Saturday, 28 April 2018

The Legs by Ella

I was in the wood when it all started, how I disappeared. My Grandpa would tell me strange tales about unrealistic things. He told me that if you ever litter in a forest the trees would come alive and gobble you up. Obviously, I didn’t believe him, so I ventured out into the nearest forest with my litter. I unclenched my fingers as I released the wrapper. Suddenly there was a sound- BOOM! on a continuous repeat. Thick legs sprouted from the tree trunks. Thin branches swept me from my feet. Twigs and vines wrapped around me. I was gone.


  1. Well done! You've made excellent use of the prompt and your choice of verbs and adjectives really swept me along in the action.
    Great work!
    Ms. M, Team100WC. Sydney, Australia

  2. Hi Ella!

    I really liked your story! I thought you used very mature language, for example where you wrote "My Grandpa would tell me strange tales about unrealistic things". Now that is a really great sentence! It grabs the reader's attention and suggests that more will be revealed about Grandpa's stories as we read.

    I also really liked your use of onomatopoeia- words that sound like the sound they are describing such as "BOOM". This made your story come to life!

    I also thought the ending to your story was really good, and a bit mysterious and creepy! I really was left wondering what had happened to your character- where did they go? Perhaps they were whisked off to some other world by the trees!

    Keep on writing!

    Ana, Team 100WC

    Oxford, England