Sunday, 12 July 2015

"…but I’m afraid it’s the last one," he said… Demi

It was a sunny August and it was my mate’s birthday and I was in charge of planning it. It was Ava`s birthday and she put me and Freddie in charge. Chloe arrived. Freddie said, “Hey Demi!”
“Hey!” I said. Freddie was panicking because all of the food places we looked in or saw were closed or fully booked. Freddie started to stare, “I know a place!”
I said, “Great job.”
“But I’m afraid it’s the last one,” he said.
I said, “It will be fine”
“OK then!” Freddie shouted.

It was the perfect one for Ava. Ava arrived. Me, Freddie and all her friends said, “Happy birthday.”

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