Thursday, 12 February 2015


The grey hyena was very lonely and miserable because he was eating his sandwich in the park with his hyena friends when he said, “I am the best hyena in all the land and also I can climb the highest mountain in all the world.” That is when all of his friends got very mad with him and walked off. He hadn't seen his friends for a week until one of them came up to him and said, “You are a horrible friend,” and then the hyena walked off without another word. From then on the hyena was very lonely.

One day my school and I went out for a school trip. Courtney said, “So Mr. Ball where are we going?!" After a while of twiddling his thumbs Freddirick answered with, "Weren't you listening? Mr. Ball is taking us all to the zoo!" Suddenly everyone in the coach stood up screaming.
“But it is so miserable and grey outside!" answered Celia.
"Well I can't wait, until I see the hyena, I heard that hyenas laugh and can climb!" said Clarissa.
"Well I've come prepared I've got a sandwich!" shouted Bobbi. “And no climbing hyena is going to eat it ok!!"

One day the witch of Grey came into the town of Rainbows and Sparkle it is a magical and colourful place with happy people but the witch HATES the place! The witch was planning to make the place Miserable but failed after the power of love stopped her. She has been planning to make the town unhappy ever since and she has a plan; to dress up like them and act like them, make a sandwich for all of them that makes them angry and unhappy and take over the world with her Hyena (which was called Climb strange name) but as normal her plan failed.

One day I was walking up a hill. Every day I climb it with my dad. Today I found out that there was a magical sandwich on top. Everyone knew about it that made me miserable. I was still going to climb the Grey Mountain. I got to the top layer and there was a hyena guarding it! This was a weird day. I was just going to go, but as I turned round I saw people fighting for it, so I got it. I climbed my way through the hyena and there it was.

After school on Tuesday, on my way home, I saw a hyena. It was grey with a little bit of brown on it, it looked really hungry. Not too soon after, I watched it climb up a hill, for a while, it was going really fast, until it was nearly at the top, when it slowed down. When it finally reached the top of the huge hill, it ran over to a very large sandwich. The hyena was miserable to see that it was very mouldy. It must have been up there for a while. The hyena was very sad.

Five whole years ago in south America, a grey Hyena called Josh had to climb a cliff over 500 feet to get into a club called laugh a lot. 
Josh replied “I’ll do it." Sometime later his mum made Josh a sandwich to give him hope but he just felt miserable having to climb 500 feet. The day came and Josh, his Mum and Dad and some of the club members arrived but Josh, he wasn't up to doing the climb so he shouted, "I can't do it." Consequently everybody laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

We got up one morning and we decided to go to the zoo for a family trip and so we all agreed. We got to the zoo and firstly we saw a hyena it was grey and looked very miserable so because it was miserable I gave it a sandwich to cheer it up but instead it climb the tree went crazy and attacked my sister that was very funny. Then an ambulance turned up to take her to hospital, then the zoo keeper told me off for feeding the animals. So in the end she had a broken leg.

In the holidays my family and I went to the zoo, it took a long time to get there and along the way one of the roads was closed so we had to go another way which added even more time to our journey. We finally arrived and the weather was not very good, the sky looked grey and miserable, we decided to have our dinner early so I ate my sandwich, while eating dinner the weather improved and we had a great time, the best bits were seeing the monkeys climb and a hyena nearly jump over the fence!

It was a grey miserable day when I saw a hyena climb a mountain for food. 
The hyena hoped there was a nice delicious sandwich at the top of the mountain.
The hyena was extremely hungry because all the animals moved south for the winter so his food source was rationed. The hyena hoped it was a piece of meat and not jam and cheese because he doesn't like it because he’s not a vegetarian. When he got to the top of the mountain he didn’t find a sandwich he found the animals so he was even happier that day.

It was another rainy miserable Saturday. I thought to myself. “Mmm... I will invite Kieran around." I rang him up and he agreed!
After my friend came round, my mum took us to the fossil museum! When we got through the old, grey entrance we could see... An enormous fossil of a T-Rex! There was also a big climbing wall behind it. I said, "Let's have a climb. Me and Kieran really enjoyed all the climbing, however I got very hungry, as hungry as hungry hyena. I suggested to go to Subway for a tasty sandwich. We all loved the idea.

This morning I woke admiring the picture on my wall. It was of my great granddad he had climbed a mountain, I wish I could climb a mountain, but I don’t think it’s for me. So the next day I decide to do something out of this world. I was going to Africa to see the incredible animals. I packed some food and water to keep me going. I saw amazing things and animals I had never seen in my life. I felt something brush against my back, it was a grey hyena! It had taken my sandwich. It bared its teeth, I was now miserable.

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