Sunday, 14 February 2016

Aerial Firemen

"Help! Help!" cried a young woman holding a baby on a balcony, flames growing in height every minute behind her. Instantly, two men in firemen costumes with wings flew towards her, one with a hose. "Jump into my arms. Don't look down!" Shouted one whilst the other carefully turned on the hose and aimed at the flames. The citizens of the town looked up at the scene. Smoke was billowing out of the factory chimneys across the road as well as from the balcony, making the air very smokey. Five minutes later everyone was safe and the fire was out.
By Kirsten

I was clinging onto the half-burnt balcony with one hand, my precious baby in the other. Not an inch of my main house remained, just this last fence. It had occurred to me that I should dial 999. “The ariel fireman please!” I called out into the phone, my throat hoarse. Almost as soon as I said it, I spotted a glimpse of ultramarine and gold out of my peripheral vision. “Help! Save me! The fire is too much!” I cried. 
An aerial fireman called out. “No need to worry. I’m Stevie. I’ll save your life for just £49.99 each.”

by Rhianna

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