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 Red  By Kaci A
One night I went to a firework display. People wore warm clothes and they were all happy. As we sat on the wall as we were watching the firework display my mummy disappeared. When she got back she just got me some sweats. The fireworks was mostly red and sparkly. The fact was we had a good time there, the place was called Bate mans. Then we saw a laser show, then it had finished.

The next morning we went to church and I went into Sunday school and we made cakes with edible paper that you can eat, I made it for my mum. My mum loved it.

The Blood Moon strikes again  By Kiefer
It's November when all those solders died. I believe that the Blood Moon rose one night during world war 1. Legend has it, when a Blood Moon rises it's bad luck and everything go's wrong. Okay England we may have won but in return we lost millions of solders. But on the other hand the enemy's lost the battle and lost millions of solders. I'm afraid that the Blood Moon as red as a poppy will rise while I'm at the fireworks display tonight. I went and BANG!!! Fireworks killed everyone at the display.

Acrostic poems by Rhianna
Red poppies
Making sure
Everyone remembers.
Many years
Before today
Red blood
And flesh
Napping on the streets. {Not sure napping works in this context!}
Clever spies
Plotting to kill.
On 11th of the 11th
Everybody gathers
Memories from the past.

That is an acrostic poem. If you see, down the side it spells 'REMEMBRANCE POEM'. Here is another, about poppies.

Places in the
Open sometimes have
Poppies are meant to be
Extracting memories,
Supposedly from 1914.

That was a poppy one. Can you think of one? It could be one about anything and everything, even a fly on a wall!

The Bonfire by Frankie
It was bonfire night and we stayed at home and we had a bonfire and by we I mean me,mum and dad. Also we my dogs Razzel, Rieter and Rocko but we had to keep them inside because dog can have a fit and bark if they here fireworks so we turned the TV up and kept the dogs inside. We turned the TV up because it keeps there minds off the fireworks and it keeps them safe if you shut the blinds as well.So we did but I was to focused on the red and sparkly fireworks.

Red November by Tyler S
November, one of my favourite times of the year. It is because of the colour red and the memories. Here is a tale I will always remember.
“Come on bob we don’t want to miss the fireworks!” I said, even though the first round of fireworks had already started. Bob didn’t move a muscle even after what I had said (anyway he never listens to me!) “All right, we’ll do a bonfire and that’s it!”
“Yes!” Yelled Bob, as he slunk to the door. Both our favourite colours are red so we would really like Sunday!

Red by William
One day I went to a bonfire it had lots of fireworks it even had a cool one. There was a red firework for the final and that firework was a poppy to celebrate remembrance day  when all of them people died for us it was nice. I was going to go then there was a show so we saw it but it took an hour. It was really nice I loved it we stayed there for a little while then we had to go on the way home we saw a firework
I said "that was the best bonfire!"

Tia M Fireworks
One night I was at a firework display and they had all different coloured fireworks but the main colour was Red. It was amazing but my brother hated it he cried because  it was to loud after the fireworks we went for a walk on the beach but there was some more fireworks while we had a walk when we got home we opened the door and my sister was just sitting there and she said "I have fell down the stairs." My Mum said " Come on I will take you to the hospital," when she got there she had a x ray to see if it was broken...

Tyler W Red
It was bonfire night Tom and Billy was getting exited they loved the red fireworks. Red was their favourite colour, when the fireworks went bang and illuminated their faces with joy and colours. Several days later it was remembrance Sunday Tom had a poppy on his red jumper that his nanny had knitted him for Christmas the year before. On the over hand Billy had a blue jumper with a poppy on. They loved to sing all the hymns, even if it was cold. It would soon be Diwali and that meant they were getting more excited for red fireworks!

 The Red Shop – Tia A
One cold freezing day me and mum went to the red shop just to have a look round. In the shop we saw red clothes, red pots and pans, red toys and teddies there were lots of things. In the corner I saw two gigantic rubies they were so shiny. I looked at the price and they were 50 pounds each I opened up my purse and I only had 11 pounds. After  that we went back home I couldn't stop thinking about the rubies. But then when I looked In my back garden and saw lots of RUBIES.!

Red – Dalton
It was November the 5 also It was bonfire night I asked my friends If they would like to go and watch the fireworks. when we got there we had MacDonalds to have tea before it started, we got loads of donuts  after we had are tea we went to watch the fireworks and then, BANG!BANG! loads of fire works came blasting up in the air there was load of colorful fireworks like green blue and red orange purple and gold. After we went to the pier and played on loads of games like batman the grab machine and after we went home.

Jack S  Bonfire Night
It was bonfire night and when we were lighting our fireworks but suddenly the sky turned a dark red I couldn't describe how red it was it was that red but one of the fireworks had been lit but when it shot into the sky we heard the bang but we saw no blue no purple  no nothing. We were very upset when we found out you couldn't see anything in the red sky but then the red sky vanished we were very happy about this so we could see the fireworks again but the red sky hmm.

Red – Olivia
Red as a rose that lies in the field
or as red as blood that lies in flanders feild.
Red as a heart that beets like a bullet
or as red as mars spinning in space.

Red is the colour that represents poppy in flanders feild after the war.
World war one world war two how long will this go on I think to my self when I listen some more.Be happy that the war happend other wise 
we may not be here today. say safe at home but dont let your hops to high something bad might happen.

Mia – Red
On the night of bonfire night I watch all the fire works explode they were beautiful but one of them caught my eye it was the most beautiful fire work I had ever seen in my entire life.

It was a lovely colour it was sparkly red it was amazing to see I could just have a fire work display with just that one colour  it also caught my  mum's eye she loved the colour. so the next mum did a fire work display with just the one colour fire work .

It was the most amazing thing you look at....

The Red Fireworks – Nicole
It was the 5 of November and it was bonfire night and me and my friends went to see them they were both called Anesha and Freya.
The last one was the biggest and it was red and gold and it was massive. The sparkles were very sparkly and the rockets went really high. I like all of them they were that loud that I could hear it from my house. But my little dog Tosia was really scared of them so I left her at home with my mum. It was the best day ever in my life bye.

Red by Cloud
Red. It is a very, very popular colour and is also the colour of the poppies we put on every November the 11th on Remembrance day. To remember those who fought for us in the first world war. We wear poppies instead of any  other flower because after the first world war they grew on Flanders field. It is also said that they grew from the blood that the soldiers shed. So every year we must wear a poppy to commemorate those who lost their lives fighting nobly for us. We might not even be here because of them.

The Red Firework Display by Lisa
One day I was walking to a firework display and I saw some fireworks. I only saw Red ones and I thought that it was a bit strange. When I got to the firework display I realized that every one was wearing Red! Then I saw the bonfire and it was Red , "I thought it would be orange" I said and the stranger I was next to ran away slightly scared "Sorry!" I shouted and walked away. Then suddenly people started staring at me and were whispering about me, even laughing about me! Then suddenly  I appeared at my house!

Bonfire Night Disaster by Molly
One dark night I went out to watch some fireworks at the Royal me, my mum, my dad and my sister all went at 6:30. As I got out the car I heard  a huge noisy sound then I looked up to the sky and saw a sparkly red fireworks so we ran to find where about the fireworks were in the royal hotel. Finally we got there and every one had left so we got in the car and then we drove all the way back home and I will never ever forget that night when that happened.

The Month of Red by Kirsten
Red, red,
It's one of the rainbow colours,
It might be small,
But it's powerful.
This month is a very special,
With bonfire night with the bright red rockets,
And Remembrance day with the red poppies to remember those who died,
And the Hindu festival Diwali with the brightly coloured red and other coloured lights,
So you will now see that the colour red is important,
It's not just a colour to see,
It has its reasons,
With lots to do with that topic,
So look out this month to see what red things you can see!

Red by Ava
Red can mean blood for all of those who fort for us  and risked there lives just to save others.Red also represents the red poppy in Flanders  field where those who fort were killed.

Red also means , Bonfire night when guy forks tried but failed to blow up the houses of parliament . That time of the year is when you get to see those amazing fire works .

Soon it is Christmas and joy spreads around the world and presents for all. Witch means Santa is watching  so you better be good and not be naughty like some unknown people.

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