Saturday, 19 November 2016

Peaky the Ohbot's message by Sophie

Greetings humans of Earth I am in space watching the earth get smaller as I go further up. I would like to thank my engineers and pupils at Pixmore Junior School for making me and sending me off. 
My name is Sophie and I am 11 years old, I may not be able to ever visit the rainforest as it is getting chopped down, the more trees that get cut down the closer we get to suffocating. This also means that animals have nowhere to go and neither do the people who live there, I hope this message gets out to the world.


  1. dear Sophie, you are an amazing writer. you used great punctuation, vocab, and spelling. I like the information you used in your speech.

    I think you should get nominated! from jedda.

  2. hallo sophie.

    I liked your story because it was so funny to me it was the best story I have read so far from Zac.

  3. Hey Sophie

    your are really really good at writing good story. Your story is the best one i have read so far

    from Ella