Saturday, 11 February 2017

..the noise was SO loud.. by Frankie

As I was eating my breakfast, it struck me, the deafening sound of dad's rock music coming from upstairs. The volume was up to its highest or at least that's how it sounded and I couldn't stand it so I ran upstairs and shouted at my dad to turn it off but he didn't hear me obviously! He needed to turn the volume down because I was scared it would upset our neighbours so it definitely needed to be a few decibels quieter. I went off to get mum but I forgot that she went out shopping so I couldn't use her as any help towards the situation. I thought to myself what to do? But then again I couldn't think because of the music, the noise was SO loud that the dog started howling! In the end I marched upstairs and took the plug out of the socket in the wall, I don't think my dad was too happy!

1 comment:

  1. I like your story Frankie. It is very realistic and is very funny. I wouldn't be very happy either if my dad played annoying, loud rock music! Keep up the good writing.