storm brewing."

But by the morning the bridge had collapsed and the king never got to see the other side.

The Bridge by Sam B

Dear Mum,
I am on the short bridge in France while writing this, it's such a scenic view. Tomorrow I am going to the Eiffel Tower to look over the whole of Paris I'm so excited. The only problem about being in France is I miss you so much but I try and keep thinking about something else. I hope you’re having a nice time in England, It's a bit weird being in France because I have to speak French all the time, but after four days I've got used to it. See you soon my lovely mother.

The Bridge by Jessica

The villagers had been arguing for the last ten months, so one side decided to get some builders in to knock down the bridge which joined the two villages together. As they were knocking the bridge down, it fell into the clean, shiny, blue lake and all of the lumpy bricks were never to be seen again. The villagers were separated once and for all. One day a villager went diving and found the broken down bridge but he saw a gold shiny thing so he went a bit deeper. The man saw a treasure chest he used the money to buy a new bridge.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

But it is yellow by Olivia

I was in my room and my hamster was missing, so I searched all around the house, but he wasn't in the house either. So I went outside to look. I looked all around the neighbourhood and even shook his favourite biscuits. I went in and slammed the front door, and stamped my feet and went upstairs. I got into my bed and started crying. I shouted my mum "MY HAMSTER HAS GONE MISSING!" The next day I didn't go to school neither the next day or the next or the next day. But when it was the weekend, I stayed in bed in the all day, then I found him, he was in my friend’s bungalow. I took him home, "but it is yellow" I said when I got him home.

But it is yellow by Mia

One day there was a little girl called Lucy she lived in a cottage. She went to school. They were doing a running race. So she decided to do it. She was against a lot of good runners. But she fought for her goal. So ready set go. Lucy ran as fast as she could with all of her might 30 seconds later she did it she came first place. She got awarded a gold medal but it is yellow but at least she did it. It was home time Lucy ran to her mum saying I won I did it. Her mum said well done.

But it is yellow by Bobbi

All of my friends always say does your mum like her little car. She likes is because it is just big enough for me and my mum and just fast enough and it has a little but bushy yellow flower in the front. My mum’s car has cosy heated seats perfect for winter days. It always gets me to school on time and to all of my clubs that I enjoy lots. All my friends said BUT IT IS YELLOW!!! That is the best bit I reply and because it is a beetle bug called Mary and we love her so much.

Friday, 12 September 2014

But it is yellow by Morgan

It was my birthday the other day. I turned ten. My friends stayed for the night. I wanted a pink pony but it is yellow. I suppose it is better than nothing. First we went to the shop and brought some sweets to have a midnight feast. Then we watched four movies by then it was midnight and we got all our sweet and eat them all up. My mum was telling us to go to sleep but we were up all night giggling. The next day we were really tired I poured orange juice in my cereal instead of milk. It was really funny. My friends went home and that was the end.

But it is yellow by Madison

I wanted a pink ice cream but it is yellow as it was the vanilla there are a lot more flavours like strawberry, chocolate, mint, bubble-gum, raspberry, caramel, banana and toffee. My personal favourite ice cream is chocolate because it is just so yummy. You can get a lot of different toppings like marshmallows, nuts, sprinkles, flake, smarties, chocolate sauce and strawberry. It comes in a lot of different ways like tubs, cones, cornets and wafers. It also comes on a stick like a magnum which is my dad’s favourite preferably dark chocolate. My mum’s favourite is mint choc chip. Ice cream is so fun.

But it is yellow by Charlie-Ann

One day I decided to plant a yellow daffodil in my garden. It took a couple of weeks to start to grow, a stalk started to grow, two weeks later it grew more and more. It was getting taller and taller every time I looked at it. All that was left to grow was the head of the daffodil. I was getting excited.
A few weeks later it started to open and my mum said, "I think it looks orange."
"But it is yellow," I said. 
When it fully opened it was a beautiful yellow daffodil. I went out every day to water it.

But it is yellow by Addison

One day for a trip I went to the Eco Centre. When I arrived there I found a piece of paper that randomly read 'but it is yellow'. I approached the gate where there was a tour guide waiting. The tour guide showed us to the brown wooden bench and there I saw a tiny green slimy monster so I scooped him up and held him in my hand. 
As soon as the tour guide had left I rushed to the news reporter. We had discovered a new type of animal and I lived happily ever after.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

But it is yellow by Clarissa

There was once a girl called Melissa who was colour blind. There was also a boy called 
Harry who wasn't colour blind.

Melissa's favourite colour was yellow which was strange for Harry because if you was colour blind you would see yellow as the right colour but you would also see green and red as the colour yellow. So Melissa and Harry had a fight. Harry said that the colour was red and green but Melissa said "but it is yellow."
The quarrel lasted for two hours until Harry said to Melissa "fine have it your way."
“OK I will -  end of this quarrel.”

But it is yellow by Charlie

A bee is an insect that provides food, bees fly around fields and gardens collecting nectar from flowers, they take it back to where they live which is called a beehive and turn that nectar into honey. Bees have a black stripe on their body but it is yellow as well. The honey it makes is also yellow in colour. Bees are hardworking insects but can sting you at times, which has happened to me in the summer holidays and it really hurts. Bees normally fly together with lots of other bees and have a leader which is called the Queen, if she dies then the rest of her workers die.

But it is yellow by Caitlin

The day was finally here at last. It had been weeks since we had first planted the carrot seeds. Grandad told me about a vegetable growing competition in the paper. He asked me if I wanted to enter. I said yes as I always loved helping grandad in the garden.

So today is the day that we find out if our carrot is the biggest of them all. It took some digging out but grandad gave it the last tug. “But it is yellow" I shouted. Any way we still presented the carrot. Sadly we didn't get any prize for the biggest carrot, but we did get a prize for its unusual colour!

But it is yellow by Maddie

I like my summer dress because I don't like my pinafore. When I got my summer dress I said to myself "But it is yellow?” I like my summer dress as well because it keeps me cool when it is sunny and I can't wear a pinafore or a skirt with a top because I would get too hot but I can't wear a summer dress when it snows because I would get way too cold where I can wear a pinafore or a skirt with a top because I won’t get too cold but once you have run around the playground for a bit when it is really warm you get really hot.

But it is yellow by Ava

Once there was a boy called Ben who lived with his mum Mary and his father Peter. The school he went to was called Brightens School for Boys but there was one problem he would always correct his teacher and he would get told off.

Like a couple of days ago when his teacher Mrs Turnip said that the sun was blue and Ben shouted out, “But it is yellow!” That day Miss Crunch the headmistress called his parents in to school to talk about his behaviour. But his parents said to Miss Crunch and Mrs Turnip, “It is right to correct teachers when they are wrong!” So Ben did not get told off that day but it still happens even now.

But it is yellow by Sophia

On Saturday 13th September at 11:00 my mummy was washing my bedding, it is blue with pink polka dots. I helped mummy put the bedding in the washing machine and mummy said it would have finished by lunchtime. I had my lunch but we forgot to take it out so I rushed to the bedding, opened the gleaming white washing machine door and miserably I muttered, “But it is yellow!” Mummy came rushing out to see what I meant. I confusingly scrambled through my bedding to see what had turned it yellow.

As I was looking I saw that there was a green sock at the bottom. “When we put the washing in we must have got it muddled up with the other pile,” mummy said.

But it is yellow by Jemima

A long time ago there was a man, everybody thought he was weird because he always came up with silly ideas. One day he decided that he wanted to be popular, after he thought how will I become popular? He sat on his seat and softly rested his chin on his hand a second later BANG!!!! He jumped up then said “I know I will attempt a world record!” In an excited voice. Soon after he finally made his decision on what record to attempt he decided on trying to be the man that went the longest without touching anything yellow items weeks later he was succeeding until one day he spotted a banana, he wanted it but then he thought but it is yellow. He loved banana's so much he stopped the record and ate the banana.

But it is yellow by Sam B

Finally Liam woke up after his 3 hour in deadly concussion at school. He looked at his brown teddy bear. "You look a bit different I will ask mom if anything has happened" he asked strolled downstairs and asked his mum his question "Did anything happen to teddy" asked Liam. 
"Nope" answered his mum.
"But he looks a bit yellow" he replied.
"He's just is brown old self" said mum 
"But it is yellow" shouted Liam. 
"Stop arguing" yelled dad as he came downstairs. "You’re not going to get along in this behaviour" explained dad as roughly. "Now separate yourselves"

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Finally we can make a start by Grace

Once there was a little boy that never ever did his homework. He always refused. He missed every single piece of homework that he was given, until one day.
On the 19th of April, the headmaster had had just about enough, so he decided to tell all the teachers to give him all this week’s homework for the whole class to fundraise some money for the school library. “Finally we can make a start,” said the headmaster. “Most of our children in our school don't even bother going down to the library in the mornings or after school anymore, because it needs to be updated,” sighed the headmaster.
So they revealed the challenge to his mum, and she agreed. So she went to tell all her neighbours about it and by the time he got home all his friends and family were at his house. Once his mum told him the challenge he had a face like you wouldn't believe. Oddly he agreed to take the challenge because he also said, “I agree, the library does need an update.” So, even if it did take him a whole week to do, he finally did get enough money to update the library and from then on he always did his homework, and the library is always jam packed every morning and after school.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Finally we can make a start.. by Sophia

It was Saturday afternoon, Katie was bored so she decided to bake a cake.
"I think I'll make chocolate cornflake cakes," said Katie.
Katie turned to page 7 of her cookbook to chocolate cornflake cakes.
Katie's grandmother walked in and asked, "What are you going to bake then and what ingredients do you need?"
"Well I wanted to cook something easy like cornflake cakes," replied Katie joyfully.
"Well the book says we need cooking chocolate, 3 tablespoons of golden syrup, cornflakes, and 50g of butter."
"I think we've got them," Katie explained. "Finally we can make a start!" she exclaimed excitedly.

Finally we can make a start... by Aron

One day there were three boys with their rich father who was going to Africa to get his gold from the mine. The oldest boy was called Samuel, the youngest son was Johnson the last son was called Alexander. Their father got a baby sitter, the boys hated that idea. The oldest son made a plan. He connected the sewage to the clean water, then the baby sitter went into the bathroom. The oldest son said, "Finally we can make a start!" They turned the screws and turned the cogs and splat! She ran screaming and the boys had a big laugh. 

Finally we can make a start... by Kenzie

My family and I were getting ready to go on our holiday. My dad was in charge of getting the car ready, my mum was in charge of getting the cases packed, and my job was to keep out of both of their ways because they were getting stressed! Eventually when we were ready we go in the car and set off to the airport. We were all very excited and happy. Dad asked mum to check her bag for the passports, mum thought dad had got them, so we had to go back and pick them up. Finally we can make a start on our journey!