Saturday, 18 April 2015

Grace LB - 100WC#28

“It’s a very beautiful view,” Joan told Dave quietly.
“It is, but I would like a different view, we have been standing here for as long as I remember,” Dave replied to Joan.
“Woof!” barked their dog Jack.
“I'm afraid we can't, we were made here and we were meant to be here in the first place, so you’re going to have to get use to this view,” Joan explained.
“I guess you’re right,” sighed Dave, “now let’s change the subject.”
“OK,” agreed Joan.
“Woof!” barked Jack the dog again.

The three figures stood there, staring at the rippled sea.    

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  1. Well done Grace! I love this. I love the idea of Joan and Dave sat staring out of the window, Dave complaining and Joan telling him to put up with it! The speech is accurate and the range of sentece types is good too. A really unique style.