Saturday, 12 March 2016

Statues by Rhianna

“What d’you mean, kidnapping Rosie? I only said I’d rob the poor fellow. I mean, how d’you expect me to kidnap? I haven’t the heart…” I exclaimed, and then was rudely interrupted by my boss.
“Why on earth are we wearing this stupid get-up? To kidnap Rosie of course! Duh!”

I thought my boss awfully mean. He knew that I was only robbing my other colleague’s sister-in-law, for not marrying him, and forcing him to marry her sister, Amy. I thought to myself, I might as well tell Rosie what’s about to happen, seeing as I know the terrible plan…

1 comment:

  1. This is a very clever response to the prompt Rhianna. Your use of speech marks is good, although I am thinking that perhaps the sentence that ends with 'Duh' is two people speaking?
    I so like the contrast of the three very well dressed men with your colloquial language.
    Thanks for sharing,
    New Plymouth
    New Zealand