Monday, 21 December 2015

The Elf That Lost Its Magic by Tyler W

part 1

 Peter is an Elf, who reports to Santa every night to decide which list you are on. On one occasion Peter was hiding candy canes after flying back from his visit to the north pole he wanted to put one on the top of the Christmas tree but it was too high for him to reach. He tried flying but he had used all the magic to the North Pole and back. He could only regenerate his magic by resting for over 12 hours. It was nearly time for him to freeze. Peter had no choice but to eat it…

 part 2

 “Hi Santa!” Yelled Peter as he jumped off Brownie his reindeer friends back as he lost his magic. “Why hello Peter how is all the children? How are Henry and Margret and Kirsten too with Molly and Jamie and Michael boo! “Santa replied with a smile shining on his plump round face
Peter was thinking what to say “the cold had got right into my bones when I was coming here you know Santa, ”peter knew they had not been brilliant his stomach turned those candy canes might not have been edible they was bland he felt sick too late.

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