Tuesday, 26 April 2016

…I put my hand in the box and felt…, by Frankie

I put my hand in the box and felt focused on what I was touching I felt something. It was extremely soft it also felt squishy. Then I turned it round I felt a spiky round shaped ball like thing and then I squished it again and could tell that there was a hard circular ball in the in the middle of it. After I took it out of the box, still with my eyes closed and... I opened my eyes and saw a brown, round, spiky hedgehog it was a toy obviously because if it was a real one I would have been so scared but it wasn't so I was fine.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

…I put my hand in the box and felt…, by Kirsten

'Raffle ticket number 095' called out Mrs. Dales.
That was me! I went up to get my card out of the box to see what my prize was. I put my hand in the box and felt something hard in places but soft and squidgy. I pulled it out to find it was a piece of paper with a ball stuck to it.

 'This is a magic ball.
 Say the magic word, wish what you want then it will come true. WARNING: This ball may not work as it is just for fun. Please do not believe it.'

Well I bet you can guess what I wished for something I want. Well did it happen...

Saturday, 23 April 2016

…I put my hand in the box and felt…, by Jack S

I was at the circus one day with my family. I saw that there was a box. I put my hand inside the box and felt...A pie and another one then I felt a rope then a water gun. I then realized it was the stuff for the clowns and tightrope walker. I had an idea. I rushed off to find the right kiosk. Sitting with my family I was looking forward to the next act. The crowd cried with laughter once the ice cream pies hit the clowns faces. The clowns shouted, "It's freezing! It's ice cream! We've been tricked!"

…I put my hand in the box and felt… by Cloud

It was a day like no other I woke up and started going to school and walked into the classroom and sat at my desk between my two best friends Aimee and Lisa. Our first class was Science. Mr Ball walked in and put these strange boxes in front of each of us. He told us all to put our hands in the box and guess what was inside so I put my hand in the box and felt some kind of furry object. Then Mr Ball held his head back and cackled, "Those Are Tarantulas!" And out crawled thousands of furry tarantulas.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

…but the spot just grew and grew…, by Kirsten

I love PE! PE is a fun lesson. I could not wait until Thursday to do PE!

1 day later...
Yippee! It's Thursday! Today we are doing gym in PE. I LOVE GYM! First we had to get all the stuff out. We then had to get a spot and stand on it. I got a neon yellow one. I stood on it but the spot just grew and grew. How strange! After this we had to cartwheel to another spot. I did this and the spot did the same as the one I got. I the realised, it was my shoes...

…but the spot just grew and grew… by Tyler W

Drip drop drip drop splat! 
I feel ill I am off to get a drink. Ah! I wanted a drink not a shower, what is that? A leak below the bathroom. Oops I have left the bath on. Let me run upstairs and the bath is off, it must be the pipes, let me ring a plumber and get him to come. 
Several hours later, he had just left but the spot just grew and grew until that night. I was just getting out of the bath getting serenaded with drips and drops when the floor collapsed. Crash bang wallop!